Latest Reimer, Moulson and Jokinen Rumors – March 19, 2014

This could be James Reimer’s final season with the Maple Leafs, Matt Moulson doesn’t expect to return to the Islanders as a free agent, and Jussi Jokinen hopes to re-sign with the Penguins. 

James Reimer could be playing his final games with the Maple Leafs.

James Reimer could be playing his final games with the Maple Leafs.

SPORTSNET.CA: Chris Johnston reports Toronto Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer and his agent weren’t pleased with the tepid response from Leafs coach Randy Carlyle of Reimer’s performance during the Leafs 3-2 loss to the Detroit Red Wings. Johnston noted Reimer, a restricted free agent this summer, felt earlier this season he didn’t feel he was given the same opportunity as Jonathan Bernier to prove himself. 

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: James Mirtle reports Reimer hasn’t had a poor season, noting his .927 save percentage in even-strength situations. He also points out Reimer has a career save percentage of .915, “tied with Craig Anderson, Jonas Hiller, Jimmy Howard and Cam Ward. It’s ahead of Corey Crawford and way ahead of Steve Mason and Ondrej Pavelec”. Mirtle believes this season could be Reimer’s last with the Leafs, and what games he plays this season could give rival clubs in need of goaltending depth (like the NY Islanders) a chance to evaluate him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Reimer is as good as gone via trade this summer, probably by the NHL Draft in late-June or in the days leading up to the draft. He no longer has a future in Toronto. The Islanders and the Calgary Flames could be among his suitors. 

ESPN.COM: Katie Strang reports Minnesota Wild winger Matt Moulson doesn’t anticipate returning to the NY Islanders, where he played most of his NHL career, as a free agent this summer. “It’s been said that I wasn’t in the future plans, so I don’t think that will quickly change,” Moulson said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Moulson was seeking an astronomical amount from the Islanders to re-sign, trading him earlier this season was a blunder. Moulson was clearly surprised by the trade, telling Strang he believed he would spend the rest of his career with the Islanders. Big mistake trading away a guy who wants to stay. He has terrific chemistry with John Tavares. 

TRIBLIVE.COM: Josh Yohe recently reported versatile forward Jussi Jokinen hopes to re-sign with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He’s an unrestricted free agent this summer and the club’s front office and coaching staff have been pleased with his performance. He’s also been a mentor for Penguins rookie  and fellow Finn Olli Maatta.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the salary cap comes in for next season at the original projection of $71.1 million, the Penguins will have $15.9 million in cap space. Jokinen’s annual cap hit is $3 million, split this season between the Penguins and his former club, the Carolina Hurricanes. If Jokinen is willing to accept similar salary or a slight raise the Penguins will retain him.


  1. Why do you think Reimer’s as good as gone next season? He’s an RFA with no bargaining rights other than arbitration… The Leafs have no depth at goaltending after Reimer on the depth chart, and any UFA backup will probably cost them something similar to whatever Reimer asks for in the summer.

    • Bernier is the Leafs main man between the pipes. Reimer is clearly better than a backup, and it’s apparent Carlyle and Nonis don’t think that highly of him. It could cost them more to re-sign him, especially considering they don’t exactly have a lot of cap space to play with this summer (and especially if the cap comes in lower than projected). I noted at least two clubs who could have serious interest in Reimer. He’ll make a good trade chip for the Leafs this summer. He’s as good as gone.

    • Why should Carlyle coddle Reimer, he said he played ok!! The lost the game!!! If they won maybe the comments would have changed. Reimer is becoming a suck. Give up less rebounds, handle the puck better, don’t let Nyquist’s second goal in!
      The whole team has to start playing great in order to go anywhere in the playoffs if they make it!

      • Jimmy you clearly have no clue if you think Reimer is a suck.

        Lyle you are 100% right. Good as gone and I suspect Burke will want him and Nonis will move him for a subpar return to his good friend.

    • This sounds like the same scenario the Kings were in last year with Bernier. They already had their chosen number one guy. They would have loved to have kept Bernier, if they had the room under the cap. But, Bernier was not interested in staying behind Quick and was held off from signing a deal.

      The Leafs will either get a second round pick for him or have to sign him to a one year deal above what he is worth. If they do that, then they will lose him as a UFA the following summer.

