Latest Senators, Leafs and Flyers Rumors – May 14, 2014

Updates on Jason Spezza, Dion Phaneuf and Jake Gardiner, plus a look at which Flyers could be on the move this summer. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ken Campbell warns the Senators will have a difficult time replacing Jason Spezza’s experience and offense if they trade him this summer. He speculates Spezza could be dealt to a Western Conference team like St. Louis and Colorado, and doubts the Senators will get equal value in return.

SUNSENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov wonders if Spezza would suit the Florida Panthers’ needs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators are going to face potentially losing Spezza for nothing next summer to free agency. If he’s willing to welcome a trade this summer, why not move him now and at least get something decent in return which can help your club down the road? As for the Panthers, if they’re on Spezza’s “no-trade” list, he won’t be going to Florida. 

Does Randy Carlyle's return spell the end of Jake Gardiner's tenure with the Leafs?

Does the return of coach Randy Carlyle spell the end of Jake Gardiner’s tenure with the Leafs?

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports Dion Phaneuf and his agent are keeping mum on recent rumors the Leafs captain could be shopped this summer. “Dion and I treat this information as simply rumours,” agent Don Meehan said in an e-mail. “As such, we don’t really feel obligated to comment further in this regard.”

SPORTSNET.CA: Michael Grange wonders what the return of coach Randy Carlyle means for defenseman Jake Gardiner, a restricted free agent who is rumored no fan of Carlyle.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprise the Phaneuf camp aren’t commenting on the recent trade rumors. Unless the Leafs publicly announce they’re shopping Phaneuf, there’s no reason for the blueliner and his agent to comment on the speculation. If he’s still with the Leafs when training camp opens, however, he can expect to be pestered daily by reporters about his trade status.

As for Gardiner, if he’s truly pissed about Carlyle’s return he could reject the Leafs qualifying offer and hope it forces the Leafs to trade him or he receives an unmatchable offer sheet from a rival club. The Leafs still hold his rights if he rejects their offer, and he lacks arbitration rights. He could then stage a holdout going into next season hoping to force a trade.

PHILLY.COM/CSNPHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi wonders if it would make sense for the Flyers to convince an ageing Kimmo Timonen to return for one more NHL season. Re-signing him could squeeze the Flyers for cap space which would hamper their efforts to add a quality winger. Tim Panaccio recently evaluated the Flyers offence. He doesn’t expect  pending UFAs Steve Downie and Adam Hall to return, and consider Brayden Schenn’s contract status (he’s a restricted free agent) and Vincent Lecavalier’s future with the club among new GM Ron Hextall’s priorities this summer.


  1. To Leafs: Malkin
    To Pen’s: Whatever it takes

    • Are the Maple Leafs prepared to part ways with Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf for Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang?

      • That would only be $1425 million locked up between Letang and Phaneuf. lol

        • ***14.25***

        • Congrats to the NEW YORK RANGERS, it’s the PITTS in the Steel City.
          I go back to my trade proposal of yesterday

          From Ottawa

          From Pittsburgh

          Plus assorted smaller parts changing hands to even it out.
          All 4 need a change

          • Nope

          • How does Erik Karlsson need a change? Does the 78 and 74 point seasons indicate that to you? Karlsson is the BEST offensive defenseman in the World today, bar none. He is still young and is defensive game is getting better. He will NOT be going anyway.

            The Senators can trade Spezza and worry about getting either a big defenseman or wingers for him. Turris and Zibs will do fine in our top two center role … Spezza won’t make Ryan a threat of walking as he plays well with Turris and will get the chance to move with Turris to the #1 line.

            Ottawa has two concerns. Find a stay at home guy to play with Karlsson and join Ceci & Cowan in the top 4. Find a 1st line winger to play with Turris/Ryan. Following that, adding some grit to the bottom 6. The Senators are loaded with youth and can certainly find a winger to join MacArthur + Zibs in the top 6.

          • To: JJB
            Karlsson is undeed the best O-D man in the league but if you can miss the playoffs with Karlsson, you can also miss the playoffs WITHOUT him.
            SENS need offense up front and you won’t get Malkin for nothing.
            Have long felt that Malkin would be much better if he was not in Crosby’s shadow. Risky, you bet but Karlsson feeding Neal, Crosby, etc would be
            more productive than Karlsson feeding who ? Especially if Spezza is gone. If that means Pens have to pony up more, than so be it.

