Latest Rumors on the Bruins, Flyers and Oilers – June 26, 2013.

Should the Bruins shop Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin? Who could the Flyers pursue as a replacement for Ilya Bryzgalov? What moves could be in store for the Oilers? Read on for the latest.

Could the Bruins shop Brad Marchand or Tyler Seguin?

Could the Bruins shop Brad Marchand or Tyler Seguin?

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa considers the options facing Bruins management in the post-season, which could include dumping some salaries to free up space to re-sign goaltender Tuukka Rask and perhaps winger Nathan Horton. Shinzawa suggests Rich Peverley and Chris Kelly could be shopped, believing the former the more likely to be moved. He also suggests a “brassier” move could be shopping 21-year-old Tyler Seguin.

Kevin Paul Dupont, meanwhile, took note of Seguin’s and Brad Marchand’s poor performance in the Stanley Cup Final, suggesting they could’ve been hampered by injury. If not, however, he speculates about one of them being dealt. Dupont was particularly critical of Seguin, noting he hasn’t developed as anticipated, while the player he was trade for (Phil Kessel) has blossomed into one of the league’s top scorers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wasn’t that long ago the universal agreement was the Bruins got the better of the Kessel deal with Toronto. Now, a Boston pundit is openly musing over Seguin’s future with the Bruins. Seguin certainly struggled this season after returning from Switzerland following the lockout, but it’s believed he’s been hampered by a nagging hip injury. Marchand struggled in the Final but throughout the earlier three rounds was his usual abrasive, effective self. He also wasn’t the only Bruin who struggled in the Final (hello there, David Krejci, Zdeno Chara and Dennis Seidenberg). I doubt GM Peter Chiarelli hits the panic button and moves either guy. I would instead anticipate he tries to trade Peverley and/or Kelly (as they’re reportedly not going the compliance buyout route) to free up sufficient cap space to re-sign Rask and possibly Horton and Andrew Ference. 

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK/PHILLY.COM/CSNPHILLY.COM: Jason Brough mused over potential replacements for bought-out Flyer goalie Ilya Bryzgalov, listing Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, Chicago’s Ray Emery, Buffalo’s Ryan Miller and Phoenix’s Mike Smith as possibilities, as well as elevating deadline day acquisition Steve Mason into the starter’s role.

Sam Carchidi suggests the Flyers could consider an affordable veteran  backup like Emery, Jose Theodore, Evgeni Nabokov or Dan Ellis.

Tim Panaccio reported Flyers GM Paul Holmgren dismissed the possibility of acquiring Luongo via trade, but Panaccio wondered if he could reconsider should the Canucks buy out Luongo. Panaccio also noted the Flyers remain very interested in Anaheim Ducks winger Bobby Ryan, and wondered if the Ducks might expand a trade to include goalie Jonas Hiller. Ultimately, he feels they’ll go the free agent route, possibly targeting Mike Smith.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Canucks decide to buy out Luongo, Holmgren will pounce in a hurry. Otherwise, the Flyers options appear limited to the free agent market. The Ducks might have to dump some salary, but I don’t believe they’ll move Hiller to do it. If Smith hits the UFA market, I expect Holmgren will pursue him. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis cited comments made by Oilers commentator Bob Stauffer wondering if Flyers defenseman Braydon Coburn might be available and if the Oilers could get him. Jim Matheson, meanwhile, reported Oilers GM Craig MacTavish was in the bidding for Jonathan Bernier before his trade to the Maple Leafs last weekend. Matheson speculated if MacTavish might have interest in Boston’s Anton Khudobin or Chicago’s Ray Emery as a backup for Devan Dubnyk. He considers acquiring Buffalo’s Ryan Miller a longshot possibility.

EDMONTON SUN: Terry Jones reports MacTavish wants to add size and secondary scoring.

OTTAWA SUN’s Bruce Garrioch recently reported the following via Twitter: “There have been no talks between Oilers and Senators about a deal involving Hemsky in months. Doesn’t sound active at this juncture.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Flyers can find a suitable replacement for Coburn, I’ll be shocked if they move him now. They need to bolster their defense, not deplete it. I consider Miller a “no shot” to be dealt to Edmonton. I don’t believe Hemsky would fit into the Senators plans at all.


  1. Holmgren just doesn’t get it. Get Luongo, or get fired soon. Totally screwed the whole team up.

    • I would find it quite funny if the Flyers picked up Smith from Phx. And he ended up choking behind the lack of D in Philly as well,exposing what alot of people already knew Dave Tippets system is why goalies have so much success In the desert…burnt twice by this would end Homers career for sure.

    • I’m sure at this time in the luo situation any team could have him for a seven pick or a low end prospect. There will be a lot of teams interested in Luo (if he’s bought out) but I believe he will sign with Florida. So if Phi wants Luo then they should make a trade (it won’t cost much)

      • Not with that contract, thanks.

        I don’t want Luongo in Philly. He’s the west version of Breezy.

        • You can compare contracts but not players. Luo is still a great goalie. They just blamed the Stanley Cup loss and last 2 playoff years on the goalies. The team has not scored enough to will the games. Look at the Cup final, 8 goals scored in 7 games. I don’t know if any teams can win a 7 game series with that few goals scored. Yes he had one really bad game (8 goals) but he did get 2 shut outs in the 3 wins. In 2012 against LA, van scored 2 or less goals in 4 of 5 games. He can’t win every game by himself. If it wasn’t for Schneider playing so good then the Luo conversation wouldn’t even be happening. Breez has not played good and didn’t seem like a team player.