      • And Id say the Leafs do have a couple decent pprospects for a back up role, goaltending is probably the biggest strength of the Marlies this year and they have used all 3 guys. Its not really proven NHL depth but there will be cheaper alternatives to Reimer, no need for a 3 million dollar plus backup.

        • Reimer may ask for the moon just to ensure he gets out this summer.
          This is another goalie that the Leafs are letting slide away. He carried them in the playoffs last year and now he’s a back up??
          To everyone who feels he is just a back up, Your teams defense is bad ,most shots on goal allowed, and they don’t score as many with him in the net.
          Yeah that’s it, he should be better…..seriously??

          • He is a good goalie, not a great goalie. Plus he played one round and lost. Great goalies with a 4-1 lead with less than 9 minutes to play do not give up the lead and lose. Reimer is good not great but he will want great goalie dollars in the off season which will lead to him being a goner. Another reason, the goalie market has lots of goalies available which the leafs can sign cheaper. His value is that he is a RFA which any team acquiring him can match a contract if someone signs him. I for one wish the leafs would start trading some of the so called great players they have to improve their team. example Schenn got them JVR. I can only imaging what Gardiner could get them, or what Reimer could have netted earlier in the year.

  2. Given the weird way the Islanders dealt with Matt Moulson and Thomas Vanek this year, I would imagine that John Tavares will move on as soon as he is a free agent.
    And I could see James Reimer in Vancouver, at least long enough to be traded, because it’s common knowledge out here that you can never have too few good goalies.

    • Tavares in the mean time is stuck in NY till the end of the 2017-2018 season. A lot can change in 4 1/2 years. I would imagine the Islanders moving to Brooklyn will bring more people in the seats, and help this team grow.

      • Having more money from paying customers won’t help if your GM is totally incompetent and your owner doesn’t care.

        • I would imagine Garth Snow’s days are numbered. As far as ownership, I think it’s more of not knowing than not caring. A better Gm will make a difference. Plus something that seldom talked about. The Islanders have one of the deepest prospect pools in the league.

          • Agree, they do have one of the deepest prospect pool’s but I wonder if they may trade some of the prospects for established players. Fans are tired of losing and they lost McDonald & Vanek for more picks / prospects.
            They are becoming the Oilers of the east, Loads of youth, low results.

          • They seem to be building from the back end outward which I think is a good thing. They need to stop worrying about finding complimentary players for Tavares imo. They need to start building depth on other lines. Tavares could play with my grandmother and grandfather on both sides and make them look good. Maybe pick up Reimer. Overpay for some short term depth at forward and maybe even a guy like Callahan. They have some solid guys. Okposo, Nielsen, Baily and Grabner. The Isles did make the post season last year….I know I’m about to get slaughtered but I don’t see them as bad as I see Edmonton. Considering Tampa Bays rapid turn around from the 2 years prior…anything is possible.

          • If Garths days are numbered, I bet they take a long look at Darcy Regeir.

  3. Carlyle should never be allowed around young developing players, he is toxic, Wilson would be better around young players. Carlyle screwed up a lot of young Ducks, doing the same with leafs.

    • If Wilson is so good, why isn’t he in Edmonton instead of Dallas?

      • Did say Wilson was good. Said Wilson would be better handling youth than Carlyle.
        Both ARE horrible, Didn’t praise Wilson it was degrading Carlyle to the point of I’d rather have the guy you replaced.

        • Sorry, trying to say “DIDN’T say Wilson was good”

          • alforducks
            Bang on buddy. Besides ruining Reimer he has also destroyed Lupul’s confidence and abilities since he arrived. When this guy gets a hate on that player is banished for good.

            So how is the Bernier/Reimer experiment going now? It was doomed from the start.

          • Wilson buried Kadri didnt really do much for Gardiner didn’t really trust Franson….not so sure he was any better for development. There is alot to not like about Randy but he has given some younger players a shot, getting rid of Grabo and giving minutes to Kadri playing Franson as a 3-4 guy instead of a bottom pairing guy who can play on the pp(terrible decision but gives him an opportunity). I am not much a fan of Carlyle and think he makes terrible decisions in game as well as with the line up and systems but I will say he develops younger players better than Wilson. If you look at the hole picture of when Wilson and Randy were with the Sharks and Ducks are more examples.

