Latest on the Sharks, Red Wings and Blues – August 14, 2013.

The San Jose Sharks have opened contract talks with Dan Boyle, the Detroit Red Wings unlikely to make trades before training camp, plus speculation on the St. Louis Blues future in goal.

Sharks in contract talks with Dan Boyle.

Sharks in contract talks with Dan Boyle.

CSN BAY AREA: Kevin Kurz reports Dan Boyle’s agent confirmed discussions with the San Jose Sharks regarding a possible contract extension. Boyle, 37, has one year and $6.67 million remaining on his contract and is eligible for UFA status next summer. It’s believed he could seek a two-three year extension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Boyle’s agent suggested the possibility of a new deal in place before the season begins. The veteran blueliner will have to accept a pay cut if he wants a multi-year deal from the Sharks. 

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland admitted things were quiet on the trade front, suggesting he might be unable to make a salary-shedding trade or two before the start of training camp. Holland hinted there were moves he could make to become cap compliant before the season opens in October, but wouldn’t specify what they were.

Khan suggests Darren Helm’s ongoing back injury could be one way (long-term injured reserve). Another could be demoting Gustav Nyquist and/or defenseman Danny DeKeyser to the minors as they’re exempt from waivers. They could also waive a veteran like Patrick Eaves and demote him.  Holland also said the club isn’t in any position to add players, which doesn’t bode well for Dan Cleary’s hopes of returning to the Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Trade possibilities could arise over the course of preseason during the last two weeks of September, but if not demotions are the likely way Holland will go.

ESPN.COM: Tim Kavanagh speculates over the St. Louis Blues future in goal, believing they’ll either re-sign Jaroslav Halak or Brian Elliott. Much could depend on Jake Allen’s performance this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much will depend on all their performances this season.


  1. I understand that Boyle comes with a great deal of leadership and and is a decent veteran presence …but when is the Sharks going to cut baite ( no pun intended ) with guys getting older …this team needs a quality youth injection and it seems as if defense is lagging behind in that area of development ……in a cap starpped era …is it really worth it to sign a deal with a 37 year old whom is on his last leg and possibly wants a no movement clause again ! I would not re sign and look to move him out as a rental at trade deadline, there are very few D men who have a cup that can help a team down the stretch ….would get more at that point !

    If I were the Sharks Id be calling about Chris Tanev in Vancouver …how the Canucks are stringing this guy along is beyond me …hes the real deal and can come at a very low cost with a bridge deal and would be just as good as another insert for a short term deal but would be better long term with his age.

    Detroit …..I think sometimes Detroit s loyalty to its players comes back to bit them in the ass ..they too need to retool with some youth

    • I agree w/ your SJ assessment and Tanev. He’s great, and showed it in the playoffs a few seasons ago.

      I think there is merit to showing loyalty to older players. Younger players pay attention, and are attracted to Det because of their loyalty. It may bite them in the short term. Long term, they’ve got a reputation for taking care of its players.

    • retool with some youth you say huh? so this year helm, abdelkator, dekeyser, nyquist, tatar, andersson, smith, kindl, quincey, lashoff will all be on the roster and then they have about 5 guys in minors who will be on team in a year. get your facts straight everyone always says det is old, last playoffs they were actually one of the youngest teams in the league. It’s been the same thing since 1997, Det is to old they need to rebuild time to get a new line or learn hockey people it’s 15 years of the same line. Let me know when your team is “to old” but consistently a good team. I’m pretty sure that the wings with their old ass players were the only team to take the Stanley cup champions to 7 games, Holding a 3-1 lead on them at 1 point if I’m not mistaken. I hardly ever comment on this but it’s super frustrating that the average fan says the same thing over and over again, get a new line. Wings are being picked as a top 3 or 4 team in the east this year. Alfredsson, Bertuzzi, Samuelsson, Eaves will all be gone after this year and replaced with youth. That will Leave Datsyuk, Zetterberg Franzen and Kronwall really as the only “old guys” figure it out people this team is not old and hasn’t been since like 2003. good post though NOT

      They are a top 8 ranked team for prospects, pretty good for not picking under 19 in the last almost 18 years. Get a clue because the we are to old thing is actually getting older then the team is itself. I get they added Alfredsson who is a million but that will be a 1 year thing and oh yeah he will be playing with Weiss and Franzen on the 2nd line. Oh my god what a terrible team they have, they better trade everyone and retool immediatly

      • LOL.. retool

        • Ya I agree with buff. Detroit hasn’t been an old team for quite some time now.

