Latest on the Senators and Avalanche – May 29, 2013.

The Senators intend to shop for an experienced scoring winger, while the Avalanche consider trading this year’s first overall draft pick.

Has Sergei Gonchar played his final game with the Senators?

Has Sergei Gonchar played his final game with the Senators?

OTTAWA CITIZEN/OTTAWA SUN:  Senators GM Bryan Murray acknowledged his club’s need for more scoring punch, saying he’ll consider packaging prospects to land an experienced scoring forward, preferably someone between 28-30 years of age.

Ken Warren also suggested some free agent targets for Murray, including New Jersey’s David Clarkson, NY Islanders Brad Boyes, Boston’s Nathan Horton and Chicago’s Bryan Bickell. Murray also intends to meet with his unrestricted free agents regarding their futures with the club. Defenseman Sergei Gonchar would like to stay, perhaps on a two-year deal, but he’ll have to accept a pay cut to do so.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The pickings are currently slim in the UFA market, but the depth could improve if several cap-strapped teams are forced to use compliance buyouts to dump some high-salaried talent, which could then be available at bargain prices. Murray’s been in the market for an experienced scoring winger for some time, but he’s been unwilling to gut his future for a quick fix. Given the club’s depth in promising young talent, he can afford to shop prospects without jeopardizing the future. This summer could finally bring Murray’s long search for a scoring winger to a satisfactory conclusion.

DENVER POST: Mark Kiszla reported on the the Avalanche’s willingness to consider shopping their first round pick, first overall in this year’s draft. If they keep the pick and select center Nathan MacKinnon over defenseman Seth Jones, Kiszla speculates they could shop center Paul Stastny or another center as trade bait for a defenseman or a goaltender.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Most GMs with the first overall pick tend to play coy over the possibility of trading it. Almost always, they retain the pick. The fact the Avs are publicly willing to entertain offers is a bold move, though no guarantee the pick will be shopped. It will, however, generate considerable interest, and could result in an offer too good pass up. Remember, the Avs (in their former incarnation as the Quebec Nordiques) eventually traded Eric Lindros to Philadelphia for a return which included players and prospects which helped them become a Stanley Cup champion. That obviously isn’t lost on co-VP of hockey operations Joe Sakic, who was a rising star with the Nords back then. At the very least, this will ramp up more interest in this year’s NHL entry draft.


  1. Seth Jones is not Eric Lindros value wise.

    • LOL could be who knows what people will be saying about Jones 5-10 years from now….

  2. If Murray wants scoring he should go after Iginla.. Why is he going for incosistent performers like Boyes, Clarkson or Bickell. I doubt Horton will sign with the rivals. Made no sense to me but what do I know..

    • The article stated that Murray wanted a player between 28 to 30 years old, Iginla is like 35 years old that’s not what he wants maybe a Weiss, Clarkson, Horton or a Filppula type player is what he’s seeking.

  3. I think Nathan Horton will be a great pick up for someone if they can get him for a decent price. I would love to see the Leafs grab him (yes, even over Clarkson) which would make the Leafs way more grittier and tougher to play against on the top two lines and would allow the Leafs to dangle Kessel as trade bait for a top center. P.S. I had no issues how Kessel played in the playoffs but I’m concerned about his UFA status next summer plus he would be great trade bait for that number one centerman we so desperately need.

    • I agree with your Kessel comment. My fear is that Bozak signs with another team, say Nashville,Minnesota,Columbus,Colorado etc. and Kessel bails to play with his good buddy next year. If Bozak does indeed walk, Kessel would need to have a new deal signed before the end of this year or I would deal him quickly. The Leafs can’t afford to let Kessel walk for nothing, and if he drags his feet in new contract talks then he must be moved for other assets.

    • I don’t disagree with moving kessel if he is not willing to sign (4years 6-7mil per) but I would be moving him for a top end d man and some young assets be it young guys or high draft pick. You have time to develop a centre. moving the one player you need the centre for means you need to change the gameplan. Become A solid defensive team (carlyls dream)

      Use the picks to draft a Centre and use Garbo and kadri for the next two years until your young guys are ready.

      • Grabo?….really??? You see many games this year??????

