Latest Thomas Vanek Rumors – October 14, 2013.

Jason Pominville’s return to Buffalo with the Minnesota Wild is increasing speculation former teammate Thomas Vanek could one day join him in Minnesota.

Will Thomas Vanek sign with the Wild next summer?

Will Thomas Vanek sign with the Wild next summer?

THE BUFFALO NEWS/TWINCITIES.COM: The Minnesota Wild face the Sabres in Buffalo tonight, marking the first time Wild forward Jason Pominville has faced his former team since he was dealt by the Sabres to Minnesota at last season’s trade deadline. It’s also heightening speculation over the future of Sabres forward Thomas Vanek, who is due to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

It’s believed Vanek, who has personal ties to Minnesota,  could join his friend Pominville next summer by signing with the Wild. Pominville joked about how often he’s asked daily about Vanek.  The Wild aren’t expected to re-sign Dany Heatley, which would free up cap space to sign Vanek next summer.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Mike Heika reports Pominville can’t guarantee Vanek will sign with the Wild next summer. Vanek, meanwhile, said he’s not thinking about free agency and hasn’t rule out re-signing with the Sabres, preferring to see how things work out this season with the club’s rebuilding process. He also claimed he and his family love living near Buffalo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pominville can’t comment about Vanek’s future because it would risk charges of tampering.  The Wild could afford to sign Vanek, especially if he were willing to accept a slight pay cut for a seven-year term, and if (as expected) the salary cap significantly increases for next season.

Still, they have over $51 million invested in 17 players, with over $30 million tied up in Pominville, Zach Parise, Ryan Suter, Mikko Koivu and Niklas Backstrom. Signing Vanek would be an expensive venture.

Anticipation of Vanek signing with the Wild could also adversely affect his trade value if the Sabres decide to shop him later this season, as teams won’t be keen to part with much to land a scorer who could depart via free agency next summer.


  1. Basically the Sabres are going to loose Vanek at seasons end without getting anything for him. He seems to be stringing the team along so he can avoid a double move this season. One move at trade deadline and then again when he chooses where he is going on free agent day.

    Poor Sabres….once again the talent walks away.

    • Regier will get a deal done for Vanek – sending him and perhaps Adam to MN and getting Heatly (salary dump) and either Coyle or Grandlund in return. I have no problem with a deal like that. While I like Vanek, its time for him to go. Vanek hasn’t really stepped up enough to take “ownership” of the Sabres and he just may not have “leadership” in his chemistry. I can understand him wanting to go to a more established team – so….let him.

  2. Vanek

    …the cap will keep going up and that will help this situation as it moves forward but the Wild are in tight for long term contracts …I ws surprised that they signed Pominville for so much for so long ???

    Regardless where Vanek ends up …its more of a matter of what Buffalo is going to do as they are not off to a great start and it would seem that a change and rebuild would be better for both sides.
    Buffalo would be just crazy not to get assets back for him ASAP !

    SPECIAL NOTE : Yakupov on the way out in Edmonton ….I anticipate a deal here soon !
    Oilers have many needs right now and he is the only guy you can trade that has substance and doesn’t really effect the over all team moving forward …they aren’t trading Hall or Eberle ….so the Yak must pack !

    Yakupov will get the a legit # 1 Goalie or a stand up D man which they need more than him in the press box…..Dubnyk has been just terrible !!

    • Id put the pads on Yaks and let him play net before Id trade him for a goalie…ridiculious

      • Yeah he really helps you in the press box !!!
        Especially after Eakins says hes the 5th best winger they have right now and his threst of going back to the KHL now !!

        Yeah sure keep him around so he bolts on you !!

        Oilers have BIG needs hes the best trade chip they have to improve right away right now !!! SORRY !!! Hes only played half a season …its not liek hes taken the NHL by storm or anything …I mean really you have the Yakupov ROSE colored glasses on man !!
        Oilers have BIG holes they need to fill and have 3 lines of YAKUPOVS

        • The Oilers scored 5 goals against the hottest goalie in the League with Yaks in the press box ..I dare say that he is the end all be all in Oil country ….hes just as expendable as anyone else in the NHL when you have serious needs to fill and as GM you have a team to run and a lack luster season by the Oilers will not be tolerated anymore …someone has to be sacrificed !!

      • Oilers Nail Yakupov on being a healthy scratch against the Maple Leafs.

        “I wasn’t happy about it last night,” said Yakupov. “You can say a million words about getting better but coach says I’m not playing, so I’m not playing.
        “I’m not happy about it. I just want to play every game.
        “I’m going to play my game,” he said. “I’m not going to change but maybe play better without the puck, or forecheck more, but I love playing with the puck. I really don’t like skating all the time, and forechecking, and hitting somebody every shift. I don’t think it’s my game.”
        Oilers coach Dallas Easkins:

        “I explained that to him,” said the coach. “I said you’re in tough. I have four wingers ahead of you right now who are playing better. Your job is to take one of them out.
        “Players will always tell you this: play me more and I’ll play better. The coach always says, play better and I’ll play you more. We’re going to go by the coach’s rules.”