          • The deal isn’t totally crazy, but I’m with JJB. I’m keeping Karlsson and using Spezza to get some missing pieces and free up some cash. Maybe trade Spezza to St. Louis for tarensenko and a pick. Instead of resigning Michalek we use that money and the money left over from spezza trade to find a solid d to play with karlsson
            then we have
            turris ryan mccarthur
            Zinny tarensenko stone
            smity neil greening
            hoffman lazar condra

            karlson nikittin (UFA?)
            Ceci Methot
            Gryba Cowen
            Phillips Wiercioch

          • Why does Karllson need a change

          • @alforducks

            Makes no sense to trade the best offensive defenseman in the league. If the Sens want to do a rebuild he’s still young enough to be part of it.

      • Again why would Pittsburgh panic and downgrade so considerably? That is over priced/ over rated garbage for 2 of the penguins players that also happen to be 2 of the best players in the world. There is nothing the leafs have that gets them either of Malkin or letang let alone both.

      • Don’t get me started.

        Malkin alone would command half the Leafs.

        You honestly think Phaneuf and Malkin are equals?

        • Really Gary ya think? Half the Leafs ya say? Is that someone else putting words in your mouth. Youre probably right they wouldnt have any interest in 2 Wingers that nearly had 80 goals between them with a center that was along way off the the skill level of Crosby. Jeezus youre too much.

          • Oh go have your period somewhere else Shticky…

            I was responding to:
            ce Dragon says:
            May 14, 2014 at 1:17 pm
            Are the Maple Leafs prepared to part ways with Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf for Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang?

            The Pens are not going to trade Malkin for Kessel…they would want multiple pieces for him not just another $8 million dollar player.

            What the hell is your problem anyway man? You are aggressive on every post I make…

            I read this site as I have for well over a decade.I respond to rumours that are so far fetched you would have to be drunk to think they will happen.

            You seem offended by this. I respond to Canuck, Penguin and LA rumors just the same.

            There seems to be an opinion here that you have lost it…if you need help, we are here for you.

            Back down, bro…you aren’t going to prove anything.

      • makes no sense malkin alone is worth those two a first rounder atleast

    • Yep and he can come to the tank of piranhas that is Toronto.To get hasseled everytime he drops below a ppg pace off to the khl in 2 years if this was to happen. People that question kessels commitment would love Malkin Im sure.

      • Shticky you already throwing the towel in for next season? You guys will be in playoffs next year. As long as your defense plays reasonably well you guys will do good.

        • Nope but I am throwing one over my head as to desguise my self, dont want anyone thinking Im like a few of the other Leaf fans in here.
          ** points at Leafs24/7**

    • Leafs- JVR+Tyler Bozak+ Jake Gardiner
      Pens- Malkin+ Simon Despres

      That is what it would take.

      • Only in Toronto where they may have the worst D in the league would the idea of trading 2/3rds of the top line for an enigmatic center that doesnt really have a very good defensive game make sense.

      • That’s not enough to get Malkin by himself. That’s an extremely good one sided deal for the leafs and the penguins don’t want their trash. Why do leaf fans over value their players so much? Malkin and Crosby are going nowhere and not just because they both have no movement clauses and would rather a quadruple amputation than play for the blue and white perennial losers.

        • Zero interest in Malkin or OV.

      • I would think it would take more than that for Malkin.

        If Malkin hit the trade block, it would be crazy…we are talking two top players, a young prospect plus picks.

        Lots of people believe Malkin would be different if he were away from Pittsburgh. I agree.

        I think he would be a beast…he always steps up when Crosby is out of the lineup.

        For instance…if Malking went on the block…Philly would have to drop Voracek, Simmonds, Laughton or Ghost and a 1st.

        In Toronto, I would expect Kessel, JVR, Reilly and a first to get a player like Malkin.

        He would not come cheap, and there would be a bidding war, and no…there is no way the Pens would trade Malkin to the Flyers..just stating what it would take.

        • So 3 guys and a pick not “half the team”… not that it matters Malkin isnt going anywhere. Neal and Kunitz maybe,

          • Depends on the players..

