Latest Ryan Kesler Rumors – February 28, 2014.

Vancouver Canucks center Ryan Kesler denies a report claiming he requested a trade, but that hasn’t silenced the trade speculation.

Ryan Kesler denies seeking a trade, but rumors persist.

Ryan Kesler denies seeking a trade, but rumors persist.

VANCOUVER SUN: Brad Ziemer reports Canucks center Ryan Kesler emphatically denied a report claiming he requested a trade, calling the report “completely false”. He claimed he was happy to be a Canuck and wants to be in Vancouver. He also denied rumors claiming he spoke about wanting out of Vancouver during the Sochi Olympics. Iain MacIntyre, meanwhile, reports the Canucks have been quietly fielding offers for Kesler. MacIntyre suggests Canucks GM Mike Gillis could save his team’s season by trading Kesler, provided the deal was done right. Kesler must also be open to waiving his no-trade clause.

SPORTSNET.CA: Luke Fox cues the “Kesler-to-Maple Leafs” speculation, noting Leafs GM Dave Nonis was with the Canucks when they drafted Kesler, who also played for Leafs coach Randy Carlyle during their days with the Canucks’ AHL affiliate. Fox also points out Leafs center Nazem Kadri has been in and out of Carlyle’s doghouse this season. Fox, however, also cited the possible downside, as Kesler’s best seasons could be behind him, while the young Kadri is improving and loves being a Leaf. Mark Spector, meanwhile, believes the Canucks need to get real and shop Kesler for the best return possible, provided the center is willing to waive his no-trade clause.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples wonders what it could cost the Oilers to land Kesler, provided he was willing to accept a trade to Edmonton. He believes Sam Gagner would be part of the asking price.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger believes there has to have been some dialogue about a possible trade between the Canucks and Kesler. “I know that teams were contacted as far back as a month ago to say ‘have a look at our roster. If there is a member of this organization that you want to take a run at then we’re listening, we’re open for business”, said Dreger, who claims that also includes Kesler.  He feels there could be enough interest in Kesler to make a trade deadline deal possible, but that depends upon the Canucks asking price…. Dreger also reports the Ottawa Senators could move Chris Phillips, while the Buffalo Sabres are listening to offers for defenseman Tyler Myers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kesler denies requesting a trade, but he may be willing to entertain it if the Canucks approach him with an offer to go to a Cup contender. I agree they simply won’t give him away. If Kesler is willing to move and Gillis is willing to trade him, I don’t believe they should try to move him at the trade deadline, as I doubt they get a suitable return for him now. Forget about “saving this season”, that’s silly and short-sighted. Shop Kesler in the off-season, preferably around the NHL Draft in June, when teams have more money and willingness to pony up for him. As for Kesler to the Leafs, I believe it would be a huge mistake to give up Kadri to get him. I also don’t see him agreeing to be dealt to Edmonton.


  1. Keep kadri, and move on. Unless its a sure number 1 center or top pairing D who still has some game (obviously it would involve more than just Kadri but…) Too many different sources saying the same thing about Kessler, he might not have “demanded” a trade bit I think he may have signed his name to the writing on the wall

    “I was here…. kinda wish I wasnt now” signed Ryan Kessler (above the urinal in the Canucks dressing room)

    • Shticky I do believe Leafs should keep Kadri. I believe he is more use for the Leafs on there team then in a trade. And probably more valuable also because I doubt other teams put him as high as the Leafs do.

  2. Would love to see Tyler Myers in a Leafs jersey!

    • Which would cost them Kadri +

    • ugggh….another player coming to toronto..they need 2 teams in Toronto just to supply a roster spot for all of the daydreaming by the fans

      • Closer to 3 teams frenchy;).

    • No way you ain’t taking away my favorite player from my favorite team :(

      • Jes, I have mentioned trading Meyers or Ehrhoff before to CO for ROR. I think since Meyers has improved his play if he could get us ROR then Bflo should do it. I like Meyers, but he’s not consistent and illusionary. Looking to the future, Bflo has Risto, Zadorov, Pysyk, McNabb, Ruhwedel and if we decide to draft Eckblad – we will have a pretty good stable of D. What we really need is a 1st line center and ROR could be that – we’ll have the cap space to resign him.