    • I’d rather have Clarkson than Horton. Horton’s health is a concern, and Clarkson is a proven goal scorer (on pace for 30 goals this year, and 30 last year) and just as gritty in my humble opinion.
      I do share your concern about Kessel’s upcoming UFA year, but let’s keep in mind he’s still young and I think Toronto would be wise to hang on to him, however I am interested in who you think would be willing to trade their top centre for Kessel.

      • If the Buds could land Clarkson and Horton to go along side Lupul and JVR it wouldn’t matter who we had at center with that girt and scoring prowess on the wings. So Kadri and Grabo would do the trick and provide an unbeliveable top two lines feared by every team.

        Yes dealing Kessel for top end D man makes total sense. I would do Kessel, Phaneuf, Gardiner and this years first rounder for Shea Weber if we could possibly convince the Preds to part with him.

        • So make the playoffs for the first time in 10 years, then deal your best D, top point getter. Your best young D-man and your first round pick….Ya sounds like a recipe for success….honestly take the glue bottle away from your nose

          • Can’t figure out why leaf fans are the brunt of so many bad jokes…..look its a young team and yes Clarkson would probably look pretty good so may Horton (little more of a risk but…) but you don’t go dealing away your core or spending like drunken sailors cause you think next year is the year they are a ways away yet and it’s been the same mistakes as mentioned her that have cost us before even if you went out and found a number 1 center you just traded away a 30 goal guy to play with him…ask the Sens how easy they are to come by…Kadri looked good this year but you really feel comfortable with him and Grabo as a 1-2 punch that’s a joke we may want to win a face off or 2, sure let’s get Ahead Weber he won’t cost much and should love playing with Franson Fraser and the rest of the Marlies Defence I’m sure he will resign next time his contract is up and he hasn’t had a sniff of the playoffs. In 5 years cause of the train wreck all these stupid deals and signings have made the Leafs again….

          • Really Phaneuf our best D??? That’s pretty bad if that’s true. Leafs aren’t going anywhere without a Weber type D man. So you can dream about how great this team is just because they are young or you can take a reality pill and realize most of these guys are already playing at what will most likely be their maximum output (ie Kessel, Lupul, Bozak, Phaneuf, Gunnar, Fraser, Lyles, Franson, Kuli, Grabo,) the only guys I see getting a better are Kadri, Frattin and JVR. It won’t be good enough by the time some of the 28 yr olds turn 32 and are past their prime. Time to start ramping up over these next two years instead of hoping it happens in the next 5 years.

        • That has to be the worse trade I have ever heard on this site! A top 10 point getter, one of the best pure goal scorers, your Capt and solid D-man not a true #1 but a very solid 2-3, a young D man for with huge up side and a number 1 draft pick!

          • Agreed….

          • @ BG If having Weber means having success how come the Preds didnt make the playoffs this year? You could argue they had better goaltending (Renne is a monster) they have Weber on D their forwards are not that much worse then the Leafs….yet they didnt make it? now Imagine the leafs Gutting their team the way you mentioned…pretty thin right? and place Weber in the line up there is no way, that plus weber minus all the peices you threw in to get him they are even close to what the Preds were last year with Weber when they didnt make the playoffs so it begs the question how would that trade possibly help the Leafs? The three guys you mention Frattin JVR and Kadri the rest of the Marlies and Weber with Lups and you think this team is better? to top it all off when we finish in the bottom 5 next year we can give Conor McDavid to the Preds too

        • Here’s a thought buy out Grabo and that ridiculious contract see what comes open via buy out and UFAs for a center or d-man if not maybe make a deal if you can package something that makes some semblance of rational thought like a draft pick and one or 2 prospects, or a guys like Gunnarson and or Liles with a pick or prospect (I know a bit of a stretch there but thinking of cap savings) if it was for an upgrade at D or center. Besides that maybe you could add 1 peice with the money you saved from buying Komi And Grabovski and sending Liles packing. Other than that let them grow together until something else comes up….

      • No one cause they would have no one to play with Kessel it makes no sense…

  4. I think Horton will stay in Boston.

    I could the Avs trading down one or two spots, with either Florida or Tampa, and select Seth Jones 2nd or 3rd.

    I’m sure Florida would love to have MacKinnon, whereas Drouin seems a good fit for Tampa.

