Latest Rumors on Jay Bouwmeester – August 10, 2012.

Speculation links Calgary Flames defenseman Jay Bouwmeester to several teams, including the Detroit Red Wings.


Interest in Bouwmeester on the rise.

CALGARY HERALD: noted a report from claiming the Flames and Detroit Red Wings were in talks regarding a possible trade involving Flames defenseman Jay Bouwmeester. The Wings apparently increased their interest in Bouwmeester after learning the Philadelphia Flyers (who recently lost Andrej Mezsaros to a season-ending injury) could make an offer.

CALGARY SUN: Wes Gilbertson also noted the “Bouwmeester-to-Red Wings” rumors, as well as noting he’s been linked to the Flyers and St. Louis Blues. Gilbertson, however, pointed out the difficulty in replacing the minutes Bouwmeester plays, cautioning the Flames not to move him unless the return makes them a better team. He also pointed out Bouwmeester has two more years at $6.8 million per on his contract, along with a “no-trade” clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I had expected interest in Bouwmeester to increase after the Flyers failed effort to sign Shea Weber to an offer sheet, plus I also thought he’d be the first to go if GM Jay Feaster was keen to shake up the roster. While I’m not surprised about the former, I’m starting to have my doubts about the latter.

Feaster seems reluctant to shake things up this summer, though if the Red Wings, or any of the teams believed interested in “Jay-Bo” ,were to offer up a good, young scoring forward, the Flames GM might be willing to listen. The current CBA talks could also put the brakes on possible moves by the Flames. Feaster may be getting calls for Bouwmeester, but he might prefer to be patient and see what the next CBA contains before making any decisions on Bouwmeester.


  1. After Feaster took over I thought that would be it, he would slowly start moving guys out and rebuilding with younger players. If he doesn’t move boumester imo it will be another year of delaying what needs to be done. If they did what florida did 2 years ago and sold off and picked up as many young guys and draft picks as possible they would be set for years.

  2. Flyers

    Please don’t roast me AGAIN!
    But Ive been posting for the last 8 months about a trade with the Flyers and Flames and how it would involve Bouwmeester & Kipprusoff …..I see this as even a bigger need now for the Flyers as they have a weak goaltemnder tied to a long term deal that they really dont want anymore …If there defense is going to be SUBPAR this year and looks as it will by all accounts then Bryzgalov is going to struggle BIGTIME!
    Holmgrem has to se this and has to be very worried about this situation….the Flyers need insulation for Bryzgalov or he will get torched this year …the Flyers like to play an offensive game and have a hard time producing points on the back end with the injuries but they are also lacking toughness and a true grit defensman at this point!
    id say they need to bolster the Goaltending as soon as possible ….they would have to send a significant piece to the Flames in this type of deal …Iam not tryingh to stir the pot or create rumours ..Ive just been posting this scenario for moinths now and could see a time when this might come up …I think Holmgren really needs to look at this situation!

    • And who’s going to be the flames goaltender? If the Flyers didn’t want to include their top young players in a Shea Weber trade then what are they going to offer for Kipper?

      Even tho he’s one of the best in the world, his career is almost done. It would take alot to get him from the flames. And even tho J-Bo hasn’t been the same since Florida he eats alot of mins in all the roles and I could see him returning to form.

    • Slap, I agree that the Flyers need to shore up their D. In my mind, they need 2 D-men – a puck moving offensive minded D and then a stay at home. I think Hannan can fill the stay at home void, but I think Philly could use someone like Leopold, Tallinder, Bogosian and maybe make a trade for one of them.

      • The Devils would never trade tallinder to the flyers unless they were making a steal.

    • Bryzgalov is the Flyers goalie whether you like it or not. And no offense, even tho I think the Flyers are gonna take a step back, to say Bryz is gonna get torched is a bit of a stretch. They replaced Carle with Schenn ..upgrade ..and lost Mezaros who didn’t play much last year ..push. As unspectacular as Bryz was last year, his GAA, SP and win total suggest that he did he not get torched last year and, if anything, should be more comfortable and better now with a full year under his belt.