        Secondly, if we can get Coyle OR Granlund from MN for Miller that would work, but the problem with that is MN needs more scoring and I could see them asking BFlo to take back some salary in return like Heatley or Mitchell. So maybe something like Miller/Ennis for Granlund/Mitchell and Backstrom. Backstrom becomes our backup goalie.

        I still see Moulson going to Pitts to complement Sid and take Dupuis place. I could see something like Bflo getting Teddy Blueger and Pitts #26 pick. Although most are thinking Moulson going to LA, I see him as a better fit with Pitts. What might be an interesting trade would be Ott going to NY for Callahan and NY’s 2015 1st round pick.

        • How does Ott net Callahan and a 1st from NY? Ott for Callahan straight up would be not a realistic trade.

          • Thank god this is dead!!!

        • Ruhwedel shouldn’t be on that list of good defenseman he will be up and down his whole career in the NHL.

    • I’d like to see Beyonce and J-Lo on my couch in nothing but thongs, but it probably won’t happen.

      • You like the bootylicous ones hey NYR?

        • YES!!!!

      • @NYR4LIFE, ok Callahan, can’t just take one, you gotta have both! lol

        • Hey!!!, I left Kim K off my list. I’m not trying to be greedy.

          • Bigtime LOL. Thanks for the morning laughs, NYR! :)

    • yeah me 2, problem is what would it cost. he is a big bodied right handed shot, thats nhl caliber , that we have needed for years. it starts with Gardier plus but i do not think it would half to include kadri as well. maybe like gardier, leafs 1st, and solid prospect??

      • ya you’re right Jes …3 teams may be needed……go flyers

    • @work

      Rumor today is that the Leafs have expressed interest in Myers.
      The problem being the ask back included Kadri, a prospect and a pick. As reported by Darren Dregger, tsn. on WGR. this am.

      As a Sabres fan, That would work for me.

      • Please no please no please no……

      • That so heavily favours buffalo that the laughs just might do it

      • seems like a fair trade for a future top pairing huge dman.

        • Its tough enough to win in Buffalo for the Leafs Kadri would haunt them there along time.

          This has all the makings of the curse of the Bambino type trade.

          *resumes fetal position*
          Please no please no please no….

          • Would you take kadri out and insert gardiner?

          • Id prefer not to deal with the Sabres and Im definitely not sold on Myers. For the price of a player a pck and a prospect. Maybe just maybe if it was Lupul (which I know wouldnt work for the Sabres) If the salaries were close Id consider it but to involve Kadri is a huge mistake.

          • I agree with shticky. Lupul would be a fair trade, but if buffalo is rebuilding I doubt lupul would be wise. The idea of a rebuild is to stock up on youth and let them grow together. I like lupul but he’s hit his prime and really do you think lupul is better as a long term investment. If that were the case they should have resigned vanes, and they definitely won’t trade moulson. Trading moulson,and then acquiring lupul would be kind of a horizontal move. Why not just keep moulson

      • Hell no!!!!

        We don’t need another 2nd line center.

  3. Why exactly would the Sabres trade Myers? He’s only 24. He’s the type of guy you rebuild around.

    The Cancucks need to hit the reset button. I just don’t see them winning with this team. They got to the Finals and came one game short. I think that’s about as good as it’s going to get.

    It would be interesting if the Sedins were traded to the Red Wings. The Red Wings are already Team Sweden, so adding the Sedins would be right in line. Weiss is on LTIR and Zetterburg appears to be headed there. They could probably make it work this year and next with the cap going up.

    • Because Myers has a big contract and the Sabres might have the best group of defensive prospects in the league and need to compliment them with some talent up front. Myers would bring them that. Personally I hope the Kings land him to play with Doughty. I wonder if Brown, Muzzin and a first would be enough for Myers and Moulson?

      • Brown, Muzzin and a first for Myers??? Surely you’re kidding.

        The Sabres need much more than that. Brown is a 2nd – 3rd line player. Muzzin would be the 10th defenseman in their organization – I don’t think they need 10. And a first means nothing for a top team like LA in a weak draft year.

