Latest Rumors on the Penguins, Senators & Oilers – June 7, 2013.

The Penguins struggles in the Eastern Conference Final has sparked speculation over Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang and Marc-Andre Fleury, Sergei Gonchar could be leaving the NHL, and the Oilers could part ways with Ales Hemsky and Shawn Horcoff.

Could the Penguins trade Marc-Andre Fleury?

Could the Penguins trade Marc-Andre Fleury?

SPORTSNET.CA: Chris Johnston reports the Penguins could face a roster shakeup if they’re swept from the Eastern Conference Final. He considers Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin “untouchables”, but notes the Penguins cannot afford to retain all their free agents this summer (“Pascal Dupuis, Jarome Iginla, and Matt Cooke among them”) and with Malkin and Kris Letang due extensions, suggests trades “are a possibility as well”.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Jason Brough cited a “tweet” from TSN’s Darren Dreger claiming “some think Malkin becomes a trade target”. Brough also wondered what could happen with Letang and Marc-Andre Fleury.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Dejan Kovacevic interprets coach Dan Bylsma’s decision to stick with Tomas Vokoun for Game Three over Marc-Andre Fleury suggests the club no longer trusts Fleury. He speculates they could move the remaining two years (at $5 million per season) of Fleury’s contract, stick with the more affordable ($2 million next season) Vokoun and bring in an affordable backup who could eventually take over from Vokoun.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins have over $7.8 million in projected cap space for next season, but considerably more for 2014-15 ($39.7 million if the salary cap for 2014-15 were $64.3 million), so re-signing Malkin and Letang shouldn’t be an issue.  Indeed, I’ll be shocked if they don’t re-sign either guy. I assume they’ll try to re-sign Dupuis, but it’ll take more than the $1.5 million per season he made on his current contract, and will eat up most of their current cap space. If they use a compliance buyout for Fleury, they’ll free up $5.5 million to re-sign key players and perhaps add a promising goalie. I don’t believe Iginla, Morrow, Murray or Cooke will be re-signed. Moving out Fleury, via trade or buyout, appears the logical choice. 

YAHOO! SPORTS Dmitry Chesnokov yesterday reported Ottawa Senators pending UFA blueliner Sergei Gonchar was close to moving to Metallurg Magnitogorsk of the KHL.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reported sources claiming the Metallurg offer could be “north of $7 million per season”, but his agent denied anything was signed, adding his client still wants to play in the NHL. The Senators would like to re-sign him but for less than the $5.5 million per season he made on his current contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt the 39-year-old Gonchar finds a deal worth as much as he made on his current contract in the NHL, let alone one as lucrative as being offered by Mettalurg. If he wants to stay in the NHL, especially with the Sens, he’ll have to accept under $5 million per, and on a short term deal (one or two years).

SPORTSNET.CA: Mark Spector reports Edmonton Oilers new GM Craig MacTavish is prepared to move captain Shawn Horcoff and Ales Hemsky, though he’d welcome them back if the right trade doesn’t present itself. MacTavish also said Nikolai Khabibulin won’t be returning as Devan Dubnyk’s backup.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis speculates over trade destinations for Hemsky, citing the Columbus Blue Jackets, Phoenix Coyotes and Nashville Predators as possibilities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The sticking point is salary. Horcoff has two years at $5.5 million per remaining on his contract, Hemsky one year at $5 million. The Oilers might have to eat some of that salary to move either guy via trade. Regardless, I expect MacTavish will be actively shopping both guys in the off-season.


  1. At some point, Malkin will be moved.
    Whether or not it happens depends on who is willing to pony up to the price shero will ask for him. I think that it would take a massive deal to get him moved.
    Something like……..
    To Colorado
    To Pittsburgh
    1st overall
    Plus a pick or prospect, and maybe varlamov
    Penguins then go and get luongo after he is bought out and voila the mini rebuild is complete.
    Did anyone else see the kings tattoo that those two sharks fans had to get for losing a bet with two kings fans?? Classic drunk moment. Check it out if you get the chance. A picture says a thousand words, but only one matters in this one-FAIL!!

    • You spelled Duchene wrong. Also, this trade proposal is basically Seth Jones and Duchene for Malkin. Duchene had a breakout year and the Denver Post reported Roy is already talking with Duchene on an extension. Malkin is a soon-to-be free agent and is also much older. This would make no sense whatsoever.

      • You’re right, it would make no sense for the Pens to accept so little in return.