    • Get Luongo or get fired??? No thank you. Id rather him not go for Luongo… you’re listening to sports radio too much

  2. LOL Kessel deal dosent seem quite so onesided now does it especially when you take in to consideration the Kaberle deal that followed that on up.

    • Well to be honest, even though Kaberle was a flop for the Bruins; all the Leafs have to show for the trade is Colbourne, who doesn’t seem to be making any impact, nor any inroads on making a roster spot despite being drafted 5 years ago.

      But lets not forget a truly lopsided deal between the Bruins & Leafs since we’re dredging up the past…How about the Rask for Raycroft debacle?

      • Three managers ago….jeesh Bruins ever made any bad deals? Well there was Andy Moog for John Casey remember him? How bout Versteeg for Brian Bochenski? 16th overall pick 2003 ( could have been Getzlaff or Parise) for the 66th (Mark Stuart) and a second round pick that never seen the NHL, and my favorite Joe Thornton for Wayne Premeau Marco Sturm and Brad Stuart there’s a beauty…

    • And it’s not at if it was kessel for seguin straight up. The bruins got Hamilton and a 2nd out of the deal too.

      If anything it gone from a truly awful trade by the leafs to just a bad trade by the leafs.

      • Hmm I’m not thinking bad even anymore…maybe a little rash but we got a guy who is in the to 10 in scoring since he has been here a big center who still might be developed in to a decent 3rd line center the second round pick got Lyles and the first round pick allowed us to move up and select Tyler Biggs who is deffenately going to be a decent NHL player. Hamilton is a gem don’t get me wrong but the Seguin and Kaberle part I’m pretty sure this deal is pretty balanced looking back on it now.

      • And that debate will continue for a little longer yet. Who knows, that might fall apart for either side. Seguin could become a 2nd line average player, Hamilton might not get developed by being brought into the League a little too quickly. Kessel might die off from his play. Until all parties have spent some more time in the NHL, it was a trade that was good for both teams. Toronto got a speedy scorer, Boston got a good 2-way-player in Seguin, and the high promising talents of Hamilton that has yet to be seen (unproven yet).

    • Seguin and Bruins = 1 cup
      Kessel and Leafs = 0 cups

      • That is just stupid to say that Seguin has a Cup and Kessel doesn’t. Sure it is fact, but are you saying, that if the Leafs didn’t make that Kessel trade, that they would have selected both Seguin and Hamilton, and they would of won the Cup? See how stupid that is! It is the type of impact they have to their respected teams. Kessel has been the scoring machine for the Leafs. Seguin in 22 playoff games this year, 1 goal, 7 assists = 8 pts. Kessel in 7 playoff games, 4 goals, 2 assists = 6 points. Seguin was invisible through the whole playoffs (minus those points he accumulated).

      • Seguin only played a handful of games (think he had more goals his very first game than he did this entire playoffs) that year.

        Seguin didn’t play AWESOME this year, but he’s still a pretty good player, and he’ll be back next year.

      • Sorry but we love Kessel in Toronto and never want to trade him. He just plays his style of game and doesn’t brag about himself. He is a solid 2 way player and he is my top 3 Leafs of all time behind Keon and Salming. Go Kessel and I just bought his jersey for my son and I.

        • Nice! hope he dosent walk as a ufa…I like him too even more after this year his game is really rounding in to shape, now he is also turning in to a good set up guy and his backchecking is improving under Randy.

          • I dunno Kessel averages like a point per game. And he can easily score 30+ every year with ease. Seguin has never reached 30 goals. I’d take Kessel over Seguin any day….

        • And critics can now stop with the “Can Kessel score against the Bruins?”. Ah, yeah, and did so in fashion in the Playoffs (4 goals). If for some reason Boston didn’t win that game 7, I believe the Leafs would of played the Hawks in the finals. Besides Chicago, Toronto was the only team that gave them their money’s worth. Pittsburgh swept, NYR nearly swept.

          • I dunno about that. maybe the eastern conference finals doubt the stanley cup finals.

        • Really…ahead of Frank Mahovlich, Daryl Sittler, Lanny, Ronnie Ellis and how many other Hall of Famers?

    • Seguin has averaged .596 pts per game in his first 3 years in the league at ages 19, 20 and 21, Kessel averaged .567 pts / game in his first three years and was approx. the same age.

    • Not so fast Shitcky!

      Seguin is only 21 – lots of time for him to establish himself in this league.
      Hamilton is also very young and has lots of time to develope as a defender.

      So, it is impossible to rate the 2 players from the Kessel trade, we’ll all have to wait about 3 more years to see what they both bring to the Bruins in order to make a proper statement.

      Kessel name has only been brought up in trade talks ever since he became a Leaf.

      ps: Both Seguin and Hamilton almost won the Cup – not bad considering they both barely have started their careers yet.

      • You make it sound like they are the Boston team “Both Seguin and Hamilton almost won the Cup”. Hamilton only played 7 games. As for Seguin, despite only being 21, he is an estabished player, as he has played 3 years for the Bruins.

