Latest Red Wings, Bruins and Sharks Rumors – June 9, 2014

Are the Bruins planning some major moves? Could the Red Wings forego free agency for the trade market?  Is Sharks GM Doug Wilson losing patience with his veterans? 

The Bruins Brad Marchand remains a topic of trade rumors in Boston.

Brad Marchand remains a topic of trade rumors in Boston.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports Boston Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg hopes there won’t be many tweaks to the lineup this summer. Despite public assertions by management only minor changes will be considered, Haggerty cites sources claiming the Bruins will be very active leading up to the NHL Draft weekend on June 27 and 28. He believes players like Brad Marchand ($4.5 million annual salary) and/or Johnny Boychuk ($3.66 million cap hit) could be moved to free up cap space for other re-signings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins have a projected $9.1 million in cap space (assuming the cap reaches $71 million for next season), and must re-sign or replace Jarome Iginla, Reilly Smith, Torey Krug, Shawn Thornton, Matt Bartkowski and Chad Johnson.  They can go over the cap by 10 percent in the offseason but must be cap compliant when the season opens. While they will get over $4 million in relief by placing Marc Savard on LTIR, they cannot do that until the start of next season. 

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports the depth of talent in the unrestricted free agent market isn’t what it used to be. He notes the limited success the Wings have had with their recent free agent additions. He considers pending UFAs like Thomas Vanek, Matt Niskanen, Matt Moulson and Paul Stastny to be gambles.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan responds to reader e-mails about potential trades for the Red Wings. Though he acknowledges the Wings would be very interested in Nashville’s Shea Weber if he were shopped this summer, Khan doesn’t believe the Predators are willing to part with Weber. Noting the Wings seeks an experienced right-handed defenseman, he lists “Matt Niskanen (likely cost prohibitive), Dan Boyle (short-term option), Anton Stralman, Derek Morris, Tom Gilbert and Matt Greene” as free agent options. Trade possibilities could include Winnipeg’s Dustin Byfuglien, Washington’s Mike Green and Toronto’s Cody Franson, though he doubts the Leafs deal Franson to a division rival.

As for possible trade bait, Khan considers Gustav Nyquist ” virtually untouchable” but considers Tomas Tatar a possibility, though Wings management would have to think long and hard about parting with him. Khan considers Canucks president Trevor Linden sincere when he said he sees defenseman Alex Edler as part of the Canuck’s future. If the Canucks change their mind, Khan believes it could cost the Wings a player who can help Vancouver now. Phoenix’s Keith Yandle might cost a good prospect and a first-round pick. He also doubts the Wings have interest in Senators’ center Jason Spezza, or that the Sens would ship Spezza to a division rival. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Good stuff here from Khan. If the Wings are to acquire a skilled right-handed shot for their blueline it could cost them a good young player like Tatar as part of the deal. GM Ken Holland may be unwilling to part with too many of his promising youngsters right now. If Dan Boyle doesn’t re-sign with the Islanders, I wouldn’t be surprised if he signed a short-term deal with the Wings. Stralman might be another option. 

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger reports San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson said his club is in a rebuild phase where they’re turning the core over to younger players. He said he spoke to his veteran players about it, adding it’s up to them to decide if they wish to stay. Long-time Sharks veterans Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau have been subject of recent trade speculation. Both re-signed three-year extensions with no-movement clauses earlier this season. CBC’s Elliotte Friedman believes they might be only be willing to move to a Cup contender.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If that’s the case, moving Thornton and/or Marleau won’t be easy to do. Sure, the thought of Thornton on the same line as Patrick Kane in Chicago sounds great, but much easier said than done. 


  1. To Minnesota: Joe Thornton ( 11 G, 65 A ) NMC
    To San Jose: Mikko Koivu ( 11G, 43 A ) NMC

    Parise should be the Captain anyway.

    Our centers would be Granlund, Thornton, Haula and Brodziak.

    Just like when the Wild and Sharks swapped Havlat for Heatley.

    Bash away!

    • I don’t think you are at bash levels here. Koivu is a decent start to a trade, however I do think his value is shy of Thornton. A pick or maybe another player of some sort might need to go the other way. That said, I’m not sure this would be the type of deal that the Wild need.

      Thornton would be an intriguing trade options for the Ducks in my opinion and they are a strong g enough team he might be willing to go there. I don’t really see a fit for him in the East other then Toronto, but I don’t see him wanting to do that as Leafs are not a cup contender.

      • If Tampa doesnt re-sign Callahan I think Tornton could look pretty good there. Not sure what they would give up for him tho.