    • Stop with the Flyers need a goalie! Brys had a bad year. That doesn’t wipe out what he has done in his career. Wasn’t it Homer who said kipper is a fading star? By the way you think Mike Smith stinks and shouldn’t have got a shot with the yotes. Remeber he lost his job to a 41yr old and was sent to the ahl. FLYERS WILL NOT GET A GOALIE! They need to fix the D and Bryz will be fine.

  3. Guh. Stop. Just stop. Enough with the Kiprusoff to Philly talk Slap. There is absolutely ZERO logic used in your thought process here.

    With that contract, the Flyers are tied to Bryzgalov for better or for worse, here’s the LOGIC used to explain why:
    – The Flames are not going to take on that contract in a trade for Kipper/J-Bo since they would be trying to LOSE contracts with high cap hits and/or significant term left
    – If he’s really as bad a goalie as you think he is (which is doubtful in itself) then no other team is going to trade for him either
    – The Flyers can’t demote him due to his NMC
    – To buy out Bryzgalov on June 15th, 2013 (their first opportunity to do so, which would mean carrying both Kipper AND Bryz’ contracts through the entire 2012-13 season) would cost the Flyers far too much for far too long to make it a serious consideration
    – There is way too much uncertainty regarding the ongoing CBA negotiations to enter into trade talks of such magnitude without SIGNIFICANT cap space, just in case

    I don’t know what colour the sky is in your world Chris, but Calgary and Philadelphia have very little to talk about regarding trades. The Flyers have no need or space for Kiprusoff, and Feaster is going to demand young talent (Couturier, Schenn, etc) for Bouwmeester which Holmgren didn’t even want to move out for Weber. It’s just plain NOT going to happen. You can take that to the bank.

    If you don’t want to be roasted again, don’t bring it up again, simple.

  4. Slap & shot is a local idiot. Kiprusoff.. I mean really? Kiprusoff? Never mind that both Kiprusoff and Bryzgalov have NMC. Nevermind Bryzgalov’s contract.

    Going back to Flyers d-nce situation: Timonen, Schenn, Grossmann, Coburn and Bourdon are not perfect but it is not horrible. Puck moving defenceman is required but trading for 7M defenceman that average at pretty much everything with exception of skating does not sound crazy to anyone? Red Wings have cap space to burn. 5 to 1 says that Bouwmeester end’s up in Detroit.

  5. Just a point THewes and Nitro…..who saw the Flyers trading Richards and Carter? hmmm? and the situation HAS changed in Philly as Meszaros was ‘playing’ when they made the offer for Weber. now from having a team with Mez and Weber they are one without both. I also agree Bryz is a good goalie BUT his stats in Phoenix were great because they employed a solid defence first scheme….Philly’s defence….it is ‘ok’ but not much better than that….should be interesting…..

    • Richards & Carter were completely different situations in which the returns justified the trades themselves. Both were top value assets that were translated into very decent returns. Bryzgalov has very little trade value with his contract and the return for him wouldn’t be significant enough to justify the trade.
      All of this on top of the fact that Calgary seems reluctant to re-shape their team by moving out veterans for youth makes the likelihood of Kiprusoff finding his way to Philadelphia pretty much nil.

    • Mezaros was not playing when they went after Weber ..he had been hurt for the majority of the year and was still rehabbing ..just saying.
      Your other point is a great one ..maybe the Flyers don’t need another defenseman as much as they need Lavy to coach a more defensive responsible system. The Flyers d core, right now, is as good as Phoenix’s ever was when Bryz was there ..the difference? …the system.

  6. I’ve been saying that Feaster should blow up the flames for a couple of years now. However it appears he is going to keep with flames tradition and just miss the playoffs again. Trading Bouwmeester, Iginla, and Kiprusoff makes sense as they have only a couple of sure prospects in the system. I just can’t figure why flames management can’t see this. The problem of course is who will be willing to pay the price. I agree Bouwmeester will end up in Detroit.
    Since the Flyers are desperate for d-men, Burke should be on the phone pitching Komisarek. Hi Paul, this is BB, I will give you Komisarek, and a 7th, for some net silk and a bag of pucks.

  7. @ Marco

    Cheers thanks for the quality comment ….

    @ Nitroglyecerin…

    You obviuosly missed the sign in box on the Homepage where you were suppose to fill in your birth date and age
    there is no minors allowed here under the age of 7 years ….If you need to put people down for trying to have a conversation to make your penis size adaquate your in the wrong place buddy!Go play with your Thomas trains or Barbie dolls!

