Latest Ryan Kesler Rumors – June 25, 2014

Speculation is growing the Canucks will trade Ryan Kesler this week, but are there suitable destinations for him? Can the Blackhawks afford to land him? Or the Ducks? Read on for the latest.

Can the Blackhawks or Ducks land Ryan Kesler?

Can the Blackhawks or Ducks land Ryan Kesler?

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports the Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks are considered the front runners for Vancouver Canucks center Ryan Kesler. However, a source claims the Canucks won’t move him unless they get a suitable return. Kesler apparently favors those two because of his desire to win a Stanley Cup. The Pittsburgh Penguins are also believed to have interest in Kesler but it’s unclear if he’ll accept a trade to Pittsburgh.  What happens to Kesler could affect the Ottawa Senators efforts to trade Jason Spezza, as they could be waiting to see what the Canucks do first.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma speculates a Kesler trade could set off a chain reaction of deals. If the Canucks can land the tenth-overall pick (along with a package that includes a center and a winger) from the Ducks, they can then try to shop their first-round pick (sixth overall) in a package to the Florida Panthers for the first overall pick. Kuzma notes the Panthers need wingers and defensemen and “might bite on prospect Hunter Shinkaruk”. If the Panthers were willing to take back former Panthers blueliner Jason Garrison they could insist the Canucks take back some salary, which ownership isn’t willing to do.  Kuzma also wonders what impact the Penguins recent change of management could have upon their earlier interest in Kesler. He also noted the Ducks have considerably more cap space than the Blackhawks to take on Kesler’s $5 million annual salary.

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brough speculates the Canucks, despite their heated rivalry with the Blackhawks, might prefer sending him to Chicago than to a division rival like the Ducks. The problem is freeing up sufficient cap space to take on Kesler’s salary.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Mark Lazerus reports Patrick Sharp might not be enough for the Blackhawks to pry Kesler out of Vancouver. He cites a source claiming the Canucks want “either Brandon Saad or Teuvo Teravainen included in any package, which likely would be a nonstarter for the Hawks.”

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports the Ducks have the need and means to pull off a significant addition this summer, citing Kesler and Ottawa’s Jason Spezza as the “main realistic options”. The Ducks hold the 10th and 24th picks, along with two second-round picks, in this year’s draft. They’re also deep in promising young players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Sharp isn’t willing to waive his no-trade clause to go to Vancouver, and if the Blackhawks aren’t willing to part with any promising young players, Kesler won’t be going to Chicago. The Blackhawks must free up cap space to take on Kesler’s contract, meaning a dollar-for-dollar swap or convincing the Canucks to absorb part of Kesler’s contract, which doesn’t sound like something Canucks ownership wants to do.  Anaheim appears the better trade partner but the Canucks could try to squeeze them for more than they’re willing to give. That could force the Ducks to consider acquiring Spezza.

If the Ducks and Blackhawks are out, and the Penguins aren’t interesting in revisiting their previous GM’s interest in Kesler, the Canucks center will have to expand his trade list if he truly wants to be dealt this summer. The St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars could be viable options if Kesler is willing to accept either club as trade destinations. 


  1. I have heard that the Ducks offered the Canucks 2 first rounders (10 & 24) and a prospect (Rackell maybe?) for Kesler. If that was the offer, I think the Canucks would have taken that by now. They could then trade Garrison and the 6th overall to the Panthers for the 1st and maybe a later pick or mid level prospect. That way they could draft Ekblad or Reinhart. (this is what I was reading)
    As a Ducks fan, that is a pretty hefty price to pay I think. But Kesler would be worth it. I still think they shold sweet talk Stasny into coming here and find a winger via trade for the second line and let Etem or DSP play with the twins. If they got Kesler or any 2nd line C, they would still need a winger to play on that second line. (IMO)

    • Link? If this was offered I’m sure a lot of people would know about. I honestly haven’t heard of such a thing and I visit rumor sites daily. LeBrun or Mackenzie would’ve definitely gotten wave of it.

    • Statsny would kill it in a Ducks jersey. Plus you wouldn’t have to give a anything up besides a bunch of Benjamin’s.

