Latest Red Wings Rumors – August 9, 2012.

Conflicting reports out of Detroit regarding the Red Wings search for a defenseman.

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports the Red Wings still need a defenseman, and there’s still some available in the UFA market (Michal Rozsival, Carlo Colaiacovo, Brett Clark), but the current CBA negotiations have “thrown a monkey wrench” into the Wings plans and those of other NHL clubs. If salaries are slashed, some teams might be forced to dump salaries to become cap compliant, which could provide the Wings with more choices for defensemen.

Red Wings pursuing Bouwmeester?

MLIVE.COM: Brendan Savage reports a team source claimed the Red Wings have been talking with the Calgary Flames about defenseman Jay Bouwmeester. Savage also suggests if the salary cap is reduced, it could force the Flames (currently sitting with over $66 million in payroll) to shed some salary, which could make Bouwmeester a trade candidate. Savage believes the Wings are concerned the Philadelphia Flyers, who recently lost Andrej Meszaros to a season-ending Achille tendon injury, could make a pitch for Bouwmeester.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the cap goes down, salaries could also be rolled back (if the league gets its way), so there wouldn’t be any need for teams to shed salary as they’ll still remain under the cap. That being said, it’s apparent the CBA talks is having an effect upon the UFA market, and upon the Wings efforts to bolster their blueline. It’ll be interesting to see if the trend continues, especially with the Flyers now definitely in need of more blueline depth. Bouwmeester could be available, but it now seems Flames GM Jay Feaster is reluctant to move him, or even shake up his roster. Of course, if the cap goes down but salaries aren’t rolled back, Feaster would have to shed some salary and Bouwmeester would be an obvious choice. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.


  1. Bouwmeester is basically very overpaid Carle. Maybe Bouwmeester is a little better but not by much. I doubt Flyers are interested.

    • If it has skates and plays D – Philly should be interested.

  2. If the cap is reduced at all without a salary rollback, the Flyers would be in the same boat as the Flames in needing to shed some salary, making the suggestion that they’re pursuing Jay Bouwmeester ludicrous.

    The Red Wings, on the other hand, have ample cap space ($13M available) to acquire a guy like J-Bo if they desire to, but I believe Ken Holland & co. will probably wait to see how the CBA pans out before making any significant acquisitions.

    • Thewes you seem to forget that the Flyers can put Meszeros and Pronger on LTIR and gain another $9 mill to their already %3.5 mill in cap space. I don’t think cap is the issue and they would be stupid to not at least consider JBO, and depending on asking price trade for him.

      • Not forgetting that fact at all, it’s just not a foregone conclusion and therefore, can’t really be counted on at this point. I realize that both of those situations are extremely likely, but there is also the uncertainty surrounding the CBA negotiations to be accounted for. I don’t think Feaster is going to just give Bouwmeester away unless a desperate situation arises (like a significant cut to the salary cap without a corresponding rollback). If Holmgren didn’t want to part with assets like Couturier, Schenn, Simmonds, etc for Shea Weber, I highly doubt he will part with them for Bouwmeester, who is lucky to be considered a shadow of what Weber brings to the table.

        • The fact they went after Weber says that they obviously plan on getting the money from somewhere and most likely LTIR, so why not use that same money to get JBO. To land him all they will need to give up is a decent draft pick and a prospect. They definatley won’t have to give up Simmonds, Schenn, Couturiere or Read. Maybe they would give up a guy like Bourdon and a 2nd

  3. J-Bo for Abdelkater and Emmerton, already in the mix.

    • I hope not, that’s a terrible trade. I’ve said this before, this has to be a hockey trade, not a financial one. The Flames are close to the salary cap but they have no need for more room right now so what’s the point of giving away their top dman who logs the third most minutes in the entire NHL? The Flames should get a top 6 forward and a prospect or draft pick. Obviously they’d have to send something with JBo as well.

  4. My My how the mighty have fallen…

  5. I believe that the Cap ceiling will go down without rollbacks. It shows that the last rollback failed and shouldn’t be included in every CBA! IMO, the cap will be soft and tied to revenue sharing and not assets.

    As for the Flyers, with Pronger likely off the books, I can’t see a problem currently, but I doubt that they are pursuing Bouwmeester, not with the Flames needing to shed the cap hit also. Of course this is all speculation on my part when the CBA is finalized.

  6. Let’s not forget that after this season Timmonen and his $6.3 mil is off the Flyers books. Combined with Pronger and Meszaros this year the Flyers have plenty of wiggle room.

    • It might be a better idea then, to plug in a band-aid solution or let the younger defensemen like Bourdon and Gustafsson show what they can do at the NHL level for the 2012-13 season, then go after the most attractive UFA defenseman to replace Timonen/Carle/Pronger next off-season instead.
      With the young players the Flyers have at the NHL level already (Couturier, Schenn, Simmonds, Bourdon, Gustafsson, etc…), their window to contend isn’t necessarily closing that quickly. With a few additions on the blueline coupled with Meszaros returning to full health, Philly’s best shot might be 2013-14.

  7. The Wings will be alright one way or another. They play a good team game. It may take a mid season trade for them to get a top notch guy to somewhat replace Lidstrom.

    • No one replaces Lidstrom

  8. gotta love the flyer’s troubles right now. couldn’t happen to a better team!

    • and we love you trolling our team. …lemme guess you are either from some envious city like Pittsburgh or a still sore Nashvillian that thinks Holmgren is the devil for going after your prescious captain?

  9. I could see Calgary pushing hard for someone like Filpulla or Helm as the return for J-Bo.

    For some reason J-Bo reminds me of a Rafalski or Murphy. A talented d-man somewhat underated that in a good structure could be an extremely productive and useful d-man.

  10. I could see something like Fillpula, Ericsson and a low round draft pick.. makes sense for both teams

  11. just alittle nervous or maybe anxious as a pens fan.i think they should go all out to get ryan.whether you give up draft picks and paul martin or prospects and paul martin,get ryan.imagine crosby,dupuis,ryan-malkin,neil,kuntiz-wow.any body looking for some def. prospects.hell we have 8 to 10 serious nhl caliber guys.hint-you usually only have 6 defenseman per game.i also think we got alittle jobed in the staal deal and not by what we got in return.because staal turn down a contract the exact same as he sign with carolina.he flat out made it impossible to deal with anybody else but carolina,good for staal-not so good for the was easy for carolina because he let it be known he was going there at the end of his contract anyways.

    • where is the grit? where is the toughness coming from other than Derek Engelland, a #6 d-man? Shero had to deal Staal now and got the best deal he could, Staal made it clear he was leaving after this year … so Shero had little leverage … the days of watching top 6 forwards and top 4 d-man leave for unrestricted FA are over … you have to deal them for assets or you will drop behind the pack … Ryan would be a great acquisition, especially if Shero can convince Murray to take some trash like Kennedy & Martin … Shero has stockpiled all of these young d-men … let ’em play!

  12. If JayBo goes to the Wings, expect him to play a lot better than he is in Calgary. Detroit seems to have magic jerseys that make their players play better than they really are (except Datsyuk).

  13. Is jaybo really worth more than datsyuk ?lets not panic yet I think brenden smith is going to surprise a lot of people ! I think ken holland is smart to wait it out instead of over paying for a player the team as it is now can still make the playoffs! Let’s wait til the cba is done instead of jumping into a ridiculous contract !( Doan 4 years 7 mil per!wtf!)