Latest Senators and Avalanche Rumors – April 21, 2014

Will the Senators trade Jason Spezza this summer? Could Martin Brodeur join the Avalanche as a backup? Will Paul Stastny hit this summer’s UFA market?

More speculation suggesting the Senators could shop Jason Spezza this summer.

More speculation suggesting the Senators could shop Jason Spezza this summer.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports on the possibility the Senators could shop captain Jason Spezza this summer. He believes the Senators could try to move him for a strong return. Garrioch cites a league source claiming Spezza has a modified no-trade clause, in which he submits a list of ten teams to which he would refuse to be dealt.  GM Bryan Murray appeared non-committal over Spezza’s future, as he has a year remaining on his contract. Garrioch believes Spezza’s in line for a seven-year, $49 million deal, which at this stage the Senators may not be willing to do. He also claims the Senators listened to offers for their captain near the trade deadline, with Anaheim and St. Louis expressing the most interest. Garrioch feels the best time to move Spezza is during the NHL draft weekend in June, claiming the asking price could be a player who can help right now, a top prospect and a first round pick. In other words, a package similar to what they gave up to land Bobby Ryan from Anaheim.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Trading Spezza would leave a huge hole at center for the Senators. Still, if they’re unwilling to commit to him long term, or if he’s unwilling to do so, then it’s best to move him this summer for the best possible return and continue to rebuild with youth. 

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Colorado Avalanche center Paul Stastny is making the case to be re-signed with his playoff performance thus far. Stastny is eligible for UFA status this summer, but has indicated he would accept a hometown discount to re-sign with the Avs.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater, responding to reader e-mail, believes the Colorado Avalanche should re-sign Nathan MacKinnon as soon as possible. He points out the longest deal MacKinnon can receive under NHL rules is an 8-year contract…Dater also doubts Martin Brodeur would join the Avalanche as a backup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stastny made $6.6 million per season on his current contract. He’ll have to accept a pay cut if he hopes to remain with the Avs. The earliest the Avalanche can open contract talks with MacKinnon is next summer, when he has a year remaining on his contract. Brodeur isn’t signing with the Avs. He’ll want to go to a team where he’ll get some decent playing time. He won’t get that backing up Semyon Varlamov. 


  1. So “Someone” has stated spezza is all but sure to be traded to the leafs at the draft “E4″.
    Now I would like spezza on the leafs, would finally quite the press about having a legit number#1 center, but at what cost?? would I trade a Kadri or Gardnier for him, No do I think it could be fair value possibly, but his deal is up and the end of next season, and either of those players i mentioned are still under rfa for a few more years. Realistically, I think if Lupul went the other way with a prospect, would be the only way to consider, both players are somewhat injury prone and his 5.25 cap hit is something the Sens could take on. Obviously the leafs would add a little, but Spezza truly is leaving Ottawa the sens will try to get top value for him, but he can also walk after hes traded so teams will be hard pressed to give up so big assets knowing that.

    I know trading spezza would leave a whole at the center spot, so either management must be absolutely certain he wont resign, or have another trade in the wings for a #1 or #2 center to replace him.

    • So..Lupul for Spezza?

      Not going to happen buddy.

      I don’t think the Sens would take Lupul, Kadri and Gardner for Spezza.

      Contracts don’t matter here…Spezza is heads and tails above those three players.

      So no, regardless of what Ek says, this will not happen.

      • Seriously??? Lupul, kadri, and gardnier not good enough for Spezza??? lol get real murray throws in a first rounder with spezza and takes that and runs if he was offered that.

        • and I did not say lupul for Spezza straight up at all. I said leafs still add a little, a b prospect and maybe a later pic. or Sens can let him walk for nothing at the end of next year IF they do not come to an agreement..

          • Guys Anaheim will get spezza they need someone to take koivus place at center they will have the cap space and the need getzlaf and spezza wow sweet

        • Not when he has other offers.

          Lupul has a huge cap hit for what he does.

          Kadri is an overrated third liner/ second liner on some teams.

          Gardiner is an inconsistent dman.