    @ Thewes ….

    I can see why this seems unreasonable to you or others…but I have to say that everything that has happened in the past year with trades …signings.. offer sheets …and stupid contracts …multi player deals …the Nash scenario ..the ubscene price tag on Doan and Bobby Ryan…. and the huge cash being offered to players for 12 – 14 years… is the way things have gone these days so what Iam suggesting is more reasonable than what is actaully happening in the real world of the NHL…… not beyond reality AT ALL….IMO

    Holmgren is looking for a game changer of a trade and is still HUNTING ONE DOWN ….trust me !

    I really see….as I have always felt Holmgren is very unhappy with Bryzgalov ..and is kicking himself for making his biggest mistake both on the player ..term and money paid out and would welcome a quality addition for the # 1 spot there ….
    A team that can take the contract and may be willing to swing a major deal would be the Flames …I have just had a true gut feeling on this for a long time ….the Flyers do not need more scoring and have the assets to make a deal upfront ..they need to bolster the back end which was weak before and has gotten tremendously weaker in that last few months in saying that Bryzgalov couldnt hold down the fort with the better defense they had he will be worse this year…and when things go wrong for him he gets worse because he cant handle it mentaly

    What would be the Flyers real need is to package something for the Flames to acquire a quality puck moving d man and a solid # 1 goalie if they expect to push deep all season and into the playoffs ….they should not be looking at Bobby Ryan but at a Goalie trade and d man in my opinion !

  8. Couturier or Schenn for Kipper, yeah never going to happen. Kipper is on his last legs and not worth a stud forward like them.

  9. The Flyers defense isn’t in as dire straits as many would think. I think Bryzy will improve this year, but at the same time, Lavy needs to back off on the constant attack mode and concentrate more on TEAM defense to help Bryzy out.

  10. I am going to put it this way …you can have B .Schenn , Giroux ,Coutourier, Voracek Hartnel , Brier, Read , Simmonds and even Bobby Ryan in some way … wont matter how much offence they have Bryzgalov is the weakest link …we just saw it in the playoffs this year ….the Flyers neede to score at least 5 goals a game to win every game …you have to give up something long term to get what you want and NEED right now or the Flyers will be wasting Girouxs talent …and there core…they want to win now!!!
    Coutourier …would have to go with Bryz for Boumeester and kipper..this also helpd the Flyers with long term cap issues by getting rid of Bryzgalovs money …its what Philly needs to do …and by moving out a player like will justify Feaster taking Bryzgalovs term by adding a franchise type player in the fold …it really makes both teams better fro there needs right now and over the next 2 years which is Phillies window of opportunity!Kipper only has 2 years left on his contract and can be traded this off season as per his NMC…if not Kipper than maybe another trade route for a better goalie

    • @Slap & shot, have you noticed how everyone told you that you are a moron? Probably not.

      By the way, here are Bryzgalov’s stats last year.
      October SV% .880
      November SV% .918
      December SV% .878
      January SV% .912
      February SV% .909
      March SV% .947

      Obviously, Bryzgalov did not have a great season and let’s be honest he flat out sucked at times but come on… He was a good goalie in the NHL for a while and he may bounce back. Let’s consider Flyers injuries and the number of rookies Flyers had. Not ALL of it was entirely Bryzgalov’s fault. There were a number of games where he had no help.

    • Thank you Alex, having a defense corps that includes Timonen-Coburn-Grossman-Schenn in the top four may not be the best in the League, but it’s far from the worst. I highly doubt that Holmgren is in panic mode right now.
      Steve is right on in saying that if Philly is looking on the trade market for a defenseman, a guy like Bogosian or Leopold make a great deal more sense to pick up rather than paying through the nose for Bouwmeester.

  11. Slap and Shot-
    Nobody is desperate enough to take on Bryzgalov’s contract after last season. Calgary certainly has no reason to downgrade their goaltending, it’s one of their best positions these days.

    You’re also talking about moving three ‘star’ players with movement clauses. Not sure if you saw the debacle with Rick Nash a few weeks ago, but I’d read up on it to educate yourself on how difficult it is to move one star player with a movement clause, let alone three. Sure it ‘could’ happen, but let’s come back to reality here; Nash asked for a trade and these three haven’t, so such a trade probably won’t happen. No reason to bet against the odds just to be different.

