Latest on the Stars and Ducks – January 20, 2012.

Are the Stars looking to replace Jamie Benn and Mike Ribeiro with trades? Will Sheldon Souray return with the Stars next season? What’s the latest on Bobby Ryan? Read on for the latest.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports the Stars aren’t going to make trades to fill in for the losses of forwards Jamie Benn and Mike Ribeiro to injury. He also reports it’s uncertain if defenseman Sheldon Souray returns with the club next season, given his age (36) and the Stars need to get some of their young blueliners into the NHL to see what they can do.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even if the Stars were inclined to look for short-term replacements, they won’t find anyone with skills comparable to Benn and Ribeiro, so their best bet appears to remain patient, ride this out and wait for the pair to return from injury. As for Souray, it could also depend on what he’ll seek for a salary.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports Bobby Ryan’s improved play isn’t likely to keep his name out of upcoming trade rumors, a situation Ryan finds frustrating as he felt his recent play would help dampen down those rumors. Stephens also noted Ryan is now on a 30-goal pace and has been reunited on the Ducks top line with Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry. As for the rumors, Ryan said he hasn’t met with GM Bob Murray “to smooth things over after the speculation of his depature peaked in late November before Murray fired Carlyle.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Ducks playing better, I think it was obvious Murray’s words earlier this month hinting at changing his core if the team failed to show improvement in the second half was intended to get players like Ryan to step up their performances. While a trade remains a possibility, it doesn’t appear Ryan will be moving this season, if at all.


  1. Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan ARENT going anywhere. The only way a trade goes down for any of those three is at the draft or a huge blockbuster. It would have to give the Ducks a top 4 dman, top 6 winger. and third or fourth line center and a 1st rounder. That is a lot to pay, but that would be a price the Ducks GM would have to get in order to let one of them walk. And this isnt cause I am a Ducks fan overvaluing my team. That is what Bob Murray has stated.

  2. First, anybody can be traded…. ANYBODY. Take any player in the NHL and then have the Oilers offer Nugent (just Nugent; I don’t do hyphenated names of men), Hall, and three first round picks. No matter who that player is on the other side of the deal, he’s heading to Edmonton.

    Second, the trade rumor tag is a scarlet letter that NEVER comes off. Three seasons from now Murray (or whoever the GM is) will “still be considering trade options for Ryan.” If Ryan wins the Hart, Art Ross, Rocket Richard, and the Vezina (yes I know…), the headline will be, “Inquiries about Ryan increasing as trade value rises; Murray considering options.”

  3. Ryan shouldn’t even be playing on a line with those two; it doesn’t work. They need to play a young developing player with the two of them.

    With Selanne and Koivu on the second line, Ryan is sort of, again, the odd man out. It’s the way chemistry works. If you stick a 40 goal scorer on a line with 60 goals, it doesn’t make 100 goals. Chances are, it makes about 65 goals and a confused line while two or three players have substandard years. You have your one-two punch and your forechecker/backchecker who can do the dirty work to get those players the puck.

    But trading Ryan is like trading Rask… you don’t want to deal an all star just yet because Selanne (Thomas) isn’t going to be there forever. Unless he can get a premium d-man for Ryan, Murray shouldn’t move him.

  4. @ Ducksfan93

    You’re absolutely right but I think there are two ways that one of them gets traded. The first is a lights out package like you mentioned above. The second is if they’ve (Getzlaf or Perry) have suggested to management that they don’t intend to re-sign with the Ducks when they become UFAs after 2012-2013. I have a hard time believing that would be the case.

  5. Agree with JDBGiCG.

    Remeber, Ahem…Gretzky, aka to the world as “The Great One”.There is an impressive list of players who fans and players themselves never thought would or could be traded. Much too long to list here.

  6. Ryan Miller sure would look good in a Duck’s uni, and that kind of star power can move Ryan to Buffalo.
    The speculation is fun, but come deadline day, when nothing happens, we’ll all be shaking our heads.

  7. I’ve already booked February 27th as a day off work (my other excuse is that it’s my girlfriend’s birthday, though we’ll both be watching deadline day on TSN and be severely disappointed by the end of it).

