Leafs trade Aulie To Lightning.

Aulies shipped to Lightning.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have traded defenseman Keith Aulie to the Tampa Bay Lightning for minor league right wing Carter Ashton.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for GM Brian Burke’s claim he had nothing on the go, but that being said, it appears to be merely a minor league move at this point. Ashton has yet to play in the NHL, while Aulie was up-and-down in the Leafs lineup this year. 


  1. IMO more than a minor league move. This is the perfect hockey trade for tomorrow! Bolts really needed a big defenseman and we really needed a forward with size and skill. I’ve seen Carter play a lot and would make an amazing line of Ashton – Coborne – Kulemin.

  2. Hate to see Aulie go….

    Having said that though, on paper this looks like a good deal. Aulie was a fourth rounder, Ashton was a first rounder. Leafs have some big bodied forwards in the pipeline!

  3. This is a trade that will hopefully work out for both teams. The Leafs are dealing from a position of strength to address a weakness; same with Tampa Bay. Aulie will be missed, but in reality, the Leafs have a lot of good young defensemen coming: Blacker, Holzer, Percy; they have Schenn and Gardiner with the team right now. And apart from Kadri, Colborne and Frattin, they don’t have many forwards knocking on the door. This gives the Marlies a good player that they can use during their playoff run, and the Leafs exactly what they need: a big center with some skill who can really skate well and score. Remains to be seen if it works out, but the trade makes a lot of sense from the Leafs standpoint. It also makes re-signing Grabovski less of a priority because they now have Colborne and Ashton as future potential centers.

  4. Congradulations Carter Ashton. You just went from top prospect to a piece of $hit thrown in every trade scenario. Lol! I joke of course. Kind of a parallel move, future for future. Doesn’t help us now, but we’ll see if he pans out.

  5. I’m a fan of D men so I wouldn’t have moved a guy like aulie. Have to see where these two guys peak in 5-7 years.

  6. I could see this trade happening very quickly so its quite possible even Burke did not see it coming…lol