          Ottawa does not need dmen.

          The deal makes no sense, next to the Leafs getting rid of their garbage, and getting a bona fide top line player back.

          No, it will not happen in real life.

          Not to mention, I can’t see the Sens trading their top center and leader to the cross province rivals, just to soot the Leafs.

          If anything..a trade to the Leafs would cost more than than any other team in the league.

          Get your head out of your butt.

          Lupul and just any prospect will not get you a top line center.

          No it won’t.

          Still won’t.

          Other wise, other teams would trade their over priced injury prone players for other teams superstars.

          Spezza is a legit top line player. He is going to command a larger return that Ryan.

          Deal with it.

          • See what happens when people bring in other rumors from other sites! You end up seeing two half wits argue their points with no bases in reality.

          • thanks Ron Moore any relation to Steve?? Great input you gave, must have taken you all morning to come up with that one lol.

            As for Spezza to Toronto, If I takes an over payment, leafs wait a year and sign him as a ufa Then.. and give up nothing!!

          • ……….gary you are soooo delusional.

          • Show me the 23 year old thirdliner with 20 goals and 50 points…make a list of em. LOL!

          • Who are you argueing with Ron?

            The trade proposal was about as stupid as saying the same package would get you Tavares

          • @ Shticky: I said said third liner/ second liner, and that is exactly what he has played in his NHL career. What where you expecting? me to say he is a goaltender? Like it or not..Kadri is not as good as blind leaf fans think he is. Otherwise..why would you always want to trade him?

            @Dunc…I am delusional?

            Why? For saying what it will take for the leafs to get a first line center?

            I tend to think Leaf fans are the delusional ones…who think they will get top line players for garbage.

            @willy…who says Spezza will get to be UFA?

            Trade him to Anaheim for the same package they had for kesler…’s better than anything the Leafs can offer, and he would be going to a winning team.

            For those who don’t get it: winning means making the playoffs, and being successful in them. That rules out the Leafs.

            I can see Spezza ending up in NYR colors before the end of the summer.

            Leafs don’t have a chance.

          • First of all its not a trade Id make sending pretty much 2/3 of a second line away for Spezza. Kadri and Lupul are just about a lock for 90 points more if they were not dragging Clarkson around for over half the year . 2 why is it all garbage in your world that gets dealt? Dubinsky Anisimov and Nash all garbage? How bout Ryan? Moulson? Perron? Sometimes (most the time) guys get traded because they are the guys that fit deal or dont fit the future of the team they are playing on the best its not like teams are swapping garbage. Would I deal Kadri yep but not in a package like that for Spezza, sometimes you deal away nice pieces like Kadri and Lupul to upgrade. Its not like they are garbage think about it and think of other deals that have gone down, like your example better than Ryan, Not sure Murray thought he was giving up a top 10 pick other than that Silfverberg put up 50 points yet? Noesen is a nice piece but for all intensive purposes it was 2 relatively young unproven guys with some upside and a pick its not 2 guys who put up 90 points who play second line minutes hmmmm like in the Rick Nash deal? You are ridiculious with saying every time the Leafs are mentioned in a trade its “garbage”.

          • Keep in mind Spezza has a limited no movement. He can submit 10 teams he does not want to be traded to and he has always wanted to play for the leafs. Plus there is no way the Leafs do Kadri, Gardner and Lupul.

    • so as a fan with no horse in this race, lupal and propect doesn’t get spezza… and [plenty of teams beat out the leafs for spezza if he is available. kadri, a 1st and a prospect, say gauthier would work. dont like it? you have to pay to play. ana could give up vatanan, rakell and their 1st. you get beat and watch the playoffs as a bystander again. hey, to make it fair, ott could offer a modified deal where they send a pick back to the team if he doesn’t resign. If you don’t aquire spezza, theres a damn good chance he doesn’t sign with your team.

      • Gary – Kadri a third liner? What are u smoking?

        Spezza IMO is definitely not worth $7 mill a year. Unless his deal ends up being an Iginla type of deal. Performance based and the number of games he plays.

