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Could Stars captain Brenden Morrow be available? What will the Blackhawks search for in the coming weeks on the trade market?


Could Morrow be available?

TSN.CA/DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Contending teams are wondering if Dallas Stars captain Brenden Morrow is available. TSN’s Bob McKenzie claims there some talk within the NHL community Morrow might become available if the Stars fall out of playoff contention by the trade deadline. Currently, the Stars are in the thick of the Western Conference playoff chase. Morrow also has one year remaining on his contract so management aren’t facing pressure to move him as they did last season with Brad Richards. He also has a “no-trade” clause. McKenzie cited a source claiming the Stars probably won’t move Morrow, but didn’t fully close the door on the possibility.  The Morning News suggested contending teams might be willing to part with “a nice package of young talent” for Morrow.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Stars are in the thick of the playoff hunt by February 27th, Morrow stays put, but if they should fall out of it by then, it wouldn’t be surprising if they try to move him.

SUNTIMES.COM/NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK:  Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman has made it known he’s seeking a defenseman to play on their second pairing. As good as young Nick Leddy has been this season, the ‘Hawks have relied on him too much, and help is needed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Defense now appears to be more of a priority, but I also wouldn’t rule out Bowman trying to land a top-six forward. Guess we can expect the ‘Hawks to have some interest in Carolina’s Tim Gleason.



  1. Be interesting to see how many teams would be a fit for morrow if he becomes avaliable as he would be great for young playoff teams such as a winnipegn toroonto colorado if teams such as these make the playoffs, but as noted he has a no trade clause and I doubt he would waive it to go to a team like I mentioned.

  2. I’m sure just about every team that will be buyers at the deadline will be interested in both Ruutu and Gleason. The pair could very well put a team over the top if they were able to acquire both of them.

  3. As a Stars fan, I must say that Morrow- if he does not pick up his game- should be moved, whether we are in a playoff position or not. For a leader, he has been really sandbagging it since the Olympics- even during his 30 goal season last year.

  4. Wonder if the the Hawks would have any interest in the Leafs Franson, and if we’d be able to get a big bodied forward back, even if the return is a year or two away from playing in the show.

  5. I know the Flames picked up Cammy and that sort of signals that they want to “make a push” but they aren’t a good team. The Flames have a few UFA’s on the team right now and this would be one of their best years at the deadline if they could sell. The hawks need D and the Flames could offer Sarich, Hannan or even Babchuck. Sarich and Hannan are both defensive guys and Sarich is a proven playoff guy (he’s won a cup), Babchuck would really help out their PP and is a decent all around defensman.

    The Flames should trade Jokinen because he’s doing well this year and could be a decent rental for any team. They also have Comeau(RFA), Stempniak, Moss, Backlund (RFA), Morrison, Kostopolous and Jackman. If they are sitting more then a few points back of 8th and/or have more then 2 teams between them and 8th then they should sell sell sell. Teams always over pay at the deadline and its about time the Flames cashed in for once.

  6. If Morrow became available I think he would be a solid target for the Hawks. Then instead of Gleason I think I would target Hal Gill or Jaroslav Spacek to assist on defense. Hawks are 7th in the NHL with a team that is full of talent and has a lot of space to maneuver. Adding Morrow + Gill IMO could make them the strongest contender in the West.

    Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, Morrow, Brunette, Bolland, Stalberg, Frolik to start off on forward and
    Seabrook, Keith, Gill, Hjalmarsson, Leddy on defense
    Crawford and Emery in net.

    That team could win another cup.

  7. A team like Winnipeg would really, really gain from getting a player like Morrow in their lineup. The key is to not overpay or give anything future wise for him… But I think an older player (33 year old) with playoff experience, Olympic experience and a great captain would really, really help in the progression of the Jets.

    Additionally, he is a prairie boy; so you know he’d probably like the move out the fan-less Dallas heat to the SOLD-OUT-FOR-MANY-MANY-MANY-years to come Jets environment. He would fit in very well there, and as you can see, not only is he a leader; he can also still produce at a ~50, 55 ppy rate.

