Latest Rangers, Oilers & Red Wings Rumors – June 16, 2014

Who will the Rangers re-sign or cut loose to free agency? Will the Oilers be active in the UFA market? Could the Red Wings trade Stephen Weiss? Read on for the latest. 

The Rangers face re-signing key free agents like Mats Zuccarello.

The Rangers face re-signing key free agents like Mats Zuccarello.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the New York Rangers are expected to use their final compliance buyout on Brad Richards, freeing up over $6.66 million to invest in their roster this summer. The Rangers currently have only 13 players under contract.

Brooks anticipates Chris Kreider and John Moore will receive two-year “bridge deals”, while Mats Zuccarello and Derick Brassard are each a year shy of UFA status with arbitration rights this summer.  He anticipates the latter two could each command up to $4.5 million annually on multi-year deals, though he speculates Brassard could become a trade chip if negotiations prove difficult.

Pending UFA Anton Stralman could cost up to $4. 5 million annually. Benoit Pouliot could cost up to $2.4 million annually on a two-year deal. The biggest question is Brian Boyle, as Brooks speculates he could earn around $3.3 million annually via free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Buying out Richards will free up more cap space, but the Rangers must be careful not to overpay guys like Pouliot and Boyle. They are more in control with Kreider and Moore as the duo are coming off entry-level deals and lack arbitration rights. Zuccarello and Brassard will be expensive to retain, as could Stralman. Even by clearing Richards salary, it’s possible the Rangers won’t be able to retain everyone. What could also affect these negotiations is what plans, if any, the Rangers have to be active in the trade and/or free agent markets. 

EDMONTON SUN: Terry Jones reports Oilers GM Craig MacTavish would like to add four or five players to his roster for next season. “One or two through trades and two or three unrestricted free agents,” said MacTavish, who would prefer to get the trades done before free agency. Acquiring a puck-moving defenseman is his priority, which MacTavish acknowledged will have to come via trade. He also hopes to land a defending blueliner. The Oilers GM says his club is in good position to take on salary for next season. There’s speculation he could revisit last summer’s interest in Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Braydon Coburn.  MacTavish said he’s not the only one making calls as he’s been contacted by other clubs as well. The Oilers also need size up front.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could take trades to address the Oilers needs as they could find it difficult doing so through free agency. While they have cap space, Edmonton hasn’t been a preferred destination in recent years for free agents. Expect MacTavish to target clubs in need of shedding cap space this summer. 

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan responded to a reader’s question about the possibility of the Detroit Red Wings trading Stephen Weiss. Khan doesn’t consider Weiss tradable as he has another four years and $19.6 million remaining on his contract. The Wings hope a healthy Weiss can fill their second-line center role next season.


  1. Its a good thing the Red Wings didn’t dish out that extra 250k for Filppula eh?

    • In hindsight it’s a bad deal but if you look at it before they both signed that deal it was what the wings needed. Flip never filled the roll of a 2nd line center, he kept getting switched around to 1st line winger, 2nd line center, 3rd line center. They needed a stable #2 center to come in and help and Weiss who has been a #1 in FLA for 10 years seemed to fit the bill. They both signed a 5 year deal and after 1 year Flip looks like the more valuable player, but I would argue that if Weiss is healthy this year it could be a different story this season. All I’m saying is give it 1 more year before we determine if a guy who couldn’t fill the roll for 5+ years would have been a better fit then a guy who was injured almost the whole season

      • Weiss was a 1st line center on a pretty bad team. Just admit they have a big mistake on him

      • well said

        • well said buffry

    • I know. One of the few blunders that Holland has made over his career as a GM.

      • Can’t blame Holland for losing Filpulla. No way Holland was going to give him that kind of money for the numbers he was putting up in Detroit. Sometimes players need a change of scenery and a fresh start.

        • Actually, during one of the playoff games or late season games the Fox Sports Detroit commentators said that they offered Fil the same contract as Tampa but it was his decision to move onto something new. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to keep him.

