Latest Red Wings News – May 30, 2011.

Detroit remains a prime destination for NHL UFAs, and updates on Jonathan Ericsson and Joey MacDonald.

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reported the Red Wings continue to be a destination for free agents, despite the club’s poor playoff record the past two years, the perception the club is aging, and their arena is one of the oldest and least-comfortable in the league.  Part of the reason is the Red Wings, despite the salary cap, are still willing to spend to win, while the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan loves hockey, which fits well into the “Hockeytown” marketing scheme. The Wings will be busy in this summer’s free agent market, hoping to find a replacement for Brian Rafalski, plus they could use another defenseman if Nicklas Lidstrom retires or free agent Jonathan Ericsson leaves.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: George Sipple reports Ericsson hopes to return with the Red Wings. He made it clear when the team was packing up for the off-season he wasn’t that keen to test this summer’s free agent market. Sipple also reported goalie Joey MacDonald hopes to remain with the Wings organization.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wings are also a prime destination for free agents because, quite frankly, they’re the NHL’s class organization. For nearly two decades, the Red Wings have been either the top, or among the top, teams in the NHL standings. They’ve been to the Stanley Cup Final six times, winning the big mug four times. And while some of their key players are aging, others – like Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg and Jimmy Howard – are either in their prime or about to enter their prime. Little wonder then they remain arguably the most preferred destination for unrestricted free agents. As for Ericsson and MacDonald, the former could be back, but it remains to be seen if MacDonald fits into the Wings plans going forward. I doubt they’ll consider him as a backup for Howard, when this summer’s UFA market is full of experienced, affordable backups.



  1. the Wings might be a class organization, but to bad you can’t say that about the Red Wings fans Spector…they are right up there with Raiders fans!

  2. umm dave you don’t know anything, our fans just demand winning, whats wrong with that. spector delete his comment for being a jerkoff. pretty sure i’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about the fans except that we whine about the refs. all fans do it.

  3. The thing is The Wings have manh empty seats. It’s only loud in playoff time. habs leaf and Canucks are bigger hockey marketa

  4. det has one of the worst economies in america, people are leaving there by the minute it’s so bad. thats why theres so many empty seats.

  5. Wings fans are good fans….not the best…not like Canadian fans, but good fans! The city of Detroit has dropped in population by a couple hundred thousand the last decade due to the auto industry crash, and so its getting more difficult to fill the seats at the Joe. I was a regular at Wings games when I lived in the area and I can honestly say Detroit is a special place for hockey. They are a very classy organization, and Stevie Y’s contributions in Tampa this year show that it is rubbing off. Detroit is far from the worst, and perhaps one of the best U.S. markets. Leaf fans may be loud, but they also boo there own players, so lets focus on the team and not the fans, because unless you are in the market, you really can’t say how it is.

  6. I cant believe someone is actually talking about the Red Wings having a “poor” playoff record the past couple of years. Either that shows how high the expectations are for the Red Wings, or that the writer is off his rocker.
    Many players would be happy to to play for a playoff team, let alone a perennial contender like the Wings.

  7. Jeb, you don’t boo your players?! What a joke! Montreal is known for being really harsh on there players, even the young ones. Just ask Carey Price. Your fans booed him the last 2 years up untill this past pre season. You’ve booed playoff teams. Toronto boos too, and occasionally throws waffles (which admittedly doesn’t make a lick of sense, but funny none the less) but we only boo non playoff, crap hockey. Montreal has the worst fans. You’re passionate, I’ll give you that. But you constantly rip on your own players and other teams undeservingly, with little regard for patience, class or tact.

  8. What about Shark Tank fans? They’ve booed game 1 of the playoffs 2 years in a row. Game 1 !!

  9. Yah and what gives the Habs fans the right to boo the us national anthem. Not only is it sad, but half your team is from the states!?!?!? It takes alot of guts to live in a city like Detroit these days. Not only great team, but great fans too. They still support their team even though there is no money in the city!!!!

