Liles to remain a Leaf.

TSN reports the Toronto Maple Leafs will announc the re-signing of defenseman John-Michael Liles to a four year contract extension. More to follow.

**UPDATE**The financial terms are $15.5 million, or an average cap hit of $3.875 million per season. Liles has agreed to accept less money but a longer term deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s a good, affordable move by the Leafs, though one hopes Liles won’t suffer any significant lingering after-effects from his recent concussion. He’s an experienced puck-moving defenseman who in recent years has also improved his defensive play. Question now is, does this signing portend another Leafs blueliner being dealt? Stay tuned…

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7 Responses to Leafs Re-sign Liles.

  1. NikK says:

    Longer term than I would have thought, ut a good cap hit for a puck mover.

  2. Murph says:


    Any chance you think this is a sign and trade (with certain teams only specified by JML)?

  3. BruinsMike says:

    $3.875 per year is a bargain for a 40+ point per year dman who is still in his prime and who can be a good mentor for Jake Gardiner, Jesse Blacker and Stu Percy. Liles looks like a completely different player than he was in his early years in Colorado, he has become much more defensively reliable.

  4. Innovator says:

    Better than Kaberle for a cheaper price!

  5. JJB says:

    The only way this makes sense is if the Leafs have some deals lined up. It does make me nervous though with Franson, Aulie, Grabo, Kulemin, and Gustavsson needing contracts. I think maybe with their play this year we might convince Grabo/Kulemin to a one year at the same numbers but Aulie/Franson both require raises. Aulie not a big one, but Franson should command at least $8,000,000/4y at $2,000,000 a pop.

    Or maybe we found a taker for Komisarek or maybe Armstrong, Lombardi, or Connolly are being moved in a package deal. I dunno, but this smells deal is coming for the Leafs.

  6. GPG says:

    Doesn’t seem suspicious at all JJB. This is a great signing, and actually a reduction from the 4.2mil he was making. This actually helps their cap rather than hurt it.

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