Latest on Theodore and Hemsky – August 16, 2013.

Former Florida Panthers goalie Jose Theodore on his plans for the coming season, and ongoing speculation over Ales Hemsky’s trade status.

Jose Theodore still seeking an NHL contract.

Jose Theodore still seeking an NHL contract.

SUNSENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov spoke with former Florida Panthers goalie Jose Theodore, who hasn’t heard from the Panthers, as they intend to start the season with Jacob Markstrom and Scott Clemmensen as their goalie tandem.

Though Theodore isn’t fully closing the door on the Panthers, he also claimed he’s had interest from two other NHL clubs. Fialkov suggests Theodore might have to accept a backup role. For now, Theodore intends to remain patient.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Theodore could get a contract offer in September leading up to training camp, or perhaps a training camp invitation, from teams with questionable goaltending like Calgary, Edmonton and the NY Islanders.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Joe Yerdon reported on Ales Hemsky’s awkward spot with the Edmonton Oilers, noting the trade rumors which have dogged the winger for some time.  Yerdon wonders if this could be the season the Oilers finally move him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve said before, the combination of Hemsky’s salary ($5 million), his injury history and the decline of the salary cap makes it very difficult to move him this summer. Unless the Oilers are willing to absorb part of Hemsky’s salary, the earliest they could move him could be midseason, when they’ve paid out half his salary.


  1. the last thing this league needs is another high paid goalie out of a starter job trying to fit in. can’t wait to see how the pieces fall come oct.

    • If Jose isnt signed yet and there are only a couple teams maybe interested in him as a back up, I doubt high paid will be words used to describe him. Could be a decent fit for the Oil as a backup, better the LaBarbra anyway if Dubnyk went down injured for any length of time, that being said I d rather have Jose then Clemenson as well for a back up role. Some of the back ups around the League are fine to take the odd back to back and to play here and there to give proven goalies some wind, but in a case like Edmonton where you finally hope to make the playoffs or Florida where you have a real young goalie on a very young team with no defense a guy like Jose who could play a little more if you run into an injury or confidence issues may be a good idea.

  2. I am still very confused ….why did the Oilers sign Hemsky at that time to a $5 million dollar contract when they were on the fence then about keeping him long term …I understand hes got great talent but it was very evident at that point where the Oilers were going ..he was playing average hockey back then and underachieving with his injury woes …he should never had been resigned and should have been traded for what ever the best offer was at the time …Tambelinin should have know a cap crinch was coming at the next CBA and with the young guys he needed to sign and with the potential UFA signings he was going to look at plus a trade here or there he was really going to need that $5 million towrds another few more players or one significant player !

    Hence the reason Tambelini is not there anymore !

    Theodore is a dime a dozen right now ….Tim Thomas still should be the first choice IMO and I am of the belief that Tim Thomas can still be the best goalie in the NHL and may not cost much more than Theo at this point !

    • I guarantee you Thomas will want alot more money then Theodore, and most likely will want to go somewhere where he could possibly start. Theodore would be a better choice to back someone up then Thomas. What makes you think he could still be the best goalie in the league? You see him play last year? Reflexes get rusty when your 40 and havent played a game at an elite level in over a year. Altho good I wouldnt say he was ever the best goalie in the league with guys like the King, Marty, Lou, Miller (at the time), Thomas if he still could be the best goalie in the league would be signed by now Im sure.

      • @ Shticky

        Listen Shticky you post a lot and usually have some very well versed quotes I like to read ….and I am sure you would have a conversation or arguement with yourself here if no one else posted ….

        Tim Thomas only 3 years ago was the best Goalies in the world not only the NHL his GGA and Save % was record setting and if my memeory services me correct that better than Dominick hasek at the time hes also a Vezina & Conn Smythe Stanley cup winner ….he was ALL WORLD …his age is what it is but if his mechanics and mental game is there he can definitely be the best in the league again without issue ….I do agree he may come with a higher price tag than Theo for sure …but I am all in on Thomas and what ever team he goes to he will eventually end up being the starter by mid season or sooner !

