Latest Red Wings Rumors – August 14, 2012.

The Detroit Red Wings remain interested in Shane Doan, plus further speculation over what they might do to bolster their blueline.

MLIVE.COM: Brendan Savage reported the Detroit Red Wings were still interested in Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan, but it remains to be seen if the interest is mutual.

Doan not interested in Detroit?

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports that, other than closing in on a new contract for Justin Abdelkader, it’s quiet on the Red Wings front, noting Doan hasn’t visited Detroit and there’s no active talks with his agent. GM Ken Holland would like to add another defenseman, either via trade or the UFA market.

DETROIT NEWS: Gregg Krupa cited a report out of Calgary that had the Red Wings offering “Valtteri Filppula, Jonathan Ericsson and a prospect to the Flames for Jay Bouwmeester”, but considers that wishful thinking. Krupa considers Phoenix’s Keith Yandle a better trade target, but notes it would cost far more to acquire Yandle than Bouwmeester. Other options for the Wings could be free agency, awaiting the implementation of a new CBA in hopes teams might be forced to shed salaries via trade, this season’s trade deadline or next summer’s UFA market

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Doan does decide to leave the Coyotes, I doubt he signs with the Red Wings, as recent reports give the impression he’s not interested in playing for them. Trading for Bouwmeester would be costly, but more so for Yandle, so forget about him suiting up with the Red Wings.  I’ve gone over the Wings options in a recent column


  1. I do not buy that trade rumor one bit the Wings would still be in need of a defenseman Ericsson’s not bad of a player.

  2. I think if I were Detroit, I might look into someone like Gilroy, Barker or Eminger to help shore up my D. Thing is, I don’t think Detroit needs another aging wing – they need some youth and energy. I understand why they would want Doan – for his leadership and veteran presence, but I think they might be able to find that in a trade or sign someone like Arnott for a year or two at a lower cost.

  3. Signing a older player as a UFA at a cheap price for one year is OK, but no way should Wings trade younger players for a aging, expensive player as it will make the future harder for Detroit to deal with. Wings are getting too old, too fast and at some point they have to face that fact.

  4. It really doesn’t sound like anything is going to happen as far as trades or signings until the Cba is figured out. If the cap rolls back without players salary rolling back players like bouwmester may come cheaper after the Cba rather then now. Would also have teams like wild maybe looking at moving backstrom, Canucks would HAVE to move luongo, Bruins may look more seriously at moving krecji. If I were detroit I would stand pat with my extra cap space and depending on what plays out you may be in a great spot to take salary on without paying the higher prices it would cost now.

  5. I really am a bit tired of doan and the fact he hasn’t signed one way or another. S or get off the pot already. unreal. what a dope.

  6. keeping in mind what Jrd18 said, that the asking prices might come down after the new CBA; Detroit and Philly are contending teams looking for a stable minute-eating d-man. J-Bo is only 28 with 2years left on his contract who doesn’t get hurt. Those facts may keep his value high and create a bit of a bidding war. Plus re-signing him for 4-6 years for ~5mil seems relatively reasonable.
    Forget Filpula et al, if Calgary could just get Cory Emmerton or Matt Read from Philly, that’d be great for Calgary. wishful thinking?

  7. If the cap does come down without some sort of salary roll back (which I think is unlikely) there would have to be a cap free buy-out period. I am sure that every team (especially those that would be in cap trouble) have at least one or more contracts they could do without. I do not see any team being really hurt by a cap reduction, only the players who will lose their jobs.

  8. Change of teams here but I thought I would throw this up anyways:

    Eberle plus parts for Subban plus parts. Does it make sense for either team?

  9. I would trade emmorton and 2nd pick for jobo then trade ericson and a 1st to leafs for dion, that would shore up the wings defence

    • That is why you aren’t a GM. If you think that either of those teams would accept that, you are on crack.

  10. doan is a duschbag.

    • Perfect candidate to sign with the Flyers, Rangers or Bruins then. :-))

  11. What would it take for the Pens to get Bouwmeester? We really could use a number 2 D here. He isn’t the preferred type of D that we need, but he wouldn’t be bad. That being said, I’d much rather go after Phaneuf, if he would be available.

    • Phaneuf awhile probably be available if the leafs stumble to start the season. Would be interested to know what others would think he is worth? I’d think more then what kaberle got but less then what pronger got.

      • It depends on what the Leafs want. If they want to rebuild, we could include 1 or 2 of Morrow/Pouliot/Dumoulin/Harrington/Despres for him. If they want to stay in contention, I’d just steer clear of that. You also have to look at his previous trade, which was him, Aulie, and Sjostrom for Ian White, Stajan, Hagman and Mayers. Toronto gave up a top-4 D, a center with 41 P in 55 G, a 20 G scorer and a grinder for Phaneuf, a role player and a good D prospect. That doesn’t take into affect the player development/regression in previous years. It would definitely include a 1st and one of our top D prospects. And it would include more.

