Latest Senators, Bruins and Capitals Rumors – December 20, 2013.

Changes could be coming for the Senators following the trade freeze, Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli addresses Brad Marchand’s trade status, plus updates on Martin Erat and Mikhail Grabovski.

NOTE: The NHL Christmas Trade Freeze is in effect until 11.59 PM on December 27.

Should the Senators shop Jason Spezza?

Should the Senators shop Jason Spezza?

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ken Warren reports the Senators understand changes could be coming in the near future if they don’t snap out of their current funk.  Warren speculates a predictable short-term fix could be acquiring an experienced, reliable blueliner, like Rostislav Klesla of the Phoenix Coyotes, though his $2.9 million contract is a bit expensive for the budget-conscious Senators. Klesla’s bounced between the Coyotes and their farm club this season. He speculates if owner Eugene Melnyk were willing to take on Klesla’s salary, the asking price could be “a third or fourth liner or a bottom end defenceman, rather than parting with a high-end prospect or top draft pick.” He noted GM Bryan Murray “floated the names Erik Condra, Colin Greening and Eric Gryba when pursuing Michael Del Zotto of the New York Rangers earlier this season”.

Warren also floated the idea of shipping captain Jason Spezza to a Western Conference club hoping to make a playoff push if they could get a first round pick as part of the return, though such a move would hinge on Spezza waiving his no-trade clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Unless Spezza demands a trade Murray won’t go to that extreme, but the Senators GM has been shopping around for weeks for help, and we could see a move occur early in the New Year if the club doesn’t turn things around soon. Warren’s suggestion of pursuing Klesla isn’t a bad idea, especially if Murray could convince the Coyotes to pick up part of the blueliner’s salary. The Senators could use more than just a “band-aid solution”, but post-trade freeze that’s probably all that’s available.

BOSTON GLOBE: Amalie Benjamin reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli isn’t interested in trading a struggling Brad Marchand, even though the winger’s recent antics in Vancouver didn’t sit well with the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was silly to assume Marchand would be dealt because his recent trash-talking was frowned upon by management, the coaching staff and his teammates.  Despite his struggles, Marchand remains a valuable player for the Bruins.  

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley recently responded to questions from his readers over the status of Martin Erat and Mikhail Grabovski. He expects Erat will be traded this season but it be closer to the trade deadline. He noted Grabovski wants to remain with the Capitals but he’ll have to accept less than the $5 million per season he could get on the open market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Grabovski still wants to remain with the Capitals following this season he might accept $3.5 million per season. Remember, he was bought out of the remaining four years of his $27.4 million deal with the Leafs.


  1. I wouldn’t say it was that silly to think something with Marchand might happen after his trash talking antics……Craig Janney………Tyler Seguin. The Bruins have proved in the past that they don’t put up with garbage from their players.

    • Big difference: Marchand is clutch in the playoffs.

      • Briere is also clutch. That’s no reason to keep marchand around if he’ll continue to be a distraction and an ass.

      • He was clutch the year they won the cup, all but disappeared the year after against the caps ( along with the rest of the bruins ), and then had 4 goals in 22 games during last years cup run. Plus he has a 4.5 mil a year salary for 3 more years after this, I could see them trading him for the right price of course.

        • True enough about 2012, but he also had 13 points in 22 games in the 2013 playoffs.

          • yep 4 goals 9 assists. I get what your saying though anytime they go into overtime or need a goal he is the type of player that you would bet on to get it.

      • Well I have to make the point when the bruins won the cup seguin was more clutch coming in and scoring big important goals and if it wasn’t for him the bruins would’ve gone golfing … Yet they still traded him .. Also he was traded because he was partying so much he came to the dressing room 5 days in a row with the same clothes he started the night before with lol …

    • yes, marchand was clutch but lets not forget the big goose egg in the SCF. Though as a bruins fan I have a hard time understanding their patience on marchand’s antics which are all on ice, and show no patience what-so-ever on Seguin.

      • It’s moot anyway because Chiarelli said he’s not trading him.

        • And we ALWAYS take GM’s at their word when they say they are not trading a player.

          • In most cases, they don’t lie when they say they’re not trading a player. I’ll take Chiarelli at his word.

      • Dano I thought you were a Sabres fan?

        • there are multiple Dano’s. This one…All Bruins.

          • LOL sorry Dano. Never heard of another Dano lol.

    • Marchand is huge for the Big Bad Bruins. They’d definitely take a step back if they traded him.

