Latest Penguins, Kings and Flyers Rumors – June 10, 2013.

Updates on Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, Pascal Dupuis, Marc-Andre Fleury, Jonathan Bernier, Sean Couturier and more.

Can the Penguins afford to re-sign Kris Letang?

Can the Penguins afford to re-sign Kris Letang?

TRIBLIVE.COM: Rob Rossi reports Pittsburgh Penguins GM Ray Shero intends to meet with Evgeni Malkin’s agent this week to begin contract talks, with both sides keen to get a new deal as soon as possible. Rossi also suggests a new contract for Malkin could make it difficult for Shero to retain Kris Letang, suggesting Letang could be dealt if an agreement cannot be reached. Letang, like Malkin, will be a UFA next summer. He could command a significant raise (perhaps starting at $7 million per season, going as high as $8 million-plus), and seek at least a five-year extension, or as high as eight years. The Penguins also believe they can re-sign UFA Pascal Dupuis and will start negotiating with Dupuis’ agent next week.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Pascal Dupuis expressed his desire to remain a Penguin, citing in part his family’s love of the Pittsburgh area.

TRIBLIVE.COM/POST-GAZETTE.COM: Penguins coach Dan Bylsma claims Marc-Andre Fleury remains the Penguins starting goalie now and in the future. It’s expected Penguins goalie coach Gilles Meloche will resign.

TIMESONLINE: Mark Madden calls for sweeping changes to the Penguins, which includes replacing Bylsma as coach, cutting loose UFAs Jarome Iginla, Brenden Morrow, Douglas Murray, Mark Eaton and Matt Cooke (if he wants a three-year deal), trading Tyler Kennedy, re-signing Pascal Dupuis and Craig Adams, and trading Marc-Andre Fleury and Kris Letang.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I can’t see how the Penguins can keep faith in Fleury when his struggles over the past four seasons have been quite obvious. Trading Letang is easy, but finding a suitable replacement for his offensive skills is another. Unless Shero can replace Letang’s skills, he shouldn’t move him. If they move or buy out Fleury, they’ll have enough room to re-sign Dupuis and Adams, and leave enough to add some affordable depth from within, or via trade and free agency. At least we can put those Malkin trade rumors to rest. He’s not going anywhere.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Lisa Dillman looks at potential moves by Kings GM Dean Lombardi this summer. His priorities will be dealing with UFAs Dustin Penner and Rob Scuderi, RFA blueliner Slava Voynov and goaltender Jonathan Bernier. Dillman expects Voynov will be re-signed ( though he’ll be expensive), while Lombardi will probably field offers for Bernier this summer. Scuderi’s future could depend on the injured Willie Mitchell’s recovery. Dillman suggests the Kings let Penner depart and promote a young player like Tyler Toffoli or Tanner Pearson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lombardi will re-sign Voynov and I expect Bernier will be shopped, especially since he requested a trade last year. I think Lombardi will retain Scuderi and let Penner go.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Joe Yerdon cited recent “tweets” by TSN’s Bob McKenzie, who expects the Philadelphia Flyers could buy out Ilya Bryzgalov, and might move one of their young centers (Sean Couturier or Brayden Schenn) for the right deal to land a defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: MacKenzie noted it’s not carved in stone Bryzgalov gets bought out. While it appears the logical choice, and the Flyers ownership can afford it, there’s apparently indecision over Bryzgalov’s status among the Flyers front office. If they hope to land a quality defenseman, it will take moving a promising young forward like Couturier or Schenn.


  1. Looks like Holmgren is bored again. This is why Flyers cannot win anything. Organization refuses to be patient with their players.
    Yes Flyers need D, so why did we draft Couturier isntead of Hamilton and why are we moving Couturier for Yandel. Just draft & develop players and be patient.

    • While I agree with you that the Flyers have to be more patient if I hear one more Dougie Hamilton comment from people I might be sick. When they drafted Couts the team had Pronger & Carle, Coburn didn’t suck & Meszaros wasn’t a walking Band-Aid. They were lucky to draft Couts when they did so they grabbed him while they had the chance. What was a strong point (their defense) went to being a glaring weak point after Pronger got injured and Carle signed in Tampa. Holmgren didn’t have a crystal ball.

  2. Wouldn’t it be funny if this happened.

    To Tor b schenn
    To Phi
    I could see the Jets moving on this tho.

