Lightning Could Target Schneider.

Having opted to pass on Ben Bishop, Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman could try to land Vancouver’s Cory Schneider this summer.


Could Schneider be targeted this summer by the Lightning?

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Damian Cristodero recently reported on speculation Lightning GM Steve Yzerman could target Vancouver Canucks goalie Cory Schneider this summer. The Lightning have two first round picks, plus perhaps four in the second round, which could be used to make a rich offer to the Canucks for Schneider, who has a better NHL resume than Ben Bishop, whom Yzerman decided to pass on acquiring before the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Lightning decide to target Schneider, and I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t, it’ll be soon after the playoffs, likely in the days leading up to the June entry draft weekend. They won’t be the only team, however, to have interest in Schneider, meaning the Canucks could fetch a nice return for the netminder, like perhaps a roster player plus a first or second round pick, or a prospect.


  1. Schneider is great, but I don’t believe Yzerman will do that. He will not get into a bidding war with other teams that are willing to throw everything AND the kitchen sink at Vancouver to get him. Edmonton, Columbus, Toronto and Florida to name a few. Yzerman will be patient with this team as he has shown. Draft well, develop them and build from within.

  2. Definitely not Florida and depending on how the season runs out for Dubnyk, possibly not Edmonton.

  3. I think Schneider to the bolts make perfect sense. TB has cap space and a plethora of picks, plus shipping a possible cornerstone goaltender to a different conference might be a better option then dealing with a team like Edmonton.

  4. Slap & Shot AKA Chris

    I really dont see what rampa is going to give up for Cory Schnider …Yzerman is a dirm believer in the draft as is teachers in fetroit so there willnot be an offer sheet!
    It would make sense to try SOMETHING …….but the pieces dont fit there ??? Yzerman is bleek on defense so he wont part with headman which is what it would take to land Schnieder……Connolly yes but with what package he not just enough …and you can not part with St Loius & Stamkos …its like Hall and Oates right now!!!! This leaves only 1 team with enough assets to really make a run at Schnieder anits Nash…..
    Reason is that Columbus NEEDS a franchise goalie to start off a new rebuild with young players for the Franchise…..MIKE GILLIS is Brian Burkles eveil twin ………HE IS RUTHLESS ….this guy will shake down his line up if they do not win the cup this year to land Nash …Bieksa…Kessler were both part of heavy rumours in the last year and a half so that would be starting talks along with Cory and a prospect ..possibly Kasian and to make the cap work Hamhuise or Ballard ….it can be done !
    I dont believ that it would just be Nash coming back either though !….However both Boston and Philly can be part of this hunt too and will throw a wrench in the works!….They have better assets that are game ready !

    As a note on the Leafs ….Phil Kessel is brain dead ….I am thinking of taking a page out of our buddy FIREWILSONS playbook and having my tag name changed to TRADE KESSEL ………I watched the post interview after the first practice and he is not buying in or could care less …YES this guy has such raw talent and better than 905 of the guys in the world ..BUT he has to go to move this team forward …and the best thisng to do is to ttade kessel for a power forwrard .. 1A prospect and a draft pick ….now is better than later ….if not this guy will tank and be worthess on the tradematket …as is Luke schenn right now!!!
    Schenns days in Leaf land with Carlyle are numbered ……

    I think a good move by Carlyle would be to strip the A from Komisarek or Armstrong as the sit in the press box most nights and give an plive branch to LUPUL who is a top dog on the team and a points getter IMO

  5. As a Canuck fan, I’d rather see the Canucks ship Luongo to the Bolts and retain Schneider, but I realize this isn’t a likely scenario. If Gillis can get a roster player and a first round pick for either of their goalies, I’m okay with that. The Canucks have Eddie Lack with the Wolves to continue developing and possibly slide into the backup role next year.

  6. I think Schnieder is being a little over valued. The market never seems to be there for a guy who has never been a starter for a season. I could be wrong but I don’t think anyone will offer the moon for him.

  7. TO won’t go after him. They will get a vet or stick with their own young guys as they have. Florida has Markstrom, Dubnyk has been amazing for the Oilers as of late. If anyone other then Tampa makes a hard push look to the Devils who have two goalies whom both should retire this year.

  8. Supply and demand my friend. Lots of teams need a starting goalie and th market isn’t exactly flooded with them.

  9. Schneider is not the only option for a goaltending this offseason, but he is likely the best. Although he is somewhat unproven, he is racking up more and more quality starts. The playoffs could be a good indicator of his value based on IF he gets any starts and how he performs. I personally think he could end up stealing the crease for the playoffs and having a ton of value for trade, but he’s not there just yet.