        • Scticky – I can see that happening. I can see Thornton and Boyle both playing for TB. Tampa has a few party favors they can offer SJ – like #28 or #50 along with Adam Erne. Boyle will just sign on, especially if Thornton goes to TB. TB has the cap room, especially if they don’t resign Callahan and can move Malone.

          • Honestly I can’t see Thornton in Tampa. They already have Stamkos, Killhorn, Johnson and Filppula all coming off good seasons (40+points).

      • I thought it was a decent trade proposal without getting too much criticism.

        Their salaries and cap hits are basically identical.

        Not sure it’s a good fit for either player but the Wild are hopefully cup contenders next year or within the next 2-3 years and I think Joe would come here to Minnesota and fit right in. But I think he really likes living in San Jose and Minnesota is the COMPLETE opposite of California weather!

        • The only move I see the Wild making is signing Vanek. San Jose is transitioning to their youth and I think Koivo for Thornton would be a lopsided trade and the sharks are looking for value not a dump of salary or character.

    • So San Jose gets someone just as old but way less talented? And to a conference rival no less? I’m not sure where you live but I just scanned the entire horizon and from my vantage point their were indeed no flying pigs that I saw.

      • @Derek, just for the record Koivu is 31 and Thornton is 34.

        Way less talented? you are entitled to your opinion.

        As I stated above, the Wild traded Havlat for Heatley a few years back, which was a division rival trade.

        • Conference rival, not division, sorry my mistake.

  2. Has Khan seen Franson play in his own end? It may be a very good idea to trade Franson to a division rival.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. At first I thought he might be able to develop into a decent d-man but this past season has pretty much proven he couldn’t defend himself against a wet paper bag.

  3. As much as Weber would be a dream come true, I don’t see Holland giving up the pieces to make the move. I think Boychuck would be huge and may be worth Tatar. Juice it up a little bit more (combo of draft picks/Sheahan/Kindl/Jurco) to get Riley Smith too.


    To Bruins : Tatar, Kindle and 1st rounder

    To Wings : Boychuck and Smith

    Then sign Boyle short term.

    • no way this deal gets made. Replace Tatar with someone with a far less value and take that 1st and move it to a 3rd. no shot the wings make this deal.

      Only way they deal Tatar is if they are getting back exactly what they need a top 4 RHD who is young aka Tyler Myers. Not saying they are going to do this deal or would even consider it, just using his as an example

      • My bad…that was supposed to be a swapof 1st rounders. And, last I looked, both Boychuk AND Boyleare right hand shots. As for Myers…I dunno if I have too muchfaith in him. I knowhe playsfor a rebuilding team,but I reallyworryabout his consistency. I’m not sure his potential is worththe asking price….yet.

    • The Bruins wont move Smith after the year he had.They are more likely to let Shawn Thornton go and Adam Mcquaid to save cap space.They wont let Boychuk go .they will bring up Svedberg to replace Johnson.If they can trade Mcquaid for a pick 5th or 6th round and let Shawn Thornton walk that saves them another 3 mill.The problem is re signing Smith and Krug.They will give Iginla same deal 1 mill plus incentives with his incentives he made close to 6 mill this season.Plus incentives dont affect your cap till following season.I can see them losing Paille as well.keeping Campbell and Kelly.They might bring up Spooner also.If the Bruins only lose Mcquaid on defence they will have a great 6 man defence core.

      Krug-Miller or Bartowski

  4. Everyone one is about to hate on me for this one. But If The asking price for Yandle is only a prospect and a pick, I think Mr.Nonis should make the call. Finally the leafs defensive core would look decent, not great but decent. Sure it would hurt losing the #8 pick, but Phaneuff becomes more expendible. Or then again maybe being paired with a top defence man might make him look like an all star.
    Gleason- Gunnerson.

    • Not as much as I hate Gunnarrsson Gleason as a pairing I bet.

    • You’ve still got Franson to fit in, unless you’re considering him as good as gone, which I personally don’t believe to be the case.
      I also think acquiring Yandle would require more than the 8th overall pick – probably need to throw in a mid-level roster player, decent prospect, etc. to get it done. It’s a nice idea, but I don’t see Nonis parting with the pieces required to get that deal done.

      • Thats an 8 million dollar bottom pairing that maybe play 8-12 mins a night plus Phaneuf and Yandle is another 12.25 hit so over 20 mill on 4 guys on a rather shakey looking blueline no thank you.