    That’s a strong team, apart from the net there. But as we’ve seen time and time again, these no-name goalies seem to be stealing the show in the playoffs.

    Everyone seems to but the Flames into the “mess of a franchise” category. When you actually look at them though, you see there is still a ton of upside on the team, and if not; as you said: Trade deadline should get you a ton of picks and prospects which will vary from the quality of the player being sent the other way.
    You can tell there’s something missing on that team, but there are definite pieces of the puzzle there.

  8. JJB I agree completely. Morrow is the exact type of forward the hawks need (though a true center would be better). In terms of his style of play though, they need another gritty, big body, whose competent in his own zone. I’m also a big fan of going after Hal Gill. The very much need size on the back end, specifically someone who can clear the crease.

    I go back and forth about Crawford. I really do believe he’s a very good goalie, better than he’s shown this year. A lot of his numbers thus far should be attributed to the poor team d in front of him, not clearing the puck or the crease for instance. If the right players are brought in I think the problem can be fixed.

    I’m still reluctant to believe Morrow will be moved, but if the Stars do fall out of the race it’s certainly a possibility.

  9. Diceman, if you’re interested in Hal Gill you should call Pierre Gaultier because from what I’ve heard, he might not call you.

  10. If Morrow is available somebody is going end up severely overpaying for him. He is the type of player that every single playoff team would love to have, and there would undoubtedly be a big bidding war for him based on his reputation as a leader.

  11. The hawsk have a stable of Gleason-sized dee-men and there will be lots of interested from others so I don’t see them trying to out-bid teams for this type defender
    The interest is actually in Washington’s Jeff Schultz.

    I am in the corner with the guys whose opinion is that Morrow is a terrifc hockey player, who is battle-torn.
    I know he know, he always brings it. And that might be what has suitors not willing to over-pay.

    Granted the Blackhawks has far and away more servicable prospects and younger AHL farmhands.

    Dallas probably wants to get faster, and it starts besides Scott Glennie they seems to be lacking guys with offensive upside.

    I am not proposing a trade just saying:
    The hawks COULD decide that Brandon Saad has been sufficiently hyped and that they could sacarfice a guy they chose in the second round.
    Or Morin whose quick release might get NHL minutes with the Stars, or
    that Brandon Pirri fits and fills on the Stars as a passing centre.

    Clearly, if Morrow gets to waive his clause and pick a team there may be more than one contender willing to pay in futures.
    Alsp remember the club acquiring him has his contract for two playoff runs. If that team is Blackhawks, Morrow looks for all intents and purposes as Brunette’s replacement because having 6.1 mil tied up on 33 year and 38 year PLUS Hossa seems a bit cost prohibitive.

    Hawks have more really fine bargaining chips to make deals for Morrows, or Doans.

    It all depends upon if the they feel the overpayment truly puts them that much closer…

  12. I guess I wasn’t watching hockey the season Gleason and Ruttu put any team over the top.

    I remember Ruttu best as the player the Balckhawks traded to actually acquire a true meat & potatoes left wing who stabilized the Hawks mid-lines there, because Ruute never was able to settle in and consistently click with any linemates to become a consistent threat.
    Gleason is average sized and has over eight seasons 15 golas and an average of less than 20 points a season. And plenty of shelf-wear.

    Granted teams will feel he is a great grab at the right price, and i am sure teams may have ot bid.

    These two don’t get a team to the big dance.
    what they both need to do is get Carolina some wings that can quickly fill the clear chasm that exists in theri line-up when it is compared to most other NHL clubs and the return must do it FAST!

  13. Franson was part time Predator, part time Leaf, so I think the hawks will make sure they go shopping with their futures for a big defender that actually played somewhere where the club WANTED to keep him, due to his play….

  14. Bill I’m not sure I understand your argument (partly because the grammar makes it difficult to read), but I don’t think the Hawks are concerned with the age of Morrow. There’s enough young guys on the team and especially enough young guys in Rockford, that they won’t be concerned taking on a guy in his early 30’s for 2 years. Especially when during those 2 years they’ll have chances to win a cup.