        Now let’s start talking Tufoli, and we might have some kind of deal.

        • Robert….for starters, Muzzin is on LA’s top D pairing with Doughty on the BEST defensive team in the league, but ya your right he wouldn’t even crack Buffalo’s stellar D core, your not too bright are ya?. Brown is a top six player on any team and would be a top line player in Buffalo, not too mention he has a cup and a ton of leadership, and don’t discount a first rounder for a re-building team. As for Myers his value takes a bit of a hit due to his big contract that he hasn’t lived up to yet.

    • Why trade him? Because he hasn’t gotten any better since his rookie season, arguably worse. Other than his height, there’s not much to suggest he’s suddenly going to blossom into a Norris contender any time soon.

      • I disagree. He’s noticeably improved this season in every way. He has more confidence, is a better playmaker, and has found the net too. I think his stock will continue to rise. I wouldn’t trade him if I were Murray. We have enough untested Dmen around to trade.

      • Liddy exactly man, but that logic won’t stop homers like Robert to think he is worth the moon.

  4. I believe the Canucks will trade Kesler but not until the off season when the cap goes up and more teams will be interested. He’s 29, very affordable at $5 million per for the next 2 years, is a former Selke winner and has the ability to take over a game or playoff series. The Canucks know he can be a beast so no way they want to face him more than twice a year so they won’t trade him to a western team. The price will be high because he is now the biggest name in the rumour mill. The Canucks will need a 2nd line centre in return but not a Khadri or Gagner. I see him going to an eastern US based team like Detroit or Philly. If Philly, the trade could involve Couturier and either Morin and their 1st this year. Detroit could be Nyquist or Tatar and Anthony Mantha and their 1st this year.

    • There is no way Detroit gives up any of that. They are in the Market for top line D, not a C. I doubt Holland has much interest in adding another C with Weiss coming back soon and all the C depth they already have.

      But, for the sake of argument. Sheahan, mid level prospect like Callahan and a 2nd.

      Personally, I hope they got after Edler

    • Philly does not have the need, or Umberger, for Kesler. We have too many centers as it is, and players are already playing out of position. No need for another expensive forward. Where would he play?

      He’s not going to knock Giroux out of the #1.
      Either Lecavalier or Schenn has had the 2nd line centers position all year.

      The Flyers are not going to pay either Lecavalier or Kesler $5 million for playing the third line.

      No thanks.

    • Kesler to Philly makes no sense.

      The Flyers are deep at center. They already have Lecavalier playing out of position.

      I would not trade Couturier for Kesler. Couturier has been healthy and has played well for a young player in only his third season. His upside is huge, and his work as a defensive center at his age is very good.

      I like Kesler, but I live in the Vancouver area, and he comes across as a problem.

      Besides, there is no room for Kesler in Philly…no Umberger either. The offer sheet from way back when was to reunite the 2, as they had played together before with good success.

      That day is long gone.

      The Flyers are not going to pay $5 million for either Kesler or Lecavalier to play third line center, when they have Couturier doing it well for half that price.

      I doubt this happens.

  5. A Question for you guys. If a player waives his NTC to get traded. Does that NTC follow him to the other team he got traded too?
    Not sure why Buffalo would what to trade Tyler Myers. If they are going into rebuild mode, why trade a good young D-man, he’s only 24.

    • I’m pretty sure that the no trade clause would follow the player to his new team as it is part of the contract.

      • Yup

  6. I would love to see Myers end up with the Bruins and have Chara there to mentor him. I would imagine he would command a decent return though, and unlikely that the Sabres would trade a massive young d-man like Myers to a division rival.

    • Agreed.

  7. Kesler will not be traded. The whole story is made up. How the whole world falls for Bob Mackenzie thinking aloud befuddles me. Kesler has a NTC. Kesler has stated that he has not requested a trade. Kesler is the Canucks #1 center. Vancouver is 1 point out of the wildcard, their season is not over, they are embroiled in a race that will go down to the wire. Trading their 1C is a huge gamble, given that anything they get in return is an unknown. How will the acquired player fit into the lineup? Will the acquired asset have instant chemistry?

