Latest Penguins Rumors – August 13, 2012.

The latest linking the Penguins to Shane Doan and Bobby Ryan. 

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: JP Finlay speculated over the possibility of Shane Doan signing with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Should the Penguins pursue Bobby Ryan?

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW’s Josh Yohe suggested via Twitter “If the Pens have any interest in Bobby Ryan, now might be the time to strike. Philly wants him but has to concentrate on D, I’d think.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins have nearly $10 million in available cap space, more than enough to sign Doan for even as much as $7.5 million per season, the rumored amount per season he received from an unnamed Eastern Conference club. The Ottawa Sun recently reported the Pens were rumored about to offer up $6 million per season for Doan.

The question is, are they willing to commit that much – or more – for four years on a player who’ll turn 36 in October in the hope  he’ll maintain his level of performance playing alongside Crosby or Malkin? It would certainly be a gamble over the long-term, but if it worked out for at least two seasons, would provide the Penguins with an extra measure of physical offense, experience and leadership which could make them a serious Cup contender.

Of course, that depends on the status of the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes, for if it finally goes through to the Jamison group, Doan is expected to re-sign with them.

As for Ryan, it’s rumored the Ducks would want a skilled, proven young defenseman as part of the return, which the Penguins don’t have to spare. They’re not trading Kris Letang, and I doubt very much the Ducks would be interested in Paul Martin.


  1. Matt Niskanen. That is the young defenseman. Put Joe Morrow in the number 5 slot where Niskanen was. It would obviously take more, but that is a good starting point. And don’t forget, there are a bunch of rumors about the Pens getting Chris Stewart from the Blues. They will be getting a winger, but probably not Doan.

    • to tell you the truth i would like the pens to get stewart more it wouldnt cost as much and the are looking for a top 4 dmen martin is. they probably would take that trade bucuse he had a bad season last year forget doan not happening ryan they would have to trade some young talent and they wownt to that

      • They both had bad seasons. That trade would be good for both teams. I would love to trade for Stewart and then trade for JayBo.

        • ya i dont know about bow theu should sign carlo

  2. I can’t see the Pens giving up a package that would interest the Ducks. Niskanen + doesn’t sound good enough to get a young 1st line forward like Ryan IMO.
    Unless the Pens offer a 1st pairing D, or 1st line quality forward (which they’re unlikely to do) i don’t see the Ducks moving Ryan.

    • It would probably take something like Niskanen, Kennedy, Bennett (2010 1st round pick), Harrington (2011 2nd round pick), another player (Jeffery, Bortuzzo, Lovejoy, Strait, ect.) and a 1st. Tangradi would take the spot of TK on the 3rd line, but still, I don’t think the ducks would accept that. It was:

      Kennedy, Niskanen, Bennett, Harrington, a 1st and Lovejoy/Strait/Bortuzzo/Jeffery for Ryan and a depth player

      • IF they trade Ryan it will be for Quality not quantity. Not one player in that package is anywhere near Ryans talent.

        • That is a good point, but Niskanen is good and Kennedy is decent. Not to mention that Bennett is a top-forward prospect. However, I just heard that the Ducks want Letang back for Ryan, which is just simply not going to happen. We could get Stewart on the Blues for just Martin, why would we trade Letang for Ryan? Makes no sense.

      • to much

  3. Not because I’m a Leafs fan, or one that thinks they can get anyone in the League for our scraps. But I don’t think that the Pens or the Flyers can afford B.Ryan without giving up their D. I still think the Leafs can get him, as our D is quite deep. But would Anaheim want what else we have to offer? This is what I can only see happening, if there can be anything made of a worth for Anaheim:

    To Toronto: B.Ryan
    To Anaheim: Gunnarsson + MacArthur + Kadri + 2012 2nd Round Draft Pick

    CMac is 2 years older yes, but he is more proven than Frattin, whom Anaheim is more intrigued about. Then CMac is nearly $2M less than B.Ryan, while Kadri is a highly rated top prospect. Gunnarsson is who he is, which is a very good young dman. With Gunnarsson and CMac combined, they make up B.Ryan’s contract salary. Kadri and the draft pick would be a bonus. If Burke makes any attempts and can acquire B.Ryan for something in that trade vacinity, the top 2 lines could/would look like:


