Wilson out as Leafs coach.

Various sources tonight report the Toronto Maple Leafs have fired head coach Ron Wilson. His replacement has yet to be formally announced, but TSN’s Darren Dreger reports via Twitter former Anaheim Ducks coach Randy Carlyle is “very likely” to take over as the new Leafs coach.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Leafs in free-fall, something had to be done to try to save the season, so a coaching change seemed the only logical recourse, given how poorly the Leafs performed in the two games following the trade deadline. If it’s Randy Carlyle, he brings a Stanley Cup pedigree and familiarity with Burke from their Anaheim daze. He’s also a no-nonsense coach, considered as much (if not more) of a “hard-ass” coach than Wilson. Problem is, Carlyle might not be enough in the short term to improve the Leafs shaky goaltending and lack of secondary scoring depth. He might, however, improve the club’s defensive and special team play, which could improve this team’s chances of getting back on a winning track.

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21 Responses to Leafs Fire Ron Wilson as Head Coach.

  1. Innovator says:

    Finally! Randy Carlyle is likely to be new bench boss as reported by Lebrun and Mackenzie. Dallas Eatkins if that does not fall into place.

  2. Innovator says:

    Improved defensive play should lead to better goaltending. Hopefully anyway.

  3. jed says:

    Fire Wilson- We are waiting

  4. MJR I says:


    Hitler is dead!

    I say Toronto should get Jacques Martin… lol. But yeah, they’re right about the leading candidates (Carlyle/Eakins).

  5. AceNewton says:

    Fire Wilson – your wish has been granted! Will you change your name now?

    I hope TO can make a run, but not at the expense of the Jets.

  6. Innovator says:

    Caps are getting shelled tonight to. Good night

  7. ziffles says:

    Winston churhill upon hearing of the death of adolf hitler said, “Gentlemen we may have Killed the wrong Pig” your thoughts Mr. firewilson.

  8. SmielmaN says:

    Wheres FireWilson!!!! What’s his new name going to be!! FW you have to do one last post under the current name before moving onto the new one though. We need a nice send off for the name. :)

    This firing is about 1 and 3/4 seasons too late.

  9. ziffles says:

    I can’t believe how many of leafs nation is calling for burkes head as well. I will never argue with the haters again when they comment that a good chunk of leafs nation is just plain stupid.

  10. Innovator says:

    Zettler has also been reassigned

  11. Dabroons says:

    Ziffles, I thought it was George Patton who said that.

  12. TopRightCorner says:

    I wanted Wilson gone before Christmas but commented at the time that a good run by the Leafs saved him and that would not end up a good thing.

    Carlyle should be okay as he has worked well with the young guys when they came up in Anaheim and a stricter actual game plan should be good for the team.
    the loosey goosey out of position stuff will quickly come to a halt.

    I just hope the plan for next year includes promoting Eakins to Asst Coach to get NHL ready.
    He looks like a future NHL head coach and could well step in when Carlyle’s days are done.

    As long as Randy and Lupul kiss and make up then all the wilson dog house youngsters should rebound and look forward to much better coaching.

  13. Casey says:

    Where the heck is firewilson?

  14. DurtMCHurt says:

    Do you guys think FireWilson will change his name to FireCarlyle?

  15. TopRightCorner says:

    I am sure we will hear from firewilson tomorrow.
    the celebration going on at his house has probably rendered him unable to type right now. : )

  16. Joey says:

    About time too as Wilson had clearly lost the room a long time ago and appeared to have no idea how to make the team function properly either..@FireWilson: it sure took a while buddy but the scourge has been removed finally

  17. NikK says:

    This is your time to shine!!

    Carlisle is a hardass, but the team will take him more seriously.

  18. FireBurke says:


  19. Sukh says:

    I think FireWilson is on a bender right now…i am hoisting one up too buddy!

  20. tuxedoTshirt says:

    Man, all it took was an 11 game losing skid. And there is still a chance of the post-season. God, it must be so frustrating to be a fan this year…..and the last couple.
    FireWilson……really disappointed in the lack of gloating. Please use the handle ScrewBozak.

  21. JJB says:

    I am excited for RC. He is a strong defense coach and could finally with time let us see what our defensive core has the capability to do. Really looking forward to see what some work with Gardner and Schenn brings!

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