        If a deal were to take place at the draft (which it won’t and this is all PURE fantasy) I could see:

        To Florida: Malking, 2nd round pick
        To Pittsburgh: 2nd overall, Erik Grubranson, Jacob Markstrom

        And yes that is the price you pay for an all star player like Malkin (Drouin nor MacKinnon will be as good). You are also paying for the draw power in his name. This is viable as well as with this year being a deep goalie market the Panthers could easily pick up Emery or Luongo to replace Markstrom and thus give up the 2nd overall and Gudbranson to get a player like Malkin who will put up 100+ points per season for you.

        Also is it just me or is almost everything on the Oilers in play?

        • Honestly if I’m in the Avs spot I wouldn’t do that deal you kidding me? My team is much farther then 1 piece away from making any kind of run and I am giving up a center man that in the next couple years could be one of the best in the game and the number 1 pick that seriously if you seen this kid play live you would understand the hype in Jones? Not a chance This would be a mistake like former Leaf Gms hve made for years trading away your youth and future for something right now it would hurt the Avs for years plain dumb deal…The Avs are still young and growing together, and doing it better and probably faster then the Oilers if they take Jones (not just stocking up on the same type players) Malkin is great don’t get me wrong but there is way to big of a gap in the windows of careers between Malkin and the rest of the Avs…

        • No probably not,maybe 1 of the big 4 if the price was absolutely astounding but that is all would be my guess.

        • What are you smoking? The Pens would never do that deal.

          • Bad deal for both really…lol

      • I don’t think this trade happens either but for the opposite reason you gave. That is not nearly enough for malkin. Jones is the next big deman right now but look at the past few years. 2012 draft to soon to grade. Larsson, Gudbranson, Hedman. All have not lived up to hype. Doughty is great and I think Jones has the potential but its not a for sure thing. And Duchene is a good center on a horrible team, just like Horcoff was when Edmonton had no one to give top minutes to.
        Plus there would be a lot of teams offering up top talent for Malkin.

    • If you read the article about the Kings tattoo on the Sharks fans, its a temporary tattoo.

    • Dont the oilers need a center do you guys think a trade could work out like yakupov, the 7th overall, sam gagner and a good prospect for malkin?

      • Don’t think the Pens would be interested in that either….maybe if you threw in next year’s first as well…

        • Yak and 2 firsts might get them talking….

          • If Kessel is worth 2 (not saying he is just that’s what he got…) Malkin is getting 3…

      • Maybe Eberle and Gagner for Malkin.

    • As long as everyone else is making weird trade ideas for the fallen Penguins, I thought I’d try a couple of my own. How does this sound?

      Fleury – To Avalanche to play for Patrick Roy along with Pascal Dupuis.

      Iginla – To Bruins as UFA to make up for all the grief he caused them at the deadline.

      Malkin – Stays put in Pittsburgh and will soon welcome a familiar linemate: Nik Kulemin from TO via trade. Grabovski would be a second option but they’re not getting both.

      I realize that none of these rumors might come true but it’s still fun to think about them.

  2. Fleury won’t be bought out, he has trade value. A trade of Malkin and/or Fleury is a hard thing to judge. Malkin’s value is wide open and really depends on direction a team wants to go. How about to Edmonton to help solidify Yakupov (the way Gonchar did for Malkin)? Fleury+ to Buffalo for Miller+…

    • What in the world makes you think that the Sabres would prefer Fleury over Miller???

      Darcy would (and should) lose his job over that deal. I’m sure they’re using Miller and Vanek as trade bait for a higher pick.

      • I really think people are getting carried away, way out there with these deals involving goalies the market is flooded with goalies…..Some pretty decent ones aswell that will come at a decent price. Vanek by himself will get you a better deal then Vanek and Miller. I think that a good trade would be ottawas first maybe a prospect for Vanek who will be UFA this year addresses both teams needs…

        • Srry and by prospect I mean guy like silfverberg, or conacher along those lines…

          • Spezza and Vanek together would be a very good combination…

          • I like that sounds of that deal a lot actually. The Sens have enough they can give up a draft year and they need a proven winger who can score and getting someone like Vanek takes so much pressure off the young guys.

            Nicely done.

          • And if buffalo was looking to move up they could try to flip that pick and theirs and vola 2 first round picks this year may get you up in to the 3 or 4 spot…

          • So, A prospect and/or a pick, 17th over all, for Vanek??

            Are you guys on crack?

            What a BS deal that would be. Sabres lose their number one goal scorer for two guys that could/might turn into some thing?

            I will go on record as saying there is no way in hell that deal ever happens. Buffalo traded Gaustad for a first round pick. The 21st over all, for your trade, they would get 17th.