    Not bad, especially for showcasing future talent at coming to Toronto. Then for next season, Connolly, Lombardi, Komisarek etc. will be off the books. Then hopefully either Perry or Getzlaf can be acquired, especially where all of these other teams who’ve acquired talend for large amounts of dollars, might not be able to afford Getzlaf or Perry. And for the ones that can, might not be a destination for either of them. Anyway, at the end of the day, Burke has to get something done now if he hopes to remain the Pres. & GM of the Leafs.

    • That is not even close. Remotely. Kadri is a bust and Gunnarsson sucks. I’m a fan of MacArthur, I’d love him to be on Sid’s wing, but he isn’t worth Ryan. And a 2nd round pick is barely anything. Make it:

      Gardiner, Bozak, Colborne and/or Kadri, and a 1st

      And that is a starting point. They would probably want more.

      And on a unrelated topic, are the leafs willing to trade Phaneuf? I think he would be the perfect number 2 D on the Pens along Letang. What would it take?

      • I’m not a leafs fan but

        Gunnarsson + MacArthur + Kadri + 2012 2nd Round Draft Pick

        Trade is 10 x better then what you offered up.

        Kennedy, Niskanen, Bennett, Harrington, a 1st and Lovejoy/Strait/Bortuzzo/Jeffery for Ryan and a depth player

        • How so? Niskanen is better than Gunnarsson, Kennedy is only a little below MacArthur, Bennett is tons better than Kadri, our 1st is only a couple spots over their 2nd (Leafs suck joke), so I’ll call them even. We also throw in a top D prospect and another prospect/player. How is theirs better?

          • I think you just answered your own question.

      • Yeah that won’t happen. No way in HELL Burke gets rid of Gardiner. Bozak yes, Colborne questionable, a 1st is okay. If my first arm-chair GM’ing, here’s a second…upon re-signing Franson…lol:

        Franson + Bozak + Kadri + 2013 1st Round Draft Pick

        Anaheim gets a good dman, 2C in Bozak (whom is great on faceoffs and secondary scoring), Kadri who is likely to fill a 2nd line role…maybe even 1st line, depending on the depth on the 1st line. With Perry and Getz, he’d certainly become another star-like winger that they lost in Ryan. A 1st rounder would merely solidify the deal.

    • Jesus… No one wants Kadri and MacArthur….. Center, Defence, Prospect and a first round pick….. Not a second/third line winger, a 6th/7th defence man, and an unproven former first rounder.

  4. I will maintain that Doan is not going anywhere until the long term fate of the Yotes franchise is settled…Doan in Phoenix and the Yotes in Phoenix are codependent terms…mutually dependent not exclusive…If I were the Pens, I would try to resolve how the Flyers Averaged 5 goals in putting them out in the first round…Like the Flyers who lost yet another D-man in Lilja yesterday…they need to find ways of keeping the puck out of their own net…scoring is not the problem…and therefore Bobby Ryan is not the solution…and it would take a package of 2 NHL players, a top prospect and a high pick for Anaheim to consider trading him anywhere.

  5. No way is Doan worth $7.5M for four years. That’s absolutely insane. I like Doan and would love to see the Kings sign him, but $7.5M is way out there. I could see maybe a one year deal at $7.5M but four it too long.

  6. Is it me or do the Ducks have serious problems? Perry and Getzlaf are unrestricted free agents next summer and the focal point is trading Ryan? Koivu and Selanne are also unrestricted free agents.

    I wouldn’t even be entertaining trading Ryan until I had Getzlaf and Perry were locked up. If you can’t lock them up, then trade them and keep Ryan.

    • Yep

      My guess is that BOOB Murray makes NO major trades until (1) New CBA is signed and (2) see how Ducks start off new season. If they ONCE again have a bad October / November then I see Getzlaf go first as he is signed for just next season, and Perry to go second unless he signs a new contract by Christmas. Ryan stays unless some team way overpays for him.