        • great point LeafsAdvocate….

          dougie hamilton maybe take a lil longer to develop just because defenders take longer to develop. seguin’s been averaging pretty stable numbers since coming into the league, barring any miracles I don’t see him getting much more points/goals in a NHL season.

          • hahaha totally agree, seguin and hammy really didnt contribute much towards that cup, that’s like giving all the credit to bernier winning the cup, seguin is going to be a solid nhler for sure, maybe even a top line guy like kessel, but its hard to compare him to an elite sniper like kessel, that frat boys got a disgusting amount of skill and is the guy every team wants to add and is a guy that guys like crosby and malkin dream of having on their wings. Even though he looks like a plug he’s got a ton of speed too, imagine if he actually got in top shape like crosby or stammer! I wish he was on duchene’s wing!

          • Don’t forget that Seguin led the Bruins in scoring last season…at age 19/20. This year was an abberation.

  3. I hope Marchand and Seguin are not dealt,I believe Seguin should be given a shot at centering a line however.He made some pretty passes during the recent Cup run and I think he is more suitable in the middle of the ice than along the wall.The corners are not his favorite place to go and he is not that big. Chiarelli should consider Peverly for a compliance buyout .Ference ,Jagr, Daugavin,Redden ,Kelly,Khudobin are gone.Backup goaltenders are a dime a dozen apparently.Their defense looks pretty well set with the up and coming Hamilton,Bartkowski and Krug.Rask will be signed, Horton probably unless some GM throws one of those contracts at him like Holmgren.

    • Boston would be complete idiots to deal Marchand. Thankfully, they have one of the best GMs in the league, so it’s not going to happen.

  4. It wasn’t Holmgren that messed up with bryz, it was the owner Ed Snyder that demanded that the GM sign bryz to that retarded contract. He was pretty much forced by the owner to trade richards and carter to facilitate the signing.

    • And I was laughing about it all that summer when they were talking contract.

      It’s still funny now. That buyout is even worse than Yashin’s.

  5. Actually moving Coburn would be a great thing for the Flyers. It would be hard to move him with a NTC but at 4.5 million for what he offers, I’d be willing to look elsewhere. The Flyers actually have a log jam at defense right now with players under contract. The Flyers have 8 defensemen. 7 under contract and 1 RFA. Not to mention a rookie in Laurdsen who played very well that deserves another shot with the big club. Moving Coburn going forward would be awesome for both the short and long term. His 4.5 would come off the books. Meszaros is in the final season of a 4.0 mil contract as well. Timonen has all but retired after this year. That’s 14.5 million off the books going into 14-15. Who knows what free agents will be available then. The Flyers also have to look new contracts for Giroux, B Schenn, and Couterier.

    • The only way they move Coburn would be in a larger deal to get a stud d. If clearing more money is their goal they can just move Meszaros for bag of pucks. Save 4 mill and free up a spot for Gustafson to play in the top 6 where he belongs. He looks to have a breakout year this year.

  6. To the Leafs: Seguin, B’s first rounder and Horton’s rights
    To Boston: Kessel

    Go wild with this one boys. lol

    • LOL!

  7. Don’t rule out Reimer to the Oilers as an option. Nonis talks a big game when being asked if bringing in Bernier will disrupt his dressing room with possible infighting between Reimer and Bernier but at the end of the day he would happily move Remier if he gets a solid return and a piece he really needs from the Oilers

    • Interesting, who would you want in exchange?
      Personally I think Edmonton would be more interested in Toronto’s D-men, but I’ll hear you out on this…

      • Personally I would do Reimer with a salary dump since the Oilers have cap room OR some sort of swap for your first rounder

        To Leafs: Oilers 2013 second rounder and 2014 first rounder
        To: Oilers: Grabo and Reimer


        To Leafs: Oilers 2013 first rounder
        To Oilers: Reimer, Colborne and Toronto’s 2013 first rounder

        • The thought behind that trade since I’m a Leaf fan AND an Oilers fan is that Reimer is worth a mid first rounder and Grabo is worth a second
          Reimer (being worth a mid 1st rounder), Colborne (being worth a high level second rounder) and this years 21st over all would all combine to be worth the 7th over all.
          Just trying to see it from both sides of the fence. Reimer could be a future star after what he showed this year (except for game 7) no matter what’s being said on this site. It was the guys first playoffs and he won 2 games on his own.

          • It’s a little early to say Reimer is worth a first rounder. Just due to his lackof experience.
            Others have commented that Miller, a proven consistent goalie, is only worth a second and a prospect, so the evaluation doesn’t work.

          • Srry bg can’t help ya here even I wouldn’t do those deals…lol honestly the only things I could possibly see the Oilers interested in would be, and that kinda fit their needs are Gardner, Carter Ashton (big winger plays hard can score fits top 9) again guys Eakins would be very familiar with and would have a good understanding of his systems or Kulimen And Phanuef all of the forwards have size Kuli would fit in the top 6 pretty well defensively responsible but with the right center can produce points just ask Malkin lol) but could play a 3rd line checking rolep both D can eat minutes Dion can be very physical and again would be much improved playing along Nick Shultz, plus you would be looking at our pick and probably buying out Horcoff, Personally I don’t like any of these options but there are way to many dots that connect way to easily for there not to be a deal here somewhere. I can almost smell Nonis’s first bad deal…lol

          • Reimer isn’t worth a 1st. Bernier got a 2nd rounder…..

