Latest on the Sabres and Islanders – October 29, 2013.

More fallout and reaction to the Vanek-for-Moulson deal plus speculation on a possible destination for Ryan Miller.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple considers the acquisition of Thomas Vanek a solid move for the NY Islanders, but wonders if they can re-sign him. Vanek is eligible for UFA status next summer and it is widely assumed he’ll sign with the Minnesota Wild. Staple also doubts if Isles GM Garth Snow has other deals in the pipeline, believing he’s unwilling to part with prospects like Griffin Reinhart or Ryan Pulock. He also doesn’t see Snow parting with assets for a quick fix in goal, like Sabres netminder Ryan Miller.

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brough examines the Islanders options regarding Vanek. They can either sell Vanek on staying with the Islanders between now and the trade deadline, or they can shop him if Vanek doesn’t intend to stay.

Will the Sabres move Ryan Miller soon.

Will the Sabres move Ryan Miller soon.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance reports Vanek won’t help the Islanders with their goaltending and defensive concerns, but “predicting future output of a goalie in the short term on a new team is a risky proposition”, plus a quality defenseman currently isn’t available in the trade market.

WGR 550: Paul Hamilton reports Sabres GM Darcy Regier wouldn’t say if he’s planning to re-sign Matt Moulson. Hamilton guesses Moulson could be moved later in the season for draft picks. As for Ryan Miller’s status, Regier claims he hasn’t had any discussions of late about the netminder (or the Sabres other free agents) with other teams.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports a source claims the Sabres intended to make Vanek the highest paid player in the league if he would re-sign with them. Vanek, however, didn’t want to be part of a rebuild.

SPORTSNET: Doug MacLean suggested the Philadelphia Flyers would be a good fit for Ryan Miller, but Miller would have to agree to sign long-term with the Flyers to make the trade work. Nick Kypreos reports Miller, who has a limited no-trade clause, won’t accept a trade to a Canadian team. “Ray Emery, say, could be sent to Buffalo in a package centred on draft picks and become the backup to Jhonas Enroth.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Vanek meshes well with John Tavares and keeps the Islanders in playoff contention I believe Isles GM Garth Snow will retain him for the rest of the season and try to sell him on re-signing. If not, Vanek could go on the block by the trade deadline. Unless Moulson is willing to be part of the Sabres future, I would expect him to be moved at the deadline. As for Miller, it could take time until a suitable trade partner is found. It won’t be the Flyers, who are getting outstanding goaltending from Steve Mason. The Flyers’ biggest need right now is scoring depth and finding someone to take Andrej Meszaros off their hands.


  1. It would be kinda funny if Vanek and Moulson both end up getting traded again before the trade deadline.

    • Even funnier if they both were traded for players wearing #26 :)

    • Even funnier if both end up as UFA’s and sign elsewhere.

      • Also very likely. Vanek would be the big fish on the free agent market. Moulson I could see going back to the Islanders if Vanek doesn’t sign.

    • I think it is very likely that will happen. The intent with Moulson is to flip him. If Vanek doesn’t want to sign, they will move him and try to recoup assets. Maybe get some goaltending and defensive prospects.

  2. Miller won’t accept a trade to a Canadian team????
    What a pussy!!!
    I mean seriously, what is he afraid of? Considering the fact that every Canadian team is better then the sabres, I guess he is content to lose as many every night. Well, the thing is no Canadian team would want that attitude on their team. Booyaka shot !

    • Think its probably more due to travel, customs are a drag when planing family time… Not everything is hockey related when it comes to choosing destinations for players. If he has a nmc its his prerogative to play where he wants, like any job if you can do it in a place where its easier to be with your family for the same amount of money or more, chances are thats where you are going to want to work.

      • i’m going with the pussy comment. No one wants to play in Canada because they can’t slack and get away with it. They can’t just play half assed and collect big pay cheques without being blasted by fans and media.

        • Ya this makes sense because pro athletes are not often concerned with winning or being competitive, they just want to find a spot to play where they dont really have to try…Ill stick with the its probably easier to see the wife and thanks but I dont really want to pay all that tax.

          • Think players like LA Chicago the Ducks, Sharks. Because they can play half assed? Some pretty good teams for rosters full of guys who like to play there because its easy to be a slacker. Ridiculous

          • Don’t be dumb, if he played in Alberta (where the only Canadian teams that would take him reside) he would receive the largest percentage of his salary compared to anywhere else in the league. The reasons for not playing in Canada are not fully related to taxation, and not at all related to being able to “slack”. He doesn’t like media attention so he doesn’t want to play in a hockey market, he doesn’t want to be recognized in the street, he doesn’t want to live somewhere where it is cold, he doesn’t want to deal with customs and moving his family. These are the reasons players don’t want to go to certain teams.

