Latest Reimer Rumors – March 21, 2014

Will James Reimer request a trade in the off-season? Could the Jets be a destination? 

Could Reimer request a trade this summer?

Could James Reimer request a trade this summer?

CBS SPORTS: Brian Stubits cites a reports by TSN’s Darren Dreger suggesting James Reimer could request a trade in the off-season.  Dreger claims Reimer, a restricted free agent this summer,  is uncomfortable in a backup role and could “respectfully” request a trade this summer. Stubits believes there won’t be a lot of trade options but suggests the Winnipeg Jets could be an option for the Manitoba native.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Gary Lawless reports Jets management has goalie questions to answer before next season. If the Jets decide to bring in outside help, Lawless suggested Reimer as a trade option.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stubits and Lawless noted Pavelec has three more seasons (at an annual cap hit of $3.9 million) remaining on his contract. If the Jets decide to add Reimer or another goaltender they’ll have to do something about Pavelec’s contract.  The Jets still have both their compliance buyouts and could go that route with Pavelec. Other trade options for Reimer included the New York Islanders, Calgary Flames and perhaps the Vancouver Canucks. While the Canucks acquired Jacob Markstrom in the Roberto Luongo trade with Florida they could shop him to make room for Reimer.  The Anaheim Ducks could also be a suitor if they fail to re-sign Jonas Hiller.  


  1. Fingers crossed hope for Snow or Gills. Nonis is pretty decent with trades heres hoping he deals with a GM who is not.

  2. I was thinking the same Shticky! haha

  3. I really think it will be the Flames who land him. They have spoke about getting a goalie to grow with the team, Burke likes Riemer, and he would be the undisputed #1 over in Flame Country. I am not sure what they would give up, or what the Leafs would be asking for in return out of Calgary, A larger deal that sees them land a Giordano/Smid would probably be a blessing for the Leafs defense … or maybe just a pool of picks, something similar to the Bernier deal.

    • JJB, hahahahaha thanks for the laugh, but No Giordano is being considered for the Norris trophy with his play this year and has a cap hit of $4 mill per for another few years. I can safely say that the Leafs WON’T be landing him especially for a back up goalie. You will be lucky to get a 2nd rounder for Reimer. He is worse than Bernier (obviously), and Bernier got LA a 2nd a back up goalie who was considered a throw in and a 4th liner (at best).

      • But salary was an issue there King, they may have been able to get more but better players = bigger contracts. The Kings got a second round pick and 2 guys that could go in the line up for less than a million bucks. I agree Reimer may not get more than a second but there was more to the Bernier deal than the players involved.

        • Reimer will pull in a third round pick MAYBE.
          He really has proven nothing but carries promise.
          I can see Burke offering up something by way of late round picks allowing the Leafs to shed the salary.
          I know Leaf fans like to over value their players but it ain’t going to happen here. I like Reimer but his value comes by way of saving Cap space not players coming back. For that reason I can see Burke stepping up.

    • Pool of picks for Reimer? Giordano or Smid? What are you smoking man? No GM in there right minds would offer that much for him. Not even Snow or Gillis. Look what Edmonton got Fasth and Scrivens for. That would be the basis in a return for Reimer. Your implying Reimer would get you a Miller type of a bounty… Not going to happen. He’s nothing but a glorified backup.

  4. I’ve always thought that Winnipeg was a good fit for Reimer, though Pavelec complicates things. Although he could stay there as a back up, competition would help both goalies perform well. He would be a hometown favourite.

    More realistically he lands in Calgary for a mid round pick (I would love Smid or Giordano but don’t see it happening)… realistically what value does he have, he can’t catch or control rebounds… most AHL goalies can do that better than him.

    I am stunned if any GMs believe in Reimer as a starter!

    • I wouldnt be surprised that another GM in the league thinks he has better D than the Leafs. Reimer is a starter or at least a very good 1 b type goalie who is having a little trouble this year and could use a fresh start. Again Im not so sure he is an elite type starter but could be an improvement to quite a few teams. Tough to judge Reimer on the way this year has gone. Most shots by a tonne in the NHL most giveaways by a team, adv stats has 5 of the Leafs D among the worst in the NHL. Reimer hasnt been great but plenty of reasons for him to get a shot somewhere else.

  5. I hope he gets traded solely because he deserves better then the treatment Toronto has given him. He was the only reason Toronto even lasted 7 games against Boston. He’s also a huge reason why they made the playoffs in the first place, yet there was admitted attempts at bringing in a “better” goalie. The season before he was playing great until the cheap shot elbow that Gionta gave him and he had a hard time getting back to form that season (which happens to so many good players). The season before that he was a revelation for the team.

    In other words, look at the history and he keeps having to prove his team wrong in second-guessing him and when Bernier came there was not a single person who believe their rhetoric that they were going to fight for the job. Reimer got the harder starts, and the team played very differently in front of the two – not to mention Bernier was handed a contract almost twice in value to Reimer’s. Keeps getting shafted by his own team. He deserves better.

  6. The problem I see with the Leafs and Reimer is that with a team like them that relies soooo much on goaltending, why would they want to trade away an effective and cost controlled asset like him? If Bernier gets injured for an extended time or cools off significantly, then what? Do they turn to a guy that’s never played in the NHL or sign a back up for a little more than half as much as Reimer might get and about half as good?