            Maybe to EDM – Reimer

            to TOR – 2ND rounder

            The oilers don’t need grabovski so no need to trade for him.

            and yes reimer played great in the playoffs. a lot of goalies have great runs in the playoffs. even the average ones. see js gigure….

          • No way Reimer gets a return of a first round pick. If there was any chance he could be a future star why would the Leafs trade him without seeing what Bernier brings ? A 1st & 2nd rounder for Grabovski & Reimer ? I can appreciate trade ideas but come on!!! Gagner and the 7th pick for Gardiner & Phaneuf has been talked about by former players and present TSN analyst as a possible trade so I believe you may be overvaluing your hometown players just a bit.

        • Majorly over valuing the Leafs

          • Maybe, but the more I look at it I don’t think so. Maybe Colborne a little bit plus the Oil don’t need another center so they would probably want a decent roster D man instead. Maybe Fraser since they are hot and bothered about getting bigger and tougher. I would hate to loose Fraser from the Leafs though but to the Oil I would mind as much. Fraser lead the team in plus minus and the league in block shots, he fights (and wins) and hits. His only knock is his slower foot speed but lets face it if he had faster foot speed he would be considered an elite Dman considering his size and aggressiveness.

          • I don’t think…I think its about right. While I don’t disagree leafs fans like to over value Ayers I don’t leaf haters love to under value players more

        • …or:

          To Toronto: Dubnyk + 7th overall + Horcoff
          To Edmonton: Phaneuf + Reimer + 21st overall

          • Possible

          • Oilers lose that deal. Dubnyk is better than Reimer & Phaneuf is not worth a first round pick anymore considering his salary compared to what could be available at 7th pick. I know Horcoff for the 21st offsets the deal but still a loss for Edmonton.
            I think Edmonton would love to find a way to get Phaneuf though, being an Edmonton guy.

          • @Probert

            Dubnyk is not better than Reimer. Which means the Oilers would have to give up just a tad bit more than Dubnyk. I did not say Phaneuf is worth a 1st Rounder. When you do trades like that, you don’t do a 1 + 1 = Return. Many a times, it is multiple reason why 1 + 1 for 1 = Return. So this is is how the deal would trickle down:

            Reimer + 21st Overall = 7th Overall
            Phaneuf for Horcoff straight up.

            Edmonton gets a better goaltender, and a puck moving dman that is physical can eat up a crap load of minutes and can score goals. Edmonton cannot just rely on J.Schultz. In return, Toronto gets their 1C (per say…for now), and a back-up for Bernier. And both teams get a 1st round draft pick. Edmonton is done rebuilding now, and they need to start trading draft picks to roster players. I guess to sweeten the deal, the deal could adjust to:

            To Toronto: Horcoff + Dubnyk + 7th Overall
            To Edmonton: Phaneuf + Reimer + 21st Overall + Blacker

          • No no no lol our D isn’t that good let’s not empty the cupboards completely you get rid of a vet D and a prospect D who could be in the lineup next year plus the 21 pick and are just flip flopping goalies for the 7 pick? You’re creating a great big hole that wont be easily fixed for a pick that dosent necessarily have anymore upside then the pick we already have.. bad idea. This whole thing of trying to get that pick is getting out of hand, would it be good to move up yes but not at the cost of depleting all our depth at 1 position best I would say is Phanuef Carter or kuli and the pick, they may say Gardner at that point I want something else. Keep in mind if a deal like this was to go thru you can almost bet Horcoff comes with the pick, it’s a very steep price I’m not sure it’s worth it but I can see Dave and Tim liking the media coverage of the whole thing.

          • you guys are really over valuing reimer. he had a good playoffs, whoopy!!!dubnyk is as good or is better than reimer. no point in oilers giving up a pick in which they can get an equal defender in nurse. and they can just sign a ray emery or something and have them share the goalie role. lots of goalies that won’t cost the 7th overall pick out there.

  8. What happens if Luo is traded and then he retires with 3 years left 3.618 m sal and 16 m cap hit. I heard it goes back to the original team that signed the contract (Van). Is this true and if so is it for the full amount.

    • Partly yes, if I recall. I think even if he gets traded again, both teams will be on the hook for it albeit a smaller chunk of change.

  9. Wow, Boston went all the way to the finals and the writers there want to rip the Bruins apart because they lost to a team that was dominant all year long?
    Here I thought the Montreal and Toronto media were blood-thirsty!
    Boston doesn’t need much tweaking, I agree that Peverly and Kelly are expendable, but overall the team is strong and I think management knows better than to start pulling it apart.

    • Agreed Boston just got lazy at certain points and way over played Chara (for his age) due to all the injuries the B’s suffered during the Toronto series. Seguin was a major disappointment though. It was his year to step up and he was far from what they needed out of him. Thank god for his defensive game or they would have sat him.

    • I agree

    • Would hate to see them lose Peverly’s versatility.

  10. It is not the cost of acquiring, but the contract he carries.

  11. No way do the Oil take a run at Reimer. They have a couple of decent goalies in the system and several are projected to be better than any Leafs cast off. MacT is too smart to take a down grade from the prize (Bernier) that he had targetted. I imagine (or let be honest, I hope) he will focus on either Emery or Smith from Phx.