        • I have no problems with getting rid of Gunnerson, or Gleason. I don’t how someone can say Yandle doesn’t fit what the leafs needs. He’s 28 years old, and making 5.25 for the next two years. I’m an advocate for the draft, but the 8th is almost a wild card at hitting a stud, and even if you do you won’t see that realised potential for atleast another year. Yandle is proven and has plenty of gas in the tank. I would hope the trade would be something along the lines of

          Toronto gets Yandle
          Phx gets Holland or Biggs + the 8th pick, and the rights to franson

          More realistically it would be
          Toronto- Yandle
          Phx- Kadri and the 8th

          My only problem with trading Kadri, is that by doing so Bolland automatically becomes a must resign, and I for one don’t want to see another clarkson type deal on a 2-3 liner. One last point but tj Brennan deserves a new contract, and a shot at the big club. How about to free up cap toronto flips Gunnerson, and the rights to Kulimen( conditional on resigning) to Pittsburgh for a 2nd round pick in 2015. Then try TJ and Granburg (on a rotational basis) and see whose ready to play with the big boys.

    • As nice as it would be to land Yandle, i dont see it really helping as much as they need… although a good d-man, he is more offensive than defensive. I would keep an eye on Dallas if Yandle were to go anywhere… they have the assets and are looking. As a leaf fan its always fun to read about the possibilities but they never become more than that unfortunetely. If anything, and even this is a stretch, i would think that a deal with COL or CHI could happen… I repeat COULD but other than that i just dont see anything big happening.

  5. Thornton is not going anywhere.

    The Wings should make a run at Stralman. The Rangers will be very cap tight and Stralsy earned his right to get the highest possible contract offered. Red Wings should think about rebuilding soon and BOTH Tatar and Nyquist should be off limits.

    • I think NY will lose Stralman this year. I think they basically have to choose losing him this year, or Staal next year. As a Ranger fan I really wonder how Stralman would perform on another team. Having the luxury of playing with Staal most of the time in NY may up his value. Stralman is a pretty strange case, 27 years old, traded twice, dumped once and finally found a home in NY. I’d love to see him stay but if he hits the UFA market I doubt NY will want or get into a bidding war.

  6. The Sens have some affordable defensemen for trade.

    Mrs. Alfredson in Ottawa house hunting last week.

    • Hey Dark G, what’s your source on her house hunting?

  7. Shea Weber – if, and that is a big one, every team in the league will be knocking themselves over to get to him, not just Detroit.

    I thought Yandle was more of an offensive D man ( sorry, I have not seen any Coyotes games for a while) and while I know he is a decent player, not sure the Leafs need more of that. They need a shutdown D man, and my understanding is Yandle is not even used for PK. If the Leafs did a trade for him though, I would try to trade Lupul (they supposedly are weak on left wing) and a a good prospect and their second rounder. Do not want to see Leafs trading their first round pick unless its for a game changing player or to move higher up in the draft.

    • Leafs do not have a 2nd rounder this year ( Ducks have it) and I think the Kings have the Leafs 2nd rounder next year.

      • Kings get the leafs second this year or next, and ducks have their 3rd this year

        • Sorry, it’s Ducks get second this year ( Peter Holland played 25 games -meaning it was upped to a 2nd), Leafs had choice with Kings for 2nd in 2014 or 2015, so when Holland played 25 games Ducks got 2nd this year and Kings have to wait a year.

          • If I recall I think there are only maybe 4 or 5 teams with less draft picks over the past 10 years then the Leafs.
            Funny to watch people try and figure out where the Leafs draft picks are going besides the Leafs.

    • He’s played on Phoenix his whole career and is a plus player. There’s no way he’s bad defensively. He’s expendible now because OEL is that damn good

      • I was wrong sorry in his career he’s a -2

  8. Anybody know if there’s a rule against trading a guy on LTIR, if the player agrees to it? E.g. Trading Savard or Pronger would give the Bruins/Flyers a lot more flexibility on what they can do in the summer. They could go 10% over *without* those guys’ hits. They’d still need to be cap compliant come the season, but they’d have a few more million of wiggle room to get there.

    Anyone know if its officially allowed/not allowed?

    • I doubt it would be allowed and depending on the trade Im sure the nhl would view this as cap circumvention at the very least. Im not sure why any gm would make a deal for Pronger knowing that its hamstringing his own cap. Just cant see it at a whole lot of levels. If there is not a rule Im sure the nhl would figure something out to void such a trade. Like they did for trading a player for another team to use a compliance buy out on him.

    • I agree with Shticky. Why in the world would someone make a deal for either of these guys? To be nice and help out another team? I just couldn’t see any GM making a deal like that.

      • Maybe if it inolved multiple picks or prospects knowing that in turn you are just going to put them on LTIR…like I said similar to a trade for buy out purposes. Ponger a first and Laughton for Fla’s (or just any team with cap space) 6th round pick kinda idea, is one idea that could surfacebut again Im sure the NHL would see it as circumvention.

        • I could see an LTIR pick up, but I can’t see it on Savard or Pronger specifically. I think either of these players has zero chance of ever playing again. It would be tough to sell or justify a move like this ownership, fans and the NHL.

