Latest Predators News – May 12, 2011.

It’s looking good for the Predators to re-sign Shea Weber. Check out the latest as well as news on the Predators other notable free agents.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reported the Nashville Predators top priority is re-signing star defenseman and team captain Shea Weber, who expressed confidence he and Predators management will get a deal done to keep him in Nashville, adding it’s a place he loves playing in and believes it’s only a matter of time until a new contract is signed. GM David Poile also expressed confidence he’ll get Weber re-signed before July 1st, when the RFA would be eligible to receive an offer sheet from a rival club.  To appease Weber however Cooper feels the club will have to beef up its offense, noting Weber pointed out the club’s lack of offensive production was what prevented them from defeating the Vancouver Canucks. One possibility could be bringing back Alexander Radulov, who’s played in the KHL the last three seasons but his agent claims he can get out of his current KHL contract if he wanted to.

Cooper also reported on the status of UFA’s Joel Ward,Shane O’Brien, Steve Sullivan and Marcel Goc, who hope to remain with the Predators but admitted it was up to the organization if they’ll return or not.

EXAMINER.COM: Jim Diamond reported pending RFA winger Sergei Kostitsyn didn’t hesitate when asked if he hoped to re-sign with the club, saying he would love to return, and dismissed the possibility of returning to the Montreal Canadiens via offer sheet if he were unsigned after July 1st. Kostitsyn’s agent is Don Meehan, who also represents Shea Weber.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It sounds as though the Predators re-signing Weber is a foregone conclusion as both sides sound very optimistic about getting a long-term deal done. It should also hopefully put to rest rumors which popped up over the course of the season claiming Weber wanted to play in a “real hockey city”, that he’ll only sign a one-year extension in order to become a UFA next summer, or that his salary demands could be so high it could force Poile to trade him, rather than risk losing him to an offer sheet in July. Radulov is an intriguing possibility but one wonders if both sides are willing to bury the hatchet, let alone if Radulov wants to return to the NHL. Of the UFAs, I believe Ward stands the best chance to return, while Kostitsyn will probably double his money (he made $550K last season) re-signing with the Predators.



  1. Refresh my memory, why did Radulov leave? And, I’ve gained all sorts of respect for the Predators fan base after this years playoffs. They may be a small market team, but they have a great team identity. They’re fans seem to really embrace the team and the sport. They have replaced Columbus as my favorite small market/under dog team.

  2. How many talented forwards would want to play on this team. Thier style is to grind out a 1-0 every game. It’s New Jersey in the 90’s with out the offence.

  3. Shea weber is a incredible defenceman. If Nashville is serious about building this team then he needs to be signed to a 6-8 year deal. If he signs a 1-2 yr deal then the writing is probably on the wall that he is leaving.

  4. Radulov left for money and to be closer to home.

  5. Yeah Durt this team is for real. On any given night you’d rather play anyone else, cause they’ll bruise you and skate your balls off. They’ve made 6 out of 7 playoffs with different rosters and different tenders. They develop D and goalies like crazy (Markov, Timmonen), and to top it off, they make S.Kostitsyn respectable. Which is staggering. Fisher looks dece there too. As much as we all want to see them get a scorer, that’s not the Poile-Trotz way. And these guys know hockey, though they don’t know shit about good-looking jerseys.

  6. Thanks for getting back to me guys. I find it a little suspect, and a tad short-sighted that he would leave with one year left on his elc. One more year and he would have cashed in. He probably would be making at least 5-6 mil a season right now. There has to be more to the story…family issues?
    Tux, good call on the jersey’s. They are pretty hidious.


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