Lightning sign Carle.

Carle bolts to Tampa Bay.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have announced the signing of former Flyers defenseman Matt Carle to a six-year contract worth $5.5 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Color me surprised over this one. Not because Carle got the deal he did – Dennis Wideman’s five-year, $5.25 million per season contract ensured he’d get a comparable deal – but because it’s from the Lightning, who appeared wary of making too big a splash in this summer’s free agent market. Granted, GM Steve Yzerman was believed interested in Carle, but the assumption was he wouldn’t fork over that kind of deal, plus it was assumed the Bolts wouldn’t be able to out-bid the big market free-spenders who lost out in the Ryan Suter sweepstakes turning their attention toward Carle. Is he worth it? Carle has posted very good offensive numbers (three straight seasons of 35-plus points), but has earned criticism for his defensive play. Still, joining a club with scoring forwards like Stamkos, St.Louis and Lecavalier, Carle could be a good fit.



  1. I am also surprised by this. I thought he still would have gone back to the Flyers. PH has his work cut out for him filling those holes on the back end.

  2. Yzerman appears to be as astute a GM as he was as a player; and I can only assume that this will make the Bolts and even better team

  3. Good to have him back. He’ll make our back end much better.

  4. Can’t believe these contracts the numbers and years.Should make the CBA easy for the owners,whatever they want they should get given these rediculous contracts.The Players Association will cave to whatever Bettman wants period.

  5. Yzerman has done a good job since becoming a GM and this signing should strengthen the team as well

  6. Hi! MMMM!!! The Lightning was struggling big time all year long last year with Their Defense and They add a Uni-dimensional offensive Defenseman and the salary is a bit to high too. Matt Carle would be crazy not to accept those terms. Take care!
    Matt Carle is not a Niklas Lidstrom or Zedeno Chara.

  7. I thought he would go back to the Filth as well.

    I did a little division and Parise, who I love as a player, averages 31 goals per 82 games for his career. That’s a lot of jack for a 31-goal scorer.

    Having seen his father in the minors many years ago, I will love seeing him wear his father’s #11. Yes, and I screamed at the tv when the Bruins passed on him, trading down to grab Mark Stuart. I hadn’t yelled that loudly since they passed up Brian Bellows to take a one-legged Gord Kluzak.

  8. Good Luck with Matt, he was terrible defensively. Every goal that was scored in the PItt and NJ series he was on the ice, he is absolutely horrible and I am so glad the flyers did not resign him. Schenn will take his place and the flyers will wait to the deadline to make some deals and sign big names next year at free agency. They have a ton of cap room now and will be fine until the deadline when teams start selling. Dont count them out for Weber, now that Suter is gone Weber may not want to sign in Nashville so watch them to make a play for him….so long turnover matt!

  9. That’s a far stretch to think Schenn is Carle.

    • he is no worse than carle and cheaper as well. Ill take weber since he wont be resigning and the flyers have the cap room and young players to trade for his rights if they need to. Flyers need defensive defensemen, not matt carle, get back to me mid season and tell me you love a 6 year deal over 5 mil for carle.

  10. Way too much money. Should be at 4 mill. 4.5 max. This is the year of the over payment. I wonder if minnesota knows that Suter won’t have weber playing with him next year. Geez. Too much money for these guys.