      • I don’t think that deal would go through even if Malkin was coming back alone.

        Probably have to throw in Reilly not Gardiner. Definitely a first also. Not getting a superstar like Malkin who’s still in his prime without a 1st rounder.

    • Dream on! TML has nothing the Penguins need! annoying TML fans! no chance!

      • I agree, if Malkin is going anywhere it will be to a Western team. With one of the front runners being the Oilers. Going the other way would START with RNH.

        • Malkin has a full NMC, what are the odds he waives that to go to Edmonton? ZERO!

          • I don’t doubt that the Penguins will make a few changes this summer but Evgeni Malkin won’t be going anywhere next season except in my fantasy pools. A better possibility would be James Neal. I see him as one of the most underrated players in the NHL that any team would love to have, yet I’ve heard that the Penguins weren’t too crazy with his at times reckless style in the playoffs, fearing that he may turn into another Matt Cooke. I would take him on my team (Toronto) , warts and all, and it will be interesting to see where he ends up.

            One more thing: Is there any chance Dion Phaneuf and Jason Spezza get traded for each other? That would certainly shake up both teams and it would help fix some weak spots in both lineups. I don’t think it will happen but it’s fun to imagine the possibilty that it might. If you’re looking for Western Conference teams in both cases, watch San Jose (for Joe Thornton??), Edmonton, or Calgary for Phaneuf and St. Louis or Anaheim for Spezza, acoording to what I’ve heard and read.

  2. Can someone tell me why there are such a rumours as “Spezza to Panthers” when first information brought to world was that Spezza is heading into WESTERN conference?

    Kind of wasting of time I’d say…

    PS: 100% agree with DChamp.

    • Depends on what’s coming Ottawa’s way IMO. Even if It’s Toronto. As long as the return is good I think anywhere is a possibility for Spezza. As long as they aren’t on his trade list.

  3. Gahh want to shake the team up heres an idea keep the good players get rid of the ones that contribute nothing or older on the backside of their careers….buy out Gleason get rid of Franson Gunnarsson Lupul let Bolland Kuli and Raymond walk Bye bye Orr McClaren (I would say Clarkson but there would be a better chance at curing Herpes than getting rid of him now so..) A lot of these gus like Lupul Gunnarrsson Franson Orr Kuli have all been part of the team awhile its a start to changing thr culture snd even if little return it opens cap space by by buying out Gleason and packaging Lupul for anything that you font retain salary.

    • Just more tinkering that won’t change the Leafs losing ways. Your posts are getting old.

      • I totallyagree his comments are getting veryold. Wanna change the culture? Get rid of dion. He stinks. He doesn’t deserve the C. And Clarkson will come around. Leaf fan live in a microwavr generation. Be patient with ckarkson. We had no team structure last year and he was coming from NJ The best team structure in the past 20 years.He will be the melk cabrerra of the leafs.

        • How does getting rid of 1 guy “change the culture”? Do you even understand the meaning of the word? Did Dion create the culture snd the team structure? What do microwaves have to do with Clarkson sucking?

      • Lmao! old like Weber to toronto old? Why not tell us how that rodiculious trade works again one more time. Or about Kessel and Bozak how they have a bromance, that never gets old, and is pretty inteligent reasoning to trade a guy I must say,

  4. Colorado won’t be in the running for Spezza. There defense is what needs work. Overall their center position seems well addressed.

    • Pens <——Jason Spezza & 1st round Pick!
      Sens <——-James Neal & Marc Andre Fleury

      • Sens have Lehner no need for a choke artist like Fleury. Also have Anderson.

      • where would spezz fit in there? He’s definitively no 3rd line center….crosby 1, malkin 2. You’re trade like Eskimo said makes no sense.

        • It is Eskimo who pointed that trade out not me.

  5. Spezza -> LA
    Richards -> Ottawa

    Both guys need a change.

    • There’s no way ottawa want to trade straight up like that. Ottawa are an internal cap team and if they shop spezza they will likely look for something younger and cheaper with hopefully a first pick attached (because they gave one up for Ryan this year).

  6. Gardiner should be grateful to Carlyle. Frankly he was brutally inconsistent this year and outplayed by Reilly. A lot of coaches would have benched him or sent him to the minors. Carlyle kept him in the lineup and played him 21 minutes a game. Carlyle might be Jake Gardiner’s fan. If he’s not happy he ought to man up.