    To the peg couturier
    To phi buff and bromestrov

    Sorry for the bad spelling

  3. Everyone jump aboard the Fleury bashing train! LOL
    The guy is a fine goalie, one bad playoff run does not make him crap. Any true hockey fan knows goalies don’t reach their prime until their 30’s when they’ve mastered patience, positioning, and control.

    • How about 4 bad playoffs…in a row? He’s won ONE round since they won the cup and even when they won the cup his GAA was 2.61 & SVP was .908, hardly something to brag about.

      2012-13 GP 5 W 2 L 2 GAA 3.51 PCT .883
      2011-12 GP 6 W 2 L 4 GAA 4.63 PCT .834
      2010-11 GP 7 W 3 L 4 GAA 2.52 PCT .899
      2009-10 GP 13 W 7 L 6 GAA 2.78 PCT .891

      TERRIBLE stats for any playoff goalie much less a goalie that plays for a team that is considered a Stanley Cup favourite EVERY season. He can blame things on a bad bounce or pucks hitting skates all he wants to, stats don’t lie, and that must be an awful lot of bad bounces. That team has way too much talent for him to flounder year after year like he does…and I’m saying this as a FLYERS fan.

      • LOL so let’s sell the farm and grab Miller! Never won a cup and His sparkling .915 and gaa over 2.5 at 6.5 mill for next year…please tell me your not one of those

        • Schtck – I agree with you about Miller – but as I have said, there are some analysts and GM’s that believe Miller is an “elite” goalie stuck on a crappy team. Personally, I think he chokes in the big games – and Sid definitely has his number. It really doesn’t matter what you and I think, I’m sure there is some GM out there that figures… a new environment, he will shine and take us to the SC. Yes, while Miller will make $6.5 next year, that doesn’t mean he will resign for that amount.

          Again, there are certain factors involved – Miller wants to “go west” – so if you eliminate the teams that have “goaltending” – that leaves MN, Phoenix, Edmonton, and possibly Anaheim. Out of those teams, which ones have cap room and would be attractive to Miller?

          • As I said before I know someone will pick up Miller what I have found amusing is Pens fans who think this to be an up grade of Flurey and calling for his head…Dont get me wrong Fluery was not good towards the end of the year but to blame him for the playoff performance…ridiculious how can they blame a goalie who sat on the bench? Their Defence wasn’t very good as everybody knew going in to it I think…(least they should have) and they scored 2 goals in 4 freaking games! with Malkin Crosby Iginla Neal….ect ect yet Bylsma and Fluery are to blame fire Bylsma! Trade Flurey! The Pens and their fans need to stop take a breath and maybe a second look at the leader ship in the room and the attitude of some of these “super stars” that might be more the reason for the sweep then Bylsma and Flurey…

        • No, definitely not one of those. I’m actually not suggesting anyone. I’m just pointing out he’s not good enough for the caliber of team he plays for.

          • Man Shticky you really have it out for Miller hey?

            Miller is an upgrade of Fleury. Yes he hasn’t won a Stanley Cup neither has Lundqvist, Anderson, Rask, Kipper, Rinne or Luongo. Just because they haven’t won the cup doesn’t mean they suck. And I mention Kipper because he used to be good goalie that didn’t win a cup.

            Now personally I don’t like Miller but honestly you got to give credit when credit is due. He’s a great goalie stuck on an awful team, that is all.

      • Totally agree about Fleury. He has served the penguins well but his play in the most important time of year really sucks. If they do not buy him out or trade him they may consider platooning him for awhile. Perhaps by the time the playoffs are here he is worn out not only physically but mentally as well. Fleury is not a big man and so playing less games just might keep him sharp. Of course it would help if the penguin defense were somewhat better.
        The penguins really rely on forwards coming back and checking to help the defense, if they let Dupuis go you just might see even more problems arise. Dupuis would demand a pretty hefty raise and even though he could give a hometown discount I’m sure the discount won’t be all that big. I keep hearing how the penguins ride either Crosby, Malkin, or Letang but I think Dupuis never gets enough credit for helping keep the penguin machine going, offensively and defense wise.
        I don’t think I have seen a team so full of offensive weapons be totally stifled as the penguins were against the bruins. Perhaps it is time to let Bylsma go since it looked like he had no clue as to how to create offense and team chemistry.

