List of NHL Players Who Won’t be Dealt this Season.

It’s January, a brand new year, and the NHL trade deadline is now on the horizon, ensuring speculation will only increase in the coming weeks over which players might be shopped. Here’s a list of those I believe who won’t be changing addresses by February 27th.

Shea Weber and Ryan Suter, Nashville Predators. Every team in the league would love to have either guy, let alone both, patrolling their bluelines. It remains to be seen if the Predators can afford to re-sign both, but regardless of the status of contract talks, they won’t be dealt as long as the Preds remain in the playoff picture in the Western Conference.

Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames. The rumormongers love to keep his name in the mill, but he doesn’t want to be traded, GM Jay Feaster doesn’t want to trade him, and with the Flames currently in the thick of the Western Conference playoff race, it would be madness to shop him now. One rumor had the Flames and Capitals talking a swap of Iginla for Alexander Semin. If Feaster even dreams of making that deal, he better wake up and apologize!

Rick Nash and Jeff Carter, Columbus Blue Jackets. It’s been a season from hell for the Blue Jackets, which of course has led to speculation of Nash and Carter getting traded, even talk of the pair wanting out of Columbus. They and their agents strongly denied those rumors, and unless they change their minds by the trade deadline, they won’t be shopped.

Kris Versteeg, Florida Panthers. He’s the Panthers leading scorer, on pace for career-highs in goals, assists and points, and yet his name has been floated as a possible trade candidate? Probably because he’s been moved around so much over the past couple of years, but honestly, suggesting the Panthers could move him is ridiculous.

Eric Staal and Cam Ward, Carolina Hurricanes. Yes, the Hurricanes will likely have a “fire sale” near the trade deadline. Don’t expect Staal or Ward to be among those on the move, as they’re the Hurricanes cornerstone players.

Teemu Selanne, Anaheim Ducks. As much as Winnipeg hockey fans would love to see “The Finnish Flash” finish his career back where it began, Ducks GM Bob Murray insists Selanne will finish his career as a Duck. Selanne has a soft spot in his heart for Winnipeg, but Anaheim is his second home.

Daniel Alfredsson, Ottawa Senators. Earlier this season there was talk the Senators should trade Alfredsson to a Cup contender to give him a chance at winning a championship. Alfredsson dismissed that speculation, correctly pointing out being dealt to a contender is no guarantee of winning the Cup, adding he wasn’t in any hurry to leave Ottawa. Given the Senators surprising improvement this season, don’t expect “Alfie” to be going anywhere.

Zach Parise, New Jersey Devils. Yes, I’m well aware of his contract status, and of the Devils potential financial problems, but as long as they’re in the playoff hunt, Parise won’t be dealt, regardless of his contract status, by the deadline.

Shane Doan and Ray Whitney, Phoenix Coyotes. Doan’s also a UFA, but he loves Phoenix and has indicated he wants to finish his career with the Coyotes. Of course, his mind could change if it appears the team could be relocated this summer, but I don’t see him bailing on the Coyotes in mid-season while they’re still in the playoff race. Whitney’s name keeps popping up this season in the rumor mill, but the Coyotes won’t shop him while they’re in the playoff hunt, as difficult as that is for rumormongers to believe.

Josh Gorges, Montreal Canadiens. The Habs could indeed conduct a deadline fire sale if they fall out of the playoff race by February, but I don’t believe Gorges will be among them, as the Habs will be intent to re-sign him to a long-term deal.

(Update: The Canadiens have re-signed Gorges to a six-year extension. So much for talk of the Habs shopping him at the deadline, unless you want to buy into the premise of “sign-and-trade”).

Tuukka Rask, Boston Bruins. Some folks look at the Bruins goaltending tandem and believe Rask has no future with the Bruins. That, of course, is absurd. Rask has been getting more playing time this season, and the Bruins envision him as Tim Thomas’ eventual successor, a role he seems keen for. They won’t trade Rask because, put simply, he’s their future between the pipes.

Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider, Vancouver Canucks. Luongo’s too expensive and has a no-trade clause, while Schneider is terrific insurance if Luongo struggles or gets hurt. Schneider may not have a future in Vancouver, but he hasn’t made an issue out of it, and the Canucks aren’t in any hurry to move him.


  1. Alfredsson remembers what happened to his former teammate Marian Hossa, who got traded to Pittsburgh, lost out, moved to Detroit, lost out, to finally get it right in Chicago.But Hossa was younger at the time.Time, that is not really on his side.

  2. Hey Richardson that is what you think!!!! Weber will be dealted or traded before the dead line! So will
    Iginla and Teemu! T

  3. The only 2 who I think may be lureable from their current clubs are Carter and Whitney. If BOS wants the veteran leadership of a Recchi type so much, they could send in return a player the could benefit the Coyotes playoffs hopes (not Rask).

    But most of all I see Carter getting moved because Columbus needs to make some drastic changes and he could lend to getting a nice return in youngsters or prospects from a playoff contending club who may want to up their forward power. Say a reunion in LA with Richards?

  4. The way the Flames appear to be running out of gas right now, I do wonder if Iginla will have a change of heart at some point. And with the Flames lack of cap room to add anyone to improve the team, it looks pretty bleak there.

  5. Lyle/Spector,

    So basically, you’re saying no one good will be traded at the trade deadline?

    Blasphemy! How could you say such a thing???

    Oh, what’s that? Because no one good ever gets traded at the trade deadline? Not last year, either? Not since Ilya Kovalchuk the year before, actually, and even he got traded to a shit team so it didn’t change anything in terms of the playoff picture?

    Gotta side with Spector here, unfortunately for fans, rumor sites, and all the teams with roster holes, the NHL trade system is broken. Nothing ever happens anymore. We were extremely lucky that Mike Richards and Jeff Carter moved in the offseason, thats like a jackpot of trades for this day and age. Thats probably going to have to hold us the next five years or so.

    Spector, the one place I would maybe have hope is that you ruled out all these players based on their teams being in the playoff picture. ALL these teams probably wont still be in the picture at the deadline. Maybe that changes something somewhere? Doubt it but one can dream.

  6. Hey Reese Griffin; We come here for Lyle’s opinion, not yours. I’ll put much more stock in Lyle’s opinion of who gets dealt in comparison to who you think gets “dealted”

  7. I think Feaster wants to melt down the silverware; the problem is that he would be lynched in Cowtown if he pulled the plug on the razor thin playoff hopes which they always cling to at the deadline. Bummer. It brings a tear to my eye to imagine Iginla, one of the greatest captains in the history of the sport, not winning a cup. But then, sometimes a rental situation is just crass to watch.
    Pretty good list. I have been thinking that the Predators’ ownership might be planning to base a budget increase on the results of the playoff run and its revenues. If they can build on last year then they’ll keep the big three. Now however, they are looking listless. Finally not the same old Preds; it looks like giving Franson away and low-balling the captain really did take its toll on their legendary morale. Also a bummer. Decent chance they’ll miss the playoffs, but almost no chance they’ll be way out of it by the deadline.

  8. two scenarios on Iginla, First if Calgary does not make the playoffs…Iginla will be traded at the draft in a blockbuster deal in which will give Calgary a pick in the top 5 (part of trade) and one in the top ten (for not making playoffs. And the second will be, Iginla gets trade to Boston for Seguin this season at the deadline after Boston falls to 5-6th in the standings and the kid (Tyler) is not producing…Like the Iggy for Niewy trade…gets Boston back on track…Dont laugh..stranger things have happened!

  9. Holy Moses I couldn’t type for 5 minutes I was laughing so hard at Clarke’s comment!!!!!!!! That is the funniest shit I have ever read in my entire life! An aging, past his prime star for a future stud of the league, who is also leading the Bruins in points this season? Maybe if Sinden or O’Connell were still the GM, but that’s not the case and I can guarentee that Seguin is untoucable. He is the Bruins future and they are not going to sell the future for Iginla whose career is in its twilight. Especially when they are the Stanley Cup favorite out of the east.


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