  5. I wonder if Gardner and thier 1st. and 2nd could fetch the Avs 1st. Really like to see MaK in T.O.

    • most ridiculous thing I’ve heard today, and I’ve been talking to truckers all day

      • Keep maybe that is a little off but not saying it would happen but the leafs do have. A a few guys on D who can move the puck pretty well let’s think out side the box a bit…what about Riley and the Leafs first….still leavesFranson and Gardner who could develop in to great puck moving D-men in their own right and with how deep the draft is the 21 pick is going to be a pretty solid player (this year anyway) might not be enough for Colarados. First overall (maybe) but for sure there would be some teams listening to that in the top 10 picks, or its the start of a conversation for a possible center or top D pairing…

  6. Horton needs to be overpaid if he is to play with any Canadian team. Wouldn’t surprise me, though, if the Canucks make a couple of bold moves to reunite Booth, Weiss, and Horton.

    Ottawa could look at Cammalleri, or maybe try with Vanek even if it will be difficult for the rivalry.

    Avs should stick with the pick and should draft Jones sine their defensive core is abysmal.

    • I hate the Sens lol, but agree that Cammalleri could be a good fit in Ottawa to play along Spezza, if you can sign him at a bargain contract.

      As a Leaf fan I’d like to see Kessel moved for a dman or goalie and Cammalleri brought into fill the same role. I think Kessel improved his play but, still doesn’t contribute enough on the forecheck or defense to be paid 7million, also you can’t pay Kessel more than Lupul as Lupul is showing he is the centre piece on the team.

  7. I’m not sure I agree with Mr Warren’s candidate suggestions.I don’t see the Isles not resigning Boyes, he’s affordable and had great chemistry with Tavares this year. Horton could be had if Boston upgrades on the wing, but I would be worried about his health as he gets injured often. Bickell is not exactly an offensive threat (23 pts this year, and 24 last year) so I don’t think he fits the bill.
    A better fit might be Clarke MacArthur if the Leafs decide not to keep him, otherwise I think Murray’s going to have to go the trade route and start dangling his prospects.
    Looks like Mark Kiszla had a similar thought as I did yesterday on this site (Avs shopping one of their centres for a top 10 d-man and a promising goalie) while drafting Mackinnon this off-season.
    I’ll re-iterate here, that as a Leaf fan, if I was Nonis, I would offer up Phaneuf and Rynnas or Scrivens for Duchene, or Phaneuf, Rynnas and 21st overall pick, for 1st overall pick, but I highly doubt Col will give up that 1st overall pick, and this is just teasing to see if anyone bites with a big bang offer.

    • I really like Clarkson Clowe and Bickell’s playstyle but they are exactly the type of gritty top 9 players that end up looking like overpaid busts when given 1st line money the minute they stop performing to their highest potential. Paid to be 1st liners that end up as 2nd/3rd liners (e.g., Malone, Laich, Cole, Leino, Hartnell, Backes, Ladd [the latter 2 are still playing to their potential, while Hartnell had a season that might make you think he is transitioning back into a 3rd liner] The Leafs had tons of these players IE Tucker, Corson, Roberts.

      These types of players are best home grown, which is why it is important to hold onto Komarov even though he may not have a high scoring ceiling, but that makes him controllable.

      I’m hypocrite despite the fact I’m not convinced Clarkson or Clowe can consistently hit 60 points for more than 2 more seasons I would still like to have 1 or both.

      • Duchene will never be moved by Colorado, especially for such low upside pieces. They would want Gardiner, Kadri and something else I’m sure. I wouldn’t want to give that up. I don’t think Rynnas, Scrivens (I really like him, CuJo like) Reimer(self inflates save percentage with weak glove and spotty rebound control) or Phaneuf have very much value. Backup goalies/minor league goalies are a dime a dozen.

        Phaneuf might have a little value elsewhere if a unknowledgable GM overrates him and doesn’t realize how weak his defensive IQ (gets himself trapped on D with slow decisions and doesn’t not clear the net properly) is and doesn’t realize he has become a negative on the PP(the flow stops the minute he touches the puck).