    • Shows how much you know about Remier. Cast off my ass

      • Shticky: See what picking up Bernier has already done. Suddenly Remier and his 19-8-5 record and .924 SV% (regular season) and .923 SV% (Playoffs) is now suddenly a Leaf cast off.
        PICKING UP BERNIER WAS A BAD MOVE anyway you slice it!!! Confidence is first and foremost with any goalie and when you take a guy that made these kind of strides and tell him it’s not good enough and we have now acquired a guy we expect to be slotted in the number one role it can and most probably will destroy his confidence. Reimer was beyond solid positionally which is one of the hardest things to maintain for a goalie.
        Imagine Boston bringing in Bernier on Rask’s turf. Tell me what the difference is?

        • LOL I’m still good with the deal…Rimer is going nowhere Im not even a, little worried about it, trials and tribulations makes us stronger Rimer will only improve with this move, like the rest of the team showed this year competition for playing time improves teams play it won’t hurt either goalie to be looking over their shoulder a bit.

          • Who is “Rimer”?

          • Come on man I’m typing on a phone! Lol

          • I can’t imagine either goalie thinking this is great when they are warming the bench on opening night (barring an injury during training camp). Don’t get me wrong you have to do the Bernier deal considering what we gave up BUT I think it’s going to cause major issues as opposed to creating a competitive environment. IMO
            Hopefully not…

          • Reimer is as good as gone.

            Type slower then!?

        • Not really a good comparison. Rask was clearly the No. 1 this year and had solidified that position as the season went on. His numbers warrant a 6-7 M contract. But on a lesser scale you’re right. What a blow to whatever confidence Reimer had left after Game 7. If anything the team should have been trying to boost his confidence rather than this.

        • Maybe a better compo would have the Price/Halak controversy in Montreal…that may have scarred Price for life.

      • He will be.

    • for those you who think Reimer is a cast off clearly ou don’t watch the leafs. Sure his glove and rebound control needs improvement, but he is a dedicated player, who has time and time again surpassed all expectations. He is a legit number 1 goalie and so is Bernier. Bernier will make Reimer better. and it wouldn’t shock me if he once again proves the nay sayers wrong. If both players play as expected Toronto will have 1 excellent trading chip in the future. And the reason why you might get equal to or more for Reimer than Miller is 1) age and 2) salary with the cap going down.

      • ” If both players play as expected Toronto will have 1 excellent trading chip in the future”.

        There you said it in a round about way… Reimer will be the cast off! lol

        • After they get their year at 1.8 mill out of him maybe but no time soon, he’s a bargin

        • Now you just being picky with words. You must realise I am saying either of them could be traded but we’ll have to see who plays better. To be honest I do think it will eventually be Reimer but again he’s the type of guy who just gets better because of competition, and he’s always been under rated. He just might surprise everybody

  12. @ Konstantine, i think Shinzawa’s talk is less about the Bruin’s failing in the finals and more about what team they’ll be able to ice next season. Bruins have just under 6 million in cap space. Rask will be looking for a sizable raise and a number of other players will need to be resigned or replaced -Horton, Jagr, Ference, Khudobin, and others. Sure, it’s nothing horrible but is going to be very tough to do with only 6 million. Some difficult decisions are going to have to be made.

    I don’t watch a lot of Bruins games but I have to say I don’t see the fascination with Horton. He puts up decent numbers I guess but really doesn’t strike me as a difference maker on the ice and we won’t even get into his injury woes.

    The thing with Seguin being traded is he really deserves a chance to play center and grow into that role but as long as Krecji and Bergeron are in beantown that’s not going to happen. It would be a mistake to trade a 21 year-old kid with superstar potential like Seguin but at the same time you can’t ignore the realities of the situation either.

    Like many other’s a would laugh myself silly if the Philly signed Smith to a ridiculous contract. The Flyers need someone in goal if they are going to buy out Brzygalov, as trusting Mason would be a mistake, but what they really need is to work on there defense. they have almost no team-defensive and while they may have a bunch of defenders on their roster I question how many of them are actually NHL caliber defensemen. It baffles my mind to think of why they would want Ryan when what they really need is someone to help keep the puck out of their own net.

    • actually the flyers had and have plenty of one on one defenseman. their team d is not good and they struggle to get he puck out of the zone. you take pronger away from any defense and they will dramatically miss his first pass abilites.

      their ability to block shots and clear the crease is fine. they need d to make the first pass, thus the reason why streit was signed.

      they will not be signing any goalies to long term, expensive contracts. they love mason.

    • The Bruins also have Marc Savard’s 4M to play with too. I tend to agree most of the time about Horton. The problem is he has a great flair for the dramatic and often comes up big in big games…it can hurt to let one of those guys slip away.

  13. Lets also remember that Dupont was hyper critical of Kessel, and Thornton and called for them to be traded ad nauseum. His belief and one that way too many people prescribe to is that if a 21 year old after two and half years in the league doesn’t commit and play like Ray Bourque and Can Neely every night they should be traded. Lets look at how seguin’s playoffs went—he started hot by zooming around the net for the first two games against TML with 15 shots on net and then gets demoted to the 3rd line and plays perimeter work for the rest of the series. sorry–your offense is not going to come if you are in the corners and long the half boards for the next 20 games, which is where Peverly and Kelly and Paille’s game are all the time.