        If I was Anaheim I’d just give Sens their pick back along with a good prospect and Bonino for Spezza. Does that sound about fair?

        From TO side I see Kadri, TO’s 2014 first and Franson for Spezzq.

        • @Jes..not on anything..just stating facts.

          He is a borderline 2nd liner/ third line player.

          It will take more than Kadri, Franson and a pick for a legit top line center.

          That is the reality.

          • So by your logic Lecalvier a fourth liner? He has played there this year…you make no sense.

          • Kadri spent more time on the top line than the third but notice you dont mention that…. jeesh Clearly no bias there yep youre right…lol

          • That’s about the price Ottawa will get for Spezza Gary. Not much more, maybe another NHL player included in the trade or a mid level prospect or a 2nd round draft choice. Sens also receive a top 10 pick. You can substitute Gardiner for Franson. But that deal is basically the most the Sens will get for Spezza.

            Gary you got to learn to rate players man. Right now your just talking out of your ass. I hate the Laughs to but Kadri is a good second liner. On stacked teams he is a 3rd liner.

          • @Shticky…ummm…if a player is playing that position regularly, then yeah…he would be a fourth liner.

            I don’t see either Franson or Gardiner being of much interest to the Sens. I think the Sens want forwards not dmen. They were rumoured to be shopping all year for another forward. If they lose Spezza..even more so.I see the likely hood of Ott and TO trading about as high as the Pens and Flyers.

            @Jes: I don’t undervalue Kadri. I also don’t overvalue him. I said he was a good second/third liner. Second liner on the Leafs, third liner on a deeper team. I’d say I hit it on the mark when the Leaf fans think I’m nuts for what I say, and you think I am overvaluing him.

            I don’t waste my time watching the Leafs Shticky….so no, I wouldn’t mention that…I believe I mentioned points for a top line player before, and you ripped me saying he hardly plays there. Now it’s the opposite. Make up your mind, son.

            I also think Kadri had a step back. Team or not, he went from almost a point a game to just above a point every 2. Who..that’ll get you going to…telling me he had 50 points in 78 games and how that is 65% points to games ratio(which, by the way, is also his career average….this year is what you can expect), blah, blah,blah…end of the day..he went from almost a point a game to way less. He is also a small forward..188lbs..sorry but I am not that impressed.

            Lupul is injury prone, and Leaf fans admit it. I have seen you yourself on here Shticky offering Lupul for a pick.He is highly paid for what he brings, and yes I know, right this coming from a Flyers fan, but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that he makes $5.75 million in salary next year.
            So trade away a top line center(who has a career points to games played ratio of over 100%) for an expensive injury prone second liner, a small, inconsistent, forward averaging 2 points in 3 games, and an inconsistent, young dman that you don’t need anyway.

            I just don’t see it as a good trade.

            I think the Leafs should talk to the Canucks…I think there is a trade to be made there.

    • why on earth would the leafs want spezza?? he is not even close to a 200 foot player just like kessle and jvr! this is why leaf fans are the worst at making trades! THEY MAKE NO SENSE!!

    • tor has 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 interest in spazza no thank you ottawa you can keep him we would rather see him pass to other teams

  2. Trading Spezza leaves NO hole at the center spot. Turris is a better center, with increased playing time he can see his numbers improve a bit more to the 60-70 point range and he is far better in his own zone then Spezza. Zibinejad needs a chance to move up to the #2 role … those two are Ottawa’s future (not counting what Lazar might turn into). Turris & Ryan are also the two that found chemistry and should be on top being fed by Karlsson.

    I think it likely that Spezza ends up in either Anaheim, St. Louis, or Nashville. But for a moment let’s say Crazy E was onto something (laughable). Spezza to the Leafs? If I am Ottawa then I am looking to get the following package: ’14 1st, Fredrick Gauthier, Josh Leivo. I don’t really want Lupul, no need for Kadri or Gardiner, they aren’t giving up JVR or Kessel and everyone else is pretty much rights. Leivo is NHL ready or at least really close to … and either way with the Leafs 1st, Craig Anderson, and a wide array of other prospects the Senators can get a help me now guy.