            Darcy may be a lot of things as a GM, but he is no where near that desperate or that stupid.

          • Right so you’re looking at a first good young roster player to play in top six in Sifverberg and a prospect or a second if they had one this is a pretty fair deal and Ottawa has the assets to do it is all I was saying, plus for some reason Murray in Ottawa seems to have some kind of silver tongue and is able to make these deals happen, I’m a Leaf fan trust me I wouldn’t like this deal much I’m not trying to make any homer deal here I just could see this type of scenario working out for both teams…lol

        • conacher ? we (sabres) don’t need another small forward. and honestly since his hot start to the season he cooled off considerably almost to the point of no return. and vanek and miller would get u a better package then just vanek alone, any hockey person can tell you that. and 2nd darcy ain’t trading our best player to a heated division rival like ottawa. I see vanek in nashville. sabres get the 4th and keep on to the 8th and send 16th to the preds

          • Again not saying that all to the deal what I said was something along those lines, and Vanek is UFA next year his value isn’t going to be as high as a guy signed for more then this year frame work would work 15 pick guy like Silfverberg Sens don’t have a second this year so maybe put in another younger player…frame works,and really not that bad especially if they used the pick plus their own to move up and get Bakarov or Drouin…

          • No one is taking Miller and Vanek together unless some salary is coming back to Buffalo…Vanek wil fetch more on his own then Miller in a sperate deal would get way more then packaging. Them together

          • Buf would get more in return if they traded them separately. Vanek and Miller are like Iginla this year. With the new cap teams are not giving up lots unless he gets trade at the draft or this summer. They would get more in return for them now. They would be smart to trade him and Miller and fight with Calgary for the last play for the next few years. It seems to be working well to col and edm. Rebuild don’t retool like Calgary and Toronto have been doing for way to long. Rebuild and the team will be younger and should have more talent for years to come. Yes Toronto finally made it this year but they are still a bubble team for making the playoffs next year.

          • I think you are right in your comment that the salaries are too large for one team to take. But, individually they could bring in a lot. Look at what NY gave up for Ryan Clowe. He was a rental and they gave up 2 seconds and a third. Now, he is an UFA and they may not be able to sign him.
            Too many GM’s give up tons for guys for less than one year. Insisting that the 8th highest over all scorer since the 2004 lock out is not worth much, seems short sighted IMHO.

  3. I was thinking colorado and pitt as well but a little more simple. Avs get Fleury who really might just need a change of scenery and probably would welcome playing for Roy. Pitt gets varlomov who can split time with voukun. Pitt sheds some salary in order to re sign some of those guys and gets a young upside goalie and avs get a legit starter.

    • Didn’t the Avs give up a first round pick for Varlamov? I don’t think you have to give up much to get Fleury right now. You could probably get PItts to pay for some of his salary on top of giving next to nothing.

      Legit starter??? As in not playing in the playoffs?

      • a first and a second. and… Joe Sakic had a hand in making the trade, so he’s staying put for at least this year.

        • Ya that was a really stupid trade and then matching on Calgary’s offer to O’Reilly was stupid to. They could have some really good prospects with last years 1st (wash pick Forsberg), and 2013 6th overall (even with o’reilly in Calgary’s line up last year it would still be a top 10 pick)

  4. Malkin is going nowhere where any time soon…Letang maybe a little more of a chance but not much… As pointed out the Pens will have lots of cap room after next season to Lock up Gino and if they were thinking of shedding salary this summer they could trade Fluery or get rid of a guy like Martin who’s hit is 5.5 mill…

    • Did anyone really think Iginla wasz going to resign there??….Really?

      • I’m actually a bit shocked there isn’t more speculation as to were Iggy might land. I expect Ottawa might back up the money train to give him a career finishing contract, they said this year there were going to go hard after a scoring winger and they need some more leadership in the locker room.

        Though I bet a few teams would call in about Iggy, including probably Calgary.

        • Honestly I doubt this would happen but a guy like him (Iginla) on a young and impressionable Oilers squad would help turn that team around I think…well that and some help on the blueline. The same with the Avs. He. Still has some gas in the tank and in the room and at practice he would show these guys what it takes to be a pro….

          • Iginla is from Edmonton but won’t be coming home. He has told friends that he wants to play in California next year. Maybe the Ducks will be interested depending on what happens with Koivu and/or Selanne.

    • Yes pit will have a lot of cap space but they only have 5 players signed to play in 2014-15. Crosby, Neal, Bennett, Martin and Fleury. Will take a lot to keep Letang, Malkin and fill out the roster. This summer I think Mason Raymond would make a good winger signing in Pit. He would score 20+ goals playing with Crosby or Malkin and shouldn’t cost a huge amount.

