Lightning Sign Brian Boyle.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have signed center Brian Boyle to a three-year, $6.9 million contract.

Brian Boyle joins the Lightning.

Brian Boyle joins the Lightning.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s a cap hit of $2.3 million per season, a reasonable contract for a checking-line forward. Boyle spent most of his time last season on the Rangers fourth line. He indicated he wants the opportunity for third-line duty.

The big center will get that opportunity with the Lightning, who now have a glut of depth down the middle as Boyle joins Steven Stamkos, Valtteri Filppula and Tyler Johnson. He also joins former Rangers teammates Ryan Callahan and Anton Stralman. 


  1. i’ll admit i was wrong about boyle as a free agent. i though for sure some short sighted gm would through ridiculous money at boyle and ask him to be more than the player he is. this is a solid signing that should work out well for boyle and TB.

  2. As a Kings fan, Boyle was the one guy on the Rangers during the Finals who drove me nuts. Boyle seemed to be everywhere and in the thick of everything that frustrated the Kings. I am surprised to see the Rangers did not keep him.

  3. Lightening had a pretty solid last couple of days, we now see why they cleared all that cap space. With the expected addition of Drouin coming up to the big leagues as well and a solid veteran back-up for Bishop … I’d put early money on the Bolts being the #1 team in the East next year (barring big moves happening from other Eastern clubs).

  4. The Bolts signed players to help them against the more balanced east teans like the Bruins and Rangers. Taking away two of the Rangers better playoff performers in the process

  5. Just a note – Boyle’s contract was originally misreported: It’s actually three years at $2.0 million. (Total $6.0 mil.)

    Which makes it that much more appealing. Yzerman doing some fine work in shaping the Bolts. Their blue-line has become much (MUCH) tougher to play against: Hedman, Stralman, Garrison, Carle, Gudas, Brewer (and Barberio/Sustr.) Plus, the addition-by-subtraction of Malone and Purcell was welcomed with open arms (at least here in Tampa.) Finally, swapping out Lindback for Nabokov means Cooper won’t have to drive Bishop like a rented mule, next season.

    Baby steps. But, some really sound ones, at that.