    The same goes for these silly Eklund-like fantasies of signing away a second-tier defenseman like Subban or Del Zotto via offer sheet. Their respective teams will match the offer unless Holmgren decides to pay them like superstars.

    If Philly’s really looking for a puck-moving defenseman, their best options right now are Carlo Coliacovo (whose name I’ve butchered) or Michal Rozsival, both free agents.

    One other thing. You beg us to believe you, but you have no sources to cite. To trust you without any actual insider information is to trust Larry Brooks or, god forbid, Eklund, based on word alone. Why should we believe you?

  12. We should really stop responding to these rumors about Bryzgalov. Just because crazy things have happened in the past, does not mean there is any legitimacy to this whatsoever.

    Funny how Bryz went from being one of the best goalies in the league to one of the worst in one season, despite going to Philly, one of the hardest places to be a successful goalie in the league.

    Holmgren is bold, yes. He is probably looking for a major move if he can land a star, yes. But there is no chance he is trading Bryz yet. You don’t give a guy a 10+ year contract if you’re not committed to him. To trade him after one season would be a major panic move and would really make him look like an idiot. It’s his second year in Philly now. Give the guy a chance to rediscover his game now that he’s used to the environment, team, fans, etc. If it doesn’t work, then you can START to consider the trade option, but as Thewes point out, why would other teams want the guy so badly if you dont!

  13. @ NITRO

    Guess you guys want to talk about Doan ..AGAIN!!!

    Its simple ..Philly needs a goalie ..he aint helping!!!

    If Philly is serious about JBO then they have to work a deal including Kipper ..The Flames will not have Iginla long and save $6.9 on Jbo so the Bryzgalaov contract is not that bad ..they need to hit the cap floor anyways and that is a good bargaining chip …Philly has way to much talent upfront it would be best to trade a top forward and a PKG for a d man and a top goalie…this is what is the need is …they can recoupe the loss in next years FREE agency and sign a big top name to replace Cotourier anyways with a Getzlaf or Perry or offersheet

    • 1) Where did Doan enter the conversation?
      2) Philly has a goalie, his name is Bryzgalov.
      3) Philly is not serious about Bouwmeester.
      4) Calgary has roughly the same cap space that Philly does, they don’t need to make insane deals to hit the cap floor.
      5) How do you replace a rookie player such as Couturier without knowing what his absolute ceiling is? While the probability is still questionable at this point, what if he ends up being a more significant NHL contributor than Getzlaf, Perry? Being a Leaf fan, surely you can speak to this while referencing the Rask for Raycroft trade…

    • @Slap & shot, Ok.. It is really tough to follow you now. You brought Iginla, Perry, Doan, Getzlaf into this thread on the top of Kipper and Bryzgalov with Jay-Bo. Get it together.

      P.S I do not think you should talk about possible trade of Cotourier. He is the only guy in Atlantic division or Easter Conference for that matter that can play against generational talent like Malkin and be successful. He is basically irreplaceable. I seriously doubt d-men Jay-Bo can stop or even slow down Malkin.

  14. we have heard it all before about Bryz we know he had an off year but come on do you guys really think Holmgren will trade him? its one bad year for christ sake. i understand philly is a hard hockey market to play in but Bryz will find himself and get back to the Bryz of old and not the Bryzaster we saw last season.
    Philly needs to implement some of the defencive styles that Tippet rolls with in PHX. IMO

  15. Slap, are you really that stupid? You want the Flyers to deal for a goalie with a cap hit over 6 million when they have another goalie with a high cap hit. What they need more is a D-Man

  16. As a Flyers fan, I’m okay with going into the regular season as is. No Mez/No Pronger. I think the blueline could use a little youth and would personally like to see Bourdon, Gus and even Manning vie for some ice time. I’m not totally against the idea of acquiring JBO but at what price? Besides, there are a handful of plug-ins available for free (not giving up prospects or roster) And we’ll have cap to add a few pieces during the season – deadline trades etc. I like Bouwmeester and he’d look great in a Flyers uni but 6.8 with another year remaining. I’d pass.