        • Although I agree with your points, the fact remains that Phaneuf is still an offensive threat, and still considered a top 10 D-man and let’s not lie, better than most of the Colorado defensemen.
          Also, it’s because I agree with your points that I want to try and move him while there is still value there.
          As for Rynnas, he’s a big goalie who plays a good positional game and has tons of potential, I wouldn’t group him with just any other minor league goalie, he actually reminds me of Rask in his younger days (only a reminder, I’m not saying he’s just as good)
          Colorado won’t have much of a response for Stastny as his value has gone down, his contract is pricy, and he’ll be a UFA soon. I wouldn’t bother trying to trade for him, which id why I said to target Duchene. Would they get him? Who knows, it all depends on how tempted Colorado is to land Mackinnon

      • Backes? Why he in that group Hartnell same thing they 2 pretty good players…I think a center like Bakes is exactly what a dozen or so teams need and playing for St. Louis? Really? No one is over paid there…lol

  8. Briere could be another option for Ottawa if he is bought out by Philadelphia. I think he would fit in well there.

    • Too old.

    • Ottawa is a quick team, not sure he would be able to keep up. LOL

  9. Wild buy out the all star, the all star heads back to ottawa; his favourite place in the world. 50 in 07

    • Are you talking about the baby Ottawa was force to trade just after he signed a multi year contract? Plus they had to pay him a huge 4m dollars in signature bonus?
      Hmmm… tough call…

      • Isn’t he on IR? If so he can’t be bought out.

  10. Colorado, Florida & Tampa are all going to get franchise players. Colorado one to go with Duchene… Tampa one to go with Stamkos & Florida one to go with Huberdeau..

    I can’t see the Avs trading away a franchise pick….

    As for the Sens.. I just don’t want them to go after Ryan. He is a UFA in 2 yrs and has said in the past he has a desire to play in Philly. Anaheim will probably lose him to UFA.. so I expect them to trade him next offseason… I don’t want the Sens to give up really good prospects to have a guy for 2 yrs..

    I don’t think NJ let’s Clarkson get away. They have already lost Parise.. they can’t afford to let him get away.

    Bickel would be a good pickup… but I think Chicago tries to keep him…

    It’s going to be a very interesting off-season for those teams who have the cap space.. and a nightmare for teams who have to unload players..

  11. This site is a great site, but the big pool of Leafs fans that breed incestuously here in the comments section that selfishly and deliriously try to improve their club with insane trade scenarios, like kindergarteners trying to perform algebra, are not. Everyday I keep reminding myself that Leafs fans just can’t help it, that you’re inherently selfish about your Leafs and must have come by your grandiose team views through the water or something. Maybe it’s a genetic mutation passed down through generations of cupless Leafs fans as a way to cope with the “Cup Droughts”, an awful disease that plagues only the most entitled of suffering fans. So, instead of suffering through years and years of the Cup Droughts, Leafs fans developed an over inflated sense of team worth. But, a side effect of this mutation is that they are never content with what they have and so constantly covet what they don’t have. Another side affect, that becomes very apparent is a disproportionate sense of value. This is best related to the reverse-binocular effect. Leafs fans see their team and its players through the standard “magnifying” end, while looking at the rest of the league and its players through the opposite end of the same binoculars. Thus, to a Leaf fan, Leafs players always appear much greater than the much lesser rest of the league’s players. This is why any player in the league can be theirs for two or three of their median players. Or, if you like, to a Leaf fan, a ten dollar bill in their pocket is always worth the $100 bill in yours. So instead of suffering with mediocrity, Leafs fans have developed this annoying disproportionate understanding of what is truly good and what is inherently valuable.

    • Oh another genius that adds 0 to any conversation just opens his yap to bash Leaf Fans and paints them all with broad strokes…look at all the big words he uses he must be smart and really knows his hockey….

      • I have nothing against leaf fans really. And in my comment I was mostly being humorous. I say mostly because their was a little irritation on my part because I don’t like Leafs fans proposals regarding my Avs because it always seems to make me feel cheap for my Avs. Kinda like the drunk mother of the bride making a pass at you.

        C’mon, you Leaf fans really aren’t going to own at least some of the grief you get?

        And, are at least some of you Leafers gonna own up to coming in here every day and selfishly make everything about the Leafs.

        I accept you quirky Leafs fans. At least you could a little ribbing once in awhile. Feel flattered. It’s like a caricature in words!

        Plus, I’ll ignore what I think you meant as jab at my education and hockey knowledge considering that it was actually a compliment in a sarcastic tone.