        • @Jes you missed the point…. Maybe Miller is … But that’s only a slight maybe (Miller’s numbers are not really that much better and he has been known to choke and get pulled in big games too) do you think he would have scored much against the Bruins? Blaming losing a series on a goalie who hardly played is ridiculous and some Pens fans who think Miller would have made a difference when the Pens were shutout 2 of 4 games is just as dumb…

      • I’ll tell you why those numbers suck, because Pittsburgh has craptastic defense.
        No stay at home grinders, nobody who can clear the net, and nobody who can put a hurt on (ok, MAYBE Oprik, but that’s all).
        Yes the GAA is not great, but you can’t pin that solely on the goalie, and a 90% Save percentage is still good.
        Put him on good defensive team and he would be rocking his #s.

        • You can’t get 100+ points year after year and then tank in the playoffs. You can blame that on the defence all you want, the fact is the defence AND the goalie are good enough to get them the points in the regular season…in the playoffs the goalie tanks. That’s a fact, I’m not even TRYING to hate on the guy…and a 90% save percentage is NOT good. It’s barely passable in the regular season and terrible in the playoffs, and even if it was ok, he only did that ONCE in the last four years. Pittsburgh’s defence is bad, but not 4th worst in the league in playoff GAA and SV% bad. IMO he’s WAY over rated because he won the cup, he’s been completely mediocre since. The Pens win in spite of Fleury not because of him.

          • The Goalie didn’t play and they only scored 2 goals!

    • Nvm the Fluery bashing train how bout the second coming in Couturier…I’ve seen fair number of Flyer games and just don’t get the value people put on that guy 15 points a bad minus 8 playing against 2nd and 3rd lines and can’t win a draw to save his life….Schenn on the other hand looked good he is the one to target.

      • It’s because he shut down Malkin in the playoffs last year. His offense skills has not translated to the NHL at this point but he plays against the other teams top lines more often then not.

        • This makes little sence…if he could win draws I could see it -8not exactly getting it done shutting people down (not a horrible number I know but still not good) Tough to say on a team that was as bad defensively as the Flyers were that some of it wasn’t due to a shut down line not shutting lines down no? And if offense isn’t translating yet…. I ask again what is so special about Couturier I’m not saying he is horrible I’d like a center like that for a third line too just at the value people are throwing at this guy is un-real…..

          • how many players do you know that came into the league as an 18 year old and play penalty kill all year and playoffs not to mention he shadowed and shutdown malkin which is a big reason why they took out pittsburgh last year also he still has plenty of room to grow offensively

          • So because the Flyers brought him in too early makes it better? Again not saying I wouldn’t love the guy as a third line center ( especially if he could learn to win a face off or 2 he is around 44 % brutal) but he is still a third line center at best until he fills out his room to grow or whatever you want to call it….How many of you guys willing to trade a top1 or 2 d-man for a third line center???

          • Sorry a to pairing D for a 3rd line center “with room to grow”….much better isn’t it?

          • Regardless of how young he is, he’s our best defensive forward and he has had success in both the q and the ahl in scoring so i expect some of that to translate to the nhl. Again im gonna make a very solid point how many players do you know that can shadow and shutdown malkin?

          • You mean the same Malkin who vanished against the Bruins too?

          • I think history is starting to show style of play has more to do with shutting the Pens down more than individual players granted he was a part of that, but he was also part of one of the worst defensive teams in the league this year was a minus 8 with 15 points and is supposed to be the shut down guy so some of that has to fall on him, I feel like I’m bagging on this guy and I don’t want to because as I’ve said before I like him and yes I know he is young and will probably be great but he isn’t yet and you don’t get a top D man in this league for a potential player people are overvaluing him when they say him for Yandel straight up.

      • Absolutely

        • @shticky Re: Couturier

          You have to keep in mind that he is only 20 years old and I don’t know if you watch any Flyers games but he’s not usually put in a position to thrive offensively. He’s 6’3″ and not yet 200lbs. He’s going to fill out his frame and get bigger, stronger and faster moving forward.

          I’d like to keep him in the mix. He’s shown offensive flair in the Q and the A. and should have opportunities moving forward to put up some numbers.

          The kid has a remarkable two-way game and I think it’s unfair to label him as a “3rd line center” just yet. Sorry, just have a hard time wrapping my head around writing off a player that’s just turned 20.