        If teams knew Thomas would have been the best goalie in the world then it would not have taken 10 years to get him signed in the NHL either so that makes no sense at all …..he did what he did when he was given the opportunity which he will do again if given the chance IMO


        • He played on a very good very defensive team and granted he was very good excellent even, in net on their run to a cup, but the best in the world? No you need to put up more then that. Thomas is not or has never been the best goalie in the world its just too much of an overstatement imo. If he was why did US hockey decide to go with Miller in the Olympics a few months before. Why did it take him 10 years to make it to the NHL? And why are GMs not bidding on him now? I know he is a bit of a head case but f you could get the best goalie in the world I think you would probably put up with it, least the Flyers would he cant be much more of a head case then Bryz.

          • this whole “he played on a very good team defensively” argument is pure “i don’t watch hockey” bs. the same is said of Broduer.. and then he leads a weak Devils team to the finals. People say, “oh, they’re defensive style” because they heard some announcer mention it. And then you see Broduer stop a puck with pure athleticism that had no business being stopped. Breakaway after breakway, two-on-one, after two-on-one. Same with Howard, Osgood… and then Cups just keep coming. If goaltending was such a useless position to a good team defensively, why spend more than $3 on one? Because, defensive teams need an A+ starter to bail them out. Stop the nonsense, “he’s on a defensive team”. That remark is probably the single most laziest and thoughtless remark one could ever make about why a goalie is successful. Tim Thomas wasn’t part of a Championship team. Tim Thomas, down by 2 games to nothing, absolutely single-handedly, stole the Stanley Cup from Bobby Lu in the first 10 minutes of game 3, and parleyed that into 4 victories. Stop your mouth, and use your eyes more. Dummy.

          • So you think Tim Thomas is the best goalie in the world too? Lol why not tell us again how you think Subban got what exactly he wanted and how there is no difference between RFA and UFA anymore before you start calling people “dummy”…

          • of course he’s not the best goalie in the world, you knob.
            but he didn’t win a cup because he was on a defensive team.

        • 3 years is quite a long time ago.

    • They signed Hemsky at the time because he was better then anyone they had ready to play at the NHL level. The Oilers didn’t and still don’t have a lot of good forward prospects. They paid him what they did because that was the going rate for comparable players (ie Grabovski). The alternative was to not sign him and overpay in FA.
      Most Oiler fans aren’t screaming for Hemsky to be traded. He will be a better than average 3rd line player. Not ideally suited for 3rd line duties and expensive for a 3rd line player but at least they have a decent skilled player to move up to the top 6 in the case of injuries.

      • good point

      • He better be better than the average 3rd liner, $5.5M per ($5M cap hit).

  3. Theodore won’t be with the teams in need of someone like him (Edmonton, Buffalo, Calgary). Why? Because that would mean they would have to get rid of their current #1 netminders…and to whom would they be traded to? And he is an upgrade over Enroth & Dubnyk. This is a Shticky…ahem…sticky situation, one that would likely see Theodore go to the KHL.

    • How is he an upgrade over Dubnyk? If you think he is then you must think he is an upgrade over Reimer as well. There isn’t much difference between Reimer and Dubnyk.

      • He is an upgrade over Reimer, as Reimer never really proven anything yet. Sure he ALMOST brought the Leafs past…ahem…Round 1 of the Playoffs, but that is still really nothing. Plus, last year was a shortened season…which hardly proves a thing.

        • I would argue that Reimer is better, but agree that he hasnt proven anything. That 3rd period may not have been his fault, but then again maybe it was. Only time will tell what kind of G he is.

  4. As for Hemsky, he will be moved just before the Christmas break, as Edmonton will already have paid him nearly 1/2 his salary, and teams will be more inclined to trade for him, when they only have to pay him about $2.5M. These will be teams that will be in, or, making a strong push for a playoffs spot…teams like:

    – Ottawa
    – New Jersey
    – St. Louis
    – Washington
    – Phoenix
    – Islanders

    All of whom, have monies to spend, with Washington being the team out of that list that has the least amount to spend, at $5M+

    • Teams don’t care about paying the player, teams don’t want the cap hit. I would bet that he moves by deadline not before christmas.

