Latest on the Stars and Red Wings- September 3, 2012.

Responding to Red Wings fans over the club’s lack of significant moves this summer, and suggesting Stars forward Jamie Benn could use Jordan Eberle’s new contract as a comparable.


Could Benn earn the same as Hall or Eberle?

NHL PRO HOCKEY TALK: James O’Brien cited a recent post by Brandon Worley of “Defending Big D” suggesting Jordan Eberle’s new six-year, $36 million contract could have an effect upon the Dallas Stars contract negotiations with RFA forward Jamie Benn.

“While Taylor Hall is certainly a major factor as well, Eberle’s two-way ability and offensive dynamism is much more in line with what Jamie Benn brings to the Stars. The numbers are somewhat comparable as well, although Eberle’s point total was higher last season.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I was also curious if the new contracts signed by Eberle or Hall could have influence on Benn’s negotiations. He’s definitely in line for a significant raise, and I would argue he’s their most valuable player right now. Prior to this summer, I speculated Benn could get a five-year extension worth $5 million per, but considering what Hall and Eberle go, it could be much higher dollar-wise, and if they re-sign him before the expiration of the current CBA, could be six or seven years in length.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan responded to questions regarding the Detroit Red Wings lack of significant player acquisitions this summer. He points out the Wings made expensive bids for Ryan Suter and Zach Parise, who ultimately signed with Minnesota. They want Shane Doan, but aren’t willing to overpay for him, and weren’t the only club reluctant to sign Alexander Semin. They made what they considered a strong offer for Rick Nash, but the Columbus Blue Jackets weren’t trading him to Detroit. They had interest in Shea Weber but didn’t get a chance to send him an offer sheet, and made a pitch for Justin Schultz, who signed with Edmonton.  They’ve had trade talks with Phoenix and Calgary for Keith Yandle and Jay Bouwmeester but their respective teams aren’t willing to move them. Khan doubts the Wings have the assets to land Yandle.

He does suggests Valtteri Filppula and Johan Franzen as possible trade chips, but using them to plug a hole on defense creates one at forward, and doubts they’d move Filppula. He also claims there’s no timetable regarding the Wings contract offer to Carlo Colaiacovo, but suggests Colaiacovo is taking a chance by dragging this out (it’s though he’s holding out for a three-year deal) as the Wings could consider other options. Khan doesn’t believe Wings management has any interest in UFA defenseman Cam Barker, citing the decline in his performance. The trade request by backup goalie Joey MacDonald has no bearing on other potential moves.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been a weird summer for the Red Wings. Usually, they’re a prime destination for free agent talent, but weren’t able to entice any of the best available players. As for trades, they lacked sufficient depth to land players like Nash, Yandle and Bouwmeester. As for Colaiacovo, he’s taking a gamble, though based on the lack of depth in quality blueliners still available, it’s one he’s willing to take. If the next NHL CBA forces rival clubs to dump some salary, the Wings could find some better trade options, but that’s not a certainty. 


  1. Khan seems to be very apologetic for the apparent lack of action by the Detroit brain-trust. He’s a fan, and i understand that thinking, but don’t necessarily agree with his points. One thing everybody seems to claim is Det. drafts very well, and doesn’t rush their bluechippers to the NHL! Well if that was true, why is it necessary for Det. to be looking for “saviors”, replacements for retirees, etc.? Why can’t they just promote one or two of their seasoned minor-league “stars-to-be”? Maybe their drafting hasn’t been so impeccable as some claim?!!

  2. Detroit has struck gold with some late end draft picks. That is where the lore comes from. They do draft well regardless. But like every team you need a mix of draft picks, FA signings and traded players to the best team possible. Detroit is slowly coming down from the powerhouse they have been, but they do have a good core and are a great organization for how they treat their players. They won’t have many problems signing guys or the next couple years. Two guys choose to go to one place, this year. Not much they could do about that.

    • You’re missing the point! In their entire minor system they don’t have a replacement for Lidstrom (it’s no surprise he was going to retire), and they wait til NOW to try and find someone? That’s pretty complacent!
      Why would someone be eager to go there, when they’re getting older and have little depth in the minors?

      • You’re right, the Wings have no replacement for Lidstrom. But then again, who does? Holland was quoted as saying, before Lidstrom officially retired, “you don’t replace Lidstrom, you just go in a different direction”.

        The “different direction” directed himself with his buddy towards Minnesota. Holland is trying to get something done, but it’s just not working for him this off-season.

        And you are right, they did not really have a contingency plan for Lidstrom. They kind of did for Stuart with the Quincey trade. I personally would’ve liked them to bring up Smith while Lidstrom was still here, but that didn’t happen so that serves only to put more pressure on him and the rest of the D.

      • Ok, is there a replacement for arguably the best defencemen to ever play the game??? No, but i agree he did nothing to even attempt to replace him. As i have said for a couple of years now Holland has this attitude of we are the wings this is what we will give you like it or not, and alot of players are chosing not. As far as depth in the minors we have quite a bit, the issue is that holland and babcock love their bottom lines and want either grinders or two way players and we have little of that. But we have plenty of scoring threats which is what every team wants when they talk trade, but its like holland hoards them, These are players that may never get a chance at the dance with all the potential in the world and just may die in the minors.

  3. Part of Detroit’s success was they had an extensive european scouting system while others team relied on only a few guys. After seeing Detroit have so much success, the other teams copied. Now the wings don’t have that advantage as much as they used to.

  4. If you are expecting to find a Lidstrom in the draft you are kidding yourself…. even if you have top picks (Drew Doughty, or Jay Boumeester, or Roman Hamrlik) you get a mixed bag of pucks.

    What Detroit does still have is a bunch of good to very good forward prospects. Developing D-men is not Detroit’s plan to contend. They will plug the gaps on the blue line within a season or two with NHL developed talent (a la Rafalskis, Murphy’s etc) and will continue to be a top-5 NHL team.

    They always have been and continue to be one of the best drafting teams in the league. They always find great players, and always make them great players. I expect no different moving forward.

    Wait for Tomas Tatar, Landon Ferraro etc to be ready. Detroit doesn’t draft for depth, they draft to have a coachable talent that they can make fit in their system. They always have among the most home-grown talent on the team. Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Franson, Filpula, Helm, Ememrton, Holmstrom, Abdelkader, Kronwall, Ericsson, Howard…. sounds pretty good to me.

    Still look like a lock for the playoffs and a cup contender for at least another 3 seasons.

    I’d say that is pretty first-rate.

  5. puckgod… ugh, I’m sorry… Detroit doesn’t have depth in their system??? C’mon, do a little research before you make a statement like that…

    Brendan Smith, Nyquist, Jarnkrok, Tatar and Jurco are some of the best, most exciting prospects out there.

    Yes, we have a big hole on defense. And hopefully we’ll get a decent player to help. However, it always amazes me to read article after article every year since 2002 about how the Wings are on the decline, how their greatness is over and done, and yet, year after year, the Wings emerge as a contender.

    It’d be nice to finally read someone write, ‘Given history, who will step up to propel the Wings to victory again this year?’ Because for all the stars we’ve lost over the past ten years, including 9 HOFers (yes, nine!–Yzerman, Federov, Hull, Robitaille, Hasek, Shanahan, Chelios, Bowman, Lidstrom), the Wings are ALWAYS a contender. Haven’t they earned that respect?