    • I see how that philosophy has had horrible results for the Bruins. They are a terrible team. WOW.

  14. The Bruins trading for Kaberle wasn’t all that bad concidering he stopped a shot from going into the open side of the net in game 7 against Montreal late in the game or OT can’t remember an they went on to win it all. I think Winsink is right on which players to deal but I would hang o. To there backup

  15. Edmonton is a lot like russia isn’t it? Really cold .. Lots of snow.. Bryzgalov could be a good split with dubnyk… Although I think they have bears?

    • Man, you really are oblivious to geography, are’t ya!

    • all I gotta say is wow!!

      • Sarcasm I think it was meant to be…lol Remember previous bone head headcase comments Bryz said about Edmonton?…Weel according to his agent he takes those back he would “love” the oppertunity to play for the Oil….of course he would as now he is unemployed.

  16. What about Bobby Ryan for Seguin? Cap works. B’s swap a natural center (they have been forcing to the wing due to too many centers) and get a scoring winger in return.

    • If I’m the Ducks I want more then just Seguin…

      • Ryan is way more proven, streaky mind you but proven and has size and plays with it….if/when he hits the market he will fetch much more of a return then just 1young player that you could almost still call a prospect

        • cant call seguin a prospect . he led the bruins in scoring in 2012 and signed a 6yr deal . he didnt have that much of an impact in the playoffs but he still managed 16 goals in the shortened season after a brutal start . i think the bruins would nt trade him for ryan straight up . ryan is ufa in a year .
          but i agree seguin is better at centre. perhaps the bruins could shop krejci, after the big playoff he had his value is at his highest .
          krejci for ryan might work well for both teams

          • All I’m getting at is he has been in the league full time for just over a year I would think that if the Ducks deal Ryan who is more proven then Seguin they may need to adress several areas with the deal and would be looking to maximize Ryans value. Do they need a center? Yep in fact they need a couple cause Koivu won’t be around much longer and the blue line ain’t getting any younger either so to me imo if the Ducks were to deal Ryan for Seguin they would want a pick or prospect at least in the deal or they would just shop him some where else, you don’t think there would be a bidding war for Bobby Ryan?

          • Bobby Ryan has 2 more years left. He is under contract at $5.1M per for the 2013/14 season and the 2014/15 season. Boston won’t shop Krejci straight up for Ryan. Krejci is a C, Ryan is a RW. Where they put up such similar numbers, a deduction for Boston of $150K isn’t meaningful. I just don’t think they’ll be trading partners!

        • But Ryan only has 2 more years on his contract and Seguin has 6.

      • Won’t happen, Seguin is only making $5.75M per year for another 6 years. Ryan makes…sure…$5.1M for another 2 more years. With the Salary Cap projected to rise after this year, Ryan will likely want at least $6 to $6.5M. Will likely get Couture money ($6M per). So why woud Chiarelli make that deal? Then to only have to spend more money when his contract is up!, when they can have the virtually same player in Seguin, but for cheaper in the long run. That would be a way to get Chiarelli fired.

        • Seguin is and will be a good player but he is a better center then a winger, Bobby Ryan is a big winger who I would say is a little more physical while Seguin has some size but is more of a speed and skill guy not so sure they are the same player or type player.

        • The B’s would have Ryan for next years run then they can either extend him or shop him. Either way he could have made the difference getting them a cup this year so just because he only has two years left on his deal doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

          • Ryan would not have made the difference this year. The team was to beaten up to challenge Chicago in games 6 or 7 if necessary. They gave a heroic effort, but they were done.

  17. @Shticky. Earlier in the morning rumors you mentioned Luo (if bought out) and could sign for 3 m for 3 yrs. Do you honestly think these buyout players that are still good players (vinny included) are going to sign for peanuts. Luo could get 5m easy. Its not this cap hit, its the length of his contract that is bad. Vinny could easily sign for 5 m also. Look at the rest of the league and compare cap hits to player. The only way I see these guys making 3 m is if they really want to be on a certain team their for personal reasons.

    • Luongo will get bought out, and will likely sign with either Florida, Edmonton or Calgary. They need goaltending more. And I agree, Lou will likely get about 4.5M to $5M per for a 5 year deal.

      • Add the Isles to that mix as they appear to not be signing Nabokov.

    • No idea what he will sign for all I was getting at was the terms of those deals are what would stop someone from taking them off waivers and honestly I wouldn’t pay Vinny 5 mill per even short term Lou ya I guess I could see someone signing him for 5 but only because of smeteams being desperate for goaltending I can’t see a 5 year 5 mill deal for him but we will see.

      • I think once some of these guys get bought out and are making 2/3 reserved of their salary anyway I would agree that they will take smaller deals to play where it suits them best but Gms are Gms and are going to be stupid with contracts and will write just as bad ones after they clear up the bad ones they have that’s for sure…In other words it wouldn’t surprise me if Homer buys out Bryz then gives pretty much the same deal to Lou.

        • Agreed.

          • you know whats insane on tsn they were talking about lundqvist signing for a $8 million a year salary… i was like wtf? he’s the very best in the league imo but honestly no goalie is worth more than $5-$5.5 Million…….

