Latest Predators, Flyers and Lightning Rumors – May 9, 2012.

Could the early playoff exits of the Predators and Flyers bring about roster changes this summer? What’s the latest on the Lightning’s goalie plans? Read on for the latest.

THE TENNESSEAN: John Glennon reports Nashville Predators GM David Poile expects changes to his roster this summer but hopes to keep his core intact, though with 15 players eligible for free agency (eight of them UFAs), it won’t be possible to retain everyone. Of particular concern are defense stars Shea Weber (RFA) and Ryan Suter (UFA).  Forward Alexander Radulov (RFA) was tied for team lead in playoff points this spring but was also suspended by the team for one game for missing curfew, and has yet to indicate what his plans might be. Long time CoyotesPredators forward Jordin Tootoo (UFA) is also another potential departure.

FOXSPORTS TENNESSEE: John Manasso also reported on the difficulty facing Predators management in retaining their key free agents, and wondered they might try to package Radulov with an asset like goalie Anders Lindback (RFA) for a significant return. “Could the Preds swing a deal with Pittsburgh – whose general manager Ray Shero worked under Poile as the Preds’ assistant GM – with Radulov for Jordan Staal, who becomes an unrestricted free agent at the end of 2012-13 and fits Nashville’s style?…. Could the Preds land perennial 20-goal scorer Ryan Malone from Tampa for Lindback?”

DETROIT FREE PRESS/MLIVE.COM: Wondered if the Predators early exit might increase the Red Wings chances of signing Suter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Radulov for Jordan Staal? Don’t see that happening, and if the Lightning were to offer up Malone for a goaltender (and there’s no indication they’ll go that route), it would likely be for Roberto Luongo, not for an unproven goalie like Lindback. Suter to Detroit, however, stands a more realistic chance of happening, though it’s not a sure thing.

The Predators ownership are willing to spend to retain their best players, so money won’t be the issue. What it’ll come down to is if Suter -and Weber, for that matter – still believe their best chance of winning a championship lies in Nashville. If not, one or both could be playing elsewhere next season, and the Red Wings would be a serious bidder, especially for Suter. As for Tootoo, the fact he saw little action in this year’s playoffs could affect on his future plans.

Will Jagr return to Flyers next season?

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi wondered if pending UFAs Jaromir Jagr and Matt Carle will return with the Flyers next season, while Sam Donnellon speculated over the future of veteran blueliner Kimmo Timonen, who still has a year left on his contract, but at 37 has begun to show the wear and tear of a long NHL season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Carchidi noted, the Flyers currently have $61.2 million committed to payroll, though if Chris Pronger is unable to play (concussion) next season, they’ll be able to go over the cap by the equivalent of his $4.9 million salary. The salary cap is expected to rise to $69 million, though it’s also possible that could decline if the league succeeds in getting the players to agree to a 50-50 split of revenue in the next CBA. Carchidi also suggested they could get some cap relief by trading winger James van Riemsdyk and his $4.25 million salary. I doubt they’ll re-sign Carle, but if Jagr wants to return, they could find some room. Carchidi also pointed out the Flyers could have interest in Ryan Suter, which will only grow if Pronger can’t return and Timonen decides to call it a career, or were to be bought out of that final season. van Riemsdyk was oft-mentioned in trade rumors this season linking him to Toronto and Luke Schenn, so expect those to ramp up again in the coming weeks.

TAMPA TRIBUNE: Erik Erlendsson reports the Lightning hold two first round picks and four second round picks in this year’s entry draft, speculating on the possibility of GM Steve Yzerman using some of those picks to perhaps acquire a new starting goaltender, or using one of those high picks to select a goalie who could be developed into a future starter.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch recently speculated Yzerman could get into the bidding for Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo. He also suggested the Flyers could have interest in Predators pending UFA blueliner Ryan Suter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning desperately need a quality starter, and while Yzerman would’ve preferred landing someone like Cory Schneider, he’ll have to consider an established option like Luongo. He could also have interest in the Kings’ Jonathan Bernier or the Predators Anders Lindback, though neither have any real experience as an NHL starter.


  1. I do expect a deal with Pittsburgh where the Predators land Staal, but it will probably be for Weber or Suter. We don’t need a scoring winger right now. The deal will probably be Staal and a 1st for Weber

    • Weber is worth far, far more than a Jordan Staal who is signed long-term, much less a 1 year rental of Staal.

