Latest on the Wild, Sabres, Bruins and Devils – February 13, 2012.

Wild GM Chuck Fletcher weighs his options…The Sabres face some decisions by the trade deadline…Potential trade targets for the Bruins…What it would take for the Devils to re-sign Zach Parise.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reported Wild GM Chuck Fletcher is facing the pressure of trying to make the playoffs, but he doesn’t want to part with promising young talent for a quick fix to achieve that goal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I realize how frustrating this season has become for Wild fans, but Fletcher would be wise to avoid giving in to temptation and stay focused on the long-term. There’s not much quality talent available in this year’s trade market heading toward the deadline, so don’t waste good assets on rental players who probably won’t help your team make the playoffs this season.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reports Sabres GM Darcy Regier has several items on his docket to address approaching the deadline. Among them: whether or not to shop pending UFAs like Paul Gaustad, Brad Boyes, and Jochen Hecht, what to do with Derek Roy, Jordan Leopold and Robyn Regehr, who each have a year remaining on their respective contracts, and if he should try to shed some salary by shopping Drew Stafford or Andrej Sekera, who both have three years remaining on their contracts.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:Much will depend on where the Sabres are in the standings two weeks from today.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty listed some potential trade targets for the Boston Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of those listed, the only ones I believe the Bruins would have a legitimate shot at acquiring are Tuomo Ruutu (provided the Hurricanes don’t re-sign him this week), Colorado’s David Jones, Montreal’s Hal Gill, Winnipeg’s Johnny Oduya, and perhaps Anaheim’s Lubomir Visnovksy.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere looks at what it could take for the Devils to re-sign team captain Zach Parise, suggesting it comes down to “dollars and sense”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At least Devils fans don’t have to worry about the Devils trading Parise at the trade deadline. Re-signing him next summer, however, is another matter, though a lengthy playoff run this spring could go a long way toward keeping him in the fold. Ultimately, it could come down to ownership willing to pay what it takes to retain him.


  1. Flames GM Jay Feaster was at the Bruins Preds game on the weekend, some were saying the bruins were/are interested in one of Sarich or Hannan on D and Stempniak or Moss (both injured right now but due back soon).

    I can’t see the Flames staying in the hunt and hope they become sellers, they have a few guys who could be decent rentals and some players that could use a “change of scenery” like Stajan and Babchuck. I don’t see them moving Iggy, Kipper or JayBow till the draft (if we don’t make the playoffs)

  2. Rich Chere is forgetting one thing about Parise, it’s NOT just about whether they are willing to put out the money to resign him, its IF he even wants to be there anymore. I highly doubt he does, I can bet anything that he tests free agency. Especially after how they treated his mentor Langenbrunner and all he has to do is look at the aging Devils lineup and surely he will walk. If Lou/Management were smart they would trade him at the dealine and get a nice package for him instead of losing him for nothing like Dallas with Richards. It’s not like they stand a hope in hell of beating teams like Boston, Pittsburgh or NYR in the playoffs. They will be a first round knockout forsure anyways.

  3. These rumors are crazy. The Sabres will not trade Regehr (the owner and his wife flew out west to convince Regehr to move to Buffalo and waive his no trade clause. Not to mention moving his family. I doubt they trade Gaustad due to his PK and faceoff ability. Boyes and Hect will not be resigned and could be delt for draft picks, but Hect is hurt (head) and Boyes can’t score. Sekera and Leopold have the best value on the defensive end. Both are puck movers and Leopld has a ton of experiance. Best bet is Roy being moved. Most likely to free up more space to try and land a much needed number one center over the summer. I see Buffalo without Leopold, Roy, Boyes,Hect and Sekera next year freeing up approx 17 million to spend in free agency.

  4. I doubt Regier will be able to shop Hecht as he’s on the shelf with PCS and this isn’t his first PCS induced trip to the LTIR this season.

    And given the poor performance on Saturday vs TB, I’m hoping that Regier realizes that it’s time to sell the UFAs-to-be and tweak the roster moving forward.

    The Sabres still have character issues that need to be dealt with before this team is in the mix to compete for the Cup.