  7. Winnipeg should be looking at Doan He was originally drafted there, they need mature leadership for their up and coming stars – Kane, Wheeler, Little, Scheifle etc. Winnipeg has the potential to trade away a good defenceman as well. Maybe one of Byfuglien/Bogosian/Enstrom would draw interest for a good forward. They still have Meech/Hainsey/Stuart who are pretty good in my mind, plus Postma up and coming.

    • Doan isn’t going back to that cold weather after enjoy sun for all those years.

  8. I truly don’t believe, especially with the uncertainty of the upcoming season and rumblings of a lockout…that any NHL GM has put a 4 year – $30M offer on Doan’s table…to me the offer is nonsense and unfounded…please ask Doan’s agent to reveal the team’s name or until such time why not just say $40M over 5 yrs or something else ridiculous…

  9. I still like the rumor of Leopold and Adam for Gagner and Paajarvi. Gagner gives the Sabres a true Center as we know the Lieno and Ott are more comfortable at Wing. I also wouldn’t mind trading Stafford for a D’Agostini or Stewart. I think Vanik will thrive with the new faces on the team and I don’t see him taking the same amount of punishment in front of the net as he has done in the past. Don’t know what’s going on with Ennis, but I hope he doesn’t pull a Tim Kennedy. He has played 140 games in the NHL over the past 3 years and while I do understand he wants a raise and I would figure the Sabres would offer $1.25-1.3MM a year for 3 years. Anyway, I’d like to see him get with the team in short order.

  10. It’s very interesting to read all the comment.
    However, some of you need to remember that talents doesn’t add up…You can’t offer 4-5 of 3rd or 4rth line to land a top 6 players.

    Montreal can’t offer Gomez, Weber, Moen and White + 1rd pick for Malkin or Crosby or even Getzlaf…

    Trade have to make sense for both team to fill an empty spot.
    Cap space need to be evaluate too…

  11. i dont know why people keep thinking the ducks are gnna trade ryan for 3 players from their 3rd and 4th line and some picks its not happeiiing he was the #2 overall pick behind crosby and hes a fan fav walking highlight.who either gets a highlight goal assist or hit a game.its gnna take a superstar to get stop all ur wishfull thinking and get real.only way he goin to pittsburgh is for crosby or malkin and that not happening

    • Or, you know, for Letang, but the Pens would never do that. And Ryan is not a superstar, so why would they give up a superstar for him?

  12. Where is all the Doan rumors comming from. I don’t see them on TSN and if they don’t report on it then it ain’t true

    • That’s why it’s called “trade rumors” and “trades that happened”.

      TSN generally plays it safe and only reports what already happened with the exception of either big name sports writers who publish a generally well-substantiated rumor, or when the team makes it perfectly clear that they’re looking to deal a player (see Columbus and Rick Nash).

      Trade Rumors are just fun, and this site is actually fairly accurate in reporting and assessment. Besides, in August, what else is there to talk about besides how some player did in a charity golf tournament?

  13. The Ducks definitely have serious problems, and if they make LeafAdvocate’s trade they’ve got serious, serious, serious problems.

  14. @ Micheal

    You really think that Bobby Ryan can only be traded for a superstar? Didnt you just watch what happened with Nash? Did you see a superstar of any caliber go back to Colombus? If I recall that never happened. If Anaheim is thinking rebuild and they probably should then they need to get rid of their big three soon and get some assets in return.

    • ducks arent nearly as desperate to trade as columbus was

    • the ducks should trade getzlaf instead he only has 1 year left on contract

      • Why should they trade him, just because he has an expiring contract? What does he suck, or is not good for the team? Do they have someone in the wings to replace him if you do trade him? Why not resign him?

      • And replace Getzlaf with what?

  15. Hey Spector,

    You stated that the Ducks would want a young d-man in return. Just out of curiosity in knowing your opinion on this idea; you think Kulikov and a 2nd rounder would do?