          • I’m not writing him off at all potential is potential but right now 1 for 1 he is not worth a top pairing D. As part of a package possibly but basing his performance so far on “ifs” and “coulds” is over-valuing him…

    • Also 3 out of 4 of the goalies in the conference finals are all under 30 years old (some by quite a bit) so that argument doesn’t wash either.

    • Konstantine is clueless, like always.. MAF was bad for 4 straight years. As a Flyers fans I hope Pens will keep him.

      • Like always? This is your first reply to me and all of a sudden you’re an expert on what I say?
        It’s a fact goaltenders get better in their late 20’s-early 30’s especially the good ones: Roy, Belfour, Brodeur, Hasek, all dominated the game (even against younger goalies) well into their late 30’s
        Considering Fleury does have skill the prudent thing to do is to get a new goalie coach and work on his game.
        BTW, the reason Pittsburgh hasn’t done well in the last 4 playoff runs is because lack of any stay at home defense.
        But please, go ahead and bash me instead of actually providing a basis for your own argument ya troll.

        • Konstantine, I will give you Belfour and Hasek, although Hasek came to the NHL late so it’s tough to say how he would have done when he was younger but Roy won 2 cups under 30 and Brodeur won his last one when he was barely 30. I agree that goalies typically do come into there own later my biggest point is for a team that ALWAYS seems to be mentioned as a favourite, Fleury isn’t and hasn’t been good enough. Even the year he won his stats were average, the Pens just outscored everyone. I also agree with you on the working on his game, but again, he doesn’t have that luxury playing on a team like the Pens because they’re expected to win every year. He might be awesome come his 30’s but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s far from it now does it?

          • Tim Thomas Duane rollson… Khabibulin with the Lightning there is a tonne of merit to his argument…lol

          • Giguere in 07 with the Ducks….

        • Fluery hasn’t played well the last 4 years in the playoffs, he has done very well in the regular season, but as soon as the playoffs start, he hasn’t done anything, and stay at home d-men, Orpik and Murray are that, and he still didn’t do it. The only reason he has a cup, and that goes for Bylsma also, is because they were part of a defense first minded team under Therrien which Bylsma then let the reigns go some, and they won the Cup, since then, they were totally under Bylsma system, and his system lacks any defense effort, but all about gettin up the ice as fast as possible, and on another note Vokoun had the same defense that Fluery had this year, and he did a lot better job then Fluery, who in his last 10 playoff games has let in like 40 goals , lettin in an average of 4 goals a game isn’t goin to cut it in the playoffs.

          • neither is scoring 2 goals in 4 games….

          • they lost 1-0 and 2-1 the final 2 games….hard to say it was all the fault of the D and the goalie, at some point the high powered offence has to pull thru but as we have seen before Crosby was to busy with his tantrums Malkin just kind of vanished Iginla looked like…well, Iginla the past year or so in Calgary no I dissagree people should stop making excuses for these guys same as last year in Philly when the chips are down and they play a strong physical team the talent dries up and the just get to be a bit of a gong show…again I admit Flurey wasnt good but to blame their exits on him is ridiculious…

  4. There are two goalie this season who will 100% be moved, Bernier & Luongo. Fleury should be in that category if someone wants to take a risk on him.

    The Flyers are a deep offensive team and they can afford to move SC and the Coyotes do make a lot of sense, they need that offensive spark and they are deep on defense. They can move Yandle still have a strong defense and have Gormely, Murphy, and Rundblad still coming through the system.

  5. The elephant in the room with Malkin has still not been addressed. Pitt requires him to sign a contract considerably below his UFA market value to retain him.

    Crosby accepted a below market value contract. Pitt will not sign Malkin for more than Crosby, and Malkin cannot sign a 12 year descending contract. He is limited to 8 with the new CBA.

    Crosby is making 10.8 per year over the next 8 years, is that what Malkin wants? If so he won’t get it from the Penguins, but would get it as a UFA.

    My best guess is the Pens offer him a 8.7M per year over 8 to match Crosby’s cap hit. If he rejects it than they have to consider making a deal similar to what they did with Staal.

  6. Philly and kings do have a history of trades be interesting to see Bernier dealt to Philly. Only other teams that I can really see trading for Bernier where he’d have a shot at the #1 job is Calgary, NYI, NJ . Everyone else seems set in goal as far as a guy like Bernier is concerned. LA doesn’t have a lot of guys signed for next year so I’m not sure what they want in return.