  2. Oilers should trade their 1st round pick this year for a 24-26 year old established good player that will be good now. Also, trade either RNH OR Eb’s. I like Eb’s but I think he would bring a great return that would help Edmonton now and in years to come. What they don’t need is another high pick. With all these high pick, eventually they will have to trade them anyways as the cap won’t be big enough to keep all the top rated picks they have been getting. SO!! Do it now and get better faster.

    • For the Oilers I think they need to stick with Eberle and RNH both. I think trading Yakupov and Gagner is the way to go. Another Center would need to be coming back or brought in via Free agency and that center should have some jam to his game. RNH and Gagner are too soft down the middle. I would also look at trading Hall but that would need to be a sweetheart deal, getting a lot of pieces in return. I also agree their 1st rd pick should be in play. The injuries with Hall just worry me seems like he has horrible luck with staying on the ice.

      • I wouldn’t trade Hall for almost anyone, he is the best LW in hockey right now. He’s still young and filling out his “man” body. The Oilers should make a significant trade using Gagner/Eberle/Yak/3rd, or whatever it takes beyond that to get a top 2 dman and a veteran forward. I believe there are answers out there they just need to grow a pair and pull off a major deal.

      • Maybe Yakupov and their 1st to Pitt for Letang and 2M retained on his contract. Letang is the more established player but with his health concerns cash needs to go with him. If Mactavish wants a puck moving D-man this is one of the best in the league and I believe a risk worth taking. Not sure Yak gets out of Eakins’ doghouse to really reach his potential.

        • That’s grossly overpaying for Letang. His health concerns alone should cause a concern. Letang for the 3rd and a mid level prospect or Yakupov and a mid level prospect seems about right. Letang isn’t worth TWO top 5 picks. Yakupov would kill it in Pittsburgh. What about a deal involving Neal and Letang? Eberle+ glaring the other way?

          • Pens need grit, not another one dimensional scorer … Pens & Oilers don’t match up … both need size up front … Letang will be hard to move, Neal will be easy … not sure how happy Malkin will be w/o Neal …

        • No potential for a selfish n lazy 1-way player like make me Yak. Poor trade value means give him away unless a sucker can be found. Fire Lowe & his cronies n get on with it. Til then nothing changes in Oil land.

      • Yak and Gag won’t get a good return

    • The Oilers IMO will get the guy they want and need in Draisaitl. He fills in that 2nd line center role perfectly and he’s big to. If I were MacT I’d be focussing on trading Yaks and Gagner and possibly Eberle. Trading RNH would be stupid unless they are getting a better or equal center in return for him.

      • I totally agree with you Jes. IF, and that is a big IF, Ekblad does fall to them at number three then take Ekblad. Other then that Draisaitl is the gut for them take.

        Also Yakupov and Gagner should be the trade bait with Eberle being the last resort to get a deal done. RNH and Hall are the untouchables out of the top 5 forwards. Hoping the Perron will not get moved as he is the gritty type that the Oilers need to add to in the top six.

        Hoping a deal can get done with the Bruins from Marchand and one of their top four defence men. It was said earlier that the Bruins want to get more offence plus want to shed some salary to sign other FA’s.

        • Oilers should tthat pick and move back a few spots if they can get a decent player and take Ritchie. The kid is going to be a monster, has pretty good skill. I watched him single handed take down the Frontenacs after they had a 3-0 series lead in the ohl playoffs, the kid is freakishly big plays a hard game and has some skill to play in the top 6 if he develops well down the road. I think he is rsnked 8 or 9. He will be a pretty good one if he lives up to the billing.

    • Dan Boyle signs a 2-year deal in TO to mentor Rielly and Gardiner making Cody Franson (RFA) the odd man out. If Ekblad goes top 2 the Oil trade down to 8th and pick up Franson. Leafs draft Sam Bennett. Everyone’s a winner. The Leafs may need to add a 3rd round pick to get the deal done but the framework is there for a mutually beneficial ‘hockey deal’.

      • After the combine and Bennett not able to do a chin-up you probable don’t need to trade up from 8th to get him.