      • I would assume St Louis will be in on Stastny and since he grew up there probably stand a really good chance to get him.

    • Don’t think any of these trade proposals being floated are smart to do.
      Use the draft picks Friday and forget about trades until next February when you have a much better idea on where biggest needs are and who of the young players are progressing and who are not

    • That package from the Ducks noted by you is not enough for Kesler. It’s kinda funny how the league is constantly trying to low-ball the Canucks. Ah well. He is a difference maker and those don’t come along every day.

    • “They could then trade Garrison and the 6th overall to the Panthers for the 1st and maybe a later pick or mid level prospect.”

      Toronto offered up a deeper package and there’s no sign from Florida willing to accept that trade. It was rumoured to be Kadi + 8th overall + Gardiner. If they won’t take that offer, they certainly wouldn’t entertain Garrison + 6th overall.

  2. Reports from Tampa are saying Callahan deal is all but done. Will be staying in Tampa for the foreseeable future.

  3. Time for Team roulette. Who do you want your team to draft, and if you can sign 1 free agent and the cap hit works who would you take?

    Detroit-Draft Alex Tuch or Sonny Milano, Adrian Kempe if both are gone.
    Detroit-Sign Moulson or Boyle

    • I’d like the Sabres to draft (In order of preference) Reinhart, Draisaitl, Ekblad or Bennett. I’d also like them to trade back into the first round and get Milano, Virtanen or Demko (Depending on where we trade up to of course.)

      One free agent would be Fayne. We need a good defensive defenseman and as Shticky has stated many times he’s the best one out there.

    • I hope the Rangers draft……anyone that can bring a little talent in the future, the cupboard is pretty dry in NY. Free agent hopefuls, #1 Stastny, #2 Mason Raymond, if he still has the same blazing speed he did in Vancouver. Outside of that, I’ll pass on most of this years free agents.

    • I’d like to see the Wings trade up and land Haydn Fleury, but knowing Holland they are going to trade down and still get a solid prospect. They do it every year. If they can trade down and still manage to get a high risk/ high reward prospect like Fiala, I would be content.

      • If they stand pat I would like to see them target Jared McCann

    • I’m hoping the Isles pick Dal Cole, sounds like he could become a great winger for Tavares in the future. The Isles need a top line winger and at least one D man in FA. Would like to see them target Cammaleri or Vanek up front.

      • I don’t know how they’ll get Vanek. He did turn down a $50+ million contract from them. No chance of him signing there IMO. Cammalleri I could see but he has been in a losing environment for awhile so I think he’d like to go to a team that at least has playoff aspirations.

  4. Rumor has the canucks doing the following 2 major moves:
    Kesler to Anaheim for etem,Perrault and the 10 th ( van wants the 10 th Ana offering 24 th)

    Van trades shrinkaruk,tanev and the 6 th for the 1 st overall

    I see two possible drafts for the canucks with these picks
    1st ekblad. 10th. Best forward avail such as tuch or virtanen if still avail.
    1 st reinhart, 10 th h.fluery. ( personally I’d prefer ekblad 1 st )

    Some say van gives up too much to acquire the 1 st and doesn’t get enough back for kesler. Friday will be interesting !

    • Do you actually have a link to this or is this just what YOU think will happen? Like a link from a respected and reliable source….


  5. I don’t understand why these guys who want a trade while under contract get to pick where they want to go. If you want out then go where your sold.

    • Same here. I understand the NTC in protecting the player from all of a sudden getting traded by the GM, but when these players who have the NTC ask for a trade and say I want to be traded, but I only want to be traded here, here, or here does not fly with me. I would actually like to see a GM say “no, we are invoking the NTC in your contract”

    • Exactly. Or at least have a 2-3 team list you won’t go to. Not like Spezza, he “circumvented” his NTC by not putting MON or TOR on the list because he knows Murray won’t trade him there. Smart..YES, sneakily little weasel…YOU BET. He turned his 10 team list into 12.

    • I swear this conversation is coming up every day.