          • @Shticky…Yeah the Ducks, Hawks, and Kings all have lazy players that don’t try…that’s how you win cups…right? Stupid comment!

          • JurJur no matter where he plays he is going to paid what his contract is worth Alberta or not, its not like if the Sabres retaining some of his contract means he dosent get paid that percentage….income tax in most states is substantially lower than it is in Canada regardless. If you dont think that plays a part in deciding where people want to play (in any sport really) the Raptors say hi. Again weather may have a little to do with it ya media possibly too.but the main reasons he or anyone would want to play in the States, family, and money and he is American. Take your own advice.

    • So that means the Canadian teams make up 7 of the teams in his NTC – who is the 8th? I don’t think that is necessarily true cause I would think he would take a trade to Vancouver.

      • Agreed. It seems unlikely he’s used 7 of his 8 NMC teams for Canadian teams, though I guess anything is possible.

    • Are we going to leave this childs profanity post up Lyle?

  3. Philly needs Goal Scoring and Islanders need a Goal Tender ?
    Simple, do the Emery +picks from Phiily to Sabers for Miller.
    Both Miller and Vanek demand to be traded, so trade Vanek for Miller.
    Philly gets the goal scorer, NYI the Goal Tender.
    Both decline to sign a contract and become UFA’s leaving Philly and NYI once again holding the bag
    (empty bag at that).
    Never happen but come on wouldn’t it be fun to watch.
    Feel sorry for Buff, it’s bad news when you toss the season out the window before November

    • Thats the dun best thing ive ever heard……what good does that do for philly. Vanek wont stay. If emery AND picks are to be moved. It should be for someone that will stick beyond this yr

      • Dumbest *

    • Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.

      • LOL!

        • Problem with you guys is that you take this stuff sooo Damn serious.
          The fun is in watching GM’s destroy or build teams.
          If you think this would be bad – think of some of the trades John Ferggie Jr made when GM of leafs. And yesterday everyone was singing the praises of Buff GM, the same guy who signed Lino, Erhoff, and then Meyers to a BIG BIG raise. Would you rather have the Buff team of 3 years ago or today’s ?

          • I would have to say that Darcy has pulled off some really big trades over the past 2-3 years – gotten a lot of bang for his buck. A #1 for Gaustad, 2 quality prospects and a draft pick for Pomminville, Ott for Roy, draft pick for Regehr. While rebuilding is painful, I like what I am starting to see. I really like the trade for Moulson, we not only got a quality player who works hard, has character and can be a leader/mentor for our youth, but we got draft picks. I find it interesting that most are writing Moulson and Vanek off on resigning with their current teams. For the past few years Moulson has played in the shadow of Tavares – he now has the opportunity to show exactly the type of player he is, he also has the opportunity to become a leader/mentor of a young team. What a surprise it would be if he embraced the challenge – he is originally from the area and he and his family might enjoy being away from the hustle/bustle of LI.

          • I was laughing at the one who called your idea dumb yet couldn’t spell the word dumb, not your post Alforducks, and not singing about Darcy being masterful yesterday more like Snows bone head blunder of a deal, which I kinda like the Islanders, so ya its kind of annoying seeing something like that happen. You are right tho in some cases it is fun to see GMs destroy teams…. Im a Leaf fan and for awhile got some chuckles out of JFJ, but it does get old after awhile.

          • I’m far from a Darcy Regier booster but he may be getting the blame for contracts that he wasn’t in favor of…the blame might be more on owner Terry Pegula. If reports are true that Pegula offered to make Vanek the highest paid player in the NHL and was turned down what does that tell you. I like Vanek but to make him the highest paid player in the NHL is absolutely crazy. Remember Leino was great in the playoffs for Philly before the Sabres signed him BUT I just don’t think Darcy would have offered that kind of contract to Leino as it wasn’t his style. I think Darcy would have offered both Myers and Hodgson bridge contracts over long term deals…it’s my thinking it’s Pegula behind these bad contracts.

      • you mean there we 2 Bickleton Wiggleworth’s before you?