      If you want Weber it will take Malkin. The most Staal is going to bring in is a 2nd pairing D, a mid level prospect or two, and a late 1st. Otherwise just keep him around another season and lose him to UFA, contenders do it all the time

      • I disagree. Weber is a RFA and if he were going to remain a Pred then he would have signed a long term extension already. He hasn’t and that speaks volumes. Staal is an excellent return for Weber and I can’t see another offer beating that. Why would teams offer the moon for Weber when they can just bid on him a year from this July 1st? Malkin? He’s not going anywhere.

        • Weber is a top-3 D in the NHL and an RFA.

          Staal is maybe a top-40 forward and a UFA who has expressed he wants to stay in Pitt or go to Carolina.

          Weber >>> Staal in any case
          FA (even with 1 year left) >>> UFA Rental

          Weber is worth infinitely more than Staal. Weber would probably net a 1st line forward + an elite prospect.

          • RFA*

            Your logic is that the Preds would trade 1 year of the best D in the league for 1 year of J. Staal. I don’t see it.

          • Weber is better than Staal. However the longer Nashville keeps Weber and he is not signed past next season, the lower his value will become. Look at Suter. They pinned all their hopes in signing him and if he leaves on July 1st, they get nothing for him. That is bad asset management. Poile took the risk and went all in with hopes of winning the Cup. They fell far short and now he has to pay for it. Poile is never going to get fair value back in any Weber trade. He has no leverage. All 29 other teams know this. This is why he will never be able to get a player like Malkin. Staal while not a top 10 forward in the league, still has considerable high value due to his age, Cup ring and all around game. Plus his character is excellent. A very good player to build a team around or to augment it. If I were Shero, I’d just keep the guy. Try to find a way to rid himself of Martin and Michalek’s overpaid contracts to create cap space. Easier said than done though.

  2. The risk of the lifesaving ring becoming an anchor in the out years & at a high cost mitigates against Luongo. Linbach, one of the two Admirals, and a moderately priced free Agent (Voucoun) plus Garon is still under contract & a good high draft choice give a coach a lot to work with….Lets see if Boucher can handle a goalie mix as well as Tampa’s Joe Madden handles a bullpen. Shore up the defense a bit — the team can already score some goals and the offensive talent coming up the system looks pretty good.

  3. I’ve also been of the opinion this my be Timonen’s last year. Malone for Luongo sounds like a solid trade for both teams.

  4. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens in Philly. As we’ve seen, plenty can, and has happened in recent years. If Timonen does retire, that clears up over 6M in cap space. It’ll also be interesting, if there is an amnesty buyout in the new CBA, if they choose to use it. If they decide to keep Bryz, then the obvious choice is to use it to buy out Pronger and relieve them of that 4+ cap hit, so they can use that money to sign someone long term, and not just year to year.

    Lots can happen in Philadelphia this summer :)

    If anyone thinks Shea Weber is going anywhere you dont follow hockey!!!
    This guy is one of the top 5 all around best hockey players in the world right now and is a defenseman ..he is a franchise player a studd and a plus player every year …he will get a long term deal with Nashville.
    You dont loose a guys like this and keep a $7 million dollar goalie to hang your hat on.
    The predators need youth and scoring and I think you might see a deal with the Oilers involving Suter, the Oilers have at least(5)1A propects in the minors and on the roster that they can deal that will help Nashville,Omark Pajaarvi ….Lander… Hartkinen…. the Oilers will then switch places via trade with Columbus & take Ryan Murray in the draft and pair him up with Suter.
    I think this is where the deal will be!! I M O


    Iam still going to keep writing despite all the crticism I get here that Bryzgalov is not the right fit in Philly Ive been posting for months now that I can forsee a huge trade with Calgary sending Bryzgalov and sending Schenn and pieces in a multi player deal for Kipprusof and possibly Boumester ….I wil keep writing this until it is noyt a possibility anymore as I truly think this will happen !


    I picked the devils on this site to win th cup this year and they are on the right track as of right now …this was in relation to Parise signing a long term deal there which Iam still convinced he will do especially with the success they have and the advancemant of the team and some core players ….if Brodeur retires this will free up majoir cash for Lou to sign Parise with Martys money !!
    I also really like Bernier on New Jersey …he is very skilled and a great compliment to this team …he will be an interesting player next year but his stock is very impressive and could land himself in a trade scenario to acquire a d man along the way !!!
    This could be a very interesting scenario also to play out and see if parise signs with the Devils and if Suter holds out and requests to go to New Jersey or signs there as a UFA !!! Possibility to keep Parise in town!

