Latest Senators and Red Wings Rumors – July 25, 2014

The Senators could be shopping a forward, plus an update on the Red Wings ongoing quest for a defenseman with a right-handed shot.

Senators talking contract extension with Bobby Ryan.

Senators talking contract extension with Bobby Ryan.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators were working on a deal for another forward around the time they shipped Jason Spezza to the Dallas Stars. The deal has since either fallen through or been placed on the back burner for now. Garrioch cites sources claiming wingers Colin Greening and Eric Condra are being made available. What happens with them could determine if winger Mike Hoffman starts the season with the Senators.

OTTAWA SUN/OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Senators have started contract extension talks with forwards Bobby Ryan and Clarke MacArthur and defenseman Marc Methot. The three are eligible for unrestricted free agency next summer. The club is also reportedly close to re-signing goaltender Robin Lehner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The most important of these will be Ryan, who could be the biggest fish in next summer’s UFA pond and could command a seven-year deal worth over $7 million per season. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ryan camp opted to wait and see how this season unfolds before committing to a long-term deal with the Senators. 

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports the Red Wings will continue to scour the free agent and trade market for a right-handed defenseman, but they could also look to within to address that need. Possible trade targets include Washington’s Mike Green, Buffalo’s Tyler Myers and Edmonton’s Jeff Petry. Michael Del Zotto is available in the UFA market but he’s a left-handed shot.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Latest word out of Washington claimed the Capitals want to retain Green and see how he performs for new head coach Barry Trotz.  If the Sabres shop Myers they’ll set a very high price for him. I doubt they’re interested in moving him now. The Oilers are likely to start the season with Petry and see how things unfold before making any decisions on his future. 


  1. Myers was never really available to begin with, especially once Erhoff was gone.

    • Everyone is available on the Sabres roster right now. Murray has an asking price for Myers and if that price is met Myers will be traded.

  2. Boston has a right handed shot defenseman Boychuk
    But no way we move him to a division rival.
    Ryan needs to be extended now or traded no other choice.
    If they wait till the trade deadline won’t get as much of a return.

  3. Chi gets their salary dump and young players to fill out 3rd and 4th lines, det gets a dman that shoots right and another young Swedish RHD. this would put the blackhawks about 200k over the cap instead of 2.2 mill over

    To Chi
    Andersson ferraro and a 2nd round pick in 2016

    to Det
    Roszival and Runblad

    • Interesting thought but will leave Chicago with 5 roster d-man

      • Versteeg seems like the likely candidate to move …again

    • Versteeg is the guy they should be moving. But if I were Chicago I’d try and package Sharp and Roszival to a team for some immediate impact. Clears cap space and gets rid of the inevitable in Sharp.

  4. With Fanson being available from the leafs, I wonder if he could be of interest to the wings? I just don’t see the leafs trading him to Detroit because they might be competing for the same spot (8th). Maybe the wings have interest in Wideman from the Flames.

    • i’d do wideman for kindl straight up in a second

      • If no salary was retained that would work but if the Flames retained salary it would probably cost more. I could really see this happening and then the Flames would go after Franson.

        • Detroit has plenty of cap space so Calgary should’nt have to retain any salary on Wideman. Kindl for Wideman would be an excellent deal.

  5. Ottawa should just move Ryan now. This will become something stupid during the season.

    • so who’s going to be the first to come up with a Ryan to the leafs proposal?

    • I agree on moving Ryan now. I never thought Ryan to Ottawa was going to work. Nobody to feed him.

    • Unless they are going to get a immediate Impact player in return the Ryan shouldn’t be traded. Sens traded him for an awful. Trading him after just one season is just stupid. Zbinejad and Turris can easily feed him the puck. So I have no clue where you are getting there won’t be anyone to feed him the puck.

    • If Ottawa moves Ryan now, it will become obvious that their purpose is to become leading candidates in the McDavid Derby.

  6. If Ryan has another low 20’s goal rate season… he is not going to get a $7M/7 deal.

    • Some team always overpays

  7. I don’t believe Ottawa has to move Ryan and that they will sign him. In the event they do trade him want would you all suggest the return will be?

    • Lol “What” not “want” my elementary teacher must be rolling her eyes.

      • Lol same with mine stupid iPhone

    • Ryan is a tricky one he’s worth a good package but with only one year left he’s a one year rental. Won’t be very high of a return and will be lower the longer they wait. Ottawa should try to extend him but if he has no intention of staying might as well move him. Don’t think Ottawa is a cup contender this year.
      I’m a B’s fan and would love him for one year to fill Iginlas spot.
      But wouldn’t give up the moon.
      Something like Kelly salary reasons. A dman like Maquaid or Bartkowski and a high prospect like Spooner or Koko or a 2nd rounder.
      That’s as much as I would do for one year of a high quality player

      • Boston is not looking to take any money back right now.As nice as i think Ryan would fit nicely with the Bruins,They are still trying to sign Krug and Smith.I would not give up Koko or Spooner those are high prospects for 1 year rental.

    • Ryan and Wiercoch for Couture , Desjardins or replace Desjardins with prospect or pick . Couture played his junior hockey in Ottawa . If not Couture then Pavelski , both can play wing or center. Desjardins would fit nicely with Smith and Neil.
      Borowiecki needs to play this year, he gives the team some much needed grit. Ceci emerging pushes Wiercoch out.

      • Ryan wanted out of Anaheim so he can be given a top line role. I haven’t been convinced that he wants out as he now has that position. I am also not convinced the Senators are a lesser team with Spezza removed. The obviously need some of the young guys on the back end and in the forward positions to step up and start reaching the projected potential Sens management seems to have set for them. Yes they are not cup contenders. Only Western teams fall into that. Yet if Dave who posted above is correct and Ryan is a rental (having only 1 year left on his contract) I don’t see how his value is hurt letting him play out the year in Ottawa and trading him at the deadline. He will be still a rental and if healthy should produce this year better numbers than last year and perhaps if not increase his value maintain its worth form now till the trade deadline. Ottawa wont’ trade him and will make every effort to sign him. There is no reason to project what happened with Alfy and Spezza on to Ryan situations.

        • Ryan is a fool if he doesnt wait, Id say the same about any guy who is a young ufa to be on a team that didnt make the playoffs. Why sign a deal with a team that is going thru a bit of a mini rebuild, when you can wait till the off season potentially put up good numbers and make the same if not more money from a team that is A. Much closer to winning a cup, or B. Exactly the location you want to play in? I agree with Lyle, unless the Sens overpay early, Ryan waits it out .

          • If that’s Ryan’s position then Murray needs to move him now. The saga will hang over their heads for the entire season, distracting for the rest of the team.

      • in your dreams

  8. Only way Franson gets dealt to the Wings is if the Wings are willing to trade Gustav Nyquist to the Leafs. Dubas will want to make a name for himself and this wold be a short route to it.

    • No way Nyquist for franson. 1st round pick from tor too?

      • only way det trades nyquist for Franson is if Nylander comes back in the deal with a 1st, thats pretty much how untouchable he is right now

    • Here we go. Good ol’ Laughs fans always wanting something for nothing.

    • Right Nyquist for Franson, What a joke Franson does’nt have that much value sure If Toronto wants to throw in either Kadri or Nylander we might think about it. Nyquist right now has a million times more value then Franson Detroit happily declines.

      • Id be happy with Kindl. lol