Luongo Willing to Waive “No-Trade” Clause.

Where will Luongo go?

In an “end of season” press conference with the Vancouver media today, Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo said he’d be willing to waive his “no-trade” clause this summer if GM Mike Gillis requested it. Luongo became the subject of trade speculation during the Canucks-LA Kings opening round series, when he was supplanted midway through the five-game series by backup Corey Schneider.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I daresay there’ll be plenty of commentaries and speculation over this in the coming days. We’ll have to wait until this summer, or at least, around mid-June at the earliest, to determine if the Canucks will find a trade partner for Luongo’s service, let alone one he’d consider a suitable destination. Should keep the rumor mill buzzing for the next couple of months.


  1. I mean, what was he suppose to say?

    He said exactly what you’d want your player to say if facing the question of a trade:

    We have something special, I believe in this team, but whatever the GM decides to do, I will go along with it to make the team better.

    Could not have asked for a better response.

    Now, where will he go? I don’t know. Probably somewhere in Florida, Lightning or Panther bound?

    Not too many teams could pick up the contract of his for a goaltender that’s play has been diminishing for the past couple years.

  2. Three way trade between Vancouver, Toronto and CBJ.

    Toronto gets Lu, and Umbarger: CBJ gets Van. #1, Tor. #1 Grabavski, Kadri and Van. gets Nash

  3. Pack your bags to Columbus. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

  4. Ya, old Lou probably wanted to say “@#$% you Canucks I’m outta here” but took the high road and got the wheels in motion all at the same time.

  5. Nothing like putting up huge number of wins each season, in the running for the top goalie, fewest goa. yea he’s going down hill.

    2 shutouts in and an OT win in the SC finals last year.

    Oh how his stock has fallen.

    • Yeah, and also 23 goals against in the other 5 games when he wasn’t shutting down the Bruins.

      I don’t know what he’s worth, Vancouver will get a return and very likely a decent one… but his price tag hurts.

  6. If the Canucks do decide to trade him.What will be the asking price ? They are not going to give him away.

    • Hard to say what they’ll get.

      Probably a first round pick, top prospect and… maybe a top 6 forward. I guess it’ll depend on the market and the willingness to give up a ton to get him (Or how much other GM’s think that contract is worth).

      • He’s worth that for sure. But I think the Nucks will treat it more as a salary dump. They aren’t going to give him away but they won’t be asking top dollar for him either.

        But what do they do with their free up cap space? Do they take a run at a top end UFA?

        • You guys are either idiots or are the hugest homers alive. There is no way he is worth a top six forward, a 1st rounder and a top prospect. He can’t win the big games, is a streaky headcase and has a HUGE, TERRIBLE contract. He will be a borderline salary dump IF he is traded.

          • Most wins since the lock out. They give goalies like that away.

  7. Here is a list of goalies that make more then Lou.

    7 goalies with bigger Cap hits (according to Cap Geek). And a few that make less.

    Bryzgalov in Philly is $5.7M; Hasn’t proven anything

    Kiprusoff in Calgary is $5.8M; Great goalie

    Backstrom in Minnesota is $6.0M; Has done what? A good goalie all the same.

    Miller in Buffalo is $6.2M; How many playoffs has he missed?

    Cam Ward in Carolina is $6.3M; Great goalie but only made the playoffs what 3 times?

    Lundqvist with NYR is $6.9M; Great goalie

    Rinne with Nashville is $7.0M; Best in the league in front of a great D first team.

    Fleury in Pitt is $5.0M; Good goalie on a great team.

    Thomas in Boston is $5.0M; Good goalie on a great team.

    Brodeur in NJ is $5.2M; Was a great goalie, still very good.

    DiPietro with NYI is $4.5M; Plays 12 games a year.

    The average cap hit for starting goalies this year is about $4.5M so whether you like Luongo or not, his contract gap hit is not significantly out of line.

    And he’s well above average.

  8. Lord Lou is going anywhere in the league now. You can play perfect answer all day, but when you make that statement that you will do it to help the team then you have to go wherever they find a chance to ship you.