      • Lol agreed with buff, Ive said it many times the Wings are the best managed team in the league, they continually scout and develop good players and consistently have a very good core to add them to. The window that some teams have (Vancouver Calgary a few years back) never really is an issue with the Wings they are always competitive and never seem to need a complete rebuild.

      • My comment was in reference that Detroit seems to take guys right to the end of there career and I realize that this is what creates a very good organization and a loyal Management system …however they may be doing this just a little to often of late with some players …they have a good team and they have been lucky to land a few players that MAY pan out that can be younger coming in …

        Please dont put words in my mouth ……….I never said they were a bad team……….. AT ALL ……I was merely stating that they really need to look more to the future …they have some of the absolute best players in the world for sure …my post which I should have expanded on was more to do with the thought of Clearly and how they treat there veteran players and keep them longer than perhaps they should at certain times …thats all !

    • your thoughts on the sharks are moot as you clearly only have a passing knowledge of them.

      wilson began a mini-rebuild last season moving out clowe, murray, and handzus near the deadline for picks. yes, they have some older defenders but in addition to proven big-minute man vlasic who is only 26 they also have a trio of good young mobile defenders in demers, braun, and irwin all of whom compare well with tanev.

      resigning boyle gives those young blueliners a mentor -and he still plays quite well. sure, they could move him at the deadline, that is an valuable option, but for a team that did well in playoffs last spring when little was expected of them he would be valuable player to a sharks team looking for another run in the playoffs.

  2. Boyle can sign 3 year contract. He can still play on a very high level.

    • I think the Sharks in General need to inject some youth. 3 of their top d-men are >33. I have no problem with them keeping Boyle as a mentor and leader, and while I do like Stuart and Hannan, I think both are slowing down. On the other hand, you have some key elements who are getting up there in years – Thornton, Marleau and Havlat (who has been injured since coming over to SJ). I don’t think the Sharks really made any changes this off season except for signing Torres – so I think we’re still in the same boat over there.

      • I do not know.. To me Sharks are not “that old. Yes Thornton and Marleau are 34 and 33 but Couture, Pavelski and Hertl are 24, 29 and 19.

        Boyle, Stuart are 36 and 34 but they have Burns, Vlasic, Mueller 29, 26, 18.

        It’s not horrible situation.

    • I agree. As Vlasic a gets older/better he will take more of the tough minutes from Boyle (PK for example). The old man can be part of a 15-20 min offensive pairing with a young guy and also run the #1 PP. He will still be effective in 3 years, but I think his role may change a little. Maybe 3yrs at 3.5M? I think that’s an almost 50% pay cut, but sharks fans always have hope if nothing else :)

  3. Dear Buff,

    According to Elite Prospects website:

    Sharks NHL roster Avg Age: 28.86

    Wings NHL roster Avg Age: 29.04

    Decimal points. If you have ALL young D on the ice when things get tense, you lose games. See Wings’ Game 6 VS. Chicago third period for an example. Boyle is a damn good defensemen and has been for many years. I wish Detroit could take that “old guy” off your hands.

  4. Sorry, not Buff. I agree with you Buff! Back Check.

  5. I think you are missing a main point. The owner of the wings ( pizza guy, name escapes me at the moment) is in his 80’s and has stated that before he goes he wants the Wings to win another cup and the Tigers ( who he also owns) to win the World Series. Doesn’t care how much money or prospects for future are traded, he wants results NOW. That is the driving force. The average age of a team is meaningless. You can remove an old 4th line guy and replace him with a 20 year old and doubt you see a difference but losing a Lidstrom and replacing him with a 20 Y.O. may drive down the team average but the talent replacing him won’t work in the long term if it a step down in quality. Tough to judge young players when they are playing with high quality vets. take Brunner as an example, played great for wings last year, but no one is picking him up, could it be that teams are scared that once he no longer has line mates like the high quality older Wings have that his production will disappear. No doubt wings will be ok but sooner or later when all the old guys leave that there will be some down years.

