Report: Leafs Agree to New Contract with Phil Kessel.

Various sources today claim the Toronto Maple Leafs have reached an agreement with Phil Kessel on an eight-year contract. The deal could be officially announced today.

Leafs reportedly agree to 8-year deal with Phil Kessel.

Leafs reportedly agree to 8-year deal with Phil Kessel.

  SPECTOR’S NOTE: The deal is reportedly worth around $8 million per season and comes with a limited no-trade clause. It’s also expected to come with a signing bonus in the first season (2014-15) and perhaps another later on.

This contract comes as no surprise to me.  While Kessel is arguably the most under-appreciated player in Maple Leafs history, he’s also been their best player since joining the club in a ballyhooed trade with the Boston Bruins. He’s led the Leafs in scoring every season, and ranked among the league’s top ten scorers over the past two seasons.

 His strong performance in this spring’s playoff series against the Bruins not only showcased how much he’s become a well-rounded player, it silenced many of his critics.

Kessel is eligible for UFA status next summer. If the Leafs won’t pay top dollar to retain their best player, another club happily will next summer.  If the Leafs hope to build upon last season’s success, they need Kessel as their foundation.


  1. Too much money.

    And note, I don’t hate Kessel, In a non-cap system, that’s probably a perfectly fine salary. But teams and players that want to win cups don’t offer or accept max contracts.

    When you consider that some teams are squeaking in under the cap by less than $50k, that shows you that contracts are important.

    I suspect this contract will come to bite Toronto down the road. We’ll see.

    • It will less then 10% of the cap within 4-5 years “down the road” as you stated if he continues to be a top 10 type scorer we will have an elite player in his prime on a pretty reasonable contract.


      Nonis= Nonsense.

      Is Phil a good player? YES!

      Is he a Young Superstar? YES!

      Is he worth $8 Million a season for 8 years= $64 Million


      He is worth a Max of $7 Million over 5 years= $35 Million.

      Another BAD DEAL!

      What else is new in Leaf Land.

      Bad decisions over and over and over…..


      • Arent you the same guy that was arguing with Lyle saying Clarksons contract was a good one?

        • Cant be that bad a deal even most of the Toronto media genius’ who are quite fond of roasting everything about the team seem to think its about right.

      • D-U-M Dumb!

        Great deal for one of the league’s best.

  2. Right in line with the expectations

  3. Its so hard to find guys that just know how to score goals and rack up points. Kessel is a beast and he just comes to play, good way to use your money Leafs on a guy that wants to be there. I think they beat boston on that deal, they don’t have a guy like Kessel thats why they had to trade for a new winger.

  4. Sounds like Kessel didn’t do the Leafs any favors. lol He took them to the cleaners