            Luongo however will get another contract (if he is bought out) but it won’t be as insane as the one he’s got now. And I don’t see Luongo anywhere in the west next year, it’ll be the east. Maybe Philly, NYI, FLA, TB (If they can get rid of some salary; malone? lecalvier?) and maybe NJ because Brodeaur is on his last lil go around.

          • sorry i meant to say seeking a contract worth that much

          • Actually they’re talking about a deal in the 9 – 9.5 range.

  18. Seguin is still a young player. I wouldn’t give up on him yet..

  19. B-day to minus 4 hrs…lol

    • *T-minus (I really gotta figure out this stupid auto-correct thingie)

      • LMAO

    • your birthday?

      happy birthday guy!!! don’t get to wasted!!!

      • B-day=Buyout period begins

        • lol haha

          thanks for clearing that up, sorry for the mix up.

  20. Is it true there are two buy out periods this summer and one next summer. If so, what is the reason for the second buyout this summer.

    • Just before training camp….

  21. Check out:

    There they have a publishing of how the Leafs and Lightning almost made a deal regarding Lecavalier…but then Colin Campbell sent out an email to all of the 30 teams stating that this method of buying out players, is a circumvention against the CBA. The title to this page is “HC: Lecavalier almost traded to Leafs?”

    • Hmm still could happen just Tampa won’t have the oppertunity to resign him is all

      • Oh, obviously, but there are still ways to legally circumvent the circumvention lol. Example:

        To Toronto: Lecavalier + 3rd Overall
        To Tampa: Gardiner + 21st Overall

        Then Toronto buys him out, with Lecavalier signing a team (Ottawa for example only) that secretly agrees to trade Lecavalier to Tampa for a small return. And Tampa secretly agrees to Ottawa “Look, if you agree that you sign Lecavalier from Toronto’s buy-out on him, then trade Lecavalier to us, we’ll buy-out Malone, and with Malone’s intention to sign with you”.

        To Ottawa: 2nd Round Draft Pick
        To Tampa: Lecavalier

        lol, I know that would never happen, but hey, some GM’s are very sneaky! Toronto gets that big 3rd overall draft pick, Tampa gets back Lecavalier and a 21st overall pick. Ottawa gets a 2nd round draft pick and signs Malone for something like 3 years, $2.5 = $7.5M. Of course something this crazy wouldn’t happen.

        • lol your joking right?

        • so tampa gives up the 3rd overall (barkov, nichuskin, or drouin) and a 2nd rounder all for gardiner and the 21st? and they have to buyout malone?

          why not just buyout malone keep lecalvier and the picks, put ohlund on LTI or waivers, bring in one of drouin, barkov or nichuskin?. lecalvier and st. louis aren’t getting any younger this way they get a player in there capable to put points up right away. sign a defenseman during free agency.

          your trade respectfully would makes no sense for tampa…. plus wouldn’t it be circumventing the CBA anyways? and you are over valuing the buyouts…

  22. SportsNet is saying that horcoff is not getting bought out.

    • By the oilers this year…dosent mean he isn’t tied to that pick tho what you do when you get him is up to you if you take the 7 pick lol

    • I bet he gets bought out next year.Only 2 years left on his contract. Or he will be involved in a trade for a goalie like Luongo or Miller…

  23. Liking the latest Leaf rumour – Chris Letang as a potential trade target. Stuff like this almost, but not quite, helps to erase the final ten minutes in Boston. I hope we have ten rumours a day until training camp starts. Anything’s possible in the summer. Love it.

    • I’m not I’ll take Dion over Letang if Dion’s playing with Orpick he may look like a Norris candidate too, but instead he gets Kostka Gunnarson or Holzer.

      • We have enough puck moving D….

        • I’d do a Letang for Phaneuf straight up. Then it’ll be a battle of Letang vs Subban vs Karlsson. Karlsson will win, but hey, at least Letang can challange them and teach Gardiner a few things!

          • We need some shut down D…. Franson Gardner Riley to a lesser extent Lyles (before he got his bell rung), then we got like 3 of the same guy (2 now cause Kostka is probably gone) in Kostka Gunnarson and Holzer, we need another couple guys like Fraser with better skill, ie Scuderri, Orpik types

          • If they are not wanting to pay Letang 6.5 mill I doubt they want Dion lol

      • I will agree that Dion really doesn’t have the same calibre of partners as a lot of the top guys in the league do, however I don’t think he will ever be in the running for the Norris again (even with a better partner). He’s a really good top 4 deman just like Bieksa, Hamhuis, Kronwall, ect. and so many other good deman. Every team needs for good deman these days. The main reason people knock him is because of his salary which isn’t his fault, but he didn’t live up to the early expectations as the new Scott Stevens.