        • This is all fun guys, it’s being away from the real world. I do have one thing to say about Philly. Holmgren is in a pickle. Ownership must decide NOW if they plan to ride with Holmgren or not. If he is now considered to be on a short term basis then he must be dumped now. If Holmgren realizes that his time horizon is short to turn this around then he may do any crazy trade to try and make improvements for the short term to keep his job. It would be nuts for Philly to let him make deals knowing they plan to dump him if things don’t improve in the next week or two.

          Everybody have a great day

          • Totally agree, al. My hunch is that if Philly is still terrible in 10 more games, they’ll fire Holmgren and let someone else sort out the mess.

            (My hunch is Philly turns it around, though; too much forward talent not to bounce back, at least somewhat)

  4. fyi: Flyers Mason is playing very well SVPCT .930 and GAA 2.15 in 8-9 games.

    I do not know if moving Meszaros is the biggest need right now. Flyers are well under the cap. Flyers “kind of” started to play better. We could use a scorer on LW but so can any other team in the NHL.

    Flyers need to play better on 5 on 5 and get that PP going.

    • exactly. for any writer to speculate that the flyers will be in on miller should give his paycheck back. they obviously have no clue what ills the flyers. fortunately, spector corrected him.

  5. I still, for the life of me can’t understand all the fuss over Miller. He’s no where near the goalie he once was. I also believe he’s a bit arrogant and a problem child. IMO

  6. It’s very nice for sports writers to pigeon hole players into new teams and situations, but…Ray Emery could have stayed in Chicago if he wanted to be a back-up…

  7. Dreger tweeting that the Sabres offered Vanek to the Leafs in a similar type deal and offered to eat 1.4 mill of his salary….Wonder who would have had to go back the otherway along with the first and second? Kadri? Bolland? Interesting glad Nonis didnt bite on that.

    • No one because nonis would be an idiot to even consider it… Where would he play? Already have lupul and clarkson signed for the foreseeable future .. I would guess jvr is next after phaneuf to open the bank that is mlse.. And if I were to see a trade for a high profile forward it be a centre ..

  8. Flyers made some ok moves over the past three season and a lot of really BAD ones, But here is one that really kills me, Is James van Riemsdyk for Schenn I mean really please fire GM !!!!

    • I love the JVR for Schenn trade. Oh did I mention I’m a Leafs fan. A big strong 1st line winger for a second pairing defense sounds good from where I’m standing. Now if we could trade a second pairing d-man for a big strong 1st line center. Any takers?

      • I understand where your coming from with this trade but if you look at the group of forwards Philly has jvr was on his way out one way or the other… Holmgren made the right trade in a forward for a d man he just might have over valued schenn in being equal value to jvr.. Imagine holmgren calling nonis up now asking for jvr and offering schenn lol… Their values have gone In total opposite directions.

  9. I find it funny that people keep saying Vanek will sign with the WILD…There is a salary cap, he would have to take a big salary cut, I just can’t see the WILD adding another $90m/ 10year deal. I think VAN, CLB, NYI, SJ teams that have high price ufa’s themselves. I think the Islanders have a better chance then we think they do, they have the cap space, and are moving to a new arena, and Vanek stays in NY and doesn’t have to relocate to a new state

    • Heatly….

      • I know Heatly is coming off the books, but They will need to address there goalie situation, I’m not saying it can’t happen him in Minny, I just don’t buy it as much as people are saying..San Jose has both Marleau & Thornton

  10. Even with Heatly coming off the books in Minnesota I think Vanek will resign in New York. I know everyone says he will sign there but I just think the Islanders will get it done.

    • Well I’d kinda want to wait see how it looks if I was Snow because if Vanek goes on and only gets (sounds funy saying only here) 25-30 goals do I really want to make Vanek my highest paid player At around 7+ mill ? When the straw that stirs the drink Taveres is only making 5.5 ….could be sending the wrong type messages to your team, not that he probably hasnt already sent mixed message by trading Moulson away but still.

      Who knows what Snow will do anymore.

    • AGREE.. they have will probably have the most cap space at the end of the season. I think SJ could let Marleau walk or Joe Thornton and make Vanek a big offer…

      I would love to see him in a Penguins jersey, but I don’t think they could move the contracts to make the money to sign him. They need a top 6 forward with a right handed shot.

  11. I always liked Ryan Miller. Even though he’s not quite at the top of his game now. But after reading that he doesn’t want to play for any Canadian team, if that is true? Well he can just go F off! That’s just lame. So, the 8 teams that are supposed to be on his so called no trade list, 7 of those are Canadian teams. I wonder which is the one US team he doesn’t want to go to? I’d say, probably the Islanders. That team is has some management issues. ;p Just venting.