        • Thank God you aren’t making any decisions for Mario Lemieux …

          • Well you are just an idiot. If you actually think Phaneuf is not even worth a prospect and a 1st, you are an idiot.

    • And you said Jack was on crack? I don’t think you will be getting Shero’s job anytime soon.

      • Pens don’t need any more puck moving D. They need a solid shut-down D. Phaneuf was fantastic before he came to Toronto. He is the type of number 2 D that we need. He also has a shot that we have been missing since Gonchar. So, be quiet. Phaneuf has a combination of Orpik’s hitting ability and Gonchar’s shot. Not to mention that if we would trade for him that would let us either trade some of our D prospects for wingers or let him walk via free agency if we need the space to resign Letang and Malkin.

  12. Phanuef is worth the same as kaberle was… Maybe less!! You guys don’t think before you write.. Why deal and 80 point player in eberle for subban makes no sense. JBo is not getting traded for scraps either so stop thinking you’ll just pick him up for a second round pick and some bum!! Give your heads a shake. Leafs don’t make the playoffs… Again!! I already bet on it hahahahahhhahahah leafs

    • I really think he is worth more that Kaberle. He would be a good number 2 D, but he isn’t good enough to lead the D group. I think Morrow, a 1st and another player(s) could get it done. I do like your hatred of the Leafs, but you have to be realistic. Phaneuf is a good D, but he is on a bad team.

      • Morrow, a 1st and another asset for Phaneuf??? Wow, and I thought Mike Milbury was incompetent …that’s the exact type of trade that sets teams back for years … shut down your computer and slowly back away from the keyboard …

        • Oh wise being, since you are the most intelligent life form on this planet, what shall the trade be?

  13. LOL I gotta say that these Mapleleaf fans on here are out of their minds. Either that or they are into that red Kool-aid again! Im not sure what the deal is but why do you Leaf lovers think that your players are superior and can be involved in big trades with big name players? The suggestions of certain players in a package for someone like Ryan or Doan is just wishfull thinking. Your team is thin…. very thin at just about every position with mediocre talent. Your team needs a total overhaul and a new G.M. Then and only then will you be a competing team.. Your looking at 5-6 years before the leafs make any noise and thats ONLY if the right buttons are pushed and Burke is gone.

    • I thought that was what the Leafs have been trying to do for the past 10 years but the fans won’t allow a rebuild and thus the GM churn, roster churn continues…instead of stockpiling and doing something with these high picks, they trade up for Schenn and then let him go to Philly…deal 3 of them for Kessel (a minus 20)…deal 3 for Phaneuf…and then fire the coach because they fell apart down the stretch…very tough to be a Leafs fan…bring back Sittler to be GM…at least it will be nostalgic.

  14. Everyone shouldnt be suprised late August or early September you will see JBO traded to one of Wings/Philly and i will throw Canadiens/Bruins/Stl in there (last three have been in and out of that rumour mill). Feaster WILL get whatever he wants and that being a top 6 young forward plus a 2nd round draft pick.My bet would be on Philly and it will probably be Vorachek going back the other way. As it stands right now it looks like Philly will only have 2-3 “Starters” suiting up on the point and the rest will be made up of unknowns.Holgram has more on the line than Holland.

  15. Phaneuf has a terrible attitude. I would not want that cancer in my dressing room. Bouwmeester is a nice guy but disappears when the game gets tough. He is a #3 d-man at best on any team that would have a shot at the cup. He is overpaid for what he brings to a team.

    • This brief analysis is spot on …

  16. That Eberle to Subban makes sense as Edm needs defense help.
    But Eberle is way better and I don’t see Edm moving him.
    Montreal needs toughness in their division and trade makes no sense for them as Subban is the only tough guy they have.
    Not saying he’s the toughest guy on the team but the only guy who plays hard every night and will fight and hit.
    Being a Bruins fan and watching Montreal in person last year that’s what I saw.

  17. Also agree Burke destroyed the Leafs and cannot believe he is still there.
    I guess his pryer good deals while gm of other teams is keeping him around.

    • And the leafs where good before burke?

  18. Phaneuf and Reimer for Luongo? That would help both teams. Nucks also get a backup in case Schneider struggles. I could even see a 3 team scenario where Philly acquires Phaneuf for one of their young forwards.

  19. @illya_communication,
    I like it. Swap Phanueuf for Matt Read and a 2nd or 3rd pick.

  20. No way the Wings offered Fillpula and Ericason for JaBo! Maybe a 3rd liner and a prospect, that’s all he’s worth!!