    Loungo, Tanev, Sweatt, 1st for Nash, 2nd

    • I think Nucks would giving up too much in this deal for Nash. Lou for Nash is almost a 1 for 1 deal.

  9. If Bobby Lou moves,its likely to either Florida or Tampa Bay but definitely to an East Coast team where family ties can be strengthened. He’s washed up in Vancouver now and the coach has made this painfully obvious as well

  10. Okay, let me preface this comment by saying that what I’m about to say is not a rumor that I have heard anywhere. This is also a kind of an over-the-top deal and I acknowledge that, so please don’t savage me. I’m just throwing it out there.

    If Luongo is on his way out, what about to the Capitals for Ovechkin. Luongo played well during his two games, and is clearly good. There is clearly something wrong in Washington. Ovechkin makes way too much money to be riding the pine.

    A change of scenery may do Ovechkin some good. And what about the line of Sedin, Sedin, and Ovechkin. Yes, somebody would have to switch to the right side. And Ovechkin’s attitude (in a good way) is exactly what Vancouver needs.

    The Capitals would be giving up possibly the best player in the league, but who’s underachieving by $9.5M per season standards. The Capitals would be gaining a premier goalie and would free up cap space to go after some other players.

    Now for the deal to work, the Canucks would have to give up more than Luongo. So maybe the Canucks give up Kassian and/or another prospect or two. They may have to give up somebody like Burrows as well. Draft picks can be used to even the deal out.

    Anyway, in principle, Ovechkin seems to need a change of scenery and Luongo appears to be on his way out. Maybe they swap places.

    • I can’t see Ovie moving because like Sid he’s much more to the team then what he does on the ice.

      He puts people in the stands. And sells the game in Wash.

    • I’d agree with ya but hard to win when Hunter benches him for all but 3:12 of the third, lol

  11. While many teams will want Luongo they also will know that Vancouver really does not want to keep him around any longer if they decide to sign Schneider. I cannot see the Canucks getting a 1st, a top prospect and a top 6 forward for him. They will likely get another teams salary dump, plus another decent player (top 6). I can’t see much else and I don’t think the Canucks want someone that won’t help them now.

  12. Maybe Vancouver will trade Luongo to the Sharks for Marleau, although I see him maybe going to TB. He would be a very expensive bench warmer – so he’s got to go to someone who needs a top goalie – maybe the Leafs.

    • Maybe the Leafs but I see something like Komo going the other way in a salary trade, and that might be too much. Lou’s got great numbers but he seems to wilt when the pressure is on. The question is does Burke want to take a 10 year gamble (really just a 7 year hit) on a 33 year old goalie that doesn’t respond well to difficult media??? I am guessing this would be a plan C or D for the Leafs!

    • PLEASE NO!!! WE DONT WANT HIM. Lots of goalies ready to make the move to the NHL. STALOCK is the one who I’m waiting for. This guy when he is 100% will be a very good goalie for SJ in the future. Only reason he isn’t there yet is a leg injury 1 year ago.

  13. Luongo. Booth. Raymond. Alberts.Schroader for Nash

  14. Tampa and Florida probably top the list for Luongo. But after his comments today he has undercut Gillis negotiating ability to start a bidding war because Roberto has basically said he wants to be top banana, and that means he is available to anyone and everyone.10 more years for a guy who is already 33 is a hard contract to take on, and that’s why ultimately Gillis will have to take someone elses ( 1-2 year) salary dump in exchange as part of a deal. It’s not about the cap hit of 5 million per year, its the term. I think Luongo makes sense for any team with a younger goalie between 24 and 28, who has great potential but needs a lot of seasoning. Roberto is top dog for the next 5 years while the other guy develops. That takes Roberto to 38, at which point he can revert to playing fewer games, accept a trade, or accept a buyout. That’s why Toronto makes sense, (they have a plethora of bad contracts to dump)and I know there are other teams in that situation, I just do not know who they are.

