Latest on the Senators, Blues, Ducks and Islanders – November 19, 2013.

Are the Senators interested in bringing back Martin Havlat? Will the Blues stick with Jaroslav Halak? Will the Ducks move Jonas Hiller? Are the Islanders in the market for a goalie?

Could Martin Havlat return to the Senators?

Could Martin Havlat return to the Senators?

OTTAWA SUN (VIA TORONTO SUN): Don Brennan reports the Senators are seeking a top-six forward, citing a source claiming GM Bryan Murray has spoken with the San Jose Sharks about former Senators winger Martin Havlat.  Brennan claims the New York Rangers also have interest in Havlat but Sharks GM Doug Wilson doesn’t want to give up on him just yet. Havlat has one more season at a $5 million cap hit remaining on his contract plus a no-movement clause, but Brennan believes he’d waive it to return to Ottawa.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brennan cited Havlat’s 77-point season with the Chicago Blackhawks as an example of what the winger can do when healthy. Problem is, that was back in 2008-09. Granted, he had two productive years with the Minnesota Wild (54 and 62 points respectively) after that, but he played only 39 games for the Sharks in 2011-12, and suffered a season-ending pelvis injury last season. It’s rumored the Sharks wanted to use one of their compliance buyouts on Havlat last summer but couldn’t because of his pelvis injury. The Sharks would probably have to eat part of Havlat’s salary to make him palatable to other clubs, especially those under a tight budget (Senators) or with limited cap space (Rangers). 

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH: Jeremy Rutherford noted the Blues were believed among the teams interest in Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller last summer, but because of the strong play this season of Jaroslav Halak, that ship may have sailed. Rutherford also  noted the Blues limited cap space doesn’t leave much room to add Miller’s $6.25 million this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sabres could agree to pick up half of Miller’s remaining salary, but I don’t see him as a fit with the Blues this season. If Halak cannot carry the Blues deep into the 2014 playoffs, however, they could pursue Miller as a free agent next summer.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Eric Duhatschek noted recent reports of the Nashville Predators contacting the Anaheim Ducks about a goalie.  With the Ducks a legitimate Stanley Cup contender this season, he doubts they’ll part with Jonas Hiller, their only goalie with playoff experience.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Duhatschek noted, it would take a significant offer for the Ducks to part with Hiller. Maybe that changes later in the season but for now they have no reason to move Hiller.

TORONTO STAR: Curtis Rush noted a recent Newsday report on the New York Islanders plans to replaced sidelined goalie Evgeni Nabokov, claiming they aren’t planning to look outside the organization.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That could change if Kevin Poulin and Anders Nilsson prove unable to fill Nabokov’s skates.


  1. Didnt know Havlat could play D…lol Sens should start on the blueline no sense getting Havlat.

    • Agree shticky …

      Havlat is injury prone at this point and Sens need a more physical player or younger player with skill …I d say that they should look at Flieschman or Baertschi instead at a much lower cost but with better upside minus the physical aspect …better play makers with Spezza or Ryan or depth in top 6.

      Ducks should not part with Hiller unless they are having a GREAT season so far and it may not be the best time to make such an impactfull move and move out a great dressing room guy who has been with the team forever !

      The Sabres can’t part with Miller because they will not get a quality goalie or player back in any deal that will justify the trade !
      Each team they talk to says:
      ( I can’t give you that player to take on $6 million as a UFA )

      Only way is at trade deadline when his salary is around $1million left and push for the cup and most likely will not be resigned !!!

      • As a Leafs fan I think the Sen’s should bring in Havlat and Peter Forsberg. What a dynamic duo….. of injuries

      • BC, I agree to a degree with you. I don’t think the Sabres are looking for a quality goalie in return for Miller, they are looking for prospects/draft picks. Taking Hiller in return for Miller twofold – In Miller Anaheim gets a durable, playoff experienced goalie who is certain to resign with Anaheim for a hometown discount. Buffalo on the other hand, gets a goalie who they can move on to Nashville, Nashville needs a goalie now as they are dropping out of the playoff race like a boulder. Buffalo has Enroth and Hackett along with other young goalies in the pipeline. Buffalo could take back salary for Miller, but they would want a prospect like Etem and a draft pick while with doing a deal with Nashville, they will ask for draftpicks and maybe someone like Josi or Smith.

        • Hiller has better playoff numbers than Miller…and if Nashville needs a goalie so bad why wouldnt they trade for Miller or trade for Hiller themselves? This scenario makes no sense.

          • Some of the Sabres fans are really stretching the value of Miller in Leaf like (epic) proportions. He is not an upgrade to every teams goaltending, and some teams (The Ducks) are no more likely to win a cup with him then they are by making a far less costly move or 2 come deadline for some depth at other positions. Im not saying he wont get moved he probably will, but not to a team that already has good goaltending just because Miller would like to play in that state and they dont have a goalie named Quick or Lundqvist. St. Louis and Anaheim have more than 1 decent goalie with career numbers as good as Miller. Just because their defense sucks dosent make him some kind of super hero on someone elses team.

