Latest Stars and Flames News – October 11, 2011.

A look at potential players available for the Dallas Stars to add in order to stay above the salary cap floor…Flames GM had no comment on Turris rumor.

A future Star?

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika looks at possible free agent targets for the Stars if they need to add a player to get above the salary cap floor. Heika listed Mike Grier, John Madden, Sergei Samsonov, Steve Bernier, Chris Clark and Michael Nylander as those still available, suggesting Grier would be a good fit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’d suggest Grier, Samsonov and Clark as good bets. Madden has previously said if he wasn’t signed by the Wild he’d retire as he didn’t want to move his family again. Bernier is only 26 but been plagued by injury and inconsistency, and Nylander is 39 and past his “best before” date.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis recently reported Flames GM Jay Feaster had no comment to a recent rumor linking the Flames to Phoenix Coyotes holdout Kyle Turris.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of rival teams contacting the Coyotes to inquire into Turris’ availability, though it remains to be seen if the Flames were one of them. I doubt very much Feaster would agree to pay Turris between $3-$4 million per season, which is why he’s still holding out on the Coyotes.


  1. Maybe my eyes are getting old but the lower arena in Dallas looked about only 1/2 full for yesterday’s Dallas / Phoenix game, what’s up ?

  2. Apparently only 6,000 people showed up. But Cuba Gooding Junior was there!

  3. Nobody was at the Stars game because the Rangers were playing in the ALCS game at the same time.

  4. If the Dallas Stars were really that concerned, why wouldn’t they just sign Modano for a year. He might not help out in terms of winning games, but he’s probably one of a few players that the Stars could sign that would put a few more butts in seats.

    Yes, I know he retired, but my understanding is that if he hasn’t file his paperwork with the league, he can still play. But even if Modano was off the table, I’m sure they could find some guy who is not signed and ink him to a one year deal.

  5. OK, I’ll take one for the team.. I will sign with Dallas for a Million bucks just to get them over the cap floor

  6. They should take a stab at Bernier. Because of his age he remains an interesting toss up. He’s had injury and inconsistency sure, but maybe it works in Dallas. The talent is there and he should at least fill a 3rd line role fairly well. I’d make it a 1 year deal, tell him that he’s playing for another contract (and possibly his career) and roll the dice on him.

  7. I said this somewhere else and I’ll say it again. I really think JP Dumont could be a good veteran for the Stars, and fit in with Vernon Fiddler. Even if he can’t put up 60-70 points anymore, he has always been tenacious and is a strong defensive winger and I think he would fit in on Vernon Fiddler’s line.