        • Little better than a top 4 pairing I would say lol he is a top pairing guy plays PP PK, the Norris has always been about top scoring defenceman I get that, and agree he might not be in the conversation for the Norris but Dion is a bit of a hybrid shut down type D guy very physical (some times too much chasing hits) who was only behind Doughty for ice time, and can put up points not many of those around, to bee more effective he needs someone like an Orpick Scuderri Regher to play top 2 lines and take up some of those minutes over extended is what contributes to his error in judgment look at him while playing with Rehger. He is a shutdown type minute munching D who is capable of putting up points top 10in scoring by D again this year. There is only 1 Norris trophy to say because a guy isn’t mentioned for it he must be a second line D man is ridiculous. Look at his stats compare them to the rest of the League at D he is top 10 in pretty much every category hits blockshots scoring ice time, not just 1demensional scoring or point type D, How often you see Karlson or Letang make big hits fight stick up for a team mate? And if your in the top 10 in almost every category playing with the chumps he does how does that make him somewhere between 60 and 120 in the League??? people’s arguments make no sense when it comes to Dion

        • Kronwall??? Really??? Dion salary is the only reason he gets criticism, go thru all 30 teams and pick 2 better D-men off each one of them and. By better I mean that have stats to back it up, Not that maybe could be better or don’t get critsized as much or could developed into, actual stats of 60 guys to back it up that there are 60 better D-men in the league I doubt you find 20and when you do this take a look at who they play with…Dion’s salary and the Toronto Media being hyper critical of every mistake and putting it under a microscope are the only reason for the Dion bashing, Letang made some big gaffs against the Bruins and Chara did the same against the Hawks but there was no 15-20 mins of tv segments on it for the next 2-3 days…lol

  24. Via TheHockeyBuzz website (Yes, I am aware of who they are and everything), but still, worth our own speculation. Something to keep talking about and feed our hockey crazed thoughts and opinions:

    UPDATE – 10:30pm

    Per Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, if negotiations with defenseman Kris Letang do not yield a new contract, “that Toronto has emerged as a preferred landing spot….a place he would be willing if dealt to sign a long term deal.”

    The package that Pittsburgh would be looking for would be similar to the deal they got for Jordan Staal last summer, a roster player, top prospect and 1st round pick.


    The term “non-denial denial” is when something is said that seems direct or absolute when first heard, but when carefully analyzed it is not really a denial and is not untruthful. Over the coming weeks, NHL general managers will be practicing the fine art of saying things that on the surface seem definitive, but in reality do not close any of their options.

    Leafs GM Dave Nonis was asked about the future of defenseman Dion Phaneuf in Toronto on Tuesday and whether his club could afford to retain the team captain past next season at his current salary of $6.5 Million.

    “That all depends on who else you add, it depends on where the cap goes. It’s way too premature to answer that.” Nonis said “If the revenues go where we hope they go and the cap jumps up, then we’ll have more money to spend.”

    In spite of the fact that the salary cap could jump back up over $70 Million in 2014-15 based on next season’s hockey related revenue that will include five outdoors games, Nonis may only be able to afford to extend one of his two core players; Phil Kessel and Phaneuf, who will be unrestricted free agents at the end of the 2013-14 season.

    According to ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun, the Leafs are willing to listen to offers for the three time All-Star, but they are not actively shopping him. If you read between the lines, that means that Nonis is not trying to trade Phaneuf to get rid of him, but will move him if he gets equal or greater value.

    Defenseman with the capability of producing offensively and playing over 20 minutes are valuable commodities, which you can tell by the signings of veterans Mark Streit and Sergei Gonchar for $5 Million per season deals and lengthy extensions to youngsters Roman Josi, Slava Voynov and Kevin Shattenkirk.

    There are at least four teams that could have significant interest in Phaneuf.

    Detroit is looking for a defenseman to help fill the large vacancy created by the retirement of Niklas Lidstrom, but they do not appear to have a player who would help Toronto in their areas of need.

    Edmonton has young Justin Schultz and a collection of bottom pairing blueliners and need a top pairing defenseman like Phaneuf(an Edmonton native), the Oilers also have an ample supply of young forwards and the seventh overall pick in the NHL Draft this Sunday.

    Colorado has a similar need to add to their blueline and could be in a position to trade center Paul Stastny if they select Nathan McKinnon with their first overall pick and Carolina could be shopping the #5 pick or possibly RFA Jeff Skinner for a top four defenseman.

    The calculation is simple, if Leafs management have found out how much it will cost to extend Phaneuf past next season and that amount is not to their liking, then you have seen the last of #3 in Blue and White.

  25. If Toronto gets Letang then the leafs nation will have to say bye bye to either O’Rielly or Gardiner. Someone with some potential has to go that way.
    Does Toronto need salary going that way to say under the cap or will the buy out of Komisarek be enough. I’m sure Pit can’t take to much back.

    • sorry Rielly

  26. If Pens fail to extend Letang,and a Leaf deal is done, look for Kulemin to be part of the deal. Cannot see Leafs dealing Reilly, but maybe Gardiner, if Pens sweeten the pot with a pick(s). Morgan Reilly would be ready soon, and Letang can add to the top end in the meantime. Pens get decent player(s) and get under cap to sign balance of roster. Pens have serious depth issues on RW. Kulemin can help, and he has played with Malkin before. Leaf D Letang and Phaneuf, Fraser and Franson,Reilly and Gunnarsson Leafs just need to sign Clarkson and Leafs have a very strong top 2 lines including Kessel, JVR, Lupul, Kadri,Clarkson and_________?.

    • Leafs can’t afford Letang this year under the cap unless Pittz takes Lyles or Grabo. Leafs should just stand pat and pick up Letang next year for free.