  8. All good points up above here on Ducks but a few points need to be considered. First lets put to rest Ducks making the playoffs, won’t happen. They have 39 points and in the past it took about 95 points to make the playoffs, that means Ducks need 56 points out of possible 74 possible points left on their schedule ( 76% of available points). Second point I doubt Ryan goes anywhere, he has a reasonable salary and is signed thru the 14/15 season. The problem the Ducks have is after this year Getzlaf and Perry have one more contract year and the Ducks are in reality a small market team, signing both end of next season, will bust the budget. My guess is that one of them will be traded before end of NEXT season.
    Trading any of the 3 now won’t happen, maybe one of them at the 2012 draft if someone makes a offer that Murray can’t refuse but there is no hurry on this. What Murray has to decide on NOW is what RFA’s does he resign for next year and what which ones does he trade before end of February ?
    Also, he needs to find out what some of the younger players can do. I’ve never liked putting the big 3 on the same line and then letting everybody else fend for themselves, it comes down to if the RPG line has a good night they win, if they don’t they lose. Pull Getzlaf off the first line and put Cogliano between Perry and Ryan and see if he can handle the job of feeding them. Call up Kyle Palmieri and find if he can score at NHL level playing with Getzlaf. Put Brandon McMillian on the left side and make sure he understands that his job is to dig the puck out in the corners and play defense so that Getzlaf and Palmieri can concentrate more on offense. IN OTHER WORDS BUILD A TEAM THAT HAS MORE THAN ONE LINE. Bring up any other young players for a end of year look see and find out if they have the talent or not to make it in the NHL, If they do but need more seasoning, they can always start next year in AHL.

  9. I agree that no player is exempt, but for those that throw Gretzky’s name into the mix, remember, he wasn’t traded to help the “team”, he was traded because Pocklington was broke and needed the cash.

  10. The Ducks have a lot of good young players ready to step in and play significant minutes .. Etem, Smith-Pelley, Palmieri and Holland all off the top of my head. Next year pair Holland and Smith-Pelley with Bobby Ryan and try Palmieri on the top line with Perry and Getzlaf. If everything clicks, there’s your top two lines. If not, Koivu may still be around to throw in the mix, but no guarantee that Selanne comes back for another year.

  11. Ryan is a really good player with more upside than he’s shown, but he shouldn’t be mentioned along with Getzlaf and Perry. He’s not THAT good. I would personally shop him around at the draft and try to start a bidding war. I also find it hilarious (or pathetic) that he thinks a 10 game stretch of half-decent hockey (where he’s, you know, actually doing his job…) should take him out of the rumour mill. He actually expects Murray to announce to the world that he’s no longer available. Unbelievable. Try playing your heart out for the rest of the year and then maybe you can expect some “protection”.

  12. The Ducks should make a play for Weber with Ryan as the centerpiece, possibly even straight up. Their need for such a franchise defenseman has been noticeably lacking since Neidermeyer retired and what Weber brings would add more value than what Ryan brings IMO.

  13. @VanCanFan

    With you on that one, always end up asking my self – “did i really take a day of for this”

    Still fun though ….

  14. I like the comment from Alex
    I think the only way you trade Bobby Ryan is if you are getting all star talent back. However, I think that Anaheim should go after sutter instead. If they took a shot at webber, they may have to give up more than just ryan. A pick and prospect would most definitely be involved. After all, how many d-man in the NHL can compare talent wise to webber- 3-4 at most?
    There are more ryans out there than webbers.

  15. “Hey remember when beret-wearing cigar-smoking GMs were in the league, making all their trades with penciled stat sheets and gut instincts over dial telephones?”

    Tradecenter is like the weather channel in a blizzard. You don’t watch it, you just keep it on while you do something else.

  16. I think it would be a great move for Anaheim to try and get Weber for Ryan (and a 1st rounder or whatever needed). The problem is that Weber is set to get a huge deal, so Anaheim probably can’t afford him along with Perry and Getzlaf, and if they have to trade Perry or Getz to get Weber, it’s probably not worth it. Plus, Nashville needs to resign Suter, and if acquiring Ryan prevents them from doing so they won’t be interested.

  17. Yes Lyle,

    I know Gretzky was basically sold ( I am currently reading the book ), which is the least honourable excuse or motivation to make a trade. My point was anyone can be traded, provided someone has the motivation, whether it is good bad or misguided. A trade might be highly unlikely, but not impossible.
    We’re good!

  18. good one MJR! …Hey remember when…..

    don’t recall GM’s wearing berets, that would be too funny ( Slats in a beret smoking a stogie ) , maybe fedora’s ? but the cigars , paper and pencil and dial phones is right on ! also liked the weather channel in a blizzard comment / comparison

  19. 😀

  20. Ryan Miller does need a change of scenery….I seen his name mentioned in one of the above comments.

    Anaheim has been playing much better hockey lately, and the “Big 3″ have also been playing better, therefore their stock will go up. Earlier this year when Anaheim were dwelling the cellar…you could easily have pointed to Hiller as a problem….he was leaky….more leaky than any Flyer goalie in the past decade. I know you need to score goals to win games but when your goalie allows 4-5 a game, it’s hard to find the motivation to work your ass off and score goals, not to mention the mentality that comes with losing all the time. If Anaheim can keep it rolling, I think you’ll see all three of those big names to finish close to where they usually do…..except Perry….last season was ridiculous!