        • It’d been my hunch it’d be kaiboshed. As for why? I was thinking the Flames, for example, will not be anywhere near the cap. So taking on Savard plus, say, the Bruins’ 3rd rounder for the Flames’ 7th rounder or futures. It would help both teams.

          Like I say, I agree that it’d be unlikely to be legal. Though is the player officially on LTIR in the summer? Maybe not, which might open the door legally.

          (Not that I think any of this would happen – just making conversation :D)

    • I’m pretty sure under the cba, a player on ltir is not allowed to be traded. I’m pretty sure even if he requested a trade while on ltir, the nhlpa would still kibosh the trade.

      • Not saying it can be done, but nobody is on injured reserve until the season starts.

    • I tend to agree that it would;t be allowed, and shouldn’t; but the Devils got away with trading Vladimir Malakhov to SJ(?) among with a 1st round pick to get the Sharks to take on the cap hit in return for three “names” that never made it onto a Devils sweater (essentially buying a draft pick).

    • Why would you do this? Outside of actually saving real money as LTIR does not affect the cap.

  9. I don’t see the Red Wings making a major trade. It’s not historically how they do business. If anything, I’d guess that they’ll try to land a guy like Boyle. The Red Wings have never (in the last 10 to 15 years) been a team to make a blockbuster deal or overpay some free agent.

    • Weiss was an overpayment I would say. TooToo would be another.

    • What do you call the Hasek trade? Pretty blockbuster right there…

  10. Boston is likely to be penalized overages, this will effect what their cap is.
    Yandle will not be traded for prospects and/or draft picks. It’s more likely the Coyotes trade their 1st pick. They are in a win now mode.

    • If they are in win now mode then they need to find way to let the young kids play and move Halpern, Doan, Ribero, Erat and Morris for starters. IMO.

      • They’ll let Morris and Halpern walk or at least re-sign them as “depth players”.
        The Coyotes biggest need is getting back to playing Tippet style hockey. They need to bring in more effective 2 way forwards. And improve their pk.
        They do not need to move Doan or Erat, but they do need to improve their depth.
        The “young kids” need to earn their spot and keep it!

        • Well said,. but I think it’s a mistake keeping Erat, and Doan’s career is almost over.

  11. I don’t see the B’s trading Boychuck unless it is for a hell of a return. He is a top four guy on the back end, and tough as nails. Now, the oft injured McQuaid, i can see him going. Not sure what the rules are on compliance buy outs with injured players but Kelly could go with a buyout. if not due his recent surgery, then I see him being traded to a team that needs depth at center and needs to reach the cap floor.

    Bruins will resign Iginla to an incetive laden deal similar to the one he had. Caron is a goner, Thornton will be signed for league minimum I bet. Some youth will be brought up for speed. Maybe bart gets traded. Don’t see Marchy going anywhere.

  12. In general, when a player is traded, does the NMC part of his contract remain intact?

    • In most cases, yes. It’s usually written into the deal that an NMC follows the player even if he agrees to waive it to be dealt.

  13. Bruins need some young blood. Time to move on from Thornton,Kelly and Campbell.
    Paille is still ok,Frazier,Spooner and Koko are ready to take those spots.
    I would try to keep iggy for another year he is still producing.
    I would move Marchand but only for a top 6 forward and high pick or quality prospect.
    Can see Erickson moving he did not look good in the Bruins system.

    • the Benning connection see Loui Erickson to the Canucks for … (fill in the blank)

      • Marchand isnt worth a top 6 guy and a high firstround pick.

  14. The Bruin’s said they needed to get faster. Would it be crazy to look at sending Marchand and Boychuck to the Isles for Grabner, Anders lee and their 1st rounder? Then maybe sign Frattin to replace Thornton. Their forwards could be: Lucic/Krejci/Iginla. Eriksson/Bergeron/Smith. Soderberg/Kelly/Grabner. Paille/Campbell/Frattin. Lee and Spooner could be subs. They’d get a good player with the pick too, and a little cap relief, enough to resign Iginla anyway. I also think it would make the Isles a playoff contender.

    • Anders Lee is going to be a top 4 or 6 player for the Isles, why would you trade for him an make him a sub? The kid is talented and will make some noise next season IMO.

    • It would be crazy for the Islanders yes. Im not sure Marchand and Boychuk make the Islanders that much more of a playoff contender than if they kept Lee Grabner and their top 5 pick. There are easier ways to pick up a D man and Ill take Grabner over Marchand.

  15. All Zeisberger did was recite a media conference call that’s been up on for weeks. None of this is new news from Doug Wilson and the Sharks.

  16. Sort of like the Islanders did acquiring Tim Thomas