    • Leafs already have the softest collection of 1-way players in their top 6. They do not need to add Spezza. This team needs a Dubinsky at center, not a Spezza. Leafs lack heart and compete. Sens couldn’t make the playoffs with him, what makes you think the Leafs with the 5th worst GA will fair better.
      No. No to Leivo or a 1st round pick.

      • Do you all really believe that center is the position the Leafs need to upgrade the most??

        If Nonis does nothing to shore up his D, he should be replaced immediately.

        Neon Dion can’t do everything himself. The Leafs need upgrades on the back end. younger and faster, big bodied guys.

        I’m a Sabres fan, (I’ll wait for the laughter to stop)… … … but the Leafs need a mean and nasty D to strike fear in the opponents offensive players. Someone who will put you through the end boards if you try and go around them.

        That should, IMHO, be their first area of change.

        • Yep,
          D-man is #1 need. Adding another expensive forward really does not solve their problem. Move Kadri to left wing, put Holland at center and they will have two decent scoring lines. Find a d-man who can help clear the front of net, pair him with Gardiner, let Jake carry / pass puck out of zone, let physical “D” man keep the front of net clear. This is about as good as Leafs can hope for with what they have. Stop trading picks, the prospect pool is thin, plus Leafs do not have 2nd round picks in next two drafts. When will they ever learn.

          • I don’t believe at all, I actually very much laughed at the thought of Spezza to Leafs … just saying what we would want back if it did happen. I personally think St. Louis, Anaheim, or Nashville are the destinations for Spezza.

          • While I do agree that the Leafs do need a D man I’m not sure its a greater need than a no. 1 center. I’m not 100 % sure you can judge the D as bad as it played this year last year it wasnt near as bad they had a good penalty kill were not even close to be giving up as many shots but if you look at both years they were a terrible posession team. Spezza is not the type of center that would help that tho. Need a no. 1 younger with some size that is decent defensively with some speed to keep up and is tougher to play against. Spezza is an assist machine but I doubt really fits the needs of the Leafs. They have needed the center for a while same as a D man but I think that with the difficulty in finding a true number 1 that has to be the priortity, they could improve with a top 4 type D which is easier to find than a no 1 guy. D would improve alot if they didnt play so much in their own end and get rid of Randys bizarre system.

  3. @Lyle,
    Completely off topic. But…. after reading an article yesterday about restructuring the draft process, I was wondering why NJ was given their #1 pick back this year? I didn’t even hear of an arbitration or hearing process. I just saw that they were given it back, no explanation as to why?

    • I believe they appealed and Bettman made the call. This came out in the news shortly after Sochi I believe. Most GM’s weren’t happy with it, most speculate that it was because of the ownership situation and Bettman didn’t want to punish current ownership for a contract that is now voided for a player they didn’t sign. Some even go so far as to speculate that Bettman may have verbally told them that he would overturn the decision and give them back a first before the deal was signed for them to assume ownership and announced it when he did so it would get less attention. At least they didn’t get a lottery pick and have to choose last, but its still a pretty cap precedent.

      • Thanks Danny. You’re right about being shortly after the Olympic break. I just didn’t hear why they got it back. Way to go Bettman! You show em you mean business when it comes to 17 year deals/ cap circumvention! The draft seriously needs some adjustments, and Bettman needs to be gone!

  4. List of team that may need/want Spezza:

    St. Louis

    The strongest of the group:

    Philly and St. Louis.

    Fat chance the Sens trade Spezza to the Leafs.

    • CGY – rebuilding
      EDM – Hopkins, Ganger #3 overall pick (no need)
      Nashville – Yes
      St. Louis – Yes
      Vancouver – … are they shipping Kesler back?
      Winnipeg – Nope, good young guys developing
      Columbus – Maybe …
      Florida – Yup
      New Jersey – Feel they’d rather stay with Zajac & Henrique
      Philly – Ummm …Giroux, Schenn, Lecavallier, Couturier

      Out of the teams you listed, I would say Nashville is the most desperate for a top skilled center.