          • They both suck

          • Im not sure he destroyed Lupuls confidence there was injury issues players had to be moved around and all he said was Reimer played “ok”, do you think he played great? Same coach that has supposedly desyroyed Lupuls confidence as the one that had Lupul flying last year, as I said I’m not a big fan of Randy but its stupid to pin guys having kind of, not bad years but not great years production wise on him. Reimer has been alright but not great same as Lupul. Thats not coaching thats on the players. Putting McClement on the ice when youre down by 1 with 3 mins left, not calling a time out, not using a fourth line, the weird defensive shell he employs these are coaching issues. Not Lupuls or Fransons lack of offense or Reimer playing like he is wearing 2 blockers instead of a trapper those things are on the players.

  4. I thought Reimer would be traded at the deadline, but there were so many good goalies in play that there wasn’t much of a market for him.

    • Nonis knew he couldn’t trade Reimer in case Bernier went down to injury and low and behold look what happens. One thing Nonis was clueless about was the fact Reimer hadn’t played much and was super rusty along with the fact his confidence was shot all due to Carlyle’s lousy treatment so it will take him at least 4 or 5 games to regain his composure. So instead of lying low this idiot coach is out there showing displeasure with James? I would laugh if the Leafs went on a downward skid and missed the playoffs and Carlyle got fired all because he was to stupid to keep Reimer sharp and make him feel like part of the team and that he had a legitimate shot at the number one spot this season. Terrible coaching is all it boils down too.

      • The excuse that Reimer is “rusty” is grade A bunk.The team practices every day,almost.Seems to me that there are 29 other backups in the league who spend long stretches on the bench, but do just fine when they are called upon.The fact that Reimer “hasn’t been given a chance” is also bull.Reimer has played 25 or more games so far this year…how many games do you expect a backup to play?

        • “terrible coaching is all it boils down to”,,.Really?? Do you actually believe that the fact that Reimer has shown an inability to make the big saves when it matters most has absolutely nothing to do with it?

          • Not sure how its a head coaches job to keep a goalie “sharp”, and a third of a season is a fair amount of games. I agree its not all on Reimer, the d is terrible right now they need 2 d men to play in the top 4 Gunnarsson and Franson are terrible in their own end, and playing Franson with Gardiner is asking for trouble. 7 D men and in reality only 2 of them capable of being top 4 types on most other teams is a big problem when this is the case you need great goaltending and Reimer hasnt showed that this year. Bernier has been better.

  5. Just curious where all the Giroux is overrated have gone.

    The man is the best in the league right now, and has been for the last 3 months.

    Now 4th in the league for points, most points in the league since Dec11, and only 3 points out of 2nd overall.

    Take away the first 10 games or so due to his wrist injury, and the guy has been the superstar we expected.

    • Comment must have been deleted – Provided a link to they have an article on Giroux that was fun to read and well deserved.

      @gary Completely agree… I believe it was “Jango” who was calling for Claude and just about every other Flyer to be traded at some point this season.

      • Yep..he was one of them…there was a lot saying he is not worth his contract…

        Sorry for being off topic…but hey..slow day around here.

  6. Spector, how would you feel if the Habs spent $6,000,000 per season to sign Matt Moulson this summer? This is what he sought from the Isles and it was a non starter. As good of a player as he is, he is not worth that money on a long term deal. I think we can all agree on that.

    • Two things. First, I noted the possibility of Moulson seeking too much. Second, it sounds to me as though $6 million was simply a starting point in negotiations. Rather than negotiate further (as talks were apparently brief), Snow traded him away. Now, he’s left with very little for his efforts. Snow could’ve negotiated further. After all, Tyler Bozak sought $6 million per last season and the Leafs got him to accept $4.9 million per. Surely Snow could’ve tried to negotiate a little more rather than making what appears to be a knee-jerk gamble.

      • Bozak is 4.2 not trying to be “one of those guys”, but after all the belly aching about bad contracts I just like that to be clear…lol

      • I don’t think it is unreasonable for Moulson to get $5,000,000+ on the open market, apparently the Isles were not willing to do this.

        There were other concerns, such as with his skating and his ability to elevate Tavares’s game. The Isles want a star alongside Tavares and Okposo going forward.

        I can’t fault for trying, better than sitting on his hands. That said, he is going to have to have a real active summer to turn this team around and save face.

  7. Think about this; in the Reimer vs. Carylye back and forth substitute Holtby for Reimer and Oates for Carlyle–don’t they look a lot alike?