Latest Senators, Lightning and Red Wings Rumors – June 21, 2014.

Brad Richards’ buyout could affect the Senators efforts to trade Jason Spezza, the Lightning remain hopeful of re-signing Ryan Callahan, and the Red Wings are reportedly interested in Joe Thornton. 

Could the Senators face difficulty moving Jason Spezza?

Could the Senators face difficulty moving Jason Spezza?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators efforts to trade Jason Spezza could be affected by the addition of Brad Richards into a crowded market for centers this summer. Richards is now an unrestricted free agent, Colorado’s Paul Stastny could become one on July 1, the Canucks are shopping Ryan Kesler and there’s talk the San Jose Sharks could move Joe Thornton. The Anaheim Ducks and St. Louis Blues are believed to have the most interest in Spezza.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators will likely trade Spezza by next Friday (the opening day of the NHL Draft), but there are other options for teams interested in the Senators captain to consider. It could affect his market value. That being said, I think the only real concern is the Canucks’ shopping Kesler. Richards is 34 and definitely slowed by this year’s Stanley Cup Final, the Avs hope to re-sign Stastny and there’s little indication out of San Jose the Sharks are actively shopping Thornton. 

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Joe Smith reports Lightning GM Steve Yzerman has had some “really good discussions” with Ryan Callahan’s agent and remains hopeful of signing the winger, who is eligible for UFA status on July 1. He’s also still in talks with RFA goalie Anders Lindback, who could return as Ben Bishop’s backup next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve frequently said, if Callahan still seeks the same six-year, $39 million deal which got him traded by the New York Rangers, I believe Yzerman will let him walk. 

DETROIT NEWS: ESPN columnist Pierre LeBrun reports the Detroit Red Wings are interested in Sharks center Joe Thornton, who wants to remain in San Jose.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like the Maple Leafs reported interest in Thornton, I believe the Wings were doing due diligence to inquire into Thornton’s availability. I don’t expect they’ll acquire him. Thornton seems intent on staying in San Jose. 


  1. Before everybody gets their panties in a bunch I realize this has nothing to do with today’s rumours … but I vent anyway …

    I was down on Desjardins until I read that Ben Kuzma from the Vancouver Province is reporting that the Pens offer was a two year deal… now I don’t blame Desjardins… the going term is three, that’s what Bill Peters got from Carolina… all of a sudden the Pens are penny pinching… Mario, Burkle & especially Morehouse have become unlikeable executives… don’t blame Rutherford on this one… Trevor Linden will get the deal done and the Canucks will end up with the best coach that was available this off season … Pens will hire a retread and in two years will be looking again … what a joke my beloved team has become …

    • IMO Desjardins is the best guy for the job in Pittsburgh. But if he signs with the canucks I hope for the Pens they don’t sign a guy like Wilson. Instead they should promote John Hynes from WBS! AHL coach of the year 2011 and the Baby Pens had the best defense twice. Maybe he get the big guys to play better defensive hockey 😉

    • Cheer up Ed could me worse, you could be a Leaf fan, the execs kept the bad coach fired the assistants 5 or 6 weeks ago and still haven’t hired anyone to replace them. Along with all the other crazy that the media keep speculating about the Leafs make teams like your Pens looking like they are running like a well oiled machine.

      • Leafs might end up With the assistants Carolina Fired

      • get the kleenix out for the non leaf fans or non hockey fans same thing

        • Gee this is a pretty intelligent post.

          • this coming from a 10 year old

    • From what I have read it looks a lot like they are pushing hard for just a 2 year deal. I have read it all over the web that the Pens want to get Babcock from the wings. I think he would be great but who knows he could sign a new deal with the wings at the start of the season and there master plan will be garbage.. I think it will be a re-tread coach because they probably would take a 2 year deal, and if Babs does end up in pitt the Pens will only have to eat 1 year of salary to there old coach. I think if Babs were to sign a new deal today the Pens will sign Ulf to a 3 or 4 year deal

      • Did I read some place that just as soon as Red Berenson leaves Michigan Babcock wants that job, tired of the NHL grind.

  2. I have said it before. Kesler for Spezza as principals and whatever is needed to get it done ( exchange of 1 rst rounds ? ) . I do not want to listen all summer beyond on these two.

