Latest Red Wings and Sharks News – May 27, 2011.

More speculation on how the Red Wings could replace Brian Rafalski, plus find out which Sharks pending UFAs hope to return.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Adam Proteau believes the Detroit Red Wings don’t need a big-money defenseman to replace the retired Brian Rafalski, suggesting instead the Wings shore up their backup goaltending and their bottom two forward lines.

DETROIT NEWS: Bob Wojnowski cautions Wings management to invest their available cap space wisely, but believes GM Ken Holland will make the right decision, noting Holland said this summer’s market isn’t a strong one for top defenseman but added he’s only seeking one player, but if the right one isn’t available he’ll consider an alternate plan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Proteau makes a good point, but shoring up the backup goaltending and checking lines would be considerably more affordable to address. Still, the Wings don’t necessarily have to blow the works on just one defenseman, as they could get two pretty good ones with upside for $6 million. That being said, if Kevin Bieksa, Christian Ehrhoff or Andrei Markov become available, I have to believe Holland will have serious interest in them.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: Mark Emmons reports pending UFA defenseman Ian White, whom the Sharks acquired in a late-season trade, would prefer to re-sign with the Sharks. David Pollak meanwhile reported UFA center Scott Nichol also hopes to return. Forward Dany Heatley meanwhile promised to rebound next season, and Pollak believes Heatley would be tough to move if management were to consider trading him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wilson won’t shop Heatley, and considering the winger was hampered by a broken hand during the season, a high ankle sprain in the playoffs, plus may not have fully recovered earlier in the season from off-season groin surgery, it may be premature to suggest Heatley, at only age 30, is past his prime. White’s performance in the post-season could earn him a new contract, but Nichol could be amongst those the Sharks pass on re-signing.


  1. If Heatley wants to improve…. get a skating coach. He can’t keep up with the fast pace anymore.

  2. they are dead wrong with the wings assessments. shore up the bottom 2 lines? pretty sure they have an abundant amount of forwards, esp if resigning eaves and miller. They have mursak and emmerton coming up this year plus almost all there forwards returning. They need a steady stay at home big bruising tough not taking crap from anyone defensive defecemen. they have Brendan smith and kindl taking full roles as offensive defensemen. Sign 1 top 4 stay at home guy and a backup goalie with maybe 1 depth signing for bottom 6. the top 4 dman is most important

  3. am the only one who was really impressed with Nichol as a 4th line center? The sharks 4th line looked like the most dangerous one out there, hemming in the canucks far more often than the top lines.

  4. Ken Holland usually likes to bring up his prospects… which he could do with Smith
    He’s probably not getting Markov- he’s returning to Montreal
    Ehrhoff and Bieksa are gonna stay in Vancouver it seems
    They have the cap space too.

  5. It’s not a done deal that the Canucks keep both Ehrhoff and Bieksa, every player they resign this summer is going to cost more and they have a few players that have to be resigned. Some of the players that the team lets go are already cheap which means changing them with simular players is a wash at best.
    If the 2 deffensemen want 5 mill each i think the Canucks will have to walk on one of them.

  6. i think not

  7. Wings have 18.6 mil in space. Caps going up too keep in mind. Hudler and filpulla have become expendable. Either way hudler is gone, I’m hoping. So there’s another 2.9 mil.

    Look for wings to try and trade for bogosian (because they seriously want him) or a Guy like parise or anyone who will be tough for a team hard pressed on the cap. I know probably Not parise because Lou is a smart GM. If that doesn’t happen and no one wants a trade for hudler and/or filpula/drafts expect the wings to go after (in order of who they will go after first)

    Erhoff/bieksa (not likely – Vancouver will keep)

    With pitkanen & wisneiwski being prime pair to bring in. Or one of the two if they get a trade.

    Even if wings get a d man in a trade expect another pickup if erricson wants more than 2.5 mil. And if they don’t get a trade and ericcson goes to the market. Expect two on that list to be picked up. salei is gone and Smith/kindle will battle for final spots.

    Also expect the wings to try and pick up Nabokov in the draft.