    If his price ends up being high (roster player and 1st rounder at least) then I don’t think there will be more than 3 or 4 teams seriously interested, as their will be other lesser options via UFA who won’t cost anything besides the contract. Tampa is a very logical choice, especially after their moves at the trade deadline.

  10. Schnieder is not an established starting goalie though

  11. Dustin Tokarski is rocking the AHL right now and could play for us next season. Do you know what the best part about him is? He’s already ours!

  12. Lile, Harding is a UFA at season’s end. Do you see him being a starter next year and what possible destination could he end up going to?

  13. L-Y-L-E

  14. I think that Luongo to the Bolts is more likely

  15. I wouldn’t turn Luongo down, but he’ll cost less then Schneider because of his HUGE contract. Our first, Richard Panik and Ohlund (trading some cap hit back).

  16. @ Boltsnation –
    Schnieder also ripped up the AHL and was goalie of the year, but took a full season as a back-up to adjust to the NHL and now in his second season getting more challenging starts (i.e. Boston). I think serious damage to confidence and mental health occurs when young goalies are depended on to be No.1 starting goalie (see Reimer, Steve Mason crumbled in his second and now 3rd season, Raycroft … ). It’s too much pressure for them. Teams need to have a veteran to mentor and take some of the pressure of the kid with the coach and GM talking to media about goalie tandems, not a #1 starter and #2 backup.

    I think CBJ or Bolts would make good trading partners with Van. for Schnieder.

  17. A year with Garon would definitely be in order, I just don’t see Yzerman making a either deal as much as I would like him too. He has a plan and he is sticking to it.

  18. He has a plan in developing properly, but I think there’s no question he needs to address his goaltending situation. I suppose he doesn’t have to acquire a permanent fix like one o Van’s guys, but I’d be surprised if he didn’t. I don’t know much about Tokarski, but has he even played an NHL game yet? I just can’t see him making a rookie the starter right away. Perhaps as others have mentioned he could go with a veteran and Tokarski as the back up, but still seems risky to me unless that veteran is very solid.

  19. He won’t be a starter, but spending an insane amount on one of Vanocuvers goalies ain’t gonna happen. I would trade my left testicle and a kidney to have Luongo or Schneider in a Bolts uniform, but it isn’t my call.

  20. As of right now there is no minor league Goaltender thats going to jump into a starting NHL position and is game ready that I can see…….some of the best minor league goalies are having a tough go at making an NHL club …i.e Ben Bishop , Brayden Holtby, Andres Nilsonn,Ben Scrivens Eddie Lack and so on ……..this puts Schnieder Rask, Markstrum and Lindback as new starters for some new teams next year if they are traded for top forwards ONLY ….it wont be for other goalies as there is a genuine lack of talent in that department right now!

    I would dare say that there is such a lack of TRUE #1 goaltending talent that most teams (75% ) of them will have to depend on a multiple goalie tandem through out the year next season ……that really only leaves Schneider the most game ready for the start of the season 2012 – 2013 which leads to the thinking he would probably go to a team that would need a fresh new start and in a youth movement …CBJ …Tampa ….Burkes evil twin GILLIS will not trade him to the leafs…..however if Luongo stinks it out this year in the playoffs ……..he may be a draft time trade BUT he holds the cards with a NMC …but its better than getting booooed for another season in Vancouver……….its a possibility he may go down south or move to a different CONTENDING TEAM after this run and gives the Canucks no choice but to retain Schneider ……..this is why I say that there was a preliminary deal put together for Schnieder at this trade deadline past …that Gillis may have asked some teams to hold off on so he can use Schnieder for this cup run ………but if Luongo flops Gillis holds the cards to retain Schnieder for the future or he and the fans & media will push Luongo out after this playoffs !!!! If the Canucks flop………..Bobby Lou is gone…….. somehow!!!!

  21. awesome.
    But I don’t think it’ll take that much. Looking at what Halak fetched, it would probably be something similar. A 1st only or a 2nd and a developed prospect would be the max., since Schneider was a first rounder and has been properly developed. I can’t see Van. wanting a roster player since they are loaded up already. $3mill/yr for 3years seems like a fair contract.

  22. completely agree with Chris.
    Luongo’s wife’s family is all in Florida, so IF he flops that very well could happen. However, having a healthy defense core and the top lines scoring would help Luongo out so he doesn’t have to get a shutout to win a game.
    I don’t see Rask going anywhere since Thomas will retire soon, and Boston has done well with a strong tandem. Lindback is probably the only other back-up behind a solid #1 that could be made available, depending on what Nashville has in the system.