        • Ive said it all year Bennet is till probably going to go top 4 or 5 but will need time to develop. Thats the story with all I have seen playing junio here in the OH its not just the top 3 or 4 guys are great and the rest are ok but not superstars the way some make it seem, its the whole thing. This isnt the greatest draft year its just not the top 3 or 4 then the tallent falls off all these guys will take so e time, including Bennet Ekblad and the rest of the ohl guys there isnt one who is going to come in and be an impact player like we have seen in the past.

        • That’s nonsense. Reinhart could only do two. His performance won’t change his worth one iota. He’ll still go in the top 4.

          And BTW, it’s a pull-up, not a chin-up.

          • It’s upper body strength.

            colour – colour same thing. You call it what you want and I call it what I want.

          • Crap auto correct. color – colour,

        • Combine won’t change much about the draft. It’s more a chance for teams to interview personalities. If a guy can’t do a pull up, big deal. Bennett is still going 2nd or 3rd overall.

          Some guys like Stamkos and Seguin are fully ripped when they get there… some guys are underdeveloped, but if they get fully developed, imagine how much better they’d be. If anything, his not being able to do a pull up increased his stock.

          • thats a completely assbackward notion! Thumbs up

      • ROTFLMAO…..

        You can’t be sitting there honestly thinking that Franson and the 8th is going to get you the 3rd overall in the draft?

        I had to read that over a few times, as I couldn’t believe a player could be overvalued like that.

        Even Shticky would have to agree that Franson is not is not going to move you up 5 places in the top ten picks in the draft.

        The Boyle signing would doable, but why would he want to end his career in Toronto on a team missing the playoffs more often than not.

        Doesn’t make any sense, but neither does posting your crap when the Leafs aren’t even mentioned in the rumour blog today.

        • Yeppers I would…lol

      • Leafs don’t have a 3rd round draft selection, nor a 2nd. Just and FYI

      • not so sure franson & 8th alone is worth the 3rd. I’d think any top 3 picking team would want 8th + gardiner or kadri, if not both players or a Franson…

        • 1 or the other both is an overpayment. Possibly if it was the first I guess but for the 3 its only 5 spots. No sense giveing up 3 pieces to move up 5 spots in this years draft.

    • You are correct in the dilemma the Oilers are in. They need bigger players. The problem that they have is the limited no movement clauses of free agents. The ten cities you don’t want to go clause with free agents is handcuffing the majority of western Canadian teams. The free agents all want to go to American or contending teams. Not good news for the next Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup.

      • We will see a cup in Canada by 2035 the way things are going. Sad really.

    • Vancouver should trade Kassian for Eberle or Yak then Gagner will demand an immediate trade and we’ll be spared another year of Gagner trade speculation.

      • Yak is prolly worth Kassians worn out skates at best maybe. Keep the loser

  3. Not really liking the Rangers options. They HAVE to cut Brad Richards loose. There’s no doubt about that. I wish they could also do the same with Rick Nash, who was invisible during the playoffs. The reason why the Kings are the champs are because their big-time players showed up in big-time moments. (Although I will go to my grave believing that TWO blown calls by the refs cost the Rangers at LEAST the opportunity to extend this series.) But there’s not a lot available either via free agency or trade. The UFA pool is extremely shallow, with probably Marian Gaborik the best choice (although I suspect he’ll re-sign with LA). As for trade, who’s out there? Kesler? Spezza? Are they really worth giving up assets for? I don’t think so.

    • Free agent pool will forever suck now. Teams resign anyone of value and will not let them get to free agency. Free agents is 90% teams just not wanting them anymore. If a superstar makes it to free agency, theres only one of 3 teams(cough NYR, Pitts, Det) he will sign with anyways. It’s a bad era for Canadian teams and it will only get worse. Look at Spezza, ALL Canadian teams on his NO trade clause. Martin Brodeur NO Canadian teams he will sign with. Ryan Millar NO Canadian teams he is willing to play for. Thats why the likes of Kessel, Clarkson, Wheeler, Ladd, have my full respect. They are NOT afraid of the Canadian fans and media and do not want to take the easy route. Also, they don’t mind being a part of a rebuild. I’m sick of these whiny free agents or Trade clauses only wanting to go to a contending team. Why not go to a struggling team and try to be a part of MAKING THEM BETTER?? Do something with your money. Stop trying to ride the coat tails of teams that have gotten good without your assistance. EARN your money.