    On the balance of it, Vancouver will not trade Kesler at the deadline. This move would signal a throwing in of the towel for the season, and an outright rebuild. Vancouver is just too good for that. If anything, Vancouver becomes buyers and will look to add pieces, not get rid of significant ones. And if that is the case, you will probably more likely see a Vanek/Moulson/Erat type acquisition rather than a trade of Kesler.

    • fromthenorth,

      I think throwing in the towel is exactly what Vancouver needs to do, but that’s another discussion.

      But to add to your point about Kesler, the one knock on them the past few years has been their lack of toughness. It doesn’t make sense to trade Kesler away when he’s one of the few tough grinders on the team who can actually score. The Canucks need more Keslers, not fewer.

      • I am with you 100%.


        Desperate times ahead for Canucks and fans (such as myself).

        What a quagmire the team is sinking into. I was a big proponent of TRADING the twins last year, not re-signing them. Now we have two, less than a point a game guys, who will NEVER lead this team to a championship, locked up for big dollars and big term.


        I think we do need more Keslers, but I gotta’ say, if we can get Kadri for Kesler, we LEAP at that deal. Just age-wise, scoring-wise, and scoring-potential-wise.

        That would be a great trade for Vancouver… would make sense for TO too, imo…

    • Kesler is not Vancouvers No. 1 centre. Henrik Sedin is

  8. If I’m the leafs the only way I trade with Vancouver is for both Kessler and Edler.

    Kadri gardiner and a first plus a D futures
    Kessler and edler

    Van would have to keep some cap for this year I’m guessing aswell.

    • I was thinking about the same trad scenario one problem though is cap space. Something like this would have to happen in summer unless your trading a lupul gunnerson combo

  9. The marlies have 8 rfa’s and 4 ufa’s. The leafs have 7 ufa’s, 3 rfa’s and approx 21.6 million in sal cap next season according to capgeek. Meaning three things: 1) nonis is going to have one busy summer, 2) we can not afford to resign every player and 3) any trade will have to see the leafs either dump salary or be dollar for dollar. In other word Myers isn’t coming to Toronto because the leafs don’t have the cap for an over paid player. Only way to get him, is if buffalo is willing to retain a large portion of Myers salary, and I would assume they would rather just keep him

    • Or send them Lupul….lol

  10. Would you – if you were the Leafs…deal Kadri for Tyler Myers…? You could fill the hole with Holland for now and try to land a Paul Stastny in the summer? Knowing how hard it is to land big young D…or option D
    Kadri Gardiner for Myers Hodgson- is that out of the realm?

    • Myers + hodgson= approx 10 million
      Kadri (2.9 next year) + Gardner ( if he gets a bridge deal in between 2.5-3.5 mill)= almost the salary of Myers (5.5 mi)
      I like how long hodgson s contract is and he is a decent cap hit for the contracts duration but either way the leafs won’t have the cap space next year. Plus the leafs only have 2.5 remaining in cap space this year. It’s a decent trade but doesn’t work financially.

      • Funny how no one has mentioned throwing in Clarkson and his terrible contract going the other way.

        Kadri and Clarkson for Myers. lol

    • No way in hell you get Hodgson and Myers for Kadri and Gardiner.

      You would need to add at least a pick and a prospect to the Leafs side of the deal.

      Hodgson is Buffalo’s top center. Myers is one of their top dmen.

      We have covered Kadri and Gardiner before.

      Would end up being Kadri, Gardiner, Franson plus a 1st for Myers and Hodgson.

      Just my opinion.

      • Not even that looks right given the Depth of prospects the Sabres have on D. What the hell they want with Franson and Gardiner? IMO a deal between the Sabres and Leafs is unlikely. Myers is over priced. A straight up deal or Kadri and a pick perhaps or a prospect I could see (still hate it but could see it). But the three parts is unreasonable and I cant see Nonis giving away Kadri and facing him 8 times a year for the next 5-10 years at least even for Meyers. It doesnt make sense.