  5. parity is a double edged sword as it makes for entertaining games but teams that should be selling start to think they have a chance at making the playoffs and hold off making deals that will improve their teams in the long run. ideally the smarter GM’s will make their deals earlier in the season when prices aren’t so high but usually it’s the last chance to tweak their teams and add some depth for a long playoff run. how many deadline deals actually have any lasting impact when only one team can win the Cup? last year the two teams that ended up in the finals only had to make minor deals as they were already near the top of the league during the regular season and favorites going into the playoffs. the one thing the salary Cap era has done is shortened the window teams have to win it all as you have to have at least a couple of players making less than players of comparable abilities to put together a winning team. whether it’s a rookie on his entry level contract (Toews, Kane, or Seguin) or a veteran accepting less for a shot at winning the Cup. Salo, and Burrows are prime examples, i know they didn’t win but the money they make is far less than a top winger (30 goal man) and a top 4 defenseman would in an open market and that has allowed Vancouver to ice a fairly deep team. it cannot be overstated how depth is the only answer to the injuries that ravage a team during a long playoff run. by the end of the finals last year Vancouver had lost half of their defensive core (Hamhuis to injury, Rome to suspension, and Edler, Erhoff, and Salo were playing injured), their 2nd line (Raymond’s back was broken, Kesler was playing on one leg, and Higgins was playing with a broken foot), and their top center Henrik Sedin had played a large portion of the playoffs with a back injury.

  6. I agree that Darcy should try to get something for Gaustad and Boyes – might throw one of them in along side Regehr, Sekera, Roy or Stafford. While I really can’t see Darcy trading Regehr as the team worked really hard to get him here, I can see a trade being made if we got something special in return. At this point I would rather trade a Stafford, Gaustad and Gragnani for someone like Getzlaf, Cloutier, Pavelski – heck you could throw in Boyes. Anyway, that is my dream.

  7. Totally agree with Canadian King.
    I”ve been saying the same exact thing.
    Why lose him for nothing in the offseason.
    Trade or sign by the deadline is the only option.
    As for Boston I like our defense not sure why were looking there.
    I do like Gill for the playoffs.
    We need two wings to replace Horton and Pouliot.
    Caron isn’t showing he’s ready yet.

  8. Surprised to see Visnovsky’s name keep showing up in rumors. He still has a year left at a $5.6M cap hit but only a $3M salary next year. This is the kind of player you would expect a budget conscious team like Anaheim to keep around – he’s a bargain next year. Anaheim’s fan base will not support a long rebuild. Those of you who keep talking about Getzlaff or Ryan being available should probably go find a good 12 Step program. Anyone who has heard the “Bobby, Bobby’ chants at Honda Center knows Ryan isn’t going anywhere unless the Ducks get an all-star in return (with a multi-year $5M or less cap hit). Getzlaff might be available at next year’s deadline if he has another sub-par season and the Ducks can’t re-sign him. Or Ryan might be available next year to make room to re-sign Getzlaff and Fowler. But none of the core players are going anywhere this year.

  9. Different topic:
    Looks like the Kings will be sellers in the trade deadline watch.. The only move they will make is trading Stoll, or Williams for maybe Boyes or Stanford ….But they will Sell Penner, Hunter, Gagne for draft picks to playoff teams …Thanks to great play from King & Nolan they found two young guys in there system that play hard and SCORE goals !!!! ….That also makes room in there salery and to go sign Zach Parise in the off season !!!

  10. Aging lineup? What are you talking about. Kovy is in his middle 20’s and then you have Henrique, Larrson, Josephson, Zajac and a few more that will be more than ready in the AHL by next year. If anything the Devils have a very nice balance of young and old. A lot of player have respect for playing with the Devils because of the way the orginization treats their players. Devils can also beat any of those teams come playoff time so don’t go buy a mid season stat.

  11. Jones to Boston would be a really solid pickup especially with Horton’s health uncertainty. All depends who Colorado is asking for in return. Then again if I were Colorado I’d be trying to re-sign Jones not trade him

  12. Who if anyone gets traded from the buffalo sabres? (Roy, Ennis, Stafford, Gaustad, Hecht, Reghier, Leopold, Gragnani, and Boyes) who stays and who goes? Lastly what are these players worth ( draft value and player value)?