Latest Red Wings News – May 14, 2011.

Check out the latest on possible off-season moves for the Detroit Red Wings.

DETROIT NEWS: Gregg Krupa believes the Red Wings only real need is another goal-scorer. He noted the best potentially available free agent is Dallas’ Brad Richards but he’d have to accept considerably less than his current $7.8 million per season salary to play for Detroit. Krupa considers the best free agents fits could be Marco Sturm, Radim Vrbata and Brooks Laich, with Laich the best of the three.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports GM Ken Holland wants to “tweak” his roster for next season, but even with the potential increase in the salary cap next season the Wings would have to move some salary to bring in a quality player, and listed Valtteri Filppula and Jiri Hudler, both 27 and in the final years of their contracts, as “the biggest attractions”, and of the two, management would have a tough time parting with Filppula, given his play in Games 6 and 7 against the Sharks. St. James also reports the Wings hope to re-sign pending UFAs Patrick Eaves and Drew Miller, while Jan Mursak could join the lineup next season and replace Kris Draper. She also doubts UFA blueliner Jonathan Ericsson will be back. Jakub Kindl is expected to be a regular next season and could replace Ruslan Salei. Backup goalie Chris Osgood would like to return but they’d have to gauge taking a risk on a veteran goalie who missed the second half of the season to hernia surgery.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports changes are inevitable this off-season for the Red Wings, as their defense needs re-tooling, likely through free agency or a trade. Khan also expected Nicklas Lidstrom to return next season for the same salary – $6.2 millon – he earned this season, and wondered if Holland might try to acquire Atlanta’s Zach Bogosian via trade, not an offer sheet. He considers Hudler the most likely trade candidate but wondered if they might also shop Filppula.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports former Dallas Star and current Red Wings Mike Modano acknowledged his playing days are probably over, saying he’d love to work for the Stars organization, though the ownership situation clouds that issue.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hudler was a disappointment for the Wings this season, but Filppula probably has more trade value. Still, Holland would probably prefer to shop the former and retain the latter. Laich would be a good fit with the Wings but one shouldn’t assume he’ll bolt the Capitals. Vrbata seems happy in Phoenix and the Coyotes might try to re-sign him, but I’m not sure if he’d be a good fit with the Wings. Forget about Sturm, for as talented as he is as a two-way forward, his injury history doesn’t make him a reliable acquisition. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lidstrom agrees to return for another season. Currently the Wings have over $46.8 million invested in 15 players, and if the cap goes up to around $63 million as predicted that’ll give Holland over $15 million to invest in affordable re-signings and acquisitions. Don’t expect a major shake-up of the Wings, as there’s not need for that, but there will be some changes.



  1. wings just need a little retooling. say bu-bye to salei,draper,osgood,ericsson,one of either eaves or miller,hopefully hudler.

    Bring in Theodore for backup role
    Bring up Murzak Emmerton to be mainstays for the wings
    Give Kindl a starting job next season.

    If they can trade for Bogosian without giving up the bank awesome if not grind out this year as best as possible and the following season hudler,bertuzzi,holmstrom,lidstrom,rafalski all gone and we have 35 million in cap space. after resigning Kronwall and Stuart you will have 25+ million to work with, it will be a great offseason then

  2. If he gets Zach Bogosian for those players, it would be lopsided. I cringe whenever I see potential stars go for role players/roster players (ie. Thornton to the sharks for W. Primeau, M. Sturm, etc; Phaneuf and Aulie to the Leafs for Stajan, Hagman, White)…

  3. Yeah, I think the Wings just need re-tooling, too. While being down 3-0 in a series isn’t very Detroit-like, having Franzen, Clearly & Bertuzzi in the lineup for the 3rd period of game 7 might have been enough and they’d be in the semis right now.

    For all the talk of their age, Datsyuk is only 32 and Zetterberg 30. Losing Lidstrom & Rafalski will be huge, but those two guys still have 5-6 more years of prime hockey left in them. Everybody else Buffbry mentions can be replaced and re-tooled pretty easily. Wings aren’t my team, but they’re a class organization that has built a consistent winner and already has the tools to keep on winning.

  4. @northby9: Lidstrom has “5-6 more years of prime hockey left”??? Did I read that right? Lidstrom is 40 or 41 right now! I feel Lidstrom has one or two more years of “prime” hockey left in him before his skills start to deteriorate noticeably. If he plays again next year, and that’s not certain (but is probable), I doubt he will be a Norris candidate. He will be effective. I’m not knocking him, he’s the best of this generation, but as fans, we must be realistic with our expectations.

  5. Lidstrom either needs to go now or next year tops. Kronner is more then capable of handling #1 duties. Even if Lidstrom retires i bet they go sign erhoff or bieksa or someone like that who can fill in the top 4

  6. I seriously doubt if Filppula gets traded, especially when there isnt a pressing need for the Wings. Sure, some secondary scoring would be nice, and if Lidstrom retires they would need another d-man, but that isnt enough to be trading a young top 6 forward.
    Filpulla looks like he could be next Zetterberg, and Wings seem to be having big plans for him.
    I also think Ericsson might be re-signed, to give him one last chance to show if he has the stuff to be a top 4 guy.
    And next year may finally be the time when the Wings give the kids a chance to show their stuff. Guys like Emmerton, Tatar, Mursak etc could finally get a shot at spending the whole season with the Wings.

