Leafs Bring Back Leo Komarov

The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed Leo Komarov to a four-year, $11.8 million contract. 

Maple Leafs bring back Leo Komarov.

Maple Leafs bring back Leo Komarov.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: This one should make Leafs fans happy. They bring back a feisty winger they lost last year to the KHL because of a contract disagreement.

Komarov didn’t want to leave the Leafs and stated throughout the year his desire to return to Toronto. At 27, earning $2.95 million annually, this is a good signing for the Leafs. He’ll add some much-needed speed and skill to their checking lines. 


  1. Leaf Fans
    Is this guy worth 3 million a year ?

    • It’s a stretch, but it’s July 1. Hopefully he plays – and stays – on the 3rd line. If he can use his pesky play to create space for his linemates (tough to say who they might be right now) and help out on the PK, then it could work out.

  2. is clarkson worth his contract? lol
    be happy they didnt sign him for 6 years at 5 million.

  3. Komarov is a very useful player but he’s just been badly overpaid for what he brings to the table. We sign a blown out Dman, reacquire another useless stiff in Frattin; and give up a pick to do it too; and still we haven’t signed a frigging centre. Nonis is clearly the most useless GM out there. He sits on his a** and does nothing that amounts to a hill of beans. Another year of incompetence, missed playoffs, more speeches from Ted next April and more failure to follow but the Leafs will make money; as they always do

    • Who’s Ted?
      Also what players out there would you prefer that would of fit… Clearly you know so much