  5. On Another note, anybody know if the wings will sponsor an 8 team prospects tournament in Traverse City, Michigan as they have in past years before last years lock out ? If so will Rangers have a team there ?
    Couple of years ago NHL network took a couple of Ranger TV feeds on games played there. Hoping this happens again, it’s time to watch hockey in any way, shape or form.

    • Detroit city just claimed Bankruptcy … many USA cities are doing …I think there may be more pressing situations at hand and this may not pan out !

      • Not to worry, this is the United States of America, we buy it even if we can’t afford it and when we have no credit left we just make money of of thin air. Besides isn’t Detroit going to build a new arena for the wings, that’s a hell of a lot more important than buying books for schools.

        • lol

  6. I still think it is possible to see Theodore come back if the Panthers can manage to trade Clemmensen.

    • again, you have all sorts of possibilities due to the amount of “high paid” goalies looking for work. (yes, schtiky… we know that if you’re not under contract you’re not being paid high – that’s what it means when you’re not under contract… but their most previous contract was starter-esque)
      i’m looking forward to seeing where these goalies end up.

      • Last 2 contracts Theodore made 1.5 mill per year, he is not a high priced goalie…but again another brilliant observation on your part.

  7. I can see Theodore being in demand as he doesn’t come with the off-ice baggage that would be included with other options such as Thomas and Bryzgalov.
    At the same time there are plenty of pretty good (and probably cheap) backup goalie UFAs
    and (dare I add?) DiPietro?
    All of these guys will be desperate from work come Sept and I can see one of them (perhaps even Theodore) going to Boston to back up Rask since Khubodin signed in the KHL.
    As for Thomas or Bryzgalov? I can see one of them going to Calgary since Kiprussof told the world from Finland in late June that he’s not coming back. As good as Macdonald was last shortened season, I don’t think he’s a proven starter just yet.

    On a final note, can anyone please explain to me why so many people feel the Isles need goalie help? Nabakov is a proven starter, and played pretty good considering the team in front of him.

    • I think we can add Vancouver to the list of teams who could use a good backup

      • Not when they only have 20 players signed (need to sign 3 more), and only have $4.3M in available cap space!

        • You think (Other than Hedberg and Garon) that any of those guys are gonna ask for much more over $1 Million?

          • But you have to take into consideration of the other players that will add up to the cap. Plus every team need at least $1M in available cap space, in case of injuries (pay players more money when called up).

          • everyone needs a backup too

      • Also have to remember that Miller is available or will be. He wants to go west and its time for him to move on. We could see something like a 3 team trade, Miller for Luongo and Luongo for one of their young prospects like Bjugstad, Howden or Shore and a draft pick. Or he could end up in St. Louis.

        At this point in time, there are a couple of quality goalies available – Bryzgalov and Thomas – Bryz is a little eccentric and out there, but he is a good goalie while I would ?Thomas because he didn’t play last year. I think for either goalie, they would have to take a pretty substantial pay cut to get back into the NHL – perhaps sign a contract that is heavily weighted with bonus’.

        • While I agree with your comments I think potential bonuses still counted against the cap though.
          Also I don’t see any west-coast team in need of a goalie, so why would they deal with Buffalo (or anyone else for that matter).
          If I was GM in need of a goalie, I would ponder the UFAs before considering a trade…

        • ST Louis? With arguably two starters and a Jake Allen emergence? Im betting no.

    • Chris Mason signed in EUR or KHL last week I believe.

    • @Konstantine: Nabakov is proven. And proved for a stretch last year he can be solid. The problem is at his age he cannot play 60+ games. The Isles signed him to be the starter, but i wouldn’t doubt them picking up a 1B guy to take some of the load off. Poulin and Nilsson are not ready to fill that role.

  8. Dubnyk has played on teams where he was constantly left out to hang on most nights. This guy saw more rubber then *insert joke here*, Theodore will not be an upgrade over Dubnyk and Labarbera. With a little bit more defensive posture and keeping the shots lower Dubey can be a solid starter. Hemsky keeps on getting ripped by the media and fans everywhere, I hope he can stay healthy andlight it up this season. He doesnt want to leave Edmonton.