        Yakupov is screwing with the wrong coach …..Eakins will bury this guy !!!

        Also shows the character of this kid to threaten to go back to the KHL becuase he doesnt want to try and play the coaching style …BAD MOVE IN THE NHL …
        Oilers have every reason to trade him right now …not a TEAM Player !!

        • I take his comments as saying if the coach wants him to play a certain way, that ‘s what he’ll do.

          I can see a trade happening, Just not with Leafs, not for whats supposedly going to be offered.

          Yakupov is that special top talent player. You don’t find them often. I just think trading him would be a mistake.

    • BC, I agree – the key is whether Miller waives his NMC as I’m sure he has Edmonton on his No Trade List. I think Miller could work with Dubnyk (mentoring him) – thus a trade of Labarbara (salary dump) and Yakupov – add a Hemsky while Darcy adds a Stafford and we’re in business. Edmonton gets their goalie and a vet (you could also throw in a d-man) while Buffalo would get a vet, prospect and backup goalie.

  3. the oilers had many chances to brng in a goalie bishop ent for a 2nd rd pick bernier wen for a backup and unproven player edm had plenty of assests to have gotten a goalie it looks like now its going to cost them alot more and not many teams have a goalie and a dman to give up butthere are a couple and giving up a talented forward for net stability and a good dman sounds like agood trade to me its no like if they lose they wont get another one lol

  4. Thinking outside the BOX on a Yakupov deal …..


    to Washington

    John Carlson

    new Capitals line

    Ovechkin – Grabovski – Yakupov

    • Instead of Orlov maybe a Brouwer or Beagle for some size upfront which they need adresses all the needs in one trade !

    • Not a bad pun on “box” 😉

      (other than that, I doubt the Caps – or anyone – want Dubnyk)

  5. I enjoy my daily reading of this great site and Lyle’s insights.
    However I really miss a lot of the posters that have left or shown up rarely who also had good posts and made sense most of the time or at least had interesting debates.
    Now it has almost become the backchecking blog and takes too long to scroll past all those posts from Eklund JR hoping to find good ones that make sense.
    Oh how I miss the good old days.

    • @ Peter Puck

      Didnt feel like talking about Vanek all day did you ….what else is there to say ..I posted on all comments by Lyle here today and also invited more topics to discuss ..didnt see you add anything to anything ???

      Good ole days ???

      • Oh the irony that the Caps play the Oilers today !!!
        Did not know that ???

    • @ Peter Puck to add another topic to discuss …Asham & Biron on waivers today ..Rangers clearing cap for a trade ???
      Didnt the Rangers waive a few decent goalies this Fall in pre season ???

      Asham will be a decent pick up for a team looking to bolster its toughness however some teams are right to the cap and then some with LTIR pieces …would be a good pick up for some team on 4th line !

      Habs or devils maybe ??

      • Dude,i meant trying to scroll past you and your neverending rants and way out in left field ideas EVERY day,not just today.
        It is almost as bad as having 3 teenage daughters going at it all day with no end in sight.
        You belong on Eklunds site,plenty just like you over there so you would fit right in and enjoy yourself.

        • Getting real tired of Edmonton talk, ESPECIALLY in a Vanek thread. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Oilers suck. Let’s talk about the good teams with the good players.

          • Ok hear you go AGAIN !!


            …the cap will keep going up and that will help this situation as it moves forward but the Wild are in tight for long term contracts …I ws surprised that they signed Pominville for so much for so long ???

            Regardless where Vanek ends up …its more of a matter of what Buffalo is going to do as they are not off to a great start and it would seem that a change and rebuild would be better for both sides.
            Buffalo would be just crazy not to get assets back for him ASAP !

          • Maybe Back checking is Eklund. Both say the same old, stupid crap each time.

  6. not bad to hear alittle oilers talk.just dont get the leafs fans started.tired of hearing about the leafs fans wanting to trade every player they have for every player they dont have.On yankhimoff,doesnt sound like a team player. but why not teach him how to be a team player,to much talent to let go.just dont under stand canadian teams fans. one mistake in a game, or if u dont score a hundred pts. or if u just have a bad year they want your head.

  7. I like the idea of vanek and Adam for heatley and coyle. I think buffalo needs his size. Granlund is good but too small for buffalo…they’ve been down that road too many times

    • Why would Buffalo take Heatley ?????


      • If you learn how to read, to match up salary cap numbers is what the poster said.

  8. The oilers’ goaltending is so bad its pathetic. They are currently outshooting the caps 24-12 yet down 4-1. Its sad.

  9. Bruins have sat out Dougie the last two games but can’t see them trading him. Yak for Dougie I doubt it but maybe. Oilers need a goalie but who ,what team has two good goalies maybe Miller or why not Holtby, local kid.