    • Both players have some control of where they will go. If media reports are true, Kesler won’t go to Ottawa and Spezza won’t go to Vancouver. I also doubt that Kesler is the type of player, particularly $ wise, that Ottawa is looking to acquire.

      • Don’t let logic get in the way of things.

        I actually heard a caller on TSN1200 the other day ask why Spezza couldn’t just go to Murray, sign a “home town” extension and convince Hemskey and Michaluk (sp? on both) to do the same. Several days ***after*** BM the GM announced that Spezza has asked to be dealt. Logic has little to do with fans “plans”.

        • Why should these players take a home town discount? Ottawa doesn’t have cap issues, the Owner has financial issues.

          Alfie and Spezza were, apparently, told back in 2011 the team was doing a shortterm re-build and would be ready to spend after that to make the team competitive.

          Guess what, the Owner won’t do that. He wants to work on a budget and actually believes you can win on a budget. What an idiot.

          So the Sens lost Alfie because of Melynk unwilling to spend and they are now losing Spezza for the same reason.

          This Owner is slowly destroying this team. Too bad we can’t get him out.

      • So if Spezza won’t go to Vancouver and Kessler won’t go to Ottawa how about we meet in the middle and trade them BOTH to Winnipeg and end this pain.

        • Only if Winnipeg promises to sign Ryan Miller to spare us that summer of pain.

  3. I think the Ducks should have a look at Brad Richards for the second line. He’ll cost them only money no assets and he should come cheaper than Kesler and Spezza! Richards for 2-3 years at $3.5-4 to replace Koivu sounds reasonable.

    • As a Ducks Fan works for me. Keep the prospects, keep the draft picks, avoid the outrageous salary that Spezza will be asking for in the next year.

      • this to me is probably the best fit as well, Ducks keep their young players and picks to develop for another year or 2, have never really had an issue in the past with keeping an older player around on a short deal, and he will come in at a cheaper rate than probably Kessler or Spezza allowing them to possibly use some money somewhere else down the road like the trade deadline or for an extension. Could be a very good move by a pretty competent GM.

      • However…Spezza would be awesome behind Perry and Getzlaf….could you imaging the powerplay?

        He would cost a lot in terms in players and money, but he would be a huge difference, compared to Richards who would be a stop gap.

        I still don’t understand why the Ducks traded away Ryan.

        • They traded away Ryan because Ducks did not want to pay him 7 mil a year over 5 or more years like the deals they gave Getz & Perry which is exactly why I am wondering if all this Spezza talk is really nothing but HOT air and a distraction from what’s really going on.

        • I think that they knew he wasn’t a long term piece so deal at a high. As much as I hope its not true I think Ryan will end up in NJ or Philly next year.

          • But with 2 years still remaining, why not hold onto him for at least one more year?

            @Shticky…I would love to see Ryan playing with Giroux and Voracek.

            I think it is why Philly won’t do much this year in the free agent pool.

            Pieces that fit.

          • I bet, doubt there is a Flyer fan alive or dead that wouldnt love that top line. Ive said before I maybe one of the few Leaf fans who likes the Flyers (most of my friends are actually Flyer fans). Id rather not see that match up too often.

    • Richards isn’t the way he was. He will probably want to go to a contender but right now on most contenders he would be a 3rd line centre, maybe, and he can’t demand high salary.

      There is no reason why Stastny should leave Colorado. A really good team with a lot of key young superstars on the cusp of being a really good team for a long time.

  4. Juss76, Richards is old and will only get slower. It’s not that I don’t like Spezza or Richards, it’s just that Kesler is clearly the better player of the three. The Ducks and the Blues both need a dedicated legitimate two way player, of which Kesler is. IMO if Kesler goes to either team, I fully expect him to be back in the Selke hunt.

    • Kesler, if healthy, is definitely the best two way player of the three. But as mentioned Richards will only cost money and the Ducks or Blues could retain their young talented players instead of “losing” them in a trade for Kesler (or Spezza).

    • Patrick, agree about Richards.

      I think the Blues already have the 2-way centre in Backes, and could use an offensive centre like Spezza more than Kelser. The Blues have a lot of talented players on the wings and need someone to get them the puck.

      OTOH, the Ducks could use a 2-way guy for their 2nd line like Kelser.

      So, to me, Kelser to Anaheim and Spezza to the Blues makes the most sense to me.