  7. I’ll be the only Senators fan in the world to say it, but I wouldn’t mind an exchange.

    To Toronto: Jason Spezza
    To Ottawa: Dion Phaneuf, Rights to Raymond & Kulemin, 2nd round pick

    As a Sens fan I think Karlsson/Phaneuf pairing would be deadly as it would take pressure off Phaneuf to jump into plays and lead the offense. I like both Raymond & Kulemin they are affordable signings and a 2nd round pick because Spezza is still a #1 center. Spezza – Kadri – Bozak down the middle for the Leafs.

    • If you were a GM would you trade that much for a player who seems to want to test the UFA market?

      • That much? Leafs are going to let Kuli & Raymond walk anyway, they aren’t RFA’s. You are giving Phaneuf (who you are shopping) and a 2nd round pick at the end of the day. So yes, yes I would. Personally I still feel as though I am ripping off my own Senators.

        • This makes some sense for both teams but I dont thimk I would do it, I think if Phaneuf moves you have to use the cap room to spread it around some, not just on 1 guy or you are just shuffeling cards.

        • Spezza is gone from Ottawa either way (If you believe the writers)
          Whereas the 2nd round pick and Phaneuf are not, so I still wouldn’t do this.

    • Good trade for both teams. I’m just wondering who will replace Phaneuf on the Leafs blue line? Go after Niskanen?

      • Fayne is more whats needed imo

    • there is no way ottawa is trading spezza for phaneuf the pylon. If spezza is traded he will go most likely to western conference team for a younger, cheaper player in return, and sens can use that money and the money saved from resigning michalek to buy some d on the ufa market.

      • And who is this magical defenseman that they are buying on the free market (providing Ottawa can even attract them)? The aging Dan Boyle or Willie Mitchell, a gamble on Meszaros gaining form in Ottawa? Hope and pray for an Orpik, Niskanen, or Fayne?

        The UFA market on defense this off season is not that spectacular and Phaneuf is a heavily underrated defenseman who is used in a role that does not fit. Playing with Karlsson he is not going to be caught up ice as often and the Senators still save money on Michalek & Hemsky walking and they can make Weircoch available as well.

        Ottawa doesn’t have an issue scoring and they have a lot of young guys they can test up front and still are able to spend on a forward in free agency (Matt Moulson) plus option of signing Raymond & Kulemin which can be had for pretty much the savings on Michalek alone.

        While the value is fair, if anything it doesn’t make sense for Toronto, who still have to address their defense in the process (though JVR – Spezza – Kessel is a damn good top line).

  8. TO fans always over rate their players worth. Malkin would cost a package of Kessel and Reilly + other parts.

    • You do realise that kessel has had more goals and assists than malkin over the last two years. Malkin has a better +-, and more penalty minutes, but he also plays on the second line on a better team. You under value kessel sir. Picks and prospect would need to be thrown in, but it would not include Reilly, another player your under rating. Reilly looked better playing as a 19yo than karlson looked at 19.

      • Btw kessel had 132 points over the last two years and malkin had 105, that’s a pretty big gap. I remember when everybody was saying kessel wouldn’t be enough to land rick Nash. Now a days I doubt anyone who watches hockey would trade kessel for Nash straight up.

        • Of course the biggest difference is that Malkin has been injured the past 2 seasons, having played 91 games to Kessel’s 130. This means that Malkin had a higher PPG average. However, Kessel’s durability increases his value relative to Malkin.

          Another difference is position. Centres have more defensive responsibility and have a greater effect on winning than wingers (ask yourself, when was the last time a team won a cup without at least one elite centre?). Therefore, elite centres (like Malkin) have more intrinsic value than elite wingers (Kessel).

          The final difference, which is perhaps unfair to Kessel, is playoff numbers. Malkin has the label of “playoff performer” attached to his name, rightly or wrongly.

          Considering all of the above factors, Malkin should have a higher value than Kessel, BUT Malkin is less durable. I think a one-for-one swap of Malkin for Kessel is pretty darn fair.

          • Not to mention Crosby finnaly would hsve a winger that could keep up. Just a terrifying top line in terms of production really. I think the Pens would do it.