    • hell no!!

  16. if the ducks trade bobby ryan.then next year they prob gnna lose getzlaf or perry.maybe both.then they have no one for fans to cheer for

  17. I thought the Ducks wanted a top forward, not a defenseman. If so, they would probably only be happy with someone like Myers from the Sabres and he’s on Darcy’s Untradeable List.

    • Shoot, if the Ducks are looking for a forward or even a D-man, I would think that they could offer, Vanek, Stafford, Leino, Adam, Leopold, Sekera, Pardy and/or Weber – not a bad bunch to pick from.

  18. Why can’t the NHL move on already, Phoenix is a waste of time and money. This has been dragging on for years.The sale to the Jamison group will not happen, just like the rest of them.

  19. I’m a little confused why Leafs fan insist on trading for Bobby Ryan? They already have 4 top 6 winger’s and sorry but JVR will bust as a centre. They need to concentrate on a centre. Kessel, JVR, Lupul and Kulemin along with Grabs make a fine 5/6 they just need one more centre. Not sure what is out there but they need to concentrate on that and a goalie and they actually have a decent team. No I’m not a Leaf fan either.

  20. LeafsAdvocate….why don’t the Leafs and the Ducks swap their entire rosters??

  21. Well said TheWall!

  22. Sorry Toronto Fans, your team is not deep on D… if anything it is one of their weak points. They were 29th in the league last year in Goals against and had the 29th ranked worst Pk… and if Kadri is so good why don’t you Leaf fans want to keep him? Is it because he hasn’t proven anything yet? Leafs aren’t getting Ryan. They don’t have the Pieces to afford him. The Ducks want a good second line center, a good NHL proven young D, a top prospect and a first round pick… like usual, keep dreaming Leaf fans..

  23. I find it strange that Ryan still stays in the RM. He made one comment during draft weekend and nothing has been heard since. Anyway, if the Ducks choose to move Ryan that is admitting defeat and a full blown rebuild which I don’t believe they are willing to do. If they find that they start the season bad again or are floating along the bottom I could see the entire Ducks top line move. Why? Ryan will want out Perry/Getzlaf may refuse to resign.

    If that happens I believe the Ducks will pull a pretty quick rebuild. I also hope there is some chance the Senators can get in on Perry or Ryan if they do come up, we need a replacement for Alfie next year and we were in the running for Nash, plus have the talent to do it.

  24. I wish the Bruins would make a run at Ryan or at
    Least have a few rumors they have been way to slow quiet

    • If Horton recovers without any problems Boston will be in good shape. I think they will work on their depth in camp. Maybe they invite a few tryouts. Maybe Knubble.

  25. I don’t see Ryan in Pittsburgh whatsoever. For some reason I could see the Devils attempting to acquire him if their financial problems were resolved. Doan in Pittsburgh, possibly if the Phoenix thing doesn’t work out. Can’t see him getting more than 2 years though.

    It is pretty simple with the Ducks. They have to re sign Getzlaf and Perry before they move Ryan, that is if they intend to move him. If they can’t re sign those two then they have to think about some sort of a rebuild. They have no one to replace Getzlaf with. So unless they are going to swap him for another first line center they have to re sign him.

  26. Pens don’t have a good trade for Ryan. Much prefer to see a package deal with the Blues for Stewart and Steen. Pens have Martin and young talent on D and Kennedy/Tangradi/Jeffrey at forward to package – Stewart has one year, Steen has two left on contracts. If they can’t sign Doan, they should wait until trade deadline. If Flames aren’t in the race, they should go after Iginla. Leadership, toughness, scoring – Doan or Iginla are what the Pens need and can afford.

    • No. Stewart for TK and a pick, and let Tangradi take the spot of TK on the 3rd line. Simple as can be

      • “simple as can be” says the GM of which team?