  6. Why would Van want Sharp? I think their mandate is to get younger and this would not help that at all.

    Loving the people saying ducks and blues should wait to see how the start of the season plays out. Sure, cause the playoffs didn’t tell them anything and these trade options will still be available at the deadline……NOT.

    • I don’t understand why Chicago is in the bidding for Kesler when they have Sharp. IMO Sharp is better then Kesler in every way.

      • Sharp does not help them with their issues at 2nd line center and Kesler I believe is at least 3-4 years younger than Sharp.

        I believe the Hawks should be looking at trading Hossa, great player but is starting to breakdown and Saad is like a younger version. I’m sure Hossa has a NMC seems like everyone does these days lol. But either way I’d start there Hossa to the highest bidder and use the cap relief to make your trade or free agent signing for that 2nd line center.

    • Who you kidding, there will be MORE trade options available in February than now.
      1) You will have a better idea of what is needed for a playoff run in February than you do now (2) You will have a better idea of prospects you want to keep and who to trade in February than now. (3) The teams that are out of the playoff hunt will be offering up players in February that they would not do now because they THINK they have a shot at playoffs and they are trying to sell tickets now. For the most part trying to make the BIG deal now is mostly overpaying for someone else’s problem.

      • Isn’t that what Gillis thought last year with Luongo? Now look at him, he got nothing for him and lost him job.

  7. Unless Vancouver lowers it’s asking price he’s not going anywhere. I think Kelser is a hell of a player with lots of heart, but Vancoucer is just asking to much

  8. So a few things:

    1. Why would the Blackhawks trade Sharp for Kessler, and why would Sharp not be enough? Sharp has a cap-friendly ($5.9M) contract for three more seasons. Sharp lead the Blackhawks in points last year (78 in 82). The trade makes no sense. The Hawks have won two cups with Sharp. Why change that?

    2. Why don’t the Ducks forget all of the middle-men and go make a deal with the Panthers and land that first overall pick? They can then take Eckblad, Bennett or Reinhart.

    • Reports have stated Panthers aren’t trading back any further than 8th. At this point in the Ducks team development I say plan to pick at 10th and start talking to Stastny tomorrow. If it seems like you are out on him then make your moves for that 2nd line center. Screw Vancouvers price tag same with Ottawa. The Ducks do not need to make these deals let everyone else get silly, just sit back and pick up the pieces.

    • IMO all these rumors regarding big name players that are not free agent are true rumors (at least 50%) because teams are testing the market demand now, hoping to get even more teams & therefore more return just before player does become UFA (player value is maximized at deadline)
      so probably only spezza, kesler, and 1-3 more third tier players will be traded this year but sharp, thorton, marleu, boychuk…may go within next year or 2
      Plus this tactic should motivate players before their final year of contract to produce points, again enhancing value.

  9. I’d want the Sabres to take Bennett without a doubt. Then trade back into the later rounds and go for McCann or MacInnis. The free agent market will be mostly closed to them, but I think picking up Booth to get to the cap floor would be a nice addition.

  10. Gaborik 7 years just under 35 million wow

  11. Could Kesler be part of a three way trade that gets him to Chicago via Florida.
    Patrick Sharp and the Hawks 27th pick and the early Canuck pick at six, goes to Florida, and
    and rushing defenseman Adam Clendening, go to Vancouver with Florida’s first overall,
    Chicago: Kesler
    Florida: Sharp and 6th overall,27th overall.
    Vancouver: the first overall, Mark McNeill, Adam Clendening.

  12. Kesler for MAF (i wish) and sign Miller.
    LOL! Doesnt hurt to Dream! 😀

    • Vancouver is already reaching out to Miller.

  13. Sharp is not enough for Kesler? I would pass on the guy he is getting old over paid an has a bad back why GMs always think of these players like they were 6 years younger

  14. Trading Garrison, shinkaruk and the 6th pick for the 1st pick is in no way contingent on vancouver trading kessler and receiving a first round pick in return. Vancouver would pull the trigger on this deal even if they haven’t traded kessler yet. Paying gaborik 35 million is insane….no matter if the cap hit is 4.9….injury for gaborik is around the corner. The last time he had back to back healthy seasons was in 2001/2 and 2002/3. Gms are their own worst enemy.