          • Shtic – I didn’t say Miller has better numbers – I did say he was more durable and he’s always been considered an “elite” goaltender. I think another thing to take into consideration is the fact that Miller is receiving 45+ shots on goal every time he plays, imagine if he only had to face 15 or 20.
            Reason why I say Miller to Anaheim is Nashville really doesn’t have the cap space, Miller wants to go west not south and Anaheim has more to offer than Nashville. On the other hand, if Buffalo were to get Hiller, they could trade him as a rental player to Nashville for a draft pick. Yes, Nashville has top goalies, but they need someone now not in a month or two – that will be too late. Hiller’s contract expires this season, so Nashville wouldn’t be locked in.

            I don’t think I’m overvaluing Miller – I think the scenario just makes sense.

    • Havlat is a joke the guy is made of sticks he gets touched and he’s injured he’s worthless …
      Nobody should get this clown …
      Montreal is rumoured in a trade with Colorado well I here from someone on the team that Colorado wants a right winger and gionta is a target since he brings a veteran presence for the young forwards of Colorado and Montreal is looking at stastney

      • If Stastny goes, someone else will have to be brought in to take our defensive zone faceoffs…

  2. Fasth will be the one traded not Hiller. Fasth is signed past this season to reasonable numbers and would be more affordable in a trade. Hiller will be resigned for roughly three years and Anderson will be brought up
    to back up Hiller. Make it happen Murray as I am just as tired of reading about Hiller everyday as I was
    this time last year that Ducks had to trade Bobby Ryan to Philly cause no one else wanted him because
    he would play no else except Philly.

    • That makes more sense to me IF the Ducks can get a good return for Fasth.

    • Agreed. Fasth should be the player to be moved, and hiller resigned. It just makes more sense. I don’t think the duckies will get the same kind of return for fasth but they don’t need much either.

    • and don’t forget they have J. Gibson in the minors, who will be up some day. Anderson has been playing well for them too. Ducks are rich in the net, and can afford to move Fasth. Would be good for VF too, as he would get to play more. Seems like the Preds or the Isles would be good destinations. Maybe even Minny if NB is out for a long time.

    • If Bobby Ryan does not resign with Senators this summer.. Guess what?

      • He goes to burn out in Philly?… Is that the answer?…. What do I win? :-p

        • You win poster of the day, from me. Which means less then nothing.

    • Fasth went on a nice run last year doubt anyone wants to pay up for a goalie who’s shown up for what one season now? He’s got a reasonable cap hit but his numbers are dreadful this season on a very good team. If the Ducks cannot acquire a better goalie they will stand pat for this season.

  3. If I am Wildons I would move Havlat yesterday.

    • I meant Wilson.

    • I liked Havlat when he was in Ott, but that was a while ago. The Sharks may be waiting for Burns to return before moving Havlat. Burns has been out a while after taking one in the mouth. He could still be a decent player in the right situation, but he’s made of glass. Ott should not part with much for him.

      • Did burns take one in the mouth after 4 goal night by thorton?

  4. Havlat, that guy should just retire already!

  5. Who gets dealt first Havlat, Hemsky or Gaborik?

    • Havlat just to get rid of him if he is not on IR.

    • Gaborik.

      He’s got the most to offer a team and has an expiring contract to boot. The only way he’s not traded is if the Jackets go on a huge run again like they did last year.

  6. Why wouldn’t the Sens want Gagne or Prospal? Both players are better than Havlqat and won’t require trading players or picks.

    • Prospal I would agree, not really sure why a team looking for a little depth might not take a chance with throwing a league minimum contract at him.

    • Gagne better than Havlat? Going a little overboard on the holiday EggNog are we?

      • 16 goals in his last 87 games. That’s not eggnog, that’s fact Jack.

        • lol have you seen the team he plays for? guys buried on the depth chart. he’d get you 15-20 goals on a team like the Panthers and that’s a fact Jack

          • That would be an opinion. Thank you for using it to cement my argument.

  7. If the Ducks can make a goaltending upgrade they will. Miller would be a huge upgrade over Hiller. Hiller would be gone just like that if they could acquire Miller.

  8. I’d be really depressed if the Senators wasted valuable cap space and assets on obtaining another forward. What Ottawa needs right now is to address their depth at defense and acquire a more affordable depth forward with solid PK and puck possession skills. A couple players I’d inquire about if I were them would be:

    Florida: Shawn Mattias, Dmitry Kulikov
    Buffalo: Steve Ott, Tyler Myers/Jamie McBain (Myers if you want to go big)
    Edmonton: Boyd Gordon, Jeff Petry

  9. As an Isles fan, I can tell you that the only thing that should be filling Nabokov’s skates, is cement.