  5. Re: Pittsburg
    All seem to assume that Pens are willing to spend more of the future to go for it again next year.
    They traded away 2013 #1 and #2 and 2014 #2 for short term rentals. Ok, they thought they could
    win it all now and pay the price later, doesn’t look like that will happen this year. Now trading away three
    high picks will not affect them next year but down the line 2-3 years the cardboard will start to get thin.
    Now if they decide to go for it again next year do they trade away more picks at the trade deadline for
    rentals ? Not saying it is wrong but if they end up going this route and end up with no Cup it will be a
    long dry spell for a period of time. I would think that some of the upper management meeting are quite
    interesting in Pittsburg right now.

    • Kadri goes nowhere!!! period. He will be Torontos BEST player next 3 years.

  6. Here’s some trade ideas I had for Malkin:

    Malkin to Winnipeg for Bogosian, Kane, Burmistrov and a pick
    Malkin to Edmonton for RNH, Eberle and the 7th overall pick
    Malkin to Florida for Markstom, Gudbransson and the 2nd overall pick
    Malkin to St. Louis for Berglund, Tarasenko, Shattenkirk and a pick
    Malkin to Vancouver for Kesler, Edler, Kassian and a pick
    Malkin to Colorado for Duchene, Barrie and the 1st overall pick
    Malkin to Toronto for Kadri, Van Riemsdyk, Gardiner and a pick
    Malkin to San Jose for Couture, Vlasic, Galiardi and a pick

    Unless you’re sending a top-5 pick, the price would be a replacement 2C, a top-6 winger, a top-4 D and a pick. Personally, I view the Toronto, Edmonton and St. Louis ones most likely to happen. I’d rather trade Malkin, re-sign Letang and just hope for the best with Fleury.

    • Those are all assuming that Malkin has signed an extension (sign-and-trade) or has agreed to an extension with the new team.

      • You over value Malkin…Great player but no one is gutting their team for him he is a great player but those trade all involve 3 or 4 of their top 6 guys…what is Gino going to play with a bunch of 3 and 4the line scrubs that can’t keep up none of those teams would do those deals…He won’t get moved but if he did it would most likely involve multiple first round picks prospects and maybe a player or 2 no one is sending all their best players to Pits for Malkin….

        • finally, some sense!

        • Pens have no reason to move him for any less. If you aren’t willing to pay that price, you won’t get Malkin. I highly doubt the Pens would have an issue with keeping him…

          • They won’t move him anytime soon is what I said…If they were to move him it would be to retool or rebuild they would want picks and prospects not boatloads of salary….

          • Malkin is hitting an age where his play will decline, he’ll be 27 this summer. He’s already reached his ceiling and he’s had a lot of minor injuries. I expect his goal-scoring will go down, and assists might go up. He’s worth more to the Pens than any other team, especially at those prices.

        • Expect the Rangers. They would give up a lot to get Malkin. They always do. Unless Sather figured out you can trade a “star” player to get 2-3 good players that will improve your team. Like the Gaborik trade. But Sather will never learn anything.

    • I would do every one of those as a pens fan. I would like the following as well:

      Yakupov/ Gagne/ 1st this year

      • Problem is they are all homer deals that no one else would do…lol

        • Agreed.

          Malkin is very good, but not worth a top line!

          There are some possibilities to be sure..

          Although, it would be better, in all honesty, to trade Crosby with his injury history and keep Malkin.

          They would get a better return based on name alone. Of course, with those injuries he has had in the past, he could be another Primeau in length of career.

  7. I don’t see Pittsburgh unloading Malkin – he is a beast and should get paid the same as Cosby. I think we will find out after the season that Cosby had/has some type of injury. There seems to be something not quite right and at times when I watch him – I find myself saying.. what the heck kind of effort was that? It just seems that he is not playing consistently – the way we are normally used to him playing. I also think that picking up Murray, Iginla, Morrow and Jokinen was a mistake – it has effected the chemistry of the team and while no one has said anything, I think it wasn’t as positive as one would think.

    I can see Pitts doing something with Fleury. His confidence is shaken and he needs a change of environment. Pitts can find a trade partner for him as he is young and we have seen what he can do. Might be a good trade for Buffalo – not necessarily for Miller, but maybe for a 2nd rounder and one of our young D-men. Thing is…..Fleury’s value has dropped a bit because of his shakiness in the playoffs – so he may not get Pitts exactly what they need which is a strong “stay at home” d-man to complement LeTang. I don’t see Murray as the answer and I think Martin’s play is inconsistent. I also see them needing a skilled RW – I think D’Agostini could be a bargain for them as he is reasonably priced and would have a strong supporting cast to bring back to the numbers he had in 2010 with St. Louis.