      • +1

      • Although he’s right, the Leaf fans are so vocal here they pretty much drown out every other conversation trying to trade their cast-offs for 1st overall picks and stars from other teams. Not sure bashing anyone complaining about that automatically makes them a “Leaf basher”, but you sure come across looking dumb in the process.

        Carry on.

  12. Again, Colorado does not want ANYTHING Toronto has!

    And Again, if Leafs fans don’t want it, ain’t nobody want it!

    Have any Leafs fans ever wondered why the players you praise one week end up being the players you hate the next week? And then end up being the players you propose trading away for everyone else’s top superstars the week after that?

    Also, have Leafs fans ever wondered why no one is ever proposing to trade any of their team’s roster for any of the Leafs roster?

    Adrian Dater is the only person covering the Avs that has anything relevant on the Avs. And Terri Frye a little bit too. The other guys, especially Kisla don’t know hockey. And Kisla is always trying to find the most antagonistic and pessimistic angle on the Avs and only comes over to the Avs side of the Post whenever he gets bored with his regular beat.

    • Your probably right the Avs are content to be bottom feeders and build like the Oilers have (after all it works for pretty well for them no?) why would they need any other first round picks or Defensive prospects that can move the puck…

      • C’mon now, We both know that’s not true. We got a little wayward and flat, but I think with Roy and Sakic we have a really good chance to regain our past swagger.

        • Ill give you the fact that the aves won back to back cups but common the aves have been much worse then the leafs for the last five years. Maybe the problem is that the fans and gm in col overrate their players. When was the last time a current avs member participated in the playoffs. I’m not the biggest phaneuff fan but he is an accomplished player, remember him on Calgary in the Stanley cup finals or how about being one of the top point producing d- men over the last ten years and he’s still under thirty. Now you want to claim a player that has never played and may never play in the NHL is more valuable. Maybe some of these proposed trades may never happen, but don’t sit there and rip on leaf fans when your team has had amazing draft position for numerous years but are still worse then Edmonton. Try watching some Canadian hockey. Ps I can’t wait to see Roy turn into a huge bust, he’s not ready o coach at the NHL, they should have gone for Elaine, ruff or if risky Eakins

      • I wouldn’t be so quick to be critical of the Oilers or Avs. Next year they get to play the weak sisters of the Eastern Conference again and the Leafs have to play the superior Western Conference teams. I can hardly wait :)

        • Weak sisters???? Calgary Edmonton Colarado Nashville and Dallas 5 western conference teams with a .500 winning percentage or less seems pretty even to me and coming from you as an Edmonton fan!!!! Lol You have been one of the worst teams in the league for how long? (granted its starting to pay off possibly) come on now how many top 5 picks you need before your not one of the weak sisters in the west?

  13. If the Avs are considering shopping their pick and I’m either Leafs, Stars, Flames, Sabres GM, I make pitches. I don’t think they will trade it, but you never know. I think all those teams (not so much Leafs but it would be huge for them to get their next superstar since Sundin) need a change of personnel and a fresh start. Not a Leafs fan BTW. In fact I dislike them very much lol, but am a hockey fan 1st and a leaf hater second. Played well in the playoffs I thought and was very impressed with Reimer.

    As for the Sens, who I love and would explain my Leaf hatrid, I’d rather see a UFA signing than a trade where some prospects are dealt. But they have so manyI saw some Cammalleri suggestions but I don’t like him very much and I don’t think he’s good for a young team. I know Stars GM said he won’t trade Loui Ericsson (or at least I think he did) but he would be perfect the Sens have the prospects to pull it off.

    • This maybe a stupid thought but I could see Columbus trading 2 or maybe even 3 of their first round picks to move up in the draft. I think there going to try and be top 3 to replac Nash as the franchise player

      • They are definitely moving a pick or possibly 2 I think not sure if it will be to move up in the draft tho I think they will start to try and put together abteam that can compete. Sooner then later their fans almost kinda demand it after all the years of “building” and besides they have Gaborik to kinda replace Nash as star factor, I am not so sure they (the fans) will have the patience or trust to wait on the development of 3 more first round picks…..can’t say I blame them and when you look at it they played pretty well down the stretch they might not be that far off….