    @JDBiGC – Sorry, but I do not see that happening. Vancaouver, IMO, need more scoring depth, toughness and team defense. They have their star power. Its hard for me to picture Ovechkin anywhere but Washington. They have issues too.

    Someone suggested yesterday Malkin to Nashville, for Suter plus some other pieces. I could see that working. Malkin and Radulov would pair well, and Ellis could shore up the D with Suter gone. Malkin is the undisputed offensive star they can rely on, but does not have to wear a letter, which seems to suit him better. As long as Weber stays that is a pretty awesome team.

  15. ultimately the question of whether or not the Canucks move Luongo depends on if you believe that starting Schneider in the playoffs over him was purely a hockey deceision made by Vigneault alone and i don’t think it was. Vigneault may be gone and would be an easy scapegoat but i’m sure Gillis had some say if only to tell AV that he would deal with any fallout from that deceision later. having said all that i don’t think that moving Luongo would be all that difficult when you look at how reasonable his Cap hit is at this point as the Cap hits tend to go up for number one goalies and he’s still one somewhere at this point. the perils of underpaying for a goalie are most evident in the playoffs where it becomes the most important position unless your team is that much better than everyone else, just ask yourself where Boston would be without Thomas last year where they were one goal from elimination in two seperate series and Philadelphia was little more than a speed bump to them because of their concerns in net. speculation over Luongo’s departure will go on til him or Schneider is moved but should the Canucks decide to move Luongo it won’t be that difficult to find a team willing to take him. Vancouver may get more back in assets for Schneider but he also has more upside and should be considered the best choice for number one going forward.

    • I agree that there will be teams lining up for Lou. But I think the only up side SChneider has over Lou is his age and he doesn’t have a 10 year deal.

      But that 10 year deal change once/if they trade Lou away.

  16. This was Luongo’s way of saying he is asking for a trade. When asked if he wanted to stay his response was to say whatever the GM wants and whatever is best for the team. If he wanted to stay he would have come out and said it. He sees the writing on the wall and doesn’t want to play second fiddle to Cory Schneider. When the coach comes to you and says the best opportunity to win is with you on the bench…that says a lot. The fans lost faith in him a long time ago and now the franchise appears to as well.

    Now to address some of these ridiculous rumors. First…we don’t want Nash and his $7.8million cap hit and I can guarantee Luongo won’t want to play in Columbus. He said he would waive his no trade clause but his still has controlover what teams he will or won’t go to. He will want to go to a playoff contender, not the worst team in the NHL. Second…we don’t need Marleau and his $6.6million cap hit and declining performance plus San Jose has Niemi who led Chicago to a Stanley Cup a couple of seasons ago and comes with a much cheaper cap hit. This doesn’t make any sense to supplant him with Luongo. Third…it will take much more than Grabovski, Kadri, Komisarek or whatever else Toronto fans can dream up. Give your head a shake. We don’t want or need your washed up over paid bums.

    The most likely destinations for Luongo are Tampa Bay, Florida, Chicago, Toronto or New Jersey (if Brodeur pack it in). What will we get in return…who knows. The more teams involved drives up the asking price but I would hazard a guess that it would involve a big winger who plays with some grit, a solid reliable defenceman and a draft pick at a minimum.

  17. I think we forget that the canucks weren,t on nash,s list of teams…and trading with toronto is ridiculous!! I think tampa is the only choice that makes sense..i see ryan malone comin this way and maybe a prospect..just a salary trade mostly, only to make one of our most successful goalies ever happy, out of respect,,,hes taken enough abuse here from the so called fans…

  18. Some of you also forget that if Lou gets traded, the Canucks don’t exactly need players in return. The Cap space is probably more valuable. Re-sign Schneider at 3.5 to 4.5 over 3 years, then take a run at Suter. Hamhuis is good friends with Suter, so that may be a sway factor. Maybe even an Ollie Jokinen for 2nd line duty at a reasonable cost. Ultimately a top 6 forward in return for Lou would be great, but just picks and prospects won’t hurt either.