    • As I said before, if Weber were going to remain a Pred then he would have already signed a long term contract extension a long time ago. He hasn’t and this speaks volumes. If you do not understand this then you either don’t follow hockey or lack basic comprehension of the many factors involved. Nashville would love to keep Weber but he holds all the cards. Poile lowballed him last summer and Weber was awarded his contract via arbitration. That would piss any star player off to be lowballed by about 3 mil a season. Suter is not going to be traded unless it is for his negotiating rights. Even if he were dealt to the Oilers, why would an American born kid sign with the Oilers? The Oil have some very good pieces and their future is very bright. However right now there is no legit #1 goalie and the blueline is one of the worst in the league. Bottom line is Suter has all the cards here, not Poile.

    • You are making one major assumption and that is the Weber wants to stay in Nashville… if thats the case he would of signed a nice fat deal last summer

    • I don’t understand how in the last segment you realize that Suter is a UFA (although first suggesting that he might hold out), but in the first you have him being traded to Edmonton. The U in UFA, stands for UNRESTRICTED. He can do whatever he wants and Nashville has no ability to benefit if he goes anywhere else.

    • The *only* reason there has been any concern over the signing of Parise in Jersey is their financial situation. So. How in the world is Jersey holding onto Parise as well as sign Suter as a UFA?

      Also, you’ve brought up the Calgary and Philly rumour a ton already. Not happening. Just not happening. Make deals make sense before you throw Eklund type rumours or trade thoughts out there. I.E, Calgary has 4 goalies in their system that have higher ceilings than Bryzgalov. All younger and all less crazy.
      Also, how is a team sitting at 61 million next season suppose to eat BOTH Miikka’s and Bouwmeester’s contract… Unless Pronger is all kinds of messed up… even in that case he signed a 35+ contract and can’t come off the books even if he just drops off the face of the planet.

  6. Bryzgalov cant stop a beech ball he cost Philly a chance at the cup, Devils wont win cup they dont have a goaltender either. Parise would have signed longer if he wanted to be there he will end up in Boston or Detroit.

  7. I am in favor of Yzerman using the picks as picks. Ceci with the 10th and Vasilevski with the 20th.

    • It’s nice to see Yzerman doing a very good job as GM. He is setting this team up very similar to the way Holland has in Detroit. Draft well, develop your prospects the right way and then add the other pieces you need slowly. If Yzerman can acquire a legit starting goalie then they should make the playoffs next season. Yzerman’s patience will pay off in the long run. When you already have a guy like Stamkos on the team you are already half way there.

      • Well it helps to inherit a team with lecavalier and St.Louis, and Stamkos!

        But yes, cudos to Stevie Y. It takes a Good GM these days to not screw up his team!

  8. Whether or not Weber resigns in Nashville is all a guess. They wil retain his rights as an RFA (For sure) and sign him to a 1-year deal if he will not sign long term- then trade him. Pit is not giving up Malkin for Weber. Malkin become a UFA in a year or two, so Nashville will have zero chance to resign him.

    Omark and Pajaarvi are not 1A prospects. Omark is never going to be a legit player in the league, and Pajaarvi is a decent prospect, but not elite status. Edmonton is not trading any of their 1A guys (Eberle, RNH, Hall).

    Bryzgalov stank all season, and all playoffs and will cost the Flyers a lot more going forwad than he did this season. lesson learned- never sign a goalie to a long term deal (there are the few exceptions).

    I agree with BoltsNation that Yzerman will use his picks and will draft. that’s the smartest thing to do. Sure, he may del one of hte 2nd rd picks for Luongo, but Canucks fans should not be expecting much more– its a pure salary/committment dump as it is clear they want to move forward with Scnheider and Lou wants out.
    At #10 they may be lucky enough to get Griffin Reinhart.

  9. Griffin Reinhart will go to high for us and I am rather happy with Cody Ceci’s offensive upside. We have some great young shutdown guys in the works like Aulie, Hedman and Gudas, but only 1 young defenseman that can score like nobodies business and that is Mark Barberio.

  10. @ NIKK
    @ Bolts nation

    If the Canucks are going to move Luongo ..they would have to send a message first by signing Schnieder to a long term deal ….they know Luongo wants out now so they cant risk loosing them both ….they would have to sign Schneider first then send Luongo out the door.

    By taking Schneider of the trading block this also increases Luongos stock because Schnieder is the Goalie everyone is after ….by doing this you boil down the pool to a limited # of real legit goalies up for grabs and gives yopu more dealing power …that would be the smart thing to do for Gillis …as he doesnt have to send either goalie anywhere or they would be a hold out and not get paid!!!