    Lastly they want another forward. (In order of want) and again depending on defense situation and trade situation
    Richards (yes I said it Richards)

    I believe with the cap going up. Have 18 mil in space as it is. Bye bye hudler and maaaaybe filpula. Osgood at 1.5 or lower returning if he doesn’t retire,lidstrom back at 6 mil, ericcson possibly gone or back below 2.5 mil, miller/eaves coming back for around 1 mil each And pretty much ever player in the league taking serious thought of a pay cut to play in the wings organization…. they can get any of those players… fill in the other spots w emmerton/mursak/tatar, Smith/kindle.

  8. I like your passion, but you’re being disingenuous in trying to state exactly what the Wings are thinking. Right now, no one knows because Holland is keeping his ideas close to his chest, and they still don’t know for sure if Liddy is returning.

    Filppula is absolutely NOT expendable. He is part of the team core and was a monster in the playoffs. Holland would require a big return to trade him. Hudler is a different story, but I don’t see teams lining up to get him given his size and uninspiring season. I don’t know where you’re getting this idea that the Wings want a forward. Assuming Eaves and Miller return they have over 12 forwards already. Also, Glencross just re-signed with Calgary.

    Finally, no one knows if the Wings want Bogosian. The last anyone has heard is that they inquired about him at the trade deadline, but Holland denied this. I don’t see how this indicates that they “seriously want him”.

    Nabokov is unlikely to be a Wing. He will want to go somewhere he has a chance of starting.

  9. Yea Nabokov doesn’t wanna be a wing. he signed basically an entry level contract and go through the debacle of a process to try and get to them. And didn’t play when he was offered the start w islanders. And refuses to play.

    And they want bogosian. Everytime holland denies something we find out years later that he was lying. They were prepared to give up a first second and kindle or ericcson for bogosian at trade deadline but Atlanta wanted hudler too but at the time the wings thought he was part of their winning organization until he fully disproved that.

    And filpulla is being shopped. But for the right player. In all his years of being a wing. Including ahl, he has never hit the 20 goal mark. Which I believe his brother just did in his first year playing w the griffens but felt cheated out of not being in any NHL level games so just went back to Europe. This is a disappointment to the wings. They will keep him if they can’t get someone who can move the Puck from the defensive zone to the offensive zone as well as filpulla but can also be a goal scorer and Guy who is not afraid to go to the front of the net for goals. And not tap in goals like 70% of filpulla and hudlers goals are. Joe Thornton type goals. Brooks laich type goals. If you watch a re-run of any of the games watch how filpulla gets the Puck into the offensive zone but chokes once pressure is applied. Making bad passes and choices, passing when he should shoot and shooting when he should pass. Ultimetly resulting in alot of turn overs. He doesn’t have the offensive mind that his brother has.

    I played minor pro hockey for six years (gave it up and started college when i took a slapshot that knocked out three of my tetth) and have alot of friends who are close with the organization. Watch the game closely and keep an ear open for things I hear.

    I gaurentee one defensman, maybe two. And one forward. Possibly a goalie if Osgood retires and Nabokov isn’t available.

  10. You are confusing what you want to happen with what is likely to happen. Filppula will not be traded and Bogo and Nabby will not be Wings. I trust you’ll return to this post in October when it turns out I am right.

    BTW, in 71 regular season games Flip had 16 goals compared to Thornton’s 21 in 80 games, despite playing over 3 minutes less per game. And in the playoffs Thornton scored a grand total of 3 goals in 18 games playing almost 3 more minutes per game than Flip, while Flip was a +5 and Thornton was a -5. Pretty good bargain for the Wings!

  11. Did I say that bogo will be a wing? Where did I say he will be a wing? Or Nabokov? I said the wings will try to get them… where did i say joe thorton over filpulla? okay so you compared filpulla w Joe Thornton because I said Joe Thornton type goals… okay compare fil w laich couture and pavelski and krejci and Horton and setiguch and clowe while your at it.

    For the right player, filpula is being shopped. Where did I say he’s traded for sure. Your confusing the English language with what’s being written.