  7. I can guarantee the Wings will not trade Filppula. When was the last time you saw the Wings trade an afforable top-6 forward? Flip is part of the Wings core and anyone suggesting he’ll get traded doesn’t follow the Wings. Hudler is the only forward that may be traded, but I doubt even he will go anywhere. He’s young and has potential to be a 60+ point forward if he comes to camp in better shape.

    If Draper wants to play he’ll be back, but with the understanding that he’s not a guaranteed regular. The need for him will be even greater if one or both of Eaves and Miller leave via free agency. Hopefully the Wings can bring back all three, because depth is incredibly important these days. Mursak I suspect will be slowly groomed into the system a la Abdelkader and Helm before him. The Wings rarely thrust a guy into the lineup right away.

    I don’t expect much retooling on the defense this offseason either. This is assuming that Lidstrom returns. There’s really no need for a major move until after next season when Kronwall, Rafalski, Lidstrom and Stuart will all be UFA. I think Ericsson will be back, provided he doesn’t demand too much money. Salei is gone, probably to be replaced by Kindl and the Wings will add a veteran depth defenseman. The only FA defenseman I can see the Wings seriously persuing is Andrei Markov, because his value right now is likely much lower than his actual worth when healthy. He’d fit perfectly into the Wings system and not be relied upon to play 25 minutes a night. Guys like Ehrhoff and Bieksa will cost way too much, and the Thrashers seem to want a ton in return for Bogosian.

  8. @Jefferson, I also though northby was really tripping saying Lidstrom had 5-6 years left in him, until I read it all again. I think he means that Datsyk and Zetterburg have 5-6 years prime time left and the loss of Liddy and Rafalski will hurt….at, least that was my second take….but maybe I’m wrong. Northby?

  9. Shea Webber will be a Red Wings next season, mark my words! Even if Lids signs, Webber will be here. I am pretty confident Kenny is going to finally make a big move to to keep this dynasty running strong, espcially with Vancouver, San Jose, and other teams being on the rise to become great, tough teams for a long time. i think it could be key signing Jimmy for only 2 mil.

    I think Brad Richards could also be a Red Wings next season. YES! both, Webber and Richards. Sign Lids for 5, Webber for 6, Richards for 6.

    the cap is going up to 62 mil next season. think about possible things that can be done. obviously if our roster stays the exact same, Webber wont be a possibility. there are ways to get around things. think if Lids take less money, or Fil or Rafalski get boughtout. Ericcson is most likely gone. There are lots of things that can happen. and Kenny is a master at all of this. typical non-informed responce umfan. and we will have more than 3 mil to play with this offseason. just u watch. even with Lids staying i believe it can be done.

    With Drapes, Modano, Ericcson, Salei, Ozzy, and even Lidstroms contract off the books. roughly 13 mil? to play with. to sign Lids for 1 more year, give him 4 or 5 (hopefully). 8-9mil to play with to get Webber and whatever else you need to fill in holes. sounds like a slam dunk to me. Webber signs a 1 year deal with the Wings. and remember the salary cap is going to go up for the upcoming season.

    after that 1 year. Bert, Huds, Holmstrom contracts expire. money money money.

    I also believe somehow Brad Richards will join Shea Webber to the Wings NEXT season. if the buy-out of Rafalski actually happens.

  10. Richards & Weber to the Wings next year. NO. 1st the Wings do not have the money for thise two. 2nd, they both will not come here.

    I can see Lidstrom come back for 1 more year. As for the other UFA’s, I can see the Wings sign Eaves, Miller and probaly Ericcson. I think Osgood, Draper and Salei are gone. I would trade Hudler (package)for a more capable scorer. Also may need to look for a one or two year defenseman util Smith in GR is ready to move up.
    I would like Bogosian, but iI think the price will be to expensive.

    There is a need for a goal scorer that can play with Val Filipula and make the 3rd line more dangerous.

    Abdelkader-Filipula-New Player

    New Player

  11. @ Arky: same team, same result. I’m bettin.
    My money also says Lidstrom goes out on top, leaving everyone wanting, as this lofty goal is possible for the very few. This was the one last crack at it and he can see the team is gonna be on a down cycle for a couple years.

  12. Thanks Habsfan! Yes, that is what I meant, though I worded it horribly. But yeah, to you and Jefferson, the thought was that Datsyuk & Zetterberg have 5-6 good years left. Lidstrom will play one more I think, and that’s it. Thanks for clarifying that, though!

  13. Honestly with the talk of a scorer needed for the wings i think they have that in Tomas Tatar…He’s been waiting to come up for a LONG time…unfortunately with the depth of this organization he hasn’t had a chance to come up and i think holland is being extra careful with this kid because he doesn’t want tatar to come up as a grinder (i.e abdelkader or helm) he wants a straight out pure scorer and that guy i believe will be Tatar…and in the scenario the wings move Filppula or Hudler i think thats when Emmerton comes up