    • The Blues need scoring. And of the 3 Spezza is the best. He is not a 200 ft player, but Hitchcock likes him..

      • yeah right

        • Johns a genius!

  5. Brad Richards will only go to a contender that will slot him into the 3rd line. The Ducks+Blues will pass.
    I can see him signing again on the East coast ala Islanders, Devils, Washington, Panthers… He will get a lot of ice time on those squads

    • Maybe he sings with a team nobody expects! He has a cup with the Lightning, so he could just sign where he is getting the most money. If he wants to win another cup he could sign with the Pens (rumoured to be interested in Kesler at the trade deadline) or the Hawks (in need of a second line center)?

      • The Hawks watched him against the Kings and the Pens saw him in person. 3rd line center for Pens maybe. He is not Hawk material

      • The Hawks could make some sense if he was interested in a very low cost deal to perhaps win a cup, other than that with Kane and Toews needing extensions not sure there is a fit there.

    • Scratch the Islanders off that list. If there’s one thing the Isles don’t need, it’s a centre.

    • So he’ll sign with the contenders: NYIslanders, NJDevils, Capitals and Florida Panthers.

      Well thought out comments.

      • Gary: bad wording my part: Only a contender that would use him as the #3 pivot would sign him. The Blues/Hawks etc do not want him @ #2.
        the belief is he stays on the East coast

        • I knew what you meant..just had a laugh with the way it was written….lol

          I can see Richards going back to Dallas….he had a good run there for a few years, and with Benn and Segein as the top guys, he could slide in at a lower salary as a depth player.

          I can’t see the Flyers being interested, as they have too many centers already. I doubt Tampa would want him back, as Richards has had a few chances to come back to Tampa and has passed on it.

          We’ll see, but don’t be surprised if a team like Dallas signs Richards.

          • Tampa didn’t have a center under 40 points last year. The lowest point totals for a center belonged to Stamkos because of injury (40). If that gives you any indication of a possible Richards return.

    • Can’t see him going to NYI’s unless he has a greater desire to stay in NY than desire to win. The last thing in the world NJ needs is another 30+ player. They have a roster filled with aging players. Panthers, I doubt it, and Washington maybe. I would think Nashville, Anaheim, St. Louis, maybe Detroit with Weiss being bought out most likely destinations. Spezza I think will be traded, and I don’t believe Kessler goes anywhere before the start of the season. That will leave more options for Richards.

  6. The Ducks will trade for Kesler bank on it. The pros outweigh the cons. If the Ducks go in a another direction, they will not get past the conference finals again as they will most likely face a disciplined Kings team at some point. Kesler is finally healthy and since I actually like him as a player, and see him as a fit with Anaheim’s style of play.

    • If Kesler’s ‘clearly’ the best centre available then it stands to reason he will command the highest return. How much will Anaheim be willing to give up to get him?

      • Not sure who clearly the best center available is but as a 2 c behind Getzlaff an Perry Id probably want someone with a little more punch offensively than Kessler and I think his 2 way game isn’t what t used to be over the past couple/few years.
        After Getzlafs 15 points and Perry with 11 the other lines or centers more importantly production fell off. Bonino and Cogliano were both pretty decent defensively but 7 and 8 points wasn’t enough. Got to find away to put up more points than that in the west (easer said than done I know) imo. Hawks and Blues had the same issue.
        Id probably go with Richards, or instead of sending away players and picks for a center who has supposedly a great 2 way game (- 20 over the past 2 years). Why not wait and see about Stasny (+2 over he past 2 years on a team with bad d) who again only costs money is a year younger and is a better defensive option than Kessler.

        • maybe its just me but I cant understand why Kesler and Spezza are of any interest to teams that have enough youth to compete for a cup for years to come, it dosent make sense to deal away all of a teams youth or the amount of assets for a guys you can probably pick up at the deadline or sign next summer at less of a cost than now. they are a little longer of a term rental. Spezza at the deadline maybe a pick and a prospect not a very high risk. Spezza now a first good player a prospect…the price is whacky now, same goes with Kesler.

    • Would the Canucks trade Kesler within the division? I don’t think so.

      • He should not be leaving in the first place.

        Just like Alfie, this is all on Melnyk and his lack of commitment to spending to make the team competitive.

  7. ALL I know is Ottawa will Muck this Spezza trade up big time.