  2. I would love to see Spezza as a Winnipeg Jet, not that he would waive his no trade clause to come to the Peg, but he might be a good fit to play with Kane. Tobias Enstrom, Eric Tangradi, Carl Klingberg and a draft pick to Ottawa for Jason Spezza.

    • I also don’t believe Spezza would waive it to go to Winnipeg, but if he were to I sure hope Murray would get a lot better package than that. A young marquee player like Kane would have to be going back.

      • I will give you $7 million reasons why this is not such a bad return

    • A package including a 1st rounder and maybe Byfuglien and Bogosian?

      • Jes; A 1st rounder, Byfuglien and Bogosian for Spezza? That’s insane. I wouldn’t trade Bogosian for Spezza straight-up.

        • I meant or Bogosian lol

          Bogosian is a little overrated.

  3. Moving Spezza after not resigning Alfredsson would throw Sens fans into cardiac arrest.

    • Many fans in Ottawa are not big on Spezza , if the return was right it would not be all that bad. Trading for picks would not be enough , need some players in return that can play now.

      • I disagree, I think fans complain more about Spezza as captain than his playing capabilities. I personally think he’s extremely talented…he just doesn’t have a guy like Alfredsson on his line. I think we need a veteran winger to get him and Michalek going.

      • I have to agree and also sens fans have to wake up and smell the coffee this is a business as well as a sport this team is not good and they should continue rebuilding for the future trade spezza ASAP before he gets to old and you get nothing for him and I’m sure a lot of teams would throw in a 1st with other players for his caliber type player Ottawa could get over alfie trust me spezza will be a breeze to get over

    • Spezza doesn’t seem like a favorite IMO. Karlsson’s probably the guy. The Sens kind of screwed up on that Ryan deal so they will be going into rebuild mode in the next couple of seasons.

  4. Ottawa looked stale on D last night against the Panthers. They seemed slow. Getting Klesla is not going to change anything.

    Rangers played terrible against the injured Penguins the other night. Del Zotto needs a new change of scenery and he must be dealt.

    • The Rangers didn’t play terrible against the Penguins. Like every other game this season, they failed to capitalize on offensive chances. This has been the single greatest problem in New York for the last three seasons. Compounding this issue is the coaching change: AV doesn’t want the team blocking shots. Let me repeat that, if for no one than myself: AV doesn’t want the team blocking shots.

      Does that seem assinine to anyone else, or am I in the minority here?

      Defense wasn’t the problem. Why the team’s defensive system was changed is beyond me.

  5. Doug Armstrong once again proves why he is a dominate GM in this league by getting Steen to agree to a new three year deal at $5.8M all while Steen is sitting 2nd over all in goals behind only Sid the Kid.

    Sorry to say If that was Nonis doing the negotiating he would have given him 7 years at $7.5M.

    • You mean Ovechkin.

      • Sorry, yes, brain cramp.

        • no worries.

    • But ya your right Armstrong is a great GM, this is a good deal and the Pietrangelo signing was a good one as well. IMO him and Lombardi are two of the best that seems to get good players to sign cheaper than expected.

      • Agreed. Ken Holland is magic at that, too.

        • Another great example.

          • Players taking discount deals has more to do with the character of the player and his desire to win than the GM getting the player to sign cheaper. The players aren’t idiots and they have agents they know full well what they could get if they were to hit the open market. GM’s like Armstrong, Lombardi and Holland simply have players with a team first mentality and a huge desire to win the cup and are willing to take less than market value to do it.

          • So what you are saying is the GM needs to be a good salesman to sell the player on his plan to win a cup and the reasons he needs certain players to take a less salary or term. If that’s true then Nonis can’t sell players on his plan to win a cup or reasons why they should take less money or term.

  6. Funny how things can change over the course of a year. Last year expectations were low for the Sens , injury plagued and no pressure and they turned out a decent season , pesky Sens. This year , high expectations, healthy but no longer pesky , playing uninspired hockey. Anderson not near the same level as last year, Karlsson , while gifted offensively is painful to watch in his own zone , Spezza has no first line wingers to play with. Hard to imagine a team could miss 41 year old but these guys do, on the ice and in the room.

    • Ragging on Karlsson too? This has gone too far!