  10. Well tux, at least Sharks fans don’t destroy there own city after losing, or getting a suspension they don’t like. I’m thinking looting stores after last years playoff run, and destroying there own city during the Richard Riot, doesn’t really support Jeb’s point. Montreal has THE WORST FANS EVER.
    Detroit on the other hand, has one of the classier, more enthusiastic American fan bases.

  11. To those who claim we only attend playoff games…we had the 4th highest average attendance in the league during the regular season.. 28 sell outs including 22 straight to end the regular season. out of 41 games.. Id say that is pretty good. that leaves 13 games that were not sold out. Detroit loves our hockey.
    we are used to high standards, (spoiled a bit…sure) We are not playoff fans only like one guy who obviously is jealous of the Wings 20 straight playoff show ups!

  12. I bet every person here who doesn’t claim Detroit as their team would, in a heartbeat, trade their teams past 20 years for motor city’s…….

  13. I’m a obsessed leaf fan, and my aspirations for the leafs is to have the scouting and consistency like detroit’s and the edge like boston and philly. Detroit is hands down the greatest franchise in the nhl for the last 20 years, no doubt.

  14. @Mb4life
    I wouldn’t trade the last 5 years of Penguins hockey, but you can for sure have between 1999/2000 and 2004 if you like!

  15. Buffbry !! i no that Wings fans act like a bunch of jerks when visiting other teams barns…they rude and have no respect what so ever….ie just like a bunch Raider fans!!!

  16. Dave, there are crap fans for every team, but many nights in the opposing barns, their fans want to tell you all the time how old the Wings are, or how s**tty they are, Im not sure what team you follow, but try going to Nashville for a game and see how rude fans can be…

  17. DurtMC…..never said I was a Montreal fan….only stated that the best fans are Canadian fans….that is from Canada! I’m a hockey fan above all, but I would set myself on the Red Wings fan zone. Montreal is hard on its players, as are Toronto fans, but the difference is that neither team has been to the big dance since 93′. Given the money those two big organizations have, they should have the best teams…via the best coaching, management and scouts. You can no longer buy championships in the cap NHL, but you can buy staff.
    Detroit is a great hockey town, and I miss it daily! I am Canadian, living in Sweden, working the hockey market here,….and Detroit is the best hockey franchise in the world over the past 20 years. Can you say Dynasty….

  18. Jim, i live in the land of transplates…LA! so going to any of our local teams games about 20-40 percent of the fans are there for the visiting team….and no outside of the Raider fans act like a bunch of Larry’s then Wings fans! i’m not saying all Wings fans, but a danm good handful are….

  19. Dave, I’ll give you that but it’s the bad ones you notice.. the good ones you don’t.

    I’m a Michigan native living in Columbus and when I go to Wings games I occassionally see a group of turds pretending to be 19 but really just being drunken asses crappin’ in someone else’s yard. That being said, half the arena were wings fans and it was only a couple people here and there. We’re not all bad, especially not the ones who’re actually from Michigan. 2nd favorite thing about our club is the class.

    To the point that was made about antagonizing.. I also come across that but having a little bit of hockey knowledge will usually shut’em up. Like when they start tellin’ me how stupid throwin’ Octopi are.. then I remind them that it’s a playoff tradition.. when you make the playoffs you develop them.. didn’t talk to me the rest of the game.

  20. sorry, by Wings games, I meant when they come to Cbus to play the Jack-it’s

  21. HTO, I notice some of the good Wings fans as i’ve sat next to some…that’s what i said not all Wings fans are Larry’s….Just most are! and if you sat at a Wings game here in LA….You’ll no what i’m talking about……

  22. Well that thread was a waste of time to read

  23. Most Wings fans are like Raider fans?? Hey, I’ve been to the Forum and Staples. I’ve really never seen any Wing fans acting out. I don’t exactly know why people continue bash our fan base. I’ve been to many Wing’s road games and haven’t seen anything for us to be concidered bad or rude. It’s jealous people who hate us. We’ve been one of the best if not the best teams for the last couple decades and if we are proud of that, o-well! Maybe Dave is that jealous one. Maybe he’s tired of cheering for a losing team. That’s fine Dave but don’t bash us because we win.

    Thank You
    Wings Nation