      • do something FOR your money I meant to say.

        • Brodeur is past his prime and should’ve retired last year instead of expecting to coast on his reputation and cry and whine that he’s not the Devils’ starter anymore.

          • It’s funny Good American players don’t mind playing in Canada but the Canadian players wanna be on American teams. Whats up with that?

        • I think it’s more financial considerations (much higher tax rate in Canada and lower cost of living in US) than the quality of the franchises. Hard for a CDN city with Federal and Provincial taxes up near 50% to compete with Dallas with lower federal tax and no state tax.

    • I think the Rangers should seriously consider trading for a center, But I agree, No thanks on Spezza or Kesler. They could use Stepan for the 1st line, Brassard for #2 and sign /trade for a #3 keep Moore around for 4th line and lose Boyle and his 3.3+ asking price. The only Rangers I see as untouchable, Kreider, Mcdonagh, Girardi, Stepan, Hagelin, Zuccarello Brassard. Nash still has value….Not Anisimov, Dubinsky, Erixson, and a 1st value, but still has value. Nash is better suited for a small, quiet market.

      • Agree with you! I would let Boyle go if his asking price is 3 or more! Nash has some trade value, certainly not what the Rangers gave to get him but no need to buy him out. Richards on the other hand will be bought out!

  4. if the rangers don’t resign him soon some desperate GM is going to grossly overpay for boyle. they’re going to look at this years playoffs and give him a second-line-center contract when he’s a solid third-liner at best. happens every year.

    • I love Boyle, but Sather shouldn’t overpay to keep him. I don’t know if he’s worth $3.3 mil per year.

  5. I’m really not sure why the media loves to single out Edmonton as the one place that cannot attract free agents. In reality this is totally untrue. Firstly, which Canadian market has had any success landing big names over the past 5 or 10 years? Secondly, how many big names have even become available as UFAs lately. The game has clearly changed such that acquiring top end talent must almost be done exclusively through trades and drafting. The number of quality UFAs seems to decrease each summer. The small number of UFAs that are available will generally choose to play on teams where they will have a chance of winning. Considering Edmonton has had an extreme lack of success over the past several years, they’ve still been able to land a few free agents. eg. Ference and Boyd Gordon last summer and also landing Justin Schultz who was highly coveted a couple of years ago. Anyways, my point is simply that teams that aren’t contenders seem to have much more difficulty landing free agents and the task has been particularly difficult for canadian teams. I’m not sure why Edmonton has to be singled out.

    • I don’t agree with the Oilers being a terrible free agent market.

      There are a number of American markets that have a hard time landing guys unless they overpay.

    • My dream is for Edmonton to become a “dynasty” and ALL these whiners who won’t play in Canada are begging to play there.

  6. It is all about risk vs reward for the oilers. I’m in calgary so, naturally, I hate Edmonton but they do have a good thing going. I am a proponent of moving rnh be pending on what they get back. Historically they haven’t drafted very well aside from their top picks so they are struggling with that now. If they had drafted a big centre who could fill the second line centre spot they’d be better etc. they should trade yaks if hey get a minute eating dman back (please take phaneuf). They have hall who will be all world very soon but without people around him to make some space for him he is hooped. I’ll give a trade idea just because…
    Lupal, phaneuf and a prospect for…
    Yaks, first rounder, salary dump

    • In what world do you think that the Oilers would want Lupul back? AND in addition, take on one of the biggest Pylons/Unwarranted Ego’s in the NHL for a player (yak) that hasn’t developed yet and a good chance at either a great Center or a great defenceman in the draft? I know you are a Calgary fan but ‘Neuf isn’t yours anymore. No need to overvalue that lump. We had our Lupul experience and it wasn’t favorable. He wasn’t that good considering what we gave up for him.

  7. What would it cost Boston for Eberle would love to get him.
    Marchand,Bartkowski and maybe a good prospect like morrow.

    • Why do Boston any favours?

      U underrate Eberle massively

      • Yeah your right two nhl ready defenseman aren’t worth 3 more goals on a high offensive team. Marchand would score 30+ on that team. He wouldn’t have to back check.