Lightning trade Moore to Sharks.

Sharks acquired Moore from Lightning.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have dealt center Dominic Moore and a seventh round pick in 2012 to the San Jose Sharks in exchange for a second round pick in 2012 (acquired by the Sharks from the Minnesota Wild).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sharks were seeking help with their penalty kill. Moore will certainly help in that regard. As for the Lightning, it’s a good return for Moore, especially if the Wild continue to slide in the Western Conference standings.


  1. wow, good trade for tampa. moore is only good in the playoffs.

  2. In that case, Moore’s probably exactly what the Sharks need

  3. Even if it was true that Moore is “only good in the playoffs” (it isn’t true), who cares? The playoffs are exactly what the Sharks are acquiring him for. A late 2nd round pick in an awful draft is nothing to get excited about for Tampa Bay fans.

  4. Your very right, but your talking about moving a guy who you probably won’t re-sign (and will get nothing for) and/or could replace cheaper in the off season in order to turn your 7th rounder into a 2nd. It’s no 1st overall, but as we can all agree, adding more depth to your farm system is never at all a bad thing. Not to mention maybe this pick is turned into trade bait down the line if Yzerman wants to make another deal (for a goalie?).

  5. I’m not sure where you are getting awful draft from. This IMO is a very solid and very deep draft. Not a whole ton of stand out superstar talent, but tons of NHL talent.

    Good deal for both teams.

  6. Late 2nd round pick???? What league are you watching? It is the talentless Wild’s pick.