    • Buffalo does not want Pittsburgh’s rejects.

      • Paul Martin and his contract make some of those sketchy Leaf contracts look good….

    • If Phoenix does not resign Smith I can see Fleury fitting into that defensive system

  8. Pens cannot trade Malkin. Crosby is too injured.

    • That is kinda funny…Pens struggle a bit and the rumors of Malkin pop up but no one says anything about Sidney Glass Jawsby, Malkin has probably been the better of the two over the past couple of years and has little naging team injuries but every time Sid gets hurt its, ike he has been in a car wreck and is done for months at a time, maybe people are looking at the wrong center…

      • Again as you can probably tell I’m not much of a Pens fan…lol

  9. Malkin to Toronto for 1st round pick 2013,2014 Morgan Rilley and Kadri

    • No thanks…we are just getting over the last deal that sent 2 first rounders away…

    • Not a Toronto fan but I don’t think they would be that stupid again to give up 2 first. Even if you call a draw on Seguin and Kessel. Hamilton will be a top 2 D soon.

  10. If Malkin were to be traded for cap reasons the Pens would wants low cost controllable contracts in return (I.E., picks, prospects, cheap emerging young players)

    Duchene great but becoming too expensive. Maybe a Landeskog would make more sense since he is cheap and upside.

  11. if i was pitt i would talk to the rangers if i were trying to move malkin
    i would insist on dan giradi and kreider and try to get jt miller as well and a draft pick
    rangers would need to move richards and maybe brassard to replace giradi
    malkin and stepan would be great center tandem up the middle for years
    pitt adds a solid all round dman who is physical which they lack ,plus two good prospects who have a bit of nhl experience .and they shed some cap space too

    the thing is i dont think pitt is even entertaining the idea of trading malkin . he has carried the mail for them when crosby was out a few times now .lets face it he is the best russian player on the planet and one of the most skilled players there is

    • Why on earth would they trade Malkin, let alone to a team in their division… Wake up.

  12. Pitt summer to do list:

    Fire Gilles Meloche and find a new goalie coach. Fleury is too talented to be struggling like this in the playoffs.
    Resign Dupuis first and foremost and then maybe Cooke assuming he doesn’t want to much.
    Resigning Morrow, Iginla and maybe Kennedy depending on contract demands and what surfaces in free agency.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if Shero fires Bylsma,

    As for any of you out there who suggest trading Malkin, You’re a bloody fool. Not a chance in hell Shero trades Malkin.

    • They can’t afford to sign them all! One to two maybe. Not iginla.

      They need to cut payroll. Trading Crosby is the answer.

  13. I’ve read through all of these and the only posts that make sense are the ones that say Malkin isn’t going anywhere. Ray Shero has stated that re-signing Malkin is his top priority this off season. Geno has a great relationship w/ the front office, the only way that he’s moved is if they get a sense that he will want to test the market after next season. The two most likely candidates to get moved this summer are Letang and Fleury.

    This is how I the Pens’ offseason to go:

    – Fire Bylsma and hire a new coach w/ a more defensively sound system and knows how to adjust when the team “can’t get to their game” because the opposition is shutting them down. Also, a coach that knows how to get his team up for a playoff series. Many forget that Bylsma won the Cup using Therrien’s system, not his own.

    – Move Letang and Fleury. Kris Letang will be made a fair, cap friendly offer that he will most likely reject. The Pens can live w/ this since the system’s top prospects are primarily puck moving D-men. Simon Despres will be ready to start to fill the void w/ a full 82 game season. Fleury’s playoff rep will most likely force him to be packaged w/ Tanger. Fleury will rebound, just not here in Pittsburgh. He’s too talented not to. If the Avs are serious about trading the #1 then how about this: Letang/Fleury for #1 overall/Erik Johnson. Move the pick to LA for Bernier.

    – Give this team a heart transplant. The Pens need a new infusion of grit and teancity. Guys like Adams and Cooke are getting up there. Glass provides very little. Shero knows how to find these guys and on the cheap.

    – Finally, have Mario sit Sid down and tell him to grow eff up! As a long time Pens fan, I’m a fan of the crest, not a specific player of personallity. Crosby’s antics as captain during the Flyers series last year and in game 1 of the ECF is inexcusable and not the type of behavior you want to see from your captain. Your captain should be a calming presence in those situations, not an agitator.

    • Colorado won’t overpay like that