Reaction to an Ottawa Sun report claiming the Florida Panthers could start dumping some veteran players.

Will the Panthers trade Tomas Fleischmann?

Will the Panthers trade Tomas Fleischmann?

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov referenced an article in Sunday’s Ottawa Sun claiming the Florida Panthers could soon start shopping veterans like ” forwards Tomas Fleischmann, Kris Versteeg, Scottie Upshall, Brad Boyes and Marcel Goc, as well as defenseman Tom Gilbert and Dmitry Kulikov.”

Fialkov notes Fleischmann, Gilbert, Boyes and Goc at times are playing well, while Upshall’s contract (two years, $7 million) is “basically unmoveable”.  He points out Kulikov hasn’t made progress , is in the final year of his contract and seems the most marketable. The Panthers were off Sunday and unavailable for comment, but Fialkov suspects GM Dale Tallon will rely on his standard response to trade rumors:   “I will do anything to improve this team.”

MIAMI HERALD: George Richards also commented on the Sun reports, believing the Panthers won’t start shopping veterans until the March trade deadline, if at all. He believes Tim Thomas could be attractive to playoff contenders if the Panthers are out of the playoff race by that point.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes the Oilers would be interested in Panthers center Shawn Matthias if he were to be shopped. He also wondered if the NY Islanders are on the no-trade list of Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Though the Panthers have a new owner probably keen to put his stamp on this club, it’s far too early to believe they’ll stage a massive shakeup. Even if Tallon were ordered to start dumping salary, thanks to the lowered salary cap for this season, there simply isn’t much of a market for many of those veteran players right now. As Fialkov noted, if the Panthers can start stringing together a few wins, there won’t be a pressing need to start dumping salary.

The contracts of several of those Panthers veterans make them difficult to move. Fleischmann and Upshall have no-movement/modified NTC clauses. Versteeg’s cap hit is $4.4 million per season to 2015-16. If, as Richards observed, the Panthers are out of playoff contention as the trade deadline nears, then we can expect them to start shopping some veterans, but the easiest to move will be players under affordable contracts expiring after this season, like Kulikov, Goc, Gilbert and Boyes.

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28 Responses to Latest Panthers Rumors – October 21, 2013.

  1. New ownership is not stupid !!!!
    DUMP …DUMP ….DUMP = LOOSE…. LOOSE…. LOOSE = Connor McDavid…. in thier sights !!!

  2. nitroglycerin101 says:

    If Fialkov is Filatov then he has zero value. I am not sure what Floridas needs are…
    If Filatov is availble Flyers should at least how much..

    • The Ruiner says:

      Lol Harvey Fialkov is a writer for the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. Nikita Filatov is in the KHL…and you’re right, there’s ZERO market for him.

  3. CMac says:

    I haven’t really watched them play, but they seem a far cry from the Panthers team that made the playoffs 2 years ago. They have some really good prospects in the pipeline and good young players playing currently that could develop into big roles. Bjugstad, Howden, Barkov, Gudbranson (I think they put Erik in too fast, playing 72 games at 19 in a shutdown role in the NHL? Tough to find confidence). Bjugstad (6’6) is a beast, and Howden and Barkov are smaller beasts lol. I think they have potential. But in a couple years with the right veteran presence. If Markstrom can be the goalie Florida thinks he can be, they will be a scary team. He’s a beast also, 6’6. Florida has the makings for a BIG, tough team to play against. Throw some speed in there and they are golden

    • Micki says:

      Aside from the blowouts, they really played pretty good. I mean, it was a fluke goal in the last minute against Boston. They really beat down the Penguins. They did a great job against the Wild, even killing a 5 on 3 in a crucial moment of the 3rd period.

      This is the problem. Bruce looks at numbers and makes up a rumor.

      Gudbranson is developing just fine. He looks really comfortable out there now and Gilroy has been a major surprise the last two games.

      Barkov has been amazing. Nothing flashy about the guy, but he just turned 18 and he plays like a veteran. Very smart player and sound positioning in both ends of the ice. Huberdeau is getting better. Howden will be a very good 3rd line winger. Bjugstad has some ways to go, but that was/is expected.

      I think Markstrom is not as good. He is a very good back-up to have. Maybe in a couple of years he will be a more reliable starter but for now…his potential is not as good as people expected.

      Panthers are nowhere near to the team they had two years ago. They do not even have a true second line center to play on the first line this season. Weiss took off and i respect his decision. He said that Florida offered him more, but he couldn’t turn down the chance to play with Datsyuk and Z-berg. And that’s it. No centers gained to replace him.

      They are also in a difficult division. I think they know that making the playoffs will be unlikely.

  4. Micki says:

    Way to go Bruce. Hey, how long did it take for Radek Bonk to get traded after years of you saying he was going to get traded?

    So Columbus losing four straight before last night’s win means that they are ready for a fire sale too.

    Ottawa Citizen should be ready for a fire sale and fire its incompetent nincompoops; starring with the mongoloid Bruce Garrioch.

    • Ranzeir says:

      Micki, for what its worth I believe Bruce Garrioch works for the Ottawa Sun not the Ottawa Citizen. Journalists like Mr Garrioch express their opinions and most, despite what many of us like to believe, are usually well informed and knowledgable. There’s always a bit of good old fashioned B.S. in these rumour columns, that’s what makes them entertaining…

      • BCLeafFan says:

        Garrioch gives sports journalism a bad name. What’s sad is that anybody takes anything he writes seriously. If he were a blogger, people would laugh at some of the stuff he comes up with – pathetic comes to mind.

      • Micki says:

        You are right, the Sun, not Citizen. And I don’t rant like this on journalists, but him and Steve Simmons, and Al Strachan, always p’ me off. Are they smart hockey people? Yeah. But, when they step out of the extremities of logic, it’s just uncalled for.

      • Shticky says:

        I believe this would/could have been true at some point, but after years of sensationalism and distortion. I believe writers like Garrioch, Simmons, and some others (Mirtle is starting to walk that line) kind of wear out their welcome (for lack of a better term) and are kind of shunned by their reliable sources leaving them to speculate on things a little too much on their own, or they get stuff from less reliable sources. Many of the rumors these guys produce are no more or less than the same type speculation a guy like Eklund would do.
        This statement is definitely not meant to cover the whole media, there are some guys around, former players, insiders and reporters etc that have not been kind of ignored by connections in the room or front office of teams. Mostly due to the fact they dont over step by calling players moms, making up trades scienarios they have heard things thru unrelable sources or agents with ulterior motives and reporting it as facts, all in order to sell papers and promote them selves.

    • Jacob says:

      rangers are losing? fire sale

  5. Aki Berg says:

    Florida has to watch edmonton and learn from there mistakes. They could end up with all the young talent in the world and not have the right extra pieces to put it all together.. Now tallon was involved in putting most of that first black hawks cup team together so he obviously has some experience at doing so.

    • Shticky says:

      not like Tallon hasnt had a bit of success putting together a ragtag squad of vets and flling in holes before, couple years back with aquiring Versteeg Campbell Kopecki and Jovo they made the playoffs. This team could be very good in the near future. Tallon knows what he is doing, Im not so sure he would be in the same situation as the Edmonton rebuild. Even this year Boyes has looked alright Thomas is Thomas like, its not a great start but they are still young and learning in a tough division. Tallon has an eye for talent.

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