          • Not many games as far as ecperience goes Liddy but between the Bruins and Leafs Kessel is a point pergame in the playoffs.

        • I remember talking to a scout(that was watching Kessel) before Kessel went pro, I asked the scout what he thought about him and he said “Phil doesn’t stand a chance in the NHL, he’s a Mammas boy and still lives at home”.

          Phil is very good and the right pieces around him will only make him that much better. He’s better than Malkin, no question. IMO.

    • Get outta here Allhailtheleafs (nice) with your facts!

    • Obviously Kessel has higher numbers then Malkin over plast two seasons. Include injuries and the fact he usually plays on the 2nd line behind Crosby, those numbers would be much better for Malkin.

      • Your not the first guy to bring up injuries. But when a player is paid 8mil a year, its not a valid excuse. Honestly, names aside what would you rather have 1) a guy who puts up 72 points a year in 60 games, or 2) a guy who plays 82 games and puts up 80 points. Now malkin hasn’t played over 70 games since 2011-12, and kessel I don’t think he’s missed a game over the last 3 years.

      • Not to mention basing values on what if like what if Malkin wasnt behind crosby he would have more points…one could say what if crosby was kessels center instead of Bozak…Malkin and Kessel play a similar ammount of minutes in a game

  9. To Toronto: Malkin, Crosby, Weber, Suter, Stamkos, ROR, Stastny, Duchene, MacKinnon, Giroux, Girardi, Mcdonagh, Lundqvist, OV, Karlsson, Kane, Toews, Sharp, Getzlaf, Perry, Parise, Doughty, Seguin, Benn, Tavares and 29- 1st rounders.

    To the other teams involved: Reimer , Clarkson and a 3rd. ….to be shared like split custody

    Did I miss anyone?

    • Maple Loaves fans would want a sweetener included in all that … then they’d still feel ripped off …

      • In all fairness, most Ranger fans are just as guilty. Luckily for me they don’t come here. LOL

    • Yep you forgot Phaneuf holding 5 mill of his salary for an 8th round pick, after thst you have about 85 % of Leaf fans talent evaluation skills covered.

    • Leafs 2014-2015 Stanley Cup Champ

      • Only if there are 29 unexplained plane crashes during the 2014-15 season.

    • What about Spezza, Backstrom and Nash?

      Otherwise spot on NYR!!!

    • You forgot PK Subban

  10. Carlyle for Disco Dan Bylsma …

  11. On Brayden Schenn resigning? Flyers have 5 centers for the top 3 lines, Giroux, Schenn, Vinny, Coots and Laughton. One or two have to be moved. Package for either for a mobile D or scoring winger.

    • Take Vinny and put him back in the garbage pile where they found him and then trade Coots for some moblie Defense.. Done and Done

      • Couturier will not be traded.

    • you might trying selling Vinny to FLA. They need cap to stay above the floor. He was a captain of TB for a reason and would be a positive influence on their young team there. He can play in all situations and Tallon can work on the rest thru the draft.

      Philly gets draft pick and cap room back to spend on their D.

      Philly gets a 2nd and prospect.
      Fla gets Vinny Lecavlier

      • I would do that, but I think it is an overpayment at this point for Vinnie.

        I’d take a draft pick straight up for him.

      • I believe Panthers owner stated he’s going after the best players in free agency not trading for guys like Lecalvier?

        Lecalvier isn’t worth a 2nd IMO. He’s like worth a go nowhere prospect and a very late pick. He’s definitely got some game left but at his age his plays going to dribble further and further down the road

      • Trade Crosby, not Malkin.

  12. What conceivably do you honestly think the leafs would get for phaneuf. Not leafs overvaluing or bashers undervaluing. What do you think they would get/ask for.

    I have yo think it would start with a first and a prospect. Not a barkov type but a prospect. I’d be happy with phaneuf, franson / gardiner (rights) for oleckiak and faska. There would be more moving parts but still.

  13. No only thing more stupid than 95% of these comments is me for reading them. Good bye.

  14. Hextall needs to do something drastic to make up for Holmgren’s serious errors in free agency a few years ago. Homer took a wait and see approach on Suter and Parise and wound up losing Jagr and Carle because of it. I say package Schenn, Read, and a pick or 2 and make a big push for some D help. Phaneuf doesn’t do it and Weber is not being traded. Looks like the Sharks may be shaking things up as well. Burns and Vlasic would look good in Flyer Orange!