  23. Luongo is the number 1 goalie for now but Schneider would have to be considered 1a. Schneider did have some quality starts this year but when given the chance in the playoffs last year he didn’t finish the game because of cramps due to dehydration so a little more playoff experience would probably be preferable. with the slagging that Luongo took after the finals last year it’s obvious people forgot the 3 games he won (2 by shutout giving up only 2 goals in total) without any goal support. i’m not sure Luongo would agree to a trade from the Canucks at this point as his biggest successes (Olympic gold medal & all the playoff appearances in his career) have come in Vancouver and he regards the finals as unfinished business. the Canucks don’t have to trade either of their goaltenders at this point as Schneider is an RFA and Vancouver can match any offer he gets. Gillis has made it clear he wants top dollar for Schneider so opposing GM’s should be warned there won’t be any bargins.

  24. I was a goalie …and played junior ….and I was always told your only as good as your last save or your last game what ever comes first … Schnieder and Gillis better just hope that one of his goalies can keep him alive in the playoffs ….I would say Schnider may get a PASS however as its not really up to him to take them all the way but he will be counted on FOR SURE !!!!

  25. I was a goalie …and played junior ….and I was always told your only as good as your last save or your last game what ever comes first … Schnieder and Gillis better just hope that one of his goalies can keep him alive in the playoffs ….I would say Schnider may get a PASS however as its not really up to him to take them all the way but he will be counted on FOR SURE !!!!

  26. WOW!

    Is Randy Carlyle exposing the poor coaching Ron Wilson was doing here in Toronto ……..
    the leafs ran a 2 hour practice today at HIGH TEMPO and were stopped EVERY time they did something wrong …just like the days of jPEE WEE hockey…….

    ..I really forsee two major players not fitting in with the Carlyle team in the future …..

    #1 Phil Kessel …not becuase Ive wanted him out this past year but hes brain dead ..
    ( watch TSN interview with him from yesterdays practice…uncoacable know it all )
    Burkes only chance to get anything in return to turm this 18 wheeler around istrade Kessel at the draft ….startin with aquiring
    # 1 goalie ……..thats ok kessel can score 30 goals somewher else because thats all hes good for and nothinhg else……just like Ovechkin ….never win the cup with either of thoes two guys!

    The #2 is luke Schenn …hes all ready in the dog house …hes too slow for carlyles defensive game …and no longer worth a 1st round pick at trade value ………

    The bubble guy is Dion Phaneauf …yes your going to say easy targets …but if they were good they wouldnt be …….but has anyone noticed that Dion is getting beat to the outside on almost every play on the rush ….ever since the Eller goal at the ACC his weakness has been exposed………TERRIBLE .

    The one thing Iam hoping for that Carlyle sees is that Cody Franson has a mamoth shot from the point and should be on the power play every time …this guy either scores or always hits the post or net …and his shot is HEAVY …..just need some guys with balls to clean up the rebound …..oh yeah they should also try taking some shots from the slot at the hash marks because all this dippsy doodle crap sucks ……shots from the side boards aint going to cut it ….expose the goalie from close in like other teams do with the leafs …..

    My 2 cents tonight!

  27. Carlyle is hard on his players, but he also teaches his guys at the same time rather then just yelling for players to do better. Connolly is in the Dog house. Kessel has shown throughout the season that he is willing to skate hard to back check and that should only improve with Carlyle defensive attitude.

  28. Schenn was right around his season average for ice time saturday so I don’t see him being in the dog house already. And Phanuef logged over 26 minutes also. One thing with Carlyle also is he will establish his core guys and you will see their ice time go up and the guys outside his core of 10 or so guys will have their ice time go down a fair bit. He’s more a match maker coach, rather than a roll all 4 lines type coach.

  29. No way Schneider ever wears Blue and White. Gillis hates Burke almost as much as Don Cherry.

    Even if Gillis decided to listen, the Leafs are very light with draft picks this year ( I think they lack a third and fourth rounder, and only have extras at 6th or 7th round). Not a good bargaining position unless they unload some current players for picks, and they would need to get first or second rounders. Not sure you get that for anything they might want to dump.

  30. Tampa, or Columbus, make the most sense as a trade partner for Schneider as it seems they have the most draft picks available in first and second rounders, and they are not division rivals.

  31. Lightning will claim Turco just to spite Bruins!

  32. JJK are you for real Dubnuk is playing amazing, he’s been playing so amazing that the Edmonton oilers havn’t played him in his last three starts. Give your head a shake.

  33. No way ……….Yzerman has too much class………and Garon has been playing very well …he can not help Tampa any more than Roloson ………and if Yzerman thought he could they would have signed him before ….Yzerman doesnt play dirty pool I would be very surprised …..most teams are close to the cap …I have a feeling he will pass……