        • I mean it is simple what to do. We don’t need an all-star to play along Crosby, so why get one? Someone like Stewart, who would come cheap(er), would thrive along Crosby. It is simple what to do, not in that particular manner. Tangradi is ready for a full-time roster spot. On the top-2 lines? Hell no, but on the 3rd line, yes. We would have to trade one of those, would Cooke or TK have more value. Package TK along a prospect or a pick and grab Stewart. And the Pens FORWARD issues are done.

          • Chris Stewart for Tyler kennedy??? Doug Armstrong threw up in his mouth reading that one … almost as laughable as Kennedy & all that trash for Ryan … and I’m a Pens fanatic … no way Jose …

          • Learn to read. It said TK and a prospect or pick for Stewart. I don’t know if that would be a 5th or a 1st, or some unknown prospect or Harrington. Kennedy for Stewart solely would never happen. Martin for Stewart, on the other hand, is possible.

          • And also, our top forward prospect, one of our top D prospects and Niskanen are all trash? And that doesn’t even mention the 1st. Show your true colors, you aren’t a Pens fan.

          • Oilers should get Malkin for Sam Gagner, Linus Omark, Josh Green, Corey Potter, and a 2nd. And then St. Louis should get James Neil for Vladimir Sobotka and a pick. Simple as can be.

            Funny how those lopsided trades don’t look quite so good when your team is on the crappy end of them, huh?

          • Wow, you must really hate TK. Kennedy plus a pick, I didn’t specify which, would be enough to get Stewart. Stewart had 30 points last year. Kennedy had 36. In 18 less games. How is TK that much worse than Stewart? I know Stewart has had a more successful career, but Kennedy isn’t there to score. He is there to grind it out. I’m not saying straight up. I’m saying him plus a pick would get us Stewart. So TK, who outscored him last year in less games, scored at a PPG pace in the playoffs, and has done that while being on the 3rd line plus a pick, any pick, isn’t worth a winger that struggled last year and scored back to back 28 goal seasons while playing on a top line? I don’t know if you just hate TK, or are just stupid. And before I wrote this, I hated TK. I loathed the idea of him on the top-2 lines. I’m starting to like that idea now.

  27. Well my trade is looking better every day when i wrote anaheim wants a young proven d-man with a 2nd line center and i said p.k subban plus t.pleckanec and they could throw in like a weaber or white
    and anaheim should give back b.ryan and a 1st rounder

    i think both teams get what they want montreal wants ryan a big scoring rw and a 1st round pick

    anaheim gets pk subban yound proven top 2 pairing dman and a 2nd line center that could put 50 to 60 pts a season locked up for 4 years plus either a charecther player like white or another young dman in weaber

    i say this is the best out there and montreal need more offence then dman with tinordi beaulieu ellis and company on there way

    • Proven? Frank has been in the koolaid.

      • I like how he wants Ana to throw in a 1st rounder as well … for Subban & Plecanic? bwa ha ha ha ha ha

  28. I don’t put any stock in what Josh Yohe says. I think he just makes stuff up to meet a quota.

    • He’s a wanna be groupie.

  29. Pens are better off waiting till next off season, when true superstars can be had for $7.5 mill, like Perry and Iginla.

    • Yeah, if they make it to free agency.

  30. To Columbus, Ryan
    To Anaheim, Brassard, Calvert, J Moore, NY 1st

    Ana gets their 2nd line, young winger, young defenseman and a 1st

    • and gets hosed …

  31. I’m Doan hearing about Shane. He’s a descent player getting to much UFA action. Teams need to quite crying poor mouth about over paid players. They look like Hippocrates when they say they need to roll back salaries. But yet keep offering guys that should only get a 2 year 4.5 to 5.5 million dollar contracts. 4 year 7.5 million deals it’s ridiculous. The guy is 36 and is not going to get any better with age. But if he signs that offer good for him. Take the money and run.

  32. this is what i think the pens should do sign colaiacovo good player top 4 i think,then trade tangradi and martin for chris stewart eould be like malone he stands in front of the net and scores goals thoughts?

    • No on the 1st, he wants 4 or more years. Yes on the 2nd, but I don’t think we would need to include Tangradi. We need to find a way to trade for JayBo.

      • alot of teams are after jaybo