    • The kings won’t give Bernier away, that we can all agree on. But what makes people think they even want to entertain the idea. Do they have a replacement in the minors? If they don’t and trade Bernier then they have to look for a replacement or get another goalie back in a trade. The replacement could cost more and may not be as good as everyone thinks Bernier to be. Is he really that good? he hasn’t played enough or consistantly enough to garner all the attention IMO. Before the flyers start moving goalies around maybe they should improve and solidify their d-core first.

      • Doesn’t matter if they have a replacement in the minors, Bernier is an RFA and there is NO way he is signing another contract with LA, considering he asked to be traded over a year ago. He’ll either sit or they can trade him, so the Kings hand is forced to a certain degree. Trade the asset while the value is high, the Kings won’t get a backup goalie with the potential back but that’s not the point. They just need a serviceable backup that is ok with playing behind Quick which Bernier isn’t. I’m sure they will get some good offensive players back to make up for the step down in backup.

  7. This trade should work for both teams
    Kings get
    S. Mason G
    S. Couturier C

    Flyers get
    J. Bernier G
    S. Voynov D

    • I would do a back flip if they pulled that off but I don’t see the Kings getting rid of Voynov, plus the Flyers seem to have a big ol’ warm spot for Mason right now (typical Flyers management willing to give the guy a key to the city off of 7 games but don’t have the patience to develop their own players)

    • So LA is going to give up one of the best young goalies (still not a proven starter) in the league and a young offensive d man that has been great in the playoffs for a back up goalie and a young center (who could be something but is still unproven). Not happening.

    • Piss off, your not getting Voynov for that crap of a package, you’d be lucky to get Bernier alone for those two.

      • +1

        • Personally I think LA gets a better deal then both of those guys for either Bernier or Voynov….lol

    • There is no way any GM in this league will trade a top prospect roster player that is signed to a contract for an RFA. The only team that would make a move for JB is Flames. They have 3 first round picks. This will give Flames the luxury to part with their 2nd round pick for the rights of JB. No other team will offer more. Kings missed the boat on this. They should have traded JB during the season while he was still under contract and they would have gotten roster players back. Also Malkin will not be with Pen next year. There is no way he signs for less then 9m per season and plays 2nd line. I suspect him going to a team that will pay him the money he wants and give him first line center. Rangers, Leafs, and even Caps come to mind with Malkin.
      Secondly, MAF is a terrible goalie. He is a shot blocker and not a goalie. If you remember the year they won, his game wining save was not a save but a desperation attempt to look big in the net and block shots. The thing is other teams now know this so they aim for corners.
      Breezy will not be bought out this season. He will get a chance to redeem himself after flyers improve on D. But if he has a similar season to what we have just witnessed i highly doubt he will be back the following year.

  8. Phi get
    D Bogosian
    1st (13 overall)
    Wpg get
    C Couturier
    1st (11 overall)
    Seems fair to me, especially if someone in the draft slips out of the top 10 (which seems to happen). Might have to add a late round pick but the trade would help both teams with what they need. (Not a huge fan of either team)

  9. Remember what col gave wash for Varlamov? A 1st and 2nd, I believe. I can’t see LA getting that for Bernier. Not because he’s worse than Varlamov but because the goal scene is flooded this year with all the UFA goalies and goalies rumoured available (Luo, miller). I think he will get traded but not for what he would have got last year.

    • And remember that they couldn’t trade him last year because Quick was having back surgery. Bernie would have played the entire first 40 games as the #1 if there hadn’t been a lockout. For some reason he doesn’t seem to strike the fancy of GM’s around the league, yet he’s shown to be a really good goalie. I think Tampa was foolish to trade for Bishop when they could have gotten Bernie with teh same package.

      • I wasn’t saying they should have traded him; just that this year they won’t get as much a Varlamov got last year. Which sucks because Bernier is the better of the two. Bishop is a average goalie which can work if you play a great d game, but TB sucks in that department. I hope Bernier goes to Minn. He will be a stud there for years to come. And Minn means little to me, I just think they are close to having a really good team for years to come with there stars players and good young players coming up.