    • most of brunner’s pts came from guys linke Nyquist, Ericsson, Quiney, etc. Not from guys like Datsyuk, Zetterberg, etc.

      everyone thinks is ok to just assumed that’s the case because he plays on a line with Zetterberg. people, in order ot ensure accuracy and common respect for yourself, please review the boxscores and know what you’re talking about.

      brunner didn’t score goals because of who he played with… he’s a natural goal scorer. what a highlight or two, or read a boxscore.

      • It’s not just who you play WITH it is also who you play AGAINST. If Brunner is on #1 line then he will usually play against good defensive players. If buried down on third line he will be playing against players not as skilled defensively.
        If he goes to a team that does not have a lot of skill up front and is put on #1 line he suddenly is playing against much better defensive players / Shut Down Lines.

        • true… but being on zetterberg’s line, he was top 6.. playing against good players.

          i don’t think he’s worth $3.5M, but he didn’t get those pts because of who he played with… and will carry those goals to his next team. Neil Sheehy needs to slap him upside his head. $3.5M?

    • @ alforducks isnt that what was being said after Shanahan Chelios left Hasek retired Hull left then Yzerman retired then Listrom….etc etc been waiting on the rebuild or the down years as you put it, after all the “old guys” leave for the better part of the past 20 years now.

      • They scout draft and develop better then anyone else which gives them the luxury, of signing key pieces to ad to a core that is already very strong looks like its still happening with some youth learning from long time vets for a couple more years when those vets leave they will have very good very reasonable priced core and be able to add a few pieces once again thru UFAs. Its a system that Holland has down to a science.

      • True
        But something has changed. In past teams were willing to let high quality players go rather than pay them big bucks. That trend is changing as as each year passes the quality / quantity of Top Flight UFA’s is going down. The pickings become slimmer each year ( or so it seems). It’s getting harder to sign your way ( buy your way) to a Stanley Cup. Teams now seem to be trying to draft their way to a cup.

        • I agree with that to a point you may be right but if you look at the way tje Wings have remained competitive its been thru the draft and signing a player or 2 here and there not like the rangers who try to sign everyone, the wings just seem to do it in cycles. For instance they had some great players they developed in Yzerman and Lidstrom, in comes Datsyuk signed or aquired Hull Robataille and Hasek, Hull and Robatille move on Datsyuk gets a learning curve. In comes Zetterberg now these guys are a bit older you see some very good looking players stepping in to learn from guys that have had some success again signing to fill in a couple of holes 2nd line center and wing. It just seems to keep moving along. What I do agree with tho is that whats available via UFA is kind of maybe taking a bit of a step back in terms of quality and age, with more teams concerned about locking guys up long term, but the formula seems to remain the same for the wings.

          • I don’t think the Red Wings are getting old as a team but they have struggled to duplicate the magic of finding offensive studs in the draft like they did with Datsyuk and Zetterberg. What legitimate top 6 forward do they have on their roster that they drafted who is under 30 years old? Detroit made the play-offs by one point last year. They were not a high scoring team. They replaced Brunner and Filpulla with Weiss and Alfredsson. Are they really any better? Maybe the East will be easier but I think they will be fighting for a play-off spot again.

  6. Good point on the age thing Nolan. I’d sign Boyle for two, with an option on a third. He will be a good mentor, and I would guess on a three year deal, would be around five mil per.

    As far as age, I think Thorton is most on the line this year, as he still has good value and can be traded for some youth come trade deadline, if needed. Sharks have a lot of natural centers, and position-wise, could use some help on the wings. Still would love to see Nyquist in teal at some point, and Tanev would also be a good score….

  7. Thank you all for making this a very fun debate, nobody attacked anyone, and all made good points. The getting old thing, just irked me when i read it because it’s a nonstop thing people say. Wings are looking good and again great points by a lot of people, especially Nolan and Shticky

    • As long as Holland is given free rein on personnel moves Detroit will always be contenders. Best GM in modern era.