    This isnt as cut and dry as everyone makes it out to be or that Luongo is going to be traded for a bag of pucks here …thats just not the case !!!!

    We are just witnessing once again thsi playoffs how valuable it is to have a really good goalie when the playing is for all the marbles !!! Not regular season !!!!

    This is very key !!!

    • He ain’t getting Malone and a first thats for damn sure. Maybe Minny’s second that we have, a top prospect like Panik, Johnson or Tokarski and salary (Ohlund). Yzerman isn’t gonna blow his load over this he has WAY to much patience as does many Lightning fans.

  11. As I wrote in the “Canadian Corner,” I expect Ryan Kessler to have a down year after recovering from surgery and not being able to have a full summer of workouts and I expect the Canucks to trade for someone to replace his scoring. A Luongo to Tampa for Ryan Malone makes sense to me. Also I would really like to see Jordon Tootoo in a Canucks uniform. He would give the team the edge I have been wanting and he knows his way to the front of the net. Something many Vancouver players do not know or maybe have in them….hello Mason Raymond.
    Speaking of Mason Raymond, I fully expect him to be shopped and shopped hard by GM Mike Gillis. He plays way too soft and couldn’t find the net with a GPS.

    • Raymond is an RFA – But I think if he doesn’t get traded at the draft for a lower round pick, the canucks walk away completely.

  12. This website is a chore to navigate with the “new improvements”….also called advertisements.

    Anyways, Flyers won’t buy out Timonen, not a chance. And I also think they’ll re-sign Carle way before Jagr. Jagr disappeared when it mattered most, not to mention he slowed down once the season got towards the end. Jagr wanted to play in Philly because he had the chance to play on the top line, a chance to be a difference maker…however one has to ask if he can be that guy or can the Flyers use the money and find someone who would be better suited for Giroux. He did make 3.3 million.
    If the playoffs showed anything is the fact that the Flyers still have a goaltending issue and the blueline was suspect. With Grossmann in the fold for 3 more years, they need to keep Carle. Ryan Suter would be great addition but the Flyers would have to line up like the rest of the league.

  13. @ Wingsfan

    How about we take it as such …..Weber has some class being the team captain and veteran on the team knowing that he doesnt want to upset the team with his ongoing contract disputes he has suggested that they do the deal at the end of the season or summer and see how things go and where they stand ….I would think they are doing a deal and not using it to disrput the team during this years playoff and or season !!!

    • Weber has turned down many contract offers the past 2 summers from Poile. Poile insulted him with a serious lowball offer last summer when he was a RFA. Suter is likely leaving this summer. The Preds have something like 10 combined RFAs and UFAs. They are a budget team. They cannot afford to spend to the Cap. If Weber wanted to stay then he would have signed a long term deal last summer or the one before. Look, actions speak louder than words to me. None of us can sit here and declare what exactly Weber is going to do. All we can is examine the facts and make an educated guess as to what will happen. To me, the facts tell me that Weber is playing 1 more season in Nashville and then leaving next July 1st as a UFA.

  14. It’s up to both Weber & Suter if they want to stay in Nashville.

    Don’t discount Detroit for going after Suter and Parise if both go to July 1st. They will have the cap room… and are a contender every year. They are also the model franchise in the NHL. That is attractive to players.

  15. Malone either want to go to Pittsburgh or stay in TBay.


    I’m sorry, but I gotta agree with most. I don’t see Suter staying, around the deadline he said that management has to show some commitment to build a winner and they added AK47 and Gaustad. Wasn’t the splash that Suter wanted to see. Suter also has to know he can land decent dollars in Detroit and lets just be honest, that is where he will be.

    Weber has been jaded by the Preds, they are going to lose Suter, AK47, Radulov, Tootoo, and probably Gaustad this offseason in a shallow UFA market. Weber will have a one year contract signed with the Preds and then by the deadline he will be moved because Poile is going to have to realize a rebuild is needed in Nashville.

    To say though that Weber won’t land top talent is insane. Poile will hold all the cards in that deal … why? If I move Weber to you now at the deadline #1 your odds of winning a cup just went up, #2 you have months to try and sign Weber before he gets to go to a bidding war. You have the chance to show him you have a winning culture and a great place to play … rather than competing against the rest of the NHL to do the same.