  15. Congrats Rangers good for Richards and the ‘King’. Penguins need a big body that can score, hit and fight to play with Crosby. How about Hartnell. Malkin is great when he wants to play which isn’t often and the rest of the time is injured. Spezza see Malkin. Nash see Spezza. Al these high priced players all dough no show. Zuccarello, Pouliot and Brassard make under 6 million together and are playing a big part in Rangers success. Niskanen a ufa come July 1st, after some team over pays him, Phanuef will be a wanted man.

  16. Sorry for the long post …
    regarding the NEW nhl:
    Is it coincidence that small, fast, power-play, and shootout, producing teams (ott, tor, pitt, tb, mtl…) do great until the end of the season when the whistle goes away…while all the big, slow, defensive and goalie teams (that barely make the playoff due to penalties and shootouts) end up finishing strong and typically advance against the offensive teams. And that the SC winners during this era have been the teams that seem to have both and are all potential Multi-Cup Winmers (chi, bos, pits, det, ana).

    I hope Chi town wins again because they got solid/consistent management, Scotty Bowman, coaching, great / deserving fans, good mix of off/def/goalie players (High Draft Picks) the tomahawk, plus they recently ended a 40 yr? cup-less drought and are an original 6 team.

    I hope another Original 6 team (leafs) can take note and first, hire any ex-player/manager/owner with 3+ Stanley cups like Lou Lamarello, Larry Robinson, Scotty Bowman. and then Draft High until you are stacked, which means trade anyone over 25 yrs old now and flop for 5 years.
    That said, they got Shanny (add Gretzky/Gilmour/Clark) and he isn’t rebuilding for 1-2 years worst case scenario.

    I think one of the following scenarios unfold:
    1. Trade Phaneuf (probably for equal player = Pavenski)
    OR (not both)
    Trade Kadri, Gardiner, 8th Pick, and extras (probably for one young star or move up in draft to 1st – 3rd)

    2. They stay more or less the same. Dump Salary/Add UFA

    If they do #2, then I’d like to see some UFA’s (no one over $5.5 Mil and 3yr term PERIOD ALA BURKE): Markov, Willie Mitchel, Iginla, Brodeur, Shawn Thorton

  17. You can stop with the Malkin to Ottawa speculation. A team like Ottawa that has their own internal cap would not be interested in a 10 million dollar a year player.

    Pitt should seriously consider moving him though, 10 million will go along way in acquiring some key pieces. (someone to finally play on the RW with crosby). I also wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more serious rumours about him and letang being trade bait before new contracts kick in.

    If that happens I highly doubt they will trade Malkin within the east. Which leaves only a handful of teams in the west willing to take on that amount of money.

    • Trade Crosby, not Malkin.

  18. Malkin IMO is not being traded and if he is being traded then you can expect this is the type of conversation you would include another not-moving player like Shea Weber in (not suggesting they are traded for each other).

    The only way I honestly even see a big change coming is if Ray Shero is relieved of his duties, more than likely you see the Penguins let guys like Stepniak, Jokinen, Goc, Orpik or Niskanen walk and the Penguins either promote from within (Pouliot, Dumoulin) or go out to UFA to bring in some new pieces. I can see Gaborik, Hemsky, Kulemin, Moulson, Cammalleri, and Ott as all being guys they talk to (not suggesting they sign them all).

    • There was a reporter today (Rossi I think it was) mentioned that if asked to move Malkin would likely just decline, and could possibly go play in the KHL if the Pens didnt want him. He loves Pitsburgh only wants to play for the Pens and would like to finnish there. I doubt Malkin moves goes anywhere

  19. Sorry folks but I don’t think Dion is going anywhere..Dion’s best contributions come as a #3-4 Dman playing about 20 minutes a night.That’s who Dion is…exceeding those numbers for him usually means disaster. We know it; likely does MLSE so I fully expect his on ice time be brought back down to where they should be.

    This still doesn’t change the need for a #1 centre to eat up the minutes, head for the net and play a puck possession ga,e