  10. Have the Pens become hockey’s version of MLB’s Atlanta Braves of the 90’s?… the dynasty that never was? Both teams were perennial favourites to win it all, made smart acquisitions to bolster their chances, and then followed up strong regular seasons by coming up short when it mattered most!
    The Pens’ team that lost to Boston in convincing fashion was loaded with star players, while the Braves’ pitching staff for years boasted arguably three of the best arms in baseball (Maddox, Glavine & Smoltz), yet despite years of regular season success, neither team managed more than one league championship.
    Pitt, however, are still young enough and deep enough to avoid taking up permanent residence in the dustbin of hockey history. Changes do have to be made, but not necessarily a wholesale housecleaning. A knee-jerk reaction to this latest loss is not in the Penguins’ best interests. They have all summer to analyze what went wrong, and what initiative and direction needs to be taken.
    Take heart Pittsburgh fans! It wasn’t that long ago that Detroit endured similar struggles, where talent laden squads couldn’t get it done in the post season, and the leadership of their captain was called into question. Seems to me everything got sorted out just fine, over time, for the Wings.

  11. I think Philly sticks with their goaltenders until the trade deadline. Mason never stood a chance in Columbus. He faced a ton of shots in Columbus with very little defensive support. I think they want to see what they can get out of a normal season.

    As for Bernier, I see him landing in Edmonton and stealing the job from Dubnyk. Maybe Gagner and someone else goes back the other way for Stoll and Bernier. Edmonton needs to shore up the net and add a big body checking centre like Horcoff used to be. LA needs to get a good piece for Bernier, and offload or at least equal trade some salary and cap room in order to sign Voynov, add a backup goalie etc.

    • some good ideas here Murph, not sure Gagner is the right piece though LA is already pretty set at 1/2 centmAYer. I was thinking Paajarvi and another prospect / pick but I like where you are going with this

  12. Crosby has already publicly stated that he expects Malkin will ink a deal more lucrative than his – so the thought of the Penguins having to deal Malkin for financial reasons is not realistic. Two of the three defenseman will be gone by next trade deadline – Orpik, Letang, Martin. This will allow the Penguins to utilize Despres and Bennett. The trades will open funds to resign FAs and stock the minors with talent for years to come. Expect a different team – not a weaker team.

  13. RE: Flyers

    A lot of people here seem to have it all figured out with the Flyers. With the abbreviated season and the youth they have, it’s no surprise to what happened to them….they would either thrive or bust, no real inbetweens. Couturier had a sophomore slump….happens to the best of players…in fact I read an article last week where Kimmo Timonen referenced his 2nd year slump. Steve Mason didn’t get the keys to the city based on his “7 games played”….he got a one year deal worth peanuts. He has the chance to prove himself or find another job. Steve Bernier isn’t the answer either, the guy has limited NHL action and hasn’t proven anything really. Voynov isn’t the answer either, how many players do you see have an excellent playoff, get a big contract and fizzle out to be just average?
    We all know the problems in the Philly with the blueine being their biggest. If you have to trade B Schenn or Couturier to fix it, than that’s what it is. They tried every other option…they went all in on Shea Weber and that route failed them as well. They can utilize the offer sheets on Pietrangelo or Shattenkirk and hope to get lucky or they can swallow their pride and actually make a hockey trade for some defense. I’m all for letting this team grow, however I don’t think they could win the big trophy with the blueline they have and I’m not sold on Bryzgalov either. The bottom line is that the Flyers in a general sense are a much different team in front of Mason than Bryzgalov. I know the fans only had a small sample of his play but during that sample you seen differences in team attitute.

  14. The problem with Couturier is how he was used this year. His offensive sophomoric struggles could be mostly attributed to the fact he was playing mostly 4th line all year with stiffs like Adam Hall, and asked to shut down top line talent. Expecting a 4th line shutdown role center to score 20 goals with the line mates he was frequently given night in and night out wasn’t exactly a recipe for success.

    • Again I say I would, over to have a guy like Couturier on my team yes he has a tonne of potential but it’s just that potential and upside when you see his name bandied about for some one like say Yandel or him for Bobby Ryan those types deals are just a bit out there is all I am saying. If the Flyers deal him it will be simmilar to JVR for Schenn potential for potential no one is trading proven players for potential unless it involves getting rid of salary or perhaps in some kind of package top pairing D available for trade are hard to find they are not going to be given away for a potentially. Good center man because it could be potentially a really bad deal if he dosent work out….