Lightning re-sign Stamkos.

Various sources reports the Tampa Bay Lightning have re-signed center Steven Stamkos to a five-year deal. Financial terms to follow…It’s worth $37.5 million, which is an average cap hit of $7.5 million per season. Awaiting word if it’s front-or back-loaded.

**Update** Sportnet’s Nick Kypreos reports via Twitter Stamkos will get $8million per season in the first four years, $5.5 million in the fifth year.

Spector’s Note: And with that, we’ll have to wait five years for Stamkos’ inevitable signings as a UFA with the Philadelphia Flyers…or Toronto Maple Leafs…or NY Rangers…or his inevitable trade to the LA Kings straight up for Drew Doughty…;)


  1. Now what is Lyle going to talk about?

    Oh, Doughty I guess…

  2. Sorry, Murph, you’re mistaking me with those who dream up fantasy trade scenarios.,,,;)

  3. Lyle, I was kidding!

    I think you wanted to see Stamkos signed more than Stamkos himself so you would not have to entertain any more of that fantasy….drivel.

    Time for some R and R!

  4. We can still fantasize about where Doughty and Weber won’t be going, can’t we?

  5. Weber and Doughty to the Wings! Go Wings Go!

    Fantasizing is what keeps things interesting on the offseason

  6. Whoa, whoa, whoa rumor-killers……I wouldn’t be so fast to rule out a sign-and-trade for Kadri, Schenn, and MacArthur.

  7. How much does a front loaded deal for a 5 yr deal for a 22 yr old matter? Aside from signing bonus in a potential lockout year, does the structure of that deal really come in to play?

  8. Tux….I really hope you’re joking

  9. Tux,

    i hope you are joking too.

    I really like Doughty, and Weber even more, and I am hot and cold on Kadri.

    However I would never want the other two involved in a deal like that.

    Schenn is getting better every year, and we need offense.

    Might look good on paper, when you just look at straight dollar for dollar salary numbers, but otherwise…nay nay.

  10. OMFG. sarcasm boys. last time i use it.