Leafs Acquire Steckel.

Various sources report the Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired center David Steckel from the New Jersey Devils in exchange for a fourth round pick in 2012.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Steckel is an established, physical forward (6-5, 217), but he’s not a scoring forward by any stretch. I daresay this move was made to acquire more depth at center due to injuries to Tim Connolly, Tyler Bozak and Nazim Kadri, and GM Brian Burke is still interested in getting a top six forward. He’s currently in the second year of a three year deal paying him $1.1 million per season, so his salary is an affordable addition.


  1. Will add some size to the leafs 4th line and help with the injury bug. I’ve heard he does not use his size alot though. Have not really seen him much myself so I guess its a wait and see thing for me

  2. Burke sure has a knack for a bargain. This is a great pick-up.
    I appreciate that Bob McKenzie is trying to keep Steckel from getting lynched in ‘Crosby-is-God Canada’, but there is no way that his hit in the rain-game was an accident. He was going full-bore against the grain of the play and played the entire game within 5 feet of Crosby…..pretty sure he was keeping track, since he was his assignment. I’m sure Steckel feels bad, but the media’s cowardly silence around the NHL’s signature event is a joke. The Pens are to blame too for letting him play again. Shame on everyone who thinks Hedman’s lovetap had something to do with this.

  3. Another yank though, eh? Nothing against them, and of course you take whatever player you need regardless of nationality, but, man, there’s a lotta ‘mericans on “Canada’s team”. (Don’t freak out, I put it in quotes.)

  4. Also, can someone enlighten me why they didn’t just grab Brule off waivers?

  5. Still mad at Steckel for cheap shotting Crosby. He’ll have to win me over. Like his face-off percentage, but if he doesn’t use his huge size, we may as well have Zigomanis in the lineup. Here’s hoping he can punish the opposition without concussing them.

  6. At $1.1M per season, for a gu who is great on faceoffs, has size to matchup well against bigger centres, and is good defensively— for a 4th rd pick? I’d say a great deal.

    So, too many centreman.
    Too many defenceman.
    A GM who loves to make trades….

    A prelude to a larger deal perhaps?

    Spec, any word form Eklund yet about the Leafs getting Phil Esposito?

  7. @ The Canadian Friend, Interesting you would complain about another American player…When 60% of the roster is Canadian…Lupul-Canadian, Bozak-Canadian, McArthur-Canadian, Phanuef team Captain IS Canadian, Franson is Canadian, Armstrong Canadian, Dupuis is Canadian, Lombardi is Canadian, Aulie is Canadian, Kadri is Canadian, Colburn is Canadian, Gardiner is Canadian, Orr is Canadian.

    As for the Front Office Staff: Nonis is Canadian, Fletcher is Canadian, Dudley is Canadian, Poulin is Canadian, The Leafs head of scouting Morrison is Canadian, Allaire is Canadian.

    How can anyone say that the Leafs are American????????? Let’s not even start with the players on the Marlies……

  8. How much more Canadian do you want them to be??????????? Even Wilson was born in Canada, so let’s stop picking on things that don’t matter and aren’t reality.

  9. Steckel is a very very poor man’s Malhotra. Great pick-up; though I always root for Zigomanis.