    Bryz is used to playing in front of a premier defense and this was a culture shock for him. I honestly believe he will bounce back and that Philly will retain their faith in him. Carle should be resigned and Pronger bought out if he can’t go and their is an amnesty. Let Jagar walk, better options in their system. Giroux, Hartnell, Couturier, Schenn, Read, Voracek, Simmonds, Wellwood, Briere. Couple of great forwards right there who are going to easily fill out your roster.

    Let Jagar walk, let Kubina walks, trade JVR, and buy out Pronger. That alone is $16 million + in cap space. Jagar is replaceable with your youth, JVR gets you a defenceman back, Pronger isn’t playing anyway, and Kubina wasn’t worth the $’s. Use the free money and resign Carle + Voracek long term. Which likely only cost you a max of $2 million more off what they were making.

    With $14 millionish in available $’s you can pitch for Suter, maybe get him. See what happens with Jackman, Oduya, Sarich, Corvo, Zanon, Souray, Hannan or a few other good pieces that you can bring in. Then focus your draft picks on getting D-men for the future! If Philly can accomplish this Bryz or not they have a bright ass long term future started.


    I hope Stevie Y just stays patient. Bolts fans seem to be pretty patient fans. If you can grab Lou on the cheap then go for it, or else I do look at Lindback/Bernier and try and add one to develop with your team. Garon is on for another year and can be a decent mentor allowing those kids to play 50-60 games a season. Wouldn’t be remiss to call Ottawa about Lehner either.

    • Who’s Jagar?

      • He’s got the moves….

    • We are pretty patient with Mr. Yzerman and I hope we draft well again (last years crop seems to be doing well). Our farm teams are strong and throwing everything out the window on a 33 year old isn’t his style. Both Nashville and LA are dealing from positions of strength because they don’t have to deal either of those guys. Regardless if Vancouver signs Schnieder to a long term deal, they still have to move a mountain of a contract to specific teams so no Vancouver is behind the eightball.

    • You cannot buy out Pronger until he is cleared. The Flyers can spend the amount of his contract during the season as long as he is on LTIR so there is no point in buying him out.

  17. Jagar is Mick’s brother. Bryz as you put it will not bounce back and Philly will not win with that clown in net. They have a ton of great forwards but there D is week and there goalie is horrible. Trade one forward for a D man and sign another. Not sure what they do in goal maybe try whoever the caps let go.

  18. All this talk about if Weber wanted to stay he would have sign a long term last year is totally off base.

    Look at the facts:
    The GM tried to kick you in the nads with low ball offer only $3 mil short of your value.
    Where is the incentive to sign for long term???? So he can pike you with your contract for even longer???

    Come on people. There was zero incentive for him to sign long term. Now if the GM comes back and offers him the money he deserves long term he may consider it, if he tries the low ball again, all he is going to get from Weber is one finger.

  19. Oh no … somebody made a spelling mistake.

    • There is no pouting in hockey.

  20. If Suter leaves as I expect him to, Weber will be right behind him. Once Poile realizes that he’ll lose Weber as a UFA after next season, he’ll have to try and get some value for him, especially if he loses Suter and gets nothing in return for him. Poile and the Preds organization knew what their two star Dmen wanted to see from the team, that being a long term commitment to making the Preds a Cup contender past just this season but got rentals instead. They have no one but themselves to blame if they lose both of their all-star blueliners.

  21. @Slap

    I repectfully disagree that signing or not signing Scnheider impacts Luongo’s trade value.

    If I tell everyone that i am buying a new car, nobody is going to give me fair value for the old one… I have zero leverage. It doesnt matter if I have bought the car or not at that point.

    Also, Scnheider is an RFA, so he will be signed by Vancouver, or he can buy a plane ticket with Radulov and go play in the KHL… something I’m sure he does not want to do.

  22. Sorry Spec, but I think it would make way more sense to go for a young, unproven RFA like Lindback rather than go for a guy like Luongo, a big contract and a downgrade on Fleury.

    Lindback could slide in behind Fleury, who is generally a really good goalie (these playoffs aside), and give Pitty another option in goal, and someone who can push Fleury.

    Dealing for Luongo would mean having to then trade a better goalie in Fleury, or else have over $10 million in cap space tied up in 2 starting goalies. Makes no sense either way.

  23. While its still May 9th – Happy 47th Birthday to Stevie Y

  24. I thought Suter was an RFA and Weber was the UFA after Nashville took him to arbitration last summer to keep him one more year.

    I also thought that while Radulov was only suspended 1 game by the club, he actually missed two games after the team won game 3.

  25. @ Moikid

    Pronger could be bought out if there’s an amnesty free clause in the new CBA. That’s what we’re talking about.