  7. Ottawa is like the Blue Jays……will never spend whats needed to win. The owners “TRY” to convince the fan’s that spending don’t buy championships…..well who they trying to kid? I agree not all spenders win, but the winners do spend. 95% of the time, championships are won by having big money contracts on the books. Ottawa will ALWAYS be 7-8th in the East, maybe a 1st-2nd round playoff team in fluke years…THATS IT!! 2.9 mil contract expensive for the Sen’s??? Thats a joke right? Every year, Brian Murray does his press conferences saying they are close and a minor move is all thats needed…trying to make us believe their prospects are the next big thing….haha, no ones listening Brian.

    • Top end teams spend to the cap because they have good quality players and they want to keep them and stay competitive. Many poorly performing teams that spend to the cap do so because they can. For those teams that are at the cap and aren’t performing very, they really don’t have too many excuses for being there.
      If the Senator’s were at the cap today they probably would be carrying a number of bad contracts and likely not be a whole lot better than they currently are. (It’s not like the Senator’s had past opportunities to sign franchise players like Shea Weber and Evgeni Malkin but couldn’t). Ottawa’s team, for better or worse, have taken the approach to draft and develop from within. For a small market team this probably is the right approach until you are (hopefully) able to develop good quality players and need to spend more to keep them.

    • If you forgot, the Jays took on a boat load of money in the deal they did with the Marlins. It’s not about spending money just for the heck of it, it’s spending it the right way

    • Are you kidding me? Did you see what the Jays did last offseason?

      • if you compare what Boston and yankees spend who are in their division and they need to get through those teams to succeed….its peanuts

  8. Spezza would look good between JVR and Kessel…

    • A pig just flew past the window.

    • How much salary cap space do you think the Leafs have? LOL funny guy

  9. I know it would never happen. But I would trade a pick and maybe Biggs for Spezza or Gardiner straight up. Spezza is not Sundin but he does have a big body and he is not afraid to use his body or go to the next. But it took many years for the Flames and Oilers to make a trade to each other the same goes here. The Leafs need to end the Paul Ranger trail and either bring another kid up or Liles to take his spot. We need to get a big centre. The Sens need to rebuild and trade some of the older players for picks. Players like Chris Phillips, Joe Corvo, Chris Neil and Craig Anderson. Get picks or whatever you can get for them.

    • Spezza is worth way more than that.

      1st rounder

      • K both these posts are ridiculous, agreed Spezza is worth substantially more than the first offer but lets not go over board with the second offer which basically works out to 3 high first round picks.

        JVR and a pick (definitely not a first) and some other prospect….maybe (just maybe) value wise and even then I doubt it. JVR is on pace for over 30 goals and 60 points Spezza will probably get 60 points as well but to say a a younger guy with a better contract who may out produce Spezza plus Reilly and a first for Spezza? Come on.

        Not that it matters this type of deal would never happen.

        • Naw Shticky a 1st, JVR + a midlevel prospect is what’ll take to get Spezza


          • Then Spezza wouldn’t move, no one will trade a younger player who puts up the same points with a better contract plus a First plus a yong player who might be a top 10. type player at his position in the league.

            It would be similar to saying Kessel for Seguin Nicushkin and a first…dumb

      • Spezza has high value, but you have to be high to think that it would take that much to get Spezza…mind you that Nonis would never every make that trade. JvR and Rielly are too valuable to give up for Spezza, whom already has a history of injuries. We have enough of that happening, especially with Lupul. And Murray would never ever trade Spezza within a divisional opponent, especially an inter-Provincial rivalry opponent. Here are some options I think the Leafs have, and the Senators:

        To Ottawa: E.Kane + Scheifele
        To Winnipeg: Spezza
        To Toronto: Stastny
        To Colorado: Bozak + Kulemin + 2nd
        To Toronto: Del Zotto
        To NY Rangers: Franson + Holzer
        To Toronto: Kulikov
        To Florida: Gardiner

        • lol funny guy

          • For once I kinda agree Leafs Advocate, he isn’t off by a mile anyway, the trade Bozak Kulimen and Gardiner may (just maybe) work for a UFA Stasney.
            Del Zotto for Franson I could see (wouldn’t do but could see it)
            Kulikov for Gardiner and maybe a second or mid level prospect would be close. (Again not sure Id do it but could see it happening)

  10. Not sure what you guys have against Marchand sure he gas struggled this year but he seems to wake up when he starts his antics against the other team. He doesn’t get carried away unless it’s a team that the Bruins really dislike like Vancouver one of the biggest diving team around

    • Marchand is a BEARACO. That is all. You have to be from Richmond county to know what that is.