    • Some of the team you mention make no sense..

      Calgary – Rebuilding I don’t see why they would have any interest. Unless Burke wants to make a few big trades and get back into the playoffs next year.
      Edmonton – Only a possibility if Gagner goes the other way.
      Nashville – they have the need
      Phoenix – they have the need
      St. Louis – I doubt it. They need a goalie also.
      Vancouver – so Kesler for Spezza?
      Winnipeg – Chevyldaoff doesn’t have the balls to pull something like this off.
      Columbus – wouldn’t be surprised if they want to take the next step
      Florida – huge player for Spezza IMO. New ownership will definitely want someone like him.
      NJ – usually never a player for big names. Secondary guys like Hemsky is what they’ll look at.
      Philadelphia – why? They are set at center.

  5. Suggesting that Spezza would be traded to the Leafs is equivalent to claiming the Leafs would’ve traded Sundin to the Sens. Could any Leaf fans ever have seen that happening? I don’t think so. IF it happened, they would have to pay more especially when there are out of conference teams knocking at the door. Spezza to Leafs is ridiculous.

    My dream would be Spezza + extras maybe to St. Louis for Tarasenko + pick/prospect or a package involving Shattenkirk. Kind of funny that Tarasenko was picked with the Sens pick they traded for Rundblad… but Turris was the end result so it’s not all bad :). Hell I wouldn’t mind TJ Oshie either. They have a multitude of young players that could help the Sens. Also, they have an envious prospects pool that would easily replace anyone they trade. St. Louis is going to have a tough time keeping all those players on their team when their contracts expire so that’s why I think something like that could get done. Zibanejad and Tarasenko would be deadly on the 2nd line. Or Captain Shattenkirk patrolling the Sens D zone lol.

  6. I think some people may over value spezza a tad. While he does have skill he shows it in flashes(must have learned from Kovalev). Great Shot – Never Shoots, Thinks pass first but always seems to give the puck away with blind drop passes. just cause you slap a C on him doesn’t mean he’s golden. Also hes not producing at the pace he did years ago.

    Unfortunately this is an (e4) rumor without thought put behind it like – Lack of salary cap restricting the leafs to pick up a guy like Spezza for a guy like Kadri and Prospects…the numbers just wouldn’t work without substantial money going back and yeah ottawa fans that would be a guy like Lupul or eating half of Spezza’s Salary.

    Anyways too much thought put in to a bogus rumor since i doubt Murray would trade a high scoring forward to a divisional rival…Ottawa’s defense is horrendous already, no point giving a team a way to score more points and get more shots against them.

    • he’s not a #1 center who will make eveyone around him better, i.e. crosby, but he has shown legit number one skill when paired with other skilled players. That has a lot of value and teams will get into a bidding war… depending whos on his no trade list of course.

  7. not really a sens fan but always thought about spezza playing in buffalo but is he truly that number one center we need?
    there are plenty of teams that would chase him for trade. even though he has one yr left if i were ottawa i would do my best to resign him at a team budget were they have a better chance at winning longterm and also keeping their young players there longterm as well.

    • He is def a #1 center … however if I am Buffalo I wouldn’t move an asset for him. You are sitting on Girgensons, Grigorenko, Compher, Hodgson, plus very likely either Sam Reinhart or Sam Bennett. With a great defensive future as well, BFlo should consider using some of this center depth to add some bulky winger depth IMO.

      • Not a bad suggestion at all.
        My real thought is that if Grigorenko can’t get it together PDQ, he will be trade bait this time next year.
        I do agree that the Sabres don’t need Spezza. The team is still 2 years away from challenging. It would be wasteful to get him now.


  9. As much as I’m a leafs fan and occasionally suffer from overvaluing my team’s players, there’s no way Ottawa trades with Toronto unless its a robbery.
    OTT would demand
    Kadri (who Ott did want in the draft)
    1st Round pick 2014 draft

    Tor would get:
    Old broken OTT player
    5th round draft pick in 2024

  10. Oh yes, and Spezza. 😛 (but it ain’t gonna happen)