  11. Not sure about the kadri for Myers deal. Like most people I think you need to build from the net out but unless nonis has a plan for a number two centre in his back pocket….I don’t know. If we get Myers for kadri you have to think gardiner or prospects/picks are on the table for a centre.

    • Technically if bolland was good enough to be a 2-3 centre on Chicago, he’s good enough to be a 2-3 c on the leafs, then 3-4 are holland(rfa’s) and mcclement(ufa). I would still rather keep Kadri as I mentioned earlier because of cap issues. But the leafs need to improve their d-fence, and Myers is that big body d the leafs could use, but their are probably more established cheaper options available. I would rather deal with Ottawa than buffalo

      • Thing is he wasnt good enough to be a 2 c on the Hawks he was playing behind Handzus for the most part.

        • I thought he was rotated, and his biggest problem were his injuries. Not to mention originally Chicago expected bolland to be a 1b or 2a centre. Maybe my memory if off though

          • Even if he was rotating with Handzus (Handzus played more of the 2c) if your ceiling is a center who cant keep a job over Handzus is he really a 2 c? And yes his salary was a bit of an issue coming up but the Hawks did decide to trade him for picks and decided to move on with Handzus and continue looking for another center if he was such a valuable 2 c I doubt you move him and keep Handzus. I dont think Bolland is realistically a top 6 guy, never had a 20 season playing with some pretty good players. Dont get me wrong the guy is a great guy to hsve on your team in a third line roll who can move up if needed every team needs a guy like him but I wouldnt over value Bolland.

          • Buddy when the Leafs picked up Bolland you said he was only a 3C because it was the Hawks and he could easily be a 2C on a team like the Leafs. So is he a 2C or a 3C?

          • Bolland is a 3….not sure what your not understanding. I would not say Bolland is any kind of upgrade or even close to enough skill to replace Kadri on a full time basis. Good enough to move around up in the lineup play wing ect, Every team needs guys like him but after seeing more of Kadris game develop Bolland is a 3. If he couldnt take Handzus or Kadris job Im not sure how you call him a 2? Granted he is hurt but I cant see him coming back playing a tone of minutes and taking Kadris job. Bolland is a 3.

  12. Can’t really add much to the comments that have already been said here for weeks. This is shaping into a really exciting deadline though let’s just hope gms don’t let us down. Looks like Wednesday is a day off for me! Lol

  13. No worries about a trade- Gillis will procrastinate for a year or two and nothing will get done.

  14. Girardi signed, Ott and Miller scratched possible 3 way trade….let the games begin its going to be a busy night. Its starting….

    • Trade completed.

      Miller and Ott to St Louis for Stewart, Halak, a first and another pick

      Wow…Didn’t think St Louis would think Miller is an upgrade

      Strange with Stewart…I thought he was really good in Colorado, but seemed almost lost in St. Louis.

      Good luck Chris. Would love to have him on the Flyers.

    • Te trade is miller, and ott for halak, Chris Stewart, carrier, 2015 1st pick, and 2016 3rd pick I believe

      • Tsn is reporting buffalo is trying to flip Stewart to Ottawa, and send halak to Minnesota

        • Sabres are going to make out like bandits this year….great trade. I dont like it for the Blues one bit.

          • That is definitely a great trade for Sabres!

          • I think the Blues have just made themselves number one contender for the cup with this trade. An awesome goalie like Miller playing with a defense like that look out Chicago, Anaheim and San Jose.

  15. I cannot see Kesler coming to Toronto… Nonis has made it known,,, he will not trade young talent, unless he gets at least equivalent “young” talent in return…..
    I am sure Nonis will stick to his guns, on this statement…

  16. I mostly agree with the lunacy of trading Myers. Sabres have already paid most of the front loaded contract too. But for whatever reason it’s not working for him in Buffalo. He needs Jacques Martin. Because Martin made Chara into the player he is, converting him from the clumsy goon in Long Island into the defensive force he has been for so long. Could the the same thing be done to Myers? Maybe, but the kid is soft, makes silly plays and needs a good coach.

  17. I agree it’s lunacy…unless the price is right. Under the new regime I have seen Myers improve and so I think he’ll continue to get better in the years ahead.