Latest on the Stars and Avalanche – April 6, 2012.

With the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche eliminated from playoff contention, what changes could be in the offing for both clubs this summer? 

Stars could target Parise this summer.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports the Stars will face “hard evaluations” of veterans Brenden Morrow, Mike Ribeiro, Steve Ott and Stephan Robidas, all of whom remain under contract next season. He also believes they’ll wait on making decisions regarding their pending UFAs (like Sheldon Souray and Radek Dvorak), depending on who they might sign this summer. Heika believes the Stars could make great offers to either Zach Parise or Ryan Suter if either guy tests this summer’s UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears the Stars want to pursue the best available talent this summer, but at the same time, don’t want to overspend on the wrong players and end up tying up too much money into players unable to justify those salaries. It does appear they could be serious bidders for Parise and Suter, who would definitely be the best players in this summer’s UFA market, provided they’re available by then.

As for Morrow, Ribeiro, Ott and Robidas, all but Robidas were frequently mentioned in trade rumors this season. It’s possible at least one of them could be on the move, especially if the Stars successfully land either Parise or Suter.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater recently responded to reader e-mail regarding possible moves by the Avalanche this summer. With RFAs like Matt Duchene, Ryan O’Reilly and Erik Johnson to be re-signed, Dater believes the Avs payroll will go up next season, though by how much remains to be seen. He has no idea if the Avalanche might trade Paul Stastny, but doubts if the Avs could land a top ten pick for him. Dater also noted Stastny’s contract (two more years at $6.5 million per) would be tough to move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Re-signing their key free agents is the top priority for Avs management. After that, they’ll have to seriously examine what players they can bring in to finally boost this promising club into playoff contention. Trading Stastny isn’t impossible, but his mediocre performance and high salary makes him very tough to move.


  1. At trade deadline the Stars promoted that they would look at trading anyone over 27 years of age and want to get younger and move out some contracts ….they have some very good talent on the team and can make some serious moves …as a Leafs fan Iam salivating at the possibilities of trading and acquiring players such as Loui Erickson, Michael Ryder, Steve Ott or possibly Kari Leightonen…and if a team needs a big shot on the powerplay and veteran presence Souray is a very good find if he signs for a league minimum…the Stars are going to be active especially with new ownership and more money to spend …they also need to cmpliment Jamie Benn ..hes just fantastic ..dpeth scoring is a big need!

    Again being a leafs fan I would love to have Stastny play center to Kessel and Lupul but would only trade a high regarded propect if we could move out a contract in the deal such as Connolly he would be less on the books for the AVS and only has one more year at $4.5 mill as opposed to Stastnys two at $6.5 mill gives the Avs an opening at seasons end next year Connolys contract expires and they would be free to hit an unbelievable deep UFA market and dont have to get rid of Stastny contract at that time.
    Good sales pitch eh!! Hope Burke figures it out!

    P.S. I dont know how in the world the Leafs fans cheered them off the Ice last night they must have shipped in Leaf fans from Nunuvit to fill seats that doent have TVs for the last 7 years !what a joke !

  2. Ya it’s about that time of year to start the Stastny to Toronto rumours again lol! Actually Im serious, i agree with Slap & Shot here, Stastny would be a good fit here ONLY if we move out salary in the deal. Although my instincts tell me that the Avs would rather jeep Stastny then take on a salary dump even if they can get a decent prospect out of the deal.

  3. @ Durt

    In this deal the Avs would save $8.5 million over two years move out Stastny ..collect some prospects in the deal and be free of Connolly and Satsnys $6.5 million on a year where the UFA market is unreal …it gives the AVS deep youth and able to add a huge veteran superstar to make a run for the Cup in 2 years when the team has eveolved to be a force! Landeskog Duchene jones and McGinn will have played togtehr for 3 years and should be very serious contenders at that time works for everyone risk free and saves the AVs huge money and lets them make huge moves and acquires youth !

  4. By the time the Stars get rid of all the deadwood they will have about 45 MILLION in cap space. Over a period of two upcoming summers they could buy all the talent the need.

  5. Leafs up against the cap and a slew of overpriced 3rd liners. This year, Jake Gardiner is last year’s Reimer. All the praise with a small sample size.

  6. Reimer should bounce back next season. The Leafs will get a legit established Back up and Reimer will be back after being able to fully recover from the concussion. He’s not been exactly right since then.

  7. @gravity mike you could of saved yourself from looking like quite the fool had you checked before you made your very wrong statement. Haters be hatin

  8. Avs don’t need, nor want, anyone out of Toronto where the well of players has been poisoned for quite some time. Toronto poisons players. Not hating, just my opinion. The Leafs problems are in the woodwork somewhere, it’s not largely a problem of the players that come through there. I’m not taking a jab at the Leafs or their fans by any means. But, it’s getting harder for management and the fans to deny to themselves that maybe there is poison in the well somewhere in that organization.

    As far as the Avs go, Dater went of his rocker sometime late last season and has become unreliable since. Every one knows that what goes on behind the scenes with Avs management is as closely gaurded a secret as area 51. Dater scarcely comes across any first hand information straight from the Avs, and even then it’s merely crumbs. And Adrian Dater does not “dig” for any information, he mostly just passes along readily available information from Avs management. TSN and have often been more reliable and more in-depth than the Denver Post. As an Avs fan when I read any scoop on the Avs anywhere in the hockey world it always comes from Dater’s column because he is the only one who covers the team and/or the only one who writes about the Avs who gets qouted. Sadly, the only thing he writes about the Avalanche is his own sour, caustic, whiney posts and blogs on his own bleak opinions about the Avs franchise and it environs. By his own admission on a past blog he doesn’t even like the Avs, nor hockey in general. Sad, the Avs don’t even have a writer who likes the team.