Latest Senators, Canucks and Canadiens News – May 16, 2012.

Updates on Daniel Alfredsson and Matt Carkner, Canucks winger David Booth catching flak for bear baiting, and Alexei Emelin happy in Montreal.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson sees coaching in his future when his playing days eventually ends, and also dismissed speculation he might finish those playing days in Sweden.

Garrioch also reported via Twitter “There have been no talks between the Senators and Matt Carkner. He will be a UFA on July 1.” He later clarified those comments, writing “doesn’t mean talks won’t be held with Carkner just none to date.”

David Booth poses with dead bear.

CALGARY SUN: Vancouver Canucks forward David Booth is facing criticism for participating in a type of hunting known as “bear-baiting”.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Canadiens rookie defenseman Alexie Emelin claims he’s happy with the Habs and hopes to re-sign a long-term extension. Emelin is a restricted free agent.


  1. What do you think would be reasonable to offer Emelin? I would have no problem signing him to a significant term but I’m not sure about the dollar value. Last year was just under 1 million. Do we see offering him 5 years at maybe 2.5-3 million? what will his agent be looking for? Comparable contracts?

  2. If emelin wants long term then it will have to be under 3 million as he has no sustained NHL statistics to bargain with. He didn’t have a great +\- but that wa largely due to the first part of his season. If he wants 4-5 yrs at 2.5 I say sign him up. Could be a steal in a couple years. Hope for some news regarding Subban and price soon. Good news, that is.

  3. Why did the Calgary Sun write a story about something that is still legal to do in their province? I know they say is cowardly but how “brave” do you need to be to use a fire arm against the same wondering animal and at a further distance where it doesn’t even know you’re there? Nothing against hunting but bow hunting isn’t the same thing and to bear hunt any form takes balls. Talk about a smear job sheesh and I’m no ‘nucks fan either.

    • Bear baiting doesn’t take balls at all! It is a rediculous thing to do! Ya filling a barrel with rotting fish and waiting for the bears to come takes balls….

    • Any hunting takes no balls at all as the animals don’t carry.

      • Yeah, hunting’s a real man’s sport isn’t it. Hide in camoflouge and gun down animals trying to survive in the wild. What tough guys.

  4. I like Emelin and want him to stay a good while. That being said, I do no want him, or anybody, signed to long term deals, including Price and Subban. to me, those two could and should get five year deals. Anybodu else should get no more than three. IMO. I really do not like in a salary cap world to risk being stuck with a long deal for some one who won’t/can’t produce.