    I’ve been a long time reader – And this SlapShot guy is out to lunch. Kipper AND Bouwmeester, get a grip. I have and will continue to disregard any comment I see from this joker.

    • He means well, and I wouldn’t want to discourage people from posting, but comments should be based on reality. Real rumors with sources. To bring up an unfounded, and frankly illogical rumor, on many occasions, does not add anything to the site.

  17. Unless Feaster has a philosophical change in the direction he has the club headed he will not trade Kiprusoff. The flames organization is desperate to make the playoffs so why would they trade a solid performer for a guy who seems to implode when the pressure is on. As I said earlier they should shake things up but they won’t.
    If I were Holmgren I would not panic, at least not yet. There are some free agent d available if it comes to that. Problem is ,is that Holmgren loves to make deals and might not be able to help himself. If he becomes desperate enough he may move a young guy or two but I don’t think he is stupid enough to trade Schenn or Couturier.

  18. I dont think Jay Bo is leaving Calgary unless it’s to go to Detroit. But who does DET give up? I dont see why calgary would want Flip from Detroit when he is set to become a UFA after next season, it just doesnt make sense. I think Calgary would be after Tatar, Nyquist or Smith.

  19. @ Slap and Shot

    Go try those trades on NHL 12, even the game will laugh at you

  20. I think we should lay off of Slap. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it’s stupid. Listening to him rant and rave is like watching the Daily Show and having Jon Stewart (the rest of us) point out what crazy sh*t Glenn Beck or Bill O’reilly is going to say next on Fox. It’s pure entertainment value. Besides, things would be far more boring around here if we lost this guy. Let’s not kick this drunk out of the bar just yet. We could all use the laughs in these tough times.

    Regarding Bryzgalov, it’s already been said a hundred times by the adults in this forum. He’s going nowhere with that contract. And certainly not for Kipper. But you know what makes sense? If Philly trades Timmonen and Mike Leighton for Drew Doughty, and Jonathan Quick.And then Mario Lemieux comes out of retirement to play on their 4th line as checker.

    Your thoughts people?

  21. Jay Bouwmeester has a NTC And the Flyers tried to aquire him before and he told then that he was’nt Interested In playing In Philly so why would this be any different.

  22. Feaster has been saying for the past 2 months that they have to get tougher to play against, this leads me to believe we will see J Bo head to the Wings for Abdelkader or Tooto and one of either Nyquist ot Tatar. And just too add I believe J Bo will flourish in the Wings system.

    • Same here I agree that Bouwmeester will flourish in Detroits system Ken Holland just signed TooToo so I cant see him trading him and I just cant see Ken Holland trading Filppula and or Franzen unless Iginla Is also coming back In return But I agree with you from every thing that Is being said Bouwmeester will be a Wing here before to long.

  23. I think some people read hockeybuzz way way WAY too much, and as a result can create rumors in their minds that they think are plausible because Eklund feels that Stamkos for Paul Martin and a 3rd round pick is plausible. Let’s be real here, if the flyers did not want to deal any unproven young talent for proven world class talent (weber) then they definitely won’t do it for aging talent like kipper and J Bo. But as a Devils I would love for them to do it, so by all means go ahead and convince them.

  24. I love all the fantasy stuff. I personally would LOVE to see Jbo in the winged wheel. Put him with more of a passing defenseman and watch the other teams try to adjust their defense depending on who is getting the puck out of Detroit’s zone. Jbo-BigE, Kronner-Smith, Quincey-White. I think the wings would be fine

  25. I hope STL is interested in Jbo package…Id like to see Ty Rattie reunited with Sven B…not as ridiculous as some other suggestions up above LOL

  26. If Bouwmeister moves, its probably to the Red Wings.

    Look for Coliacovo, and either Hannan or Barker to land in Philly.

  27. To Det: Jay Bouwmeester
    To Cgy: Brendan Smith
    Riley Sheahan
    3rd round pick

    To Phi: N. Hjalmarsson
    A. Salak
    To Chi: E. Gustafsson
    2nd round pick

    Ok the Wings add a top pairing d-man and the Flames add two NHL-ready prospects, something sorely needed in Calgary. The Flyers get a minute muncher on D, while